Title: Baby Bump
Rating: M
Pairing: Shizuo x Izaya,
Warnings: Male x Male Relationships, Smut, MPreg, Dark Overtones

Description: Izaya is slipped an experimental drug after angering his secretary. He ends up becoming pregnant after a randevu with Shizuo turned lustful, but the pregnancy is anything but smooth. The side effects of the experimental drug start to kick in and cause Izaya to develop post-partum depression; Leaving Shizuo alone to care for the informant as well as their tiny infant.

It had been a few weeks since the incident on the roof. Takashi had managed to get away that day, but didn't have his freedom for very long. Once Izaya was fully recovered, the first thing that he did was make sure that the man who nearly harmed his son learned to never fuck with him and his family again. It was amazing what a little information to the Yukuza could do. The man had oh-so-accidentally found himself in the hospital with several broken bones. The police had him under heavy watch and was going to be taken to a pretty little jail cell once he was released from the hospital. The little incident caused Izaya and Shizuo to become extremely protective of their little bundle of joy. The little boy was always with one of his parents, mostly the informant who did a complete 180 from his former association with his child. Tsugaru was barely ever out of the raven's sight. It was surprising to everyone how hands on Izaya had become.

Shizuo and Izaya had discussed many times about coming out to the world about Tsugaru, but ultimately they weren't ready for everyone to know. There were a lot of risk factors to letting that information get out since both men had a lot of enemies who would enjoy knowing that juicy piece of information. Family and close friends were told about the situation and that's how the two men liked it. They realized that they had rather enjoyed their privacy. Shizuo had ended up selling his apartment and fully moving in with the informant. Even if he wanted to keep his cozy little home, he didn't think that he could bare tarring Tsugaru apart from Izaya again and there was no way that he was going to leave his son.

Shizuo was coming home late from work that night. Tom and he had a collection on the very far end of Ikebukuro which added a good half an hour to his already long walk from Ikebukuro to Shinjuku. He unlocked the door with the customized key that Izaya had made for him. Out of slight paranoia, Izaya decided to change all the locks on the doors and all combinations. The door was pushed open and the tall blonde walked inside the dark loft. He shut the door quietly knowing that Izaya and Tsugaru were most likely asleep. Fishing out his phone from his pocket, the former bartender lifted the cellular device up into view and hit the stand by button. The soft glow illuminated the blonde's tired face as he read the 11:37 that lit up on his phone. He cursed softly under his breath and put the cell phone back into its rightful place. His tired legs carried him to the bedroom that he and the raven now shared. The door opened with a soft sound as the bodyguard entered the room. His movements were stalled when he saw Izaya curled up with baby Tsugaru on the bed, sleeping peaceful. The tiny boy had his thumb in his mouth as he contently sucked on the digit. The informant had his arms protectively wrapped around his son and pulled into a close embrace. The blonde's lips twitched upwards into smile as he saw the adorable scene that lay before him. Tsugaru barely ever slept in his own bed anymore and, even though this was a common occurrence now, it never ceased to warm the blonde's heart.

Shizuo unbuttoned and shrugged his black vest off and onto the floor. Izaya was going to nag him in the morning about leaving the clothes lying about but that was the last thing that entered the tired man's mind. He just wanted to lie down and pull the informant and his little son in his strong arms and drift off to sleep. The bow tie was thrown to the floor before the bodyguard started to unbutton his white dress shirt. He tossed the white garment on the floor with the vest and made his way over to his side of the bed. Shizuo sat down slowly on the bed and put his blue shades on the bed stand. Strong arms wrapped around Izaya as the blonde laid down and settled into a comfortable position on the bed.

"Welcome home Shizu-chan…" The blonde sighed.

"What are you doing awake flea?" Izaya laid still for a moment before turning around in the bodyguard's hold, keeping Tsugaru between the two.

"I was asleep until you came in the room." Shizuo pulled the informant closer and tucked the raven haired males head underneath his chin.

"Sorry." Izaya chuckled softly as he opened his red eyes and looked up at the tired man. Shizuo pulled his head away slightly and looked down at the informant that was in his arms. The blonde rubbed small circles on Izaya's back as he looked into the man's crimson orbs. A slender man unwrapped it's self from the still sleeping boy to reach up to gently caress Shizuo's cheek and jaw. The bodyguard leaned down and pressed his forehead against the information brokers.

"You should sleep flea." Neither man broke eye contact. Izaya smirked as he felt himself get lost in those caramel colored orbs that belonged to Shizuo.

"I couldn't get quite as comfortable without Shizu-chan's warm body heat." The blonde smiled down at the smaller man and leaneed down slightly. The distance between the two men wasn't very much but it still wasn't close enough for either male. Shizuo took the liberty of closing the distance and pressed his lips against Izaya's. The kiss was soft and sweet. Their lips lingered on one another for a few seconds before they parted. The separation didn't last long though. Izaya pushed himself upwards slightly to put more pressure into the kiss. Shizuo groaned slightly at Izaya's eagerness and parted his lips. The blonde brushed his tongue against the informant's soft, sweet tasting lips. Izaya parted his lips and tilted his head slightly to gain more access to the bodyguard's mouth. Shizuo's tongue gently rubbed against Izaya's to try and coax a battle. Always up for a challenge, the information broker's wet muscle immediately began to move and fight the intruder. Their tongues were twisted together as both males bodies started to heat up from the amount of passion and desire that was surging through their bodies. When the need for air became too great, the two parted. A string of salvia connected the two as they pulled away from one another. Izaya couldn't help but be reminded of the red string of fat as he looked down at the white string the connected the two. Shizuo smirked down at the information broker.

"I think somebody was just horny." The informant glared up at the former bartender. Shizuo leaned down to ignite another kiss with the smaller male, but was rejected as the information broker turned around.

"Not with Tsugaru in the bed Shizu-chan." Shizuo growled slightly as he pulled Izaya into him. He tucked the dark haired male's head underneath his chin once again and allowed his eye lips to cover his orbs.

"He needs to sleep in his crib then because I'm tired of having to deal with these hard ons by myself. I feel like I'm in fucking high school." Izaya chuckled as he too closed his eyes and allowed himself get comfortable.

"Better be careful Shizu-chan. I might get pregnant again~"

"No comment louse." The informant smiled and pulled Tsugaru closer to him. He opened his eyes and pulled his little son upwards to place a loving kiss on his head.

"I love you Tsu-chan~"

"Wake him up and your dead flea." Izaya couldn't help but laugh at that comment.

"Like I haven't heard that line before." The two men grew quiet after that. The informant couldn't help but stare at Tsugaru as Shizuo fell asleep. He couldn't believe that something so sweet, so happy, so perfect...came from him. It was the polar opposite from what he was. Never in his wildest dreams would he ever come up with what his life was now. It felt almost surreal. Being a parent was something that he truly enjoyed, much to his surprise. Sure, he wasn't the perfect parent, but that didn't stop him from trying to give his son the happy life that he deserved.

Maybe it was fate; maybe it was just chance; but Izaya couldn't help but feel like things belong this way. He belonged in this moment right now and that,truly, made the informant happy for once in his life.

The End.

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