Summary: Sometimes, it's good to have some perspective. A 'what if?' where there's only one character among many, and he's a bit different from what you'd expect ...

After all, for as strong as you get, there's always a stronger power ...

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One shot. That's all he had.

He pulled back his hand, wind twisting and grinding to levels unheard of in the history of the Elemental Nations. Kurama's chakra bubbled and hissed, flicking between golden and black as he twisted it into the impossibly powerful technique being formed. The power of Nature, drawn through him, meshed with the technique, giving it stability and an extra weight. Everything he had was invested into it.

One shot. He'd have to make it count.

The battle that had just happened had been them most titanic one since recorded history - and it had been just between the two of them. All others had fallen, either on his side or his opponent's. Kakashi, Gai, Sakura, Hinata, Sasuke - all gone. Madara and the other Edos, and the other Zetsus were gone too.

It was just the two of them. Two people who would decide the fate of the world.

His opponent's arm flashed out, fire becoming hot enough to crack the world. His other hand inscribed a circle, and space and time twisted to his will, becoming a sword as large as a mountain and as potent as a black hole.

That wasn't the end of it, of course. Once the battle was over, the Juubi was there for the taking. With it's power, everyone could be revived, reality remolded.

The winner would take all. The loser? Well, the loser wouldn't be in any condition to take anything.

"This reality will end tonight, Uzumaki", Obito's solemn, confident voice stated. "And your defiance with it. I'll bring the world peace."

"Heh", Naruto managed to grin, despite the sorrow he felt at what had come to pass. That was for later though, not now, and so he pushed it down. "Peace? That's just an illusion. Just a fantasy. Peace can only come from understanding, from work, from hardship. It won't come from your dreams, idiot."

"An illusion can often be as good as reality, Uzumaki. You'll find out soon enough."

He simply grinned again, his arm arcing out, legs bunching up for one final pass. "No thanks. That illusion of yours-"

He charged, vanishing from sight, covering miles in moments. A roar, that would come to be heard only after the attack had connected, echoing outward.

"-I'll shatter it!"

The attacks met, fire and force meeting wind and will. And then-


The entity known as 'NAR_]70', currently shaped in the form that others in a more mundane universe would identify as the typical homo sapien sapien male, flicked 'his' sensory receptors to more properly orient on the entity that had interrupted him.

The entity that had called out to him had chosen to adopt the same species for physical interaction in 3D space as well, even if the resemblance to his own was hardly there. It was shaped like a female of the species, but modifications had been made to it - a secondary image seemed to travel along with it, intersecting and coinciding with the first form, even as it shifted from time to time, demonstrating autonomous ability. Likely representative of the DualCon consciousness mod she'd outfitted herself with, he noted enviously.

His request for a MultiCon mod had been denied, but her, oh no, her would be-

Well, there was no point in bitching. She was popular and liked, he was not, end of story.

"What is it, S4K08A-chan?"

"First of all, drop the suffix/you idiot. It's pointlessly drawing on a language that has no place here/sucks, like you.

Secondly, the Universal Creation Project was supposed to be based on a logical and coherent structure, using static variables/wasn't supposed to suck, like you. It was also supposed to involve original elements and inhabitants, not a hopelessly reduced version of us/why am I flat-chested, you prick? You, on the other hand, have created a universe where characters are the same, and an interface which contravenes the very laws you encoded in the system/nonsensical retard. You're going to fail the Project at this rate/pft, like that's a surprise."

"U-um, well, it kinda works, and the setting is kinda original-"

"Aren't the lines that avatar of you just spoke directly copied from 5/!\S8\3's avatar in his own universe?/So much better than you could ever be"

"H-hey, they're totally original! I mean, they just made sense is all!"

"Whatever you say/Fucking plagiarist."

"W-well, I- hey, are they looking at us?"

Indeed, his avatar and the villain he'd created (who looked suspiciously like 08![-0, their Mechanics of the 13th Dimension teacher, S4K08A noted) had noticed the two entities, and had been reduced to gibbering in horror as they tried to comprehend the size of two beings who could probably fit the world they fought on in their pupils, and yet who they could see perfectly clearly.

"You know the rules/screwup."

"Aw man, now I have to do this all over again."

With an errant thought, the universe and everything it contained vanished into oblivion, no thought given to the screams of those lost as they utterly faded from existence.

Grumbling, or doing what passed for grumbling for entities like him, he began to reconstruct the universe, making something a tad less ambitious and more coherent in it's passing. Maybe something based on that boring 11-dimensional universe he'd seen? The one with that galaxy named after a candy bar?

... That wouldn't be plagiarism, would it? No, no, that was just being inspired. By a mundane, boring universe with rules and laws he'd seen everywhere. And which wouldn't get him a good grade even if nobody cottoned on to what it was inspired from.

Dammit, he needed better ideas.

Though he was glad she hadn't seen-

"Incidentally, I perused through your universe's history and noticed that your avatar desired me. Yet, despite the universe being oriented as per your subjective views, he failed to woo me/couldn't even get me in your fantasies, loser."

NAR_]70 just sighed. He could never catch a break.

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