Dance as though no one is watching you. Love as though you have never been hurt before. Sing as though no one can hear you. Live as though heaven is on earth. ~ Alfred Souza

August 19,2012

Amanda Williams reclined in one of the many lawn chairs scattered around the Mitchell's front yard. The scent of barbecue smoke still lingered in the air, and Dylan's radio played beside her, lending a festive air to the Sunday afternoon.

"Oh," Jade exclaimed, leaning over to turn up the radio. "I love this song!"

Amanda inclined her head, listening. Across the table from the two young women, Adam and David did the same thing. Tim McGraw's "My Little Girl" poured out of the radio.

Nathan ambled over to the table to listen as well, since his daughter's words had caught his attention.

"Dance with me!" Jade demanded, standing up and tugging on her father's hand.

"In the middle of everybody?" Nathan sounded incredulous.

"That's okay," Adam spoke up with a smile. "They don't mind, Daddy."

Nathan grinned and complied.

Isabel and Olivia were instantly taken by this, and in about a half a minute Isabel had Javier dancing around the yard with her. Not to be out done, Olivia ran over to the table and pled of David, eyes wide, "Please, Daddy?"

David smiled and stood, flinging his daughter into the air before settling her in his arms, and joining the other father-daughter pairs in dancing.

Amanda smiled at her daughter and fiancé. Six months ago, she never would have dared to imagine David in their daughter's life – or hers. But then, life was a funny thing sometimes. She'd learned that well enough.

"This will be a nice memory for them." Amanda remarked to Adam, the only person still sharing the table with her.

He nodded, and asked "Is that the voice of experience?"

"A lack thereof."

Adam nodded, seemingly lost in his own thoughts, and replied softly, "Yeah, I can understand that."

They watched the dancers for another minute before he snapped out of it, and turned to Amanda. "Would you like to dance?" he asked, as though the idea had just occurred to him.

Amanda started. "What?"

Adam shrugged. "Your dad isn't here, and neither is my daughter."

Amanda thought for a second, before she smiled at him. "All right."

She stood up and he took her hand, pulling her around to stand in front of the table.

"I can't dance." She confessed.

Adam chuckled. "Let's see... I put my right hand around your waist like this, and my left hand out like this, and then we sway back and forth to the music."

Amanda smiled up at him, laughing a little at their silliness, letting herself relax.

"And you can spin…"

She spun under his arm, laughing as he laughed with her. This was going to be a nice memory for her – and so much the more for him.

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