Title: Three roads led to that death

Disclaimer: not my characters; title from Anne Sexton

Warnings: mentions of violence

Pairings: none

Rating: PG

Wordcount: 375

Point of view: third

Prompt: Any, Any, Wolves In The Walls

There was nothing to be done for Nari; he was too far gone. Sleipnir was tethered to Odin Child-Stealer, and Jörmungandr bound to all waters. Father was broken in both body and spirit, and Hel out of reach.

But Váli. Fenrir could do something for Váli.


The child was crying. Odin Terror-Bringer had returned Váli's mind after Nari's body lay with Father's, and for that Fenrir will exact retribution.

Váli was curled into as small a ball as possible, whimpering and whining, and Fenrir could do nothing but settle next to him.

It will be alright, brother, Fenrir promised, mind-to-mind, on the thought-road all of Loki's offspring could traverse.

Váli didn't react at all, but that was fine.


Eventually, the child calmed. He raised his head to look at Fenrir, and Fenrir leaned in to lick his muzzle.

Come, brother, Fenrir said, standing. We have far to go and much to plan.

But Nari, Váli said. I can't leave him.

Gods, the child sounded young.

Odin One-Eyed would die.

We can do nothing for him now, Fenrir said gently.

Váli howled, head thrown back in pain and rage, and Fenrir joined him, wolf-voice deeper and darker, so much older.

Once, Odin All-Deciever had tried to silence Fenrir forever, bound away in a forgotten cave with a poisoned sword in his mouth.

But now Fenrir's voice rolled throughout the realms and the sun shuddered in the sky. Heimdallr was blind to Fenrir, and would be forever more – the last gift Father could give.

We shall have vengeance, Fenrir swore to his younger brother. Come with me now.

Váli let his head drop back down as he stood, not even half as large as Fenrir. Yes, brother, he whispered, sounding so small, so tired.

One day, on the morning of Ragnarök's dawn, Fenrir would destroy Odin Wolf-Enemy. As he led Váli to the path between worlds, he made the oath in their father's name. Jörmungandr and Hel and Sleipnir echoed the vow on the thought-road, and then Father said, So shall it be done.

Nari said nothing. Váli followed Fenrir silently. And Fenrir let loose one more howl, and Odin Spear-Shaker felt a shudder go down his spine as he passed judgments in his golden hall.