John and Pete skid to the stop. They were in front of the volcano, which looked pretty active.

John stated, "I know I'm sensing another Pokémon around here besides just us."

Pete responded, "Same here…"

That's when the brothers picked up on something. Following their instincts, John and Pete went towards the face of the volcano and saw a metal door.

"What the heck," the brothers asked in unison.

"Wait," said a voice.

John and Pete turned and saw the island running towards them.

Crash asked, "Are you sure that you two sense another Pokémon around here?"

Pete answered, "We're sure. But our senses are pointing us here."

Nina stated, "At an active volcano, that's weird."

John replied, "Tell us something we don't know. What are even weirder are those metal doors."

Gus questioned, "Metal doors?"

Cortex explained, "Remember, in our dimension Mount Indigo has a secret of my first base. This volcano might have the same secret."

Cynthia asked, "But how do we get it to open?"

Cristaen answered, "The same way we open the doors in Mount Indigo."

Crash nodded as he pressed on a button along the side of the door. The doors swung open as the two Pichu brothers took the lead. Everyone followed as they headed up the stairs. Reaching the top, the heroes saw the Evil Twins holding captive two Pichu sisters.

Coral whispered to John and Pete, "Those might be your counterparts of this dimension."

Cynthia whispered, "Yes, you are right about that."

Maurtiz stated, after he breathed in the air, "Ah, the sweet smell of success. It will only be a matter of time before we take over the regular dimension. But that's soon after we take care of the rest of the dimensions the way we did with the tenth dimension."

Victor pointed out, "Yeah, that was fun!"

The female Pichu with the messy hair yelled, "You won't get away with this!"

The female Pichu with the straight hair added, "Yeah, we'll find a way out of this!"

Maurtiz commented, "I doubt that Johanna and Petal. You shall join your 10th counterparts soon enough."

Victor sensed something and stated, "Hold on, something isn't right."

Crash stated, making them known, "Yeah, we're here."

Johanna asked, "Who are you?"

Pete answered, "We're you!"

"The opposites of you anyhow," John added.

Nacey demanded, "Let them go, Victor and Maurtiz."

Cortex pulled out a Poke ball as did everyone else and the Evil Twins summoned robotic ants. As the heroes avoided the ants, John and Pete ran over to their counterparts to free them. Johanna did a quick Shock Wave while Petal did a quick Volt Tackle.

John stated, "Wow, even their moves are identical to ours almost!"

Pete added, "Sweet!"

After a quick battle, Victor and Maurtiz were captured.

"Alright," everyone cheered.

After entrapping the Evil Twins, the heroes escaped the active volcano, leaving Victor and Maurtiz behind.

John turned to Johanna and asked, "What becomes of you and your sister?"

Johanna answered, "We live our lives. That's all we can do."

Pete stated, "Too bad that you can't come live with us."

Petal replied, "We must stay, it is the code of the dimensions."

John and Pete sadly nodded as the heroes returned, leaving only the blood of Victor and Maurtiz behind…

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