Title: Baby Bump
Rating: M
Pairing: Shizuo x Izaya,
Warnings: Male x Male Relationships, Smut, MPreg, Dark Overtones

Description: Izaya is slipped an experimental drug after angering his secretary. He ends up becoming pregnant after a randevu with Shizuo turned lustful, but the pregnancy is anything but smooth. The side effects of the experimental drug start to kick in and cause Izaya to develop post-partum depression; Leaving Shizuo alone to care for the informant as well as their tiny infant.

Izaya stood there staring at the man that was holding his son. He really just wanted to lunge forward and shove the man off the building while stripping his little baby from his grip, but he knew better than that. Takashi looked like he was just a simple man right off the streets but he wasn't. The man in front of him had managed to evade arrest from the police for months. He also managed to get information on Izaya that was strictly kept secret. That fact alone proved that he wasn't just your everyday man.

"Do you have the money?" Takashi asked as he stared at the dark haired man. The informant lifted the suitcase and gently patted it.

"It's all in here."

"Good, hand it over." Izaya lowered the suitcase once again and put on his signature smirk.

"What would you do if that suitcase just happened to be empty, out of curiosity of course~" The man blinked for a second before pulling out a knife and pointing it towards Tsugaru. Izaya felt his breath hitch as the pointy metal got closer to his little son. This was taking things to a whole different level. The original plan was that Shizuo and Izaya were going to simply ambush the guy. It was a rather easy feat for the blonde bodyguard. The two had figured that he would have some sort of weapon but assumed that it would be a gun. With a gun, the situation was easy to take control of. Working around a knife was a completely different story because the smallest slip could end their child's life. Tightening his hand around the handle of the suitcase, Izaya glanced over at Shizuo. The blonde looked like he was about ready to attack which was a reasonable reaction. Izaya hoped that for once, Shizuo wouldn't act on impulse because it could very well be the worst mistake of his life. Red eyes locked back onto the man that was holding his son captive. He needed an opening and had to stall somehow until that opening came.

"Let's put that knife away, hm? We don't need to bring an innocent child into this mess." The man glared as he brought the knife closer to little Tsugaru's neck.

"Shut up Orihara! You messed up my life now I'm going to mess up yours!" Izaya shifted slightly as he tried to keep on his poker face.

"Is that so? So this really isn't about the money, it's about revenge. Well, I hate to break it to you but I have no idea what your talking about~" The man lowered the knife a little bit which caused Izaya's finger to twitch.

"You sold us out to the police. You're the reason that we got caught!" The informant waved his free hand dismissively and ran it through his dark locks.

"Oh I guess I did, didn't I?" He slipped his hand into his jacket pocket and was surprised to feel a hard handle deep within his pocket. It was his switch blade. The informant inwardly smirked at the realization that he had his trusty little knife this whole time. With the flick of the wrist, he could easily have this guy falling off the building to his well desiring death within seconds. The tricky part of it was that he still had Tsugaru and if Takashi went over the edge, Tsugaru was sure to go with him. Everything had to be planned and timed perfectly.

"Don't fuck with me Orihara! I got your damn son and I'm not afraid to hurt him!" Out of the corner of his eye, Izaya saw Shizuo's eye twitch in anger with fingers itching to wrap around the annoying kidnappers neck. How he was able to contain himself, the informant would never know.

"Hey now, that's a little harsh don't ya think? After all, somebody that harms a child is the worst type of person. No, I don't even think I would call them a person. They are nothing more than a cowardly worm…Hurting an innocent, defenseless child is just so...disgusting." Shizuo looked over at Izaya as he spoke. Even though he had his perfect mask that hid all emotion, the blonde could see that deep within his red eyes he was meaning every word that he was saying. The body guard never thought that he would see that day that the cocky informant Izaya Orihara would admit to his wrong doing…but today was just full of surprises. Caramel eyes caught a glimpse of a black handle that Izaya had his hands around in his pocket. He knew that object very well as it has injured him multiple times and he also knew what the flea could do with it. The tall man crouched down closer to the ground and waited for the real action to begin.

"Tch, whatever. Just give me the damn money!" The informant sighed as he continued to put on a show for the unsuspecting man.

"As you wish~" Izaya walked closer to the man. His grip on his knife tightened with every step forward that he took. Once he was close enough, he extended his arm to hand the man the suitcase. Takashi balanced Tsugaru in the crook of his arm and reached for the case. Before he could he even touch the black leather handle, Izaya flicked out his blade and drove it right through the kidnapper's hand. The man yelled out in pain as he staggered backwards towards the edge of the building. Shizuo took to his feet and ran forward to grab Takashi's arm before he plunged the 40 feet to his certain demise. The man was flung away from the edge and over to the other side of the building. Tsugaru was released from the man's arms due to the sudden change of direction. The tiny baby cried profusely before he was successfully caught by his father and protectively pulled into the blonde's arms. Izaya watched as Takashi slammed hard against the concrete and Shizuo tried to soothe their frightened child. It had been so long that he did see Tsugaru that he wasn't sure what to do. The bodyguard looked over at the awkwardly standing informant with soft eyes.

"Izaya." The smaller man flinched at the blonde's voice as his eyes locked onto that of Shizuo's. A connection between the two men was made and the rest of the world was tuned out. The only thing that mattered at that moment was their little messed up family that they had created together. A small smile began to pull at Izaya's lips as he looked at Shizuo. The blonde mirrored the dark haired male's expression as he extended his hand out for the informant to take. The smaller man hesitated for a moment before slowly moving his hand towards Shizuo's. Fingers were inches apart when something out of the corner of Izaya's eye caught his attention. Glancing over, he saw that Takashi had a gun pointed towards Shizuo's head. Since the blonde had his back towards the man, he wasn't aware of the lethal weapon that was being aimed at him. The informant retracted his hand causing the bodyguard to frown.

"Shizu-chan! Move!" Caramel eyes widened as he turned to look over his shoulder at Takashi. A loud bang rang out right as Izaya stepped in his view of the armed man.

"IZAYA!" The bodyguard watched the informant's right shoulder move backwards from the force of the bullet going into it. Shizuo jumped up and caught Izaya just as he was about to fall to the ground. "IZAYA!" The informant's face was full of pain as red blood started to stain his coat and shirt. Red eyes drifted towards the blonde's worried face. His brain had started to block out all sounds due to the excruciating pain that ran through his body. His eyes drifted from the worried bodyguard to the crying infant that was in the former bartender's arms. He smiled softly as he looked at his beautiful little son.

For the first time in months, Izaya felt like he was at peace.

The soft beeping was the first thing that Izaya heard when he finally started to regain his consciousness. His eyes slowly opened and adjusted to the light, white room that he had woke up in months ago after his c-section. He laid there for a moment to let his eyes focus, not remembering where he was or what was happening. After his eyes were fully adjusted, he attempt to sit up but stopped when he felt a sharp pain in his chest and run down his arm. He looked down to see that he was shirtless and the painful area heavily bandaged. Blood had started to seep through and turned the bandage above the wound a light pink.

"Don't move." The informant looked over to see that Shizuo was sitting in a chair next to his bed. It was the same chair that he was in while comforting the raven haired man during his surgery. Izaya relaxed as he looked at the caramel colored eyed male. He let himself lay back down onto the bed. "You got shot." The informant rolled his eyes and looked away from the blonde.

"Yes Shizu-chan and the grass outside is green. Tell me something that I don't know." Shizuo growled slightly before smirking and leaning forward in his chair.

"You nearly gave me a damn heart attack you fucking flea."

"Oh? And why is that?" The room was quiet for a second. Shizuo got up from the chair that he was sitting on and slowly sat down on the hospital bed. Izaya looked back over to see the bodyguard looking down at him. The informant's expression changed as he saw the amount of emotion on the blonde's face. Shizuo moved his hand slowly towards Izaya's to gently entwine their fingers. He leaned forward slightly and brushed a lock of black hair out of the smaller man's face.

"I thought you were going to die." Izaya felt his heart warm at those words. He wanted to throw insults and playful words at the blonde, but for some reason…he couldn't bring himself to ruin this moment that the two were sharing. It had been awhile that the two had any sort of friendly encounter and, even though he wasn't sure exactly what their relationship was, he rather enjoyed their friendly and sometimes intimate moments.

"Shizu-chan…" The two locked eyes for what felt like eternity before Izaya's drifted southwards to settle on the bodyguard's lips. They looked so friendly and inviting. He couldn't help but want to feel those velvety looking lips against his own. The smaller male sat up slightly in his bed to bring his face closer to the blonde's. Shizuo watched the dark haired male's actions closely. He slowly brought his hand up to Izaya's cheek and gently caressed it.

"Izaya…" Shizuo and Izaya looked deep into each other's eyes. The blonde started to move forward to attempt to close the gap between them. Their lips barely touched when the sound of the door opening started both males. The former bartender immediately jumped back and scooted away from the other male. Izaya sat there too startled to move for a second before looking over at the door. He was ready to curse out Shinra but all words were caught in his throat when he saw the man carrying a tiny blue bundle. The underground doctor walked across the room and over to Izaya. Red orbs were locked onto the blue blanket that was hiding the adorable baby that was wrapped within it. He sat forward slightly to get a glimpse of that angelic face of his son. The brunette smiled as he extended Tsugaru out for Izaya to take. The injured man felt his breath hitch in his throat as he watched the bundle being pushed out to him. The informant leaned forward and took the baby within his arms. As he sat back, the blanket fell away from Tsugaru's face to reveal the content little baby underneath it. The little infant was sucking on his fist and looking up at his mother with his innocent blue eyes. Izaya felt his eyes begin to water as he looked at Tsugaru.

"Mommy's home Tsugaru…"

Shizuo watched the scene with a warm heart. He was really happy that finally, after months of agony and arguing, the two could actually take a step forward to making sense of their dysfunctional family.

No! This is not the end! You have at least one more chapter if not 3...I haven't decided yet. I apologize for the delay of this chapter. I had my finals/final designs then, obviously, the holidays and also I added more medication to my dosage and that just...messed up my brain x.x my body is still adjusting to it so it's like..hard to successfully form a thought ^^; I also suck at action .; Anyway, I GOT MORE ADDED TO MY TATTOO! :O I will add a link on my profile~