Title: Baby Bump
Rating: M
Pairing: Shizuo x Izaya,
Warnings: Male x Male Relationships, Smut, MPreg, Dark Overtones

Description: Izaya is slipped an experimental drug after angering his secretary. He ends up becoming pregnant after a randevu with Shizuo turned lustful, but the pregnancy is anything but smooth. The side effects of the experimental drug start to kick in and cause Izaya to develop post-partum depression; Leaving Shizuo alone to care for the informant as well as their tiny infant.

"That's going to be $53.51 sir." A girl chirped at the checkout as she smiled at the strongest man in Ikebukuro. Shizuo nodded and pulled out his wallet. He counted the bills that were in it and frowned. Looking at the price glowing on the register, the blonde couldn't help but curse. His gaze drifted downwards to the blonde baby in a carrier sleeping peacefully.

"…Sorry little guy. Looks like I can only buy one can of formula this time." Shizuo looked back at the quizzical cashier and picked up one of the cans. "Can you take this off?" The girl hesitated for a moment before voiding off the can of baby formula. The bodyguard watched with a heavy heart as the cashier put the can in the restock bin and recalculate the price.

"It's going to be…$34.83 then." Shizuo handed the girl $35 and took the change when she handed it back to him.

"Thanks." He said grabbing the plastic bag and Tsugaru's carrier. A soft bell rang as the tall blonde pushed open the door to the store and walked outside. He let out an exhale of air when he was greeted with the cold temperature and white blanket of snow covering the entirety of the ground. Subconsciously, he reached into the pockets and grabbed his pack of cigarettes but caught himself before he fully took them out. He still smoked, but he refused to do it in the presence of Tsugaru and only did it outside now. Looking down at the content face of his son, Shizuo felt his whole body warm up despite the cold temperatures around him.

"Come on…let's get you to uncle Shinra's."

Izaya was lying on his back on his leather couch staring up at the ceiling. He didn't know what to do; his normal life just didn't fulfill him like it did before this whole pregnancy mess with Shizuo. A sense of da ja vu hit him when he was brought back to the day that he laid on his couch and decided to make Shizuo his pet. Oh how the tables have turned. He rolled over on his tummy and stared at the empty desk where his secretary normally sat. Namie had finished his work early so she had already went home, leaving the informant alone to his own thoughts.

"Heh, guess I really am alone." Folding his hands to create a makeshift pillow, he laid his head down and closed his eyes. Crimson eyes slowly opened after a moment of relaxation and came in focus of the orange and white prescription bottle that was sitting on his coffee table. It blew Izaya's mind how a tiny little pill could affect a person so much. A deep sigh was let out as the informant rolled back onto his back.

"Maybe a little nap will soothe my mind." He closed his eyes and started to drift to sleep. When he was about to lose consciousness, he was startled by the sound of the doorbell ringing. Picking his head up, he glared at the door. "Who the hell is here?" He got up from his couch and checked the secretary camera. Izaya didn't know the person that was standing at the door. 'Must be a client.' He walked over and opened the heavy door. The informant was ready to turn down the client but stopped when he saw a toddler boy holding the man's hand standing right next to him. Izaya looked back at the man who looked like he hadn't slept for days.

"May I help you?"

"Ah yes…your Izaya Orihara right? The best informant in Tokyo?" Izaya looked over the man once more. He looked as poor as Shizuo, definitely not the normal type of client he took.

"That I am." The man leaned word as if what he had to say was urgent.

"I acquire your services!" The man's eyes were pleading as he looked up at the raven haired man. Izaya hesitated for a moment before his eyes drifted down to the little boy sucking his thumb and back up at the man. He highly doubted that the man could pay the price he normally charged for his services. Despite this, the informant pushed the door open wide.

"Please come in." A smile crept up on his face as he bowed forward slightly.

"Thank you so much." Crimson eyes locked with that of the little boys causing Izaya to bite his lip and look away. Closing the door behind them, he walked over to his desk and sat down.

"What is it I can do for you?" Izaya said as he folded his hands. The man opened his mouth to speak but was cut off by the little boy sneezes. The guy looked embarrassed as he rubbed the back of his head.

"S-Sorry…He is kind of sick due to the winter season and all…" The informant nodded and handed the man the box of tissues that was sitting on his desk. The tired looking man took one and gently wiped his son's nose. Izaya watched in envy as he pictured what Tsugaru would look like sick. Would still smile with that gorgeous smile of his even if he was sick?

"My wife is missing." Izaya was brought back to the man again and the reason that he was here. "She went missing a few days ago…I contacted the police but they said there was nothing that they could do since she is an adult…" The informant raised his eyebrow as he heard the man's story.

"And…you want me to find her?" The man's face saddened as he looked at the raven haired informant.

"I…know it's not really what you do but...if you could find any informant on why she disappeared…" Izaya tilted his head as he thought the proposition over.

"Well…I can't promise anything but I'm sure I can obtain some information for you. It's going to cost you though." The troubled man opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by the soft tug on his shirt.

"Daddy…is this man going to find mommy?" Izaya felt his heart strain at the desperate voice of the child. The man put his finger to his mouth as he shushed the little boy.

"S-Sorry Orihara-san…As for payment-"

"We can discuss that after I get information." Izaya pulled out a note pad and clicked his pen. "Now then, tell me what you do know."

Finding out information on the missing woman was much easier then Izaya first thought it was going to be. An amateur could have figured it out, let alone a highly skilled informant. Izaya had a hunch of what was going on, but he really hoped that what he believed was happening wasn't true.

Soft chatter surrounded the informant as he sat next to the window with white porcelain cup filled with bitter cappuccino in hand. The café was full of people, which was just perfect for Izaya. This way he could easily blend in and not be suspected of suspicious behavior. He tilted the white cup softly to his parted lips and sipped some of the froth topped black drink. His red eyes never left the window as he patiently waited for his target to appear. After a few moments, he finally saw the pair of people that he was waiting for. A smirk crept up on his face as he lowered the cup.

"Checkmate." He placed the cup on the café table and grabbed his jacket off the back of his chair, quickly slipping it on. The bell rang above the door as he casually followed the two people down the street. A soft and steady snow fall had begun, causing people to flee the streets. His hands were in his pockets as he kept a reasonable distance between him and the other two. He saw the two people turn down an alley way and casually followed. To the eye, both of the people appeared to be male, but Izaya knew better. He watched as the duo got close and shared a gentle kiss. The informant clenched the inside of his pockets as he watched the pair. They parted and looked longingly into each others eyes.

"So…" Izaya started as he watched the two people jump slightly in surprise. "You weren't missing after all. In fact, you were right before our eyes this entire time! I must applaud you though, disguising yourself as a boy is quite a clever move~" Both of their eyes widened as they stared at the informant in disbelief. Izaya got closer to the two, but maintained a safe distance.

"W-Who are you?" The male asked as he shielded the short haired female. The dark haired male shrugged his shoulders playfully as he smirked.

"Just an Informant is all~" His red eyes drifted from the man's eyes to lock onto the female. She jumped a little before cowering behind the taller man once again. Izaya noticeably frowned as he looked at the girl. "You're so disgusting."

"Y-You don't even know me!" The girl said sternly. Izaya crossed his arms as he cocked his head back as if looking down on a disgusting insect.

"I know that you ran away from your husband and son to be with a lover. It's such a shame that your family is worried over such a disgraceful pig such as yourself. How revolting." The man clenched his fists and aimed towards punch Izaya but the attack was easily dodged. The guy stumbled into the wall and passed out as he head met hard concrete.

"Lee!" The girl yelled as she looked concerned for the man before looking at Izaya with scared eyes. She backed up as she prepared to run away if the informant attacked. The dark haired man walked forward before he was only a foot away for the scared female.

"Let's make believe that your husband and you were having problems in your marriage, even though we both know that that wasn't the case. Abandoning your son, who loves you unconditionally, is entirely unforgivable…" In his mind, Izaya envisioned Tsugaru; his bright smiling face even though the informant did nothing but verbally attacked the little boy. Izaya clenched his fists as he glared hard at the girl. "He loves you and you just leave him for your own selfish desires." The informant continued to walk close until he had to girl against the wall. His hands were placed on either side of her head as his eyes became crazed with vivid memories. Fingers curled into the wall as he looked at the frightened girl. "Tsugaru…" He said softly as the snow began to pick up and heavily fall. The innocent woman flinched and held her hands up defensively. "All he did was love me and I just hurt and hated him..."

"I-I don't know who your talking about!" The girl yelled as she began to shake. Izaya lowered his head as he closed his eyes.

"He will hate you, you know. You're hurting him!" Izaya looked back up at the girl who had no idea what was going on.

"H-Help! Someone help me!" She closed her eyes as she tried to distance herself from the situation. The informant was too far gone to realize that he was yelling at someone else that had no idea of his situation rather than himself.

"I'm no better than you…" Izaya said softly as he lowered his hands and put them in his pockets casually. He started to walk away before he spun around on his heel to face the girl once again.

"I will let your husband know of your whereabouts. I highly recommend you rethink your decision to leave your family." Izaya turned back around sharply and exited the alleyway to enter the streets of Ikebukuro. He turned his head upward to let the snow fall onto his face.

"Tsugaru…" Lids slowly closed as the informant let the soft, white snow build up on his face.

"Izaya…" Crimson eyes snapped open as he immediately recognized the voice. It was the voice that belonged to the man that stayed with him for months. His heart began to race as he prepared to see his little boy again after being away from him for a week. He was disappointed though to see it was only the blonde bodyguard with no carrier. Shizuo had stopped a good distance away from the raven causing an uncomfortable air to form around the two. The blonde was dressed his normal bartender attire with a black, double breasted coat over top. The snow had begun to turn the shoulders of the dark jacket white.


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