People forget who he is.

Sure, he's Tony Stark. Playboy. Whore Slut, whatever you want to call him. He's the man you go to if you want sex, the man who will give it to you, will let you give it to him, never scared to try a kink, with play submissive, will Dominate you from here to Hel and back.

But he's more than that. Oh, so, so much more than that.

He's Anthony Gabriel Stark. He was a General in the Army of Controller of the Worlds for 22 years. He was his Second in Command. He killed Steven Rogers, Clinton Barton, Nicholas Fury. He commanded armies that killed millions. He created weapons that killed Millions more.

And he did it with a - e-.

He loves to kill. The feel of blood slipping through his fingers as he slams a knife into his victims body, loves to watch the light d r i p from their eyes. He loves to choke as well, feel the pulse stutter to a stop, hear them gasp and plead and know they won't get away.

He's also fond of guns, though not as much as his knives. He likes setting up on a building, in shadows, and snipe off unsuspecting people, watching them scatter and scurry and panic.

He's grown quieter about when he does now. He met Toni, his beautiful, perfect Toni, who not only understood his need, the pounding in his head, but shared a similar need. They h u n t together, finding the perfect victim, bringing him or her home, and they'll play with their toy, then kill them together. Their best dates end with disposing of a body together.

Its why, he thinks, they work so well with Moriarty. They ask no questions, expect nothing, and Moriarty texts them names, addresses, specifics if the jobs requires them. His are always assassinations, Toni's are always destruction, blowing up this something or that something.

He wonders, sometimes, if he built his mask too well. Tony, the Whore, the one who just wants to give someone pleasure, or get it….but then, that's what the mask is for, he supposes, and its not like he doesn't genuinely -enjoy- everything he does.

For now, the Mask will stay firmly in place, and he'll go along, content in his place.

For now.