"Don't worry, just go! I'll cover for you." Sarah pushed him through the door.

"I'm not even sure I want to go..." Neil stuck his shoes against the carpet to keep his sister from pushing him. She only pushed harder.

"Sure you do!" Sarah snapped.

"I really don't want to show up to see Eva and Mike together." Neil shook his head. The black tie suit was unfitting compared to the scrawny teenager under it.

David turned his head to look at Eva, but she didn't return the look. She was too busy watching Neil and his sister. The twelve year old girl was pushing his seventeen year old brother through the living room.

"Neil, don't worry about it!" She pushed him harder. "Just take a second when Eva isn't looking, walk up to this Mike guy, and punch the shi-"

"Sarah!" Neil turned around.


Neil moved away from his little sister, straightening his tux jacket. "You're twelve, little miss."

"Well you're seventeen and you're afraid of going to prom!"

"I don't see how that has to do with you cussing."

"Well you cuss all the time!"

"But I'm older."

"Doesn't matter!"

"Does too."

"Does not!"

"And this is why I'm an only child." Eva muttered with a half smile.

"This little girl is the girl we met in his room?" David laughed. "Vicious little thing!"

"Cuss one more time and I'll tell our parents." Neil said.

"If you tell them that, I'll tell them you're sneaking out to go to prom." Sarah put her hands on her hips and smiled.

Neil narrowed his eyes. "Touché." He grinned. "Alright fine. But watch your mouth. At least until you're sixteen."

"Alright, alright." She grinned, her pigtails bouncing as she jumped. "Now go before dad gets home! If they notice you're gone, I'll tell them you went to the store or something."

Neil smiled as he opened the front door. "Thanks sis." He muttered.

"Just go, bro!" She shoved him out the door and closed it with a smile.

Eva put her hand on her chin. "Why would he hide going to prom?" She asked herself. The memory suddenly jerked, throwing them somewhere else.

"What's happening?" David asked suddenly, but as soon as the jerk started, it halted. They were now in front of the school.

Eva seemed calm. "If a memory has to bridge itself to another location, it will take us there." She motioned with her hands. Scanning the area, she heard a faint thumping. No, not thumping, more like a base. Music. "I think we're at the prom."

"Oh cool! I never went to my prom, this should be fun!" David grinned.

"Calm, rookie. We're here on buisness remember?"

"Duh." David rolled his eyes. He crossed his arms. "You've already been to this prom, do you remember what happened?"

Eva frowned for a moment. She then gave a soft smile. "Yes, I remember every minute of it." Her voice sounded sweet, slightly regretful, with a dreamer sort of look. With that, she walked ahead. David followed close behind as they stepped on the curb in front of the gym. The music grew louder with every step. Lights flashed from the windows of the gym, and Eva paused in front of it.

A car turned the curb in front of the gym, then parked nearby. Out stepped Neil, tux, glasses, and all, with hesitant movements. He closed his car door and slowly made his way to the gym.

Eva and David stepped aside as Neil walked forward, hands in his tux pockets. He then reached up and took off his glasses, twirling the ear piece in his hand as if debating whether to wear them or not. Finally deciding it was best to go in with sight, he slipped his glasses back on and entered the gym.

"C'mon." Eva nudged David. "How about I take this one, and you enjoy a small snippit of prom."

David grew a wide smile. "Okay! Thanks Eva!" He then rushed forward, into the gym and dissapearing from Eva's sight.

She waited a few more seconds before entering. When she did, she was overwhelmed with crowds. At least no one could see her. She strolled forward, knowing exactly where Neil was heading.

There, in the corner of the gym, the Eva memory stood facing away from the crowd. She had a dark blue dress with one strap. The dress reached her knees in a wavy flow. Eva stepped closer, sadly remembering this moment. She had been crying, taking a moment to step away from the dance to gather herself.

"Eva?" Neil stepped towards the memory. The Eva memory flipped around, eyes red and cheeks stained.

"Neil! I thought you weren't coming!" Her voice was thick and broken, and she didn't even attempt to hide it.

"Eva, why are you crying?" He stepped closer, a concerned look on his face. "Where's Mike?"

The memory looked at the ground. "Over there dancing with that... that..." Her voice trembled angrily. Neil turned his head, spotting Mike dancing with a girl named Carmen. Neil frowned.

"I'm so sorry." He said sadly.

Eva sniffled. "Why are you sorry? You didn't do anything."

"No guy should treat you that way." He replied coldly. Eva seemed startled by his voice, which she had always heard playful and joyful without a care in the world. But his smile suddenly returned, soft and sweet. He held out his hand. "Want to dance?"

Eva gave a soft smile. It brightened her sad face, making Neil seem more relaxed. "Sure." She grinned. She took his hand, and he lead her to the dance floor. Eva smiled, following the memories.

As soon as the two faced each other and took a few steps, the slow song ended. The two stared at each other for a moment, then broke out laughing. "Just our luck, huh?" Neil chuckled.

"Of course it would happen to us." Eva grinned. A faster paced song came on. "I'm going to get something to drink." She turned away, but paused. Eva turned her head back to him. "Thanks, Neil. You always know how to cheer me up." She sniffled with a smile. "You're a great friend."

With that, she walked away. Neil folded his hands in front of him and gave a soft smile. It wasn't exactly the cinderella moment he wished he could give her, but at least he made her happy.

Eva had to smile. This was probably one of her own most cherished memories. She stepped towards Neil, even though he could not see or hear her. "Thank you." She whispered. "I'm sorry I was so caught up in finding my prince in shining armor to realize you were the one."

Having no indication of hearing her, Eva stepped away from him. She looked down. Her memory catcher was already full, but it was no surprise to her.

She froze the prom to find her new partner. The dancers paused in place, and the music came to a hault. Only one guy continued dancing, only to pause and realize he was the only one now "David." She called with a smile. "Time to move on."