Title: Baby Bump
Rating: M
Pairing: ShizuoxIzaya,
Warnings: MalexMale Relationships, Smut, MPreg, Dark Overtones

Description: Izaya is slipped an experimental drug after angering his secretary. He ends up becoming pregnant after a randevu with Shizuo turned lustful, but the pregnancy is anything but smooth. The side effects of the experimental drug start to kick in and cause Izaya to develop post-partum depression; Leaving Shizuo alone to care for the informant as well as their tiny infant.

Namie blinked as she stared at the piece of paper in her hands. A look of shock and confusion spread across her face as she tried to make sense of the writing on the paper. Her eyebrows tighten together as anger started to boil up inside of her. She turns around sharply on her heel and nearly rips her employer's door off its hinges in her fury. The woman walked straight over to her dark haired boss with sure steps. She slams the piece of paper on his desk and glared darkly at the side of the informants head. Izaya paid no mind to his angry secretary and just continued his work in a steady pace, never faltering. "I said you could leave already, or do you like working for me so much that you can't bare the thought of having to stop and go home? Have no fear Namie, I will have loads of work for you to do in the morning~" He said with a slight chuckle while looking back and forth between a paper sitting next to his computer and back to his computer screen, all the while typing in a pace that would make many people envious.

"Shut up! Explain to me why." The woman said, not bothering to explain what she was talking about. She knew he knew what she wanted to know.

"That's a very broad question. Care to be a little more specific on what you're talking about?" Namie narrowed her eyes even more at the man, trying with all her might to refrain from punch the informant. She really didn't want to play into the man's games.

"You know damn well what I'm talking about. You didn't pay me for a days work." She said her voice full of venom and anger. The man picked up the piece of paper and placed it on the stack of papers on the corner of the desk. He laughed softly to himself.

"Oh, that. Well…your job wasn't done to my liking that day. In fact, I had to redo it myself! Do you know how long that took me?" He said with an exaggerated sigh. Namie had a pretty good idea on just how long it took the informant to redo her work, assuming that he did of course. He turned back to his computer and started to type away, playing down the severity of the conversation. "So I decided to dock your pay, hence you didn't get paid for that day." The informant said in a nonchalant, matter-of-fact tone. If looks could kill, Izaya would have been killed already in a most horrific way.

"What kind of bullshit is that?" Namie said while clenching her hands. She may not like doing her work, but when she did it she made sure that she did everything properly. Izaya turned his attention to Namie and opened his mouth to say something when his phone rang, cutting him off from saying anything. He picked up the tiny device on the desk and pressed the 'answer' button, turning his back to Namie while he brought it up to his ear. The secretary was obviously she pissed off at this point and gave up on arguing with her boss. What was the point? It wasn't like she was going to win the argument, even if she did have a valid reason.

"You're such a fucking prick!" She yelled, not caring if the person on the other end of the phone a client or not. She slammed the door on her way out to let the informant know that she was very, very pissed off. Wouldn't you be pissed if your boss just suddenly decided to not pay you for a days work, resulting in a pay check $150 less then your normal check? She honestly wasn't worried about the fact that she didn't get paid. She really didn't need the money. It was the principal of the matter. Izaya couldn't just dock her pay whenever he felt like it! She swore under her breath and shoved her hands in her pockets. It was things like this that made nobody like the informant. He always liked to be in control of situations which just reeked of arrogance. Namie would pay good money to see Izaya not in control for once. Just once, she wanted to see the man's reaction to not having the upper hand in a situation. Was that too much to ask for?
The woman's phone started to ring, startling her from her thoughts. She pulled out the phone and pressed the talk button.


"Yagiri-san, we have finished the production of the drug MP-369. All we need to do now is find a test subject to observe the effects before it can be officially released to the public." The man on the other end said.

"Very well. Thank you for informing me." She said before hanging up. A small smile, verging on a smirk, crossed her lips. She knew the perfect test subject.

The informant let out a long yawn while stretching his arm above his head. It had been a long, eventless day.

"I'm taking a shower Namie. Please make sure to lock the door on your way out." He said while locking his computer and getting up to wave dismissively to his secretary.

"Whatever." She said while turning the page of her magazine, not bothering to look up. It was only after she heard the bathroom door close and lock that she started to move. She placed the magazine down and walked over to the informant's deck. She picked up her boss' mug of black coffee and looked down at the dark liquid. It was already half gone, but she figured that it would be enough to dissolve the capsule without noticing its presence. She pulled out a plastic bag from her pocket, which held a tiny white pill. It was truly fascinating how much a tiny little thing could do so much. The contents of the bag were emptied and the tiny pill was lying in the palm of her hand. She looked at it before dropping it into the cup. There was a tiny 'plop' sound before the pill slowly started to disappear into the black liquid. She briefly mused the idea that this probably wasn't going to work due to Izaya's lack of a sex life, but just shrugged the thought off. If it didn't work, it didn't work and she would just have to find another way to exert her revenge.

Half an hour went by before the raven emerged from the bathroom. His dark locks dripped onto the white towel that was draped around his neck. One of the few things that Izaya truly loved was the feeling after a nice hot shower.
He walked over to his computer desk and moved his mouse to bring the screen back to life. He typed in his password to unlock his computer and clicked on one of the many tabs that he had opened. The computer screen split into 6 mini screens. Each screen showed an area of Ikebukuro. What kind of informant would he be if he didn't have a few cameras' set installed in areas of his beloved city?
He sat back in his spiny chair and reached for his coffee mug. He watched the black and white images of various sights in Ikebukuro while taking a few sips of his now cold coffee. He watched them for a few minutes and grew bored. He was about to minimize the screen when a particular video caught his eye. The camera was setup across the street from one of Ikebukuro's hottest gay clubs. It wasn't the club itself that caught his attention, but the figure who just entered the club that made him stop and watch. He blinked a few times, not believing his eyes, before he started to smirk.

"My, my. You never cease to amazing me with just how unpredictable you are Shizu-chan~" He purred, rather amused on his new found information. He downed the rest of his coffee and grabbed his fur trimmed coat on the way out the door.

Let me take a moment to say things that will not be occurring in this fic. 1. Izaya will not be breast feeding. I'm sorry, that's just rather disturbing to me. 2. He will not be giving natural birth. 3. He will not be a over joyed, OOC mother hen. I know some of you are not fans of MPreg, for which I don't blame you because I only like it if it's written right...so hopefully this story will change your view just a tad on it :) It will not be your traditional MPreg fan fic.

Please Review everyone! I have never wrote an MPreg nor have I ever wrote a fic in normal Durarara! time...I am very excited to write this for you all! ^_^ And yes, there will be smut...a few actually.