William Barrett had officiated at a lot of weddings in his day, but looking around at the crowd gathered together on the twenty-fourth in the Mitchell's backyard, he saw a mixture of people unlike any he had ever seen at a wedding. Besides the people that David and Amanda were living with, the entirety of the sheriff's department had shown up, as had every one of the employees from Pearly's.

William couldn't help but smile at the parallel. Pearly's employees protected each other as much as Albany's deputies protected each other – according to David, at least.

Besides them, there were a couple of employees from the daycare that Olivia had stayed at, and David's mother.

William and David took their places. As people settled down and the music began to play, David and Amanda's only attendants, Dylan and Jade, walked down the aisle created between the two rows of chairs. William's concentration quavered when he noticed the glance that passed between Dylan and Jade as they parted ways before taking their places – a glance that only William noticed. After them came Olivia, scattering petals on the ground and grinning like someone had handed her the sun and moon, wearing a rose-colored dress, a child-like version of the one Jade was wearing.

William heard David's breath catch when Amanda and Adam came into view. William was certain it wasn't due to Adam that had caused the reaction though.

Amanda really was a vision. She was wearing a simple, white A-line sundress, and a braid of tiny wildflowers was perched on top of brown hair that brushed her shoulders.

William loved the moment that always came next. Amanda's eyes met David's and all else faded away.

When they reached David, Amanda kissed Adam on the cheek and he placed her hand in David's.

"I'm proud of you two." The stand-in father whispered.

David and Amanda nodded as his hand closed around hers. Then they turned towards William.

"You may now kiss your bride." William told David at the close of the ceremony.

"With pleasure." David murmured, giving his new wife a sweet kiss.

If Olivia smiled any wider, William figured her face was going to crack. But then, he glanced at Jade, her hand on Olivia's shoulder, and Dylan, and realized it was true for all of the people who stood nearest the wedding arch. William smiled when the bride and groom broke apart.

"It gives me great pleasure to present to you Mr. and Mrs. David Thomson."

He laughed outright when David reached a hand out to Olivia, picking her up and holding her in one arm, his other hand still holding Amanda's. The three went back down the aisle together, while "Forever and Ever, Amen" played. At the end of the aisle, David lifted his arm and Amanda twirled underneath it, her eyes sparkling with as much happiness as Olivia's.

Due to this scene, William almost didn't catch what Dylan whispered in Jade's ear as they walked back down the aisle together, also arm in arm.

"So we'll do this again, right?"

"Of course. Bobby needs somebody in his life too."

"I'm not talking about Bobby."

"Oh, I know. But if we do it my way, third time will be the charm, right?"

"Right. All right, we'll do it your way."

"Let's go get Tyler, he knows Bobby better than the two of us put together."

William shook his head as they melted into the crowd, scanning the waitresses for possibilities. Those three kids were definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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