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This isn't imprtant to the story, but in case you wanted to know, the two scenes we stop at here are clippets from me and my friend's roleplay. We had roleplayed Neil and Eva and she gave me permission to use the two scenes. I just changed it to Eva and David's point of views XD. None of the other scenes will be from she and I, unless we decide to do something else.

Just thought you would like to know!

We will be exploring Neil's past :3 Excitement time.

The sound of crowds filled Eva's ears before she was even in the memory. Noise and music surrounded her and she could already tell where they were going. It was one of Neil's favorite places.

This actually wasn't that long ago. When she appeared in the area, she remembered this specific day. It was the amusement park, of all places. There they were in line for the largest coaster in the park. She glanced at her side to make sure David was here, and he was.

She stepped through the crowds. Literally. Invisible and untouchable, she and David swept towards the two. Neil was going on about how much fun they were going to have on their day off. The Eva memory was looking around as she listened, swaying on her feet. Neil had the backpack over his shoulders that they had used to get there.

Eva stopped and glanced at David, who exchanged her glance. "You're very quiet." She observed.

"Just nervous I guess." The man replied quietly.

"Well, we have a minute. I can learn a little bit about my new partner." To be honest with herself, she didn't want another partner. But might as well chat and learn some stuff.

"Yeah." He replied softly. "I had just graduated from the academy."

"So I'm guessing you're about twenty four?"

"Twenty five." He corrected her. She took a moment to study him. His blonde hair seemed to have no direction on his head. It just ruffled to the sides. But he could pull it off. He had light green eyes, and pale skin.

"Well David, nice to be working with you." She forced herself to say professionally.

"This is going to be hard for you, isn't it?" He suddenly asked.

She was caught off guard for that kind of question. Instead of answering, her eyes wondered to Neil and Eva standing in line. The Eva memory was looking uncomfortable. "You okay?" Neil asked. Eva had to smile. He always asked that, everytime they went somewhere that was crowded. He did care about her. Why wouldn't he? They'd been best friends since they were like, eight. Eva memory replied with: "I'm fine."

"Well, I dunno." Eva shrugged softly. "I just have to do this for him."

"Isn't it hard, though? You're going into his memories to change it to where you end up with him. That doesn't bother you that he'll die without some of the memories he had of you two? Or that he'll die with lies?" David pointed out, crossing his arms. "How did he die anyway?"

She looked away. "That's not important."

"It might be. How could he have died at such a younger age? Heart attack without any provoking is unlikely."

"Dang it, Are you going to be smart with me this whole time? I'm not putting up with it." She snapped, eyes shooting daggars. He frowned, defeated. She then realized she was being stupid, defending Neil with such an important aspect. "He was a painkiller addict. There's no other reason for us to stay here. Lets just find a momento and get a move on."

David fell silent as they got closer, eyes slightly wider at the information. Eva pulled out the Memory Catcher as she began to collect the items that would function the momento. "Try to find the momento." Eva said as she scanned around.

"I already did. It's Neil's glasses." David answered over the crowds.

"Neil's glasses?" Eva turned around. Sure enough, that was the momento. Right on his face. Momentos usually weren't touching anyone.

"Yup." David answered, motioning his hand to the bubble around his glasses. Eva shrugged and loaded the Memory Catcher to the bubble and let the memories sink into it. She prepared it, awkwardly standing in Neil's face, and then snapped it open.

Within seconds, they were plunged into another memory. They jerked, suddenly in a fast motion. "Whoah!" David involuntarily yelled.

Once the jerk passed, Eva studied where they were. The back seat of a car. She looked to the Neil and Eva in the front seat. Neil was driving. She looked out the window and suddenly froze in terror. "David."


Neil tried to reach his hand to turn on the radio. The Eva memory slapped his hand and gave him a glare. "Eyes on the road." She ordered. Neil merely laughed.

"Hold onto something." Eva hissed.

"Why?" David asked, but grabbing the handle above the door as he had sensed her urgency.

Before she could answer, the car jerked and Neil and Eva screamed. A car cut in front of their car, causing them to swerve. "NEIL!" The Eva memory screamed. The car drove off the road and did one flip before landing straight up at the bottom of the ditch. There was a thud, a crack, and a few groans. Eva shivered. She would have perferred not to live through that again. Shooken up, the two sat in silence for a few moments. David breathed out the breath he had been holding.

"What... the crap... Neil!" The Eva memory said, eyes wide and one hand clutching her wrist.

Neil raised his hands in defense. "The stupid car swerved in front of me, it's not my fault!"

"You need to watch the road!" Eva snapped, trembling from shock.

"I was!" Neil removed his glasses and sighed. A long crack split the lenses. "Great. Now I need new glasses." He grumbled.

Eva glanced at David. He let out a shaky breath and sat up. "Wow." He murmered, watching the two doctors fight back and forth.

"Yup." Eva whispered, though there was no need to. "This was about four or five months ago. He wrecked the car again much later on one of our assignments. That wasn't as serious though." She said, while Eva and Neil fought. They were both nervously shaking.

"We could have died!" Eva snapped.

"But we didn't!" Neil yelled. He opened the car door, one hand on his head where it hit the window. He winced, shaking. "I'm calling 9-1-1."

Eva watched him move to the side of the car where the Eva memory couldn't see him. But the real Eva could see him perfectly. With a trembling hand, he reached into the pocket of his laboat and pulled out a bottle of painkillers.

Eva's eyes widened. David leaned over to watch as Neil took them. He lingered for a moment, letting the painkillers calm him. And then he pulled out his cellphone as if he did nothing.

"God..." Eva whispered under her breath.

"He kept it from you? When did you find out?" David asked.

"Yesterday." Eva had enough. She pulled out her Memory Catcher. "Lets just get out of here."

"What happened after this?" David asked curiously.

"Well, he had to go a day without glasses. He's as blind as a bat without them." She remembered his exact words. She even grew a small, involuntary smile as she remembered. "He kept running into things. It was pretty funny, actually. But he didn't care, he was never one to be laughed at. He laughed with everyone. He never got hurt by anyones words." She held onto the tenuous thought, as if the slightest movement would break it and she would forget the memorable times.

"You guys must have been close." David observed.

Eva sighed. "Not close enough."