This was just lovely. Wade was going to kill him. Fuck, his Parents were going to kill him, Tony and Steve had told him not to sneak out, and Wade had made him promise to not go on any crazy missions while he was on Assignment, the Merc had a job in Uganda.

Peter...had not listened. He had snuck out to go to a party with Mary Jane, his best friend having assured him that it was a very normal, very /human/ party.

She had been wrong.

Not only had their been mutants there, there had been Omega Class Mutants there. He was currenly standing in front of a group of humans, hands flexed at his sides. He had his suit on, but it was a last resort.

His eyes snapped over, and he let his insticts take over, shoving his boot into one of the Mutants' chest, as another hand shot a web at another, pinning him to the wall, and suddenly there was a flurry of fighting.

Protect the Innocents. Above everything else, Protect the Innoncents. The idea had been drilled into him by both his parents since he had been adopted - of course, when your Dad was Iron Man and your pop was Captain America, it was hard to avoid the lesson.

Kick, Punch, Evade, Web, Web, Punch, Jump, Kick. Keeping the concept mechanical helped him to stay ruthlessly efficient.

Of course...When not only Loki, but also Sabertooth walked in, Peter cursed rather colorfully. He was fucked. And he knew it. He hit his bracelet, sending a distress signal, and had all of about seven seconds, before Loki's hand was around his throat, and he was being teleporting away.