Chapter 2

Okay guys, just so you know most of this story will be told from Tori's point of view, however there will be others later in the story.

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Tori's POV

After what seemed like forever, Beck announced that we would be arriving soon. Thank god, I thought, this train ride is taking forever! I look out of the window and I can see a large lake and lits if trees.

I wonder if hogwarts is like, hidden or something. Cat told me it was like a huge castle, but I can't see it at all!

Ten minutes later the train started to slow down and we pulled into a station, still no sign of a huge castle!

'We're here! We're here!' Cat screamed excitedly jumping up and down in her seat. Then she started giggling like mad still jumping.

'Cat? Cat? Cat? CAT!' Jade screams at her and Cat stops jumping and giggling and pouts in her seat.

When the train comes to a complete stop, we all make our way out of the compartment and off the train. As we step onto the platform we see a huge man with shaggy hair and a beard, when he catches sight of us he grins and walks over.

'Hagrid!' Cat gasps excitedly and hugs him tightly, 'I've missed you too Cat and your little red velvet cakes! They're delicious!' Hagrid said smiling down at Cat. Cat let go of hagrid and he ruffled Beck's hair. 'Oh and Beck! Your still the same fluffy haired mischief maker I presume?' Beck nods, smiling casually at Hagrid's question.

Then Hagrid turns to Jade, 'Jade, I'm sorry ab-' he starts but Jade cuts him off.

'Save it Hagrid, everything happens for a reason right?' She says and smiles sadly up at him. What are they talking about?

'And I see you died your hair now as well, I can't say I didn't see it coming! Well hello there who are you two?' Hagrid asks looking at me and Andre.

We introduced ourselves and explained why our parents didn't let us come. 'Well am' glad you could come this year! I gotta go now though, taking the firs' years onto the boats! Cya later.' He said and walked away ushering the first years towards the lake.

'Come on! I wanna get into the great hall before the feast is over!' Jade complains and she starts dragging Beck into the some trees, Cat follows skipping happily and Andre and I follow. After a while ae come across lots of carraiges, except they don't seem to be attached to anything.

I see some girls get into a carraige and it starts to move all by itself! This school is creepy!

'Hey Tori you coming?' I hear Andre shout and turn around to see everyone walking towards a carraige. But instead of getting into the carriage Jade walks to the front of it. She starts stroking the air like an imaginary horse is there.

'Jade what are you doing?' Andre asks confused, it looked like something Cat would do.

'It's a thestral, it's like a horse with wings. But they're invisible to most people.' She explains.

'So how can you see them?' I ask,

'Only people who have seen death can see them.' She said calmly, as if it was normal for her to have seen someone die. There was an awkward silence as we all filed onto the carraige. How had Jade seen death? And why does it seem like she doesn't care about it?

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