The word was out in all the Torchwood systems, though SHIELD had it marked classified. Jack snorted - the word 'Classified' meant it became a personal objective to break it open for Toshiko Sato.

"What's it say, Tosh?" "Just as you thought, Jack. Captain Steven J. Rogers. Born July 4, 1918." She said quietly, looking back at him. The other's were clustered randomly around, though Ianto was bustling around to make Tea.

"You know this guy boss?" Owen asked, spinning in his chair, and Jack's lips twitched up. "Yeah…We…uh….We had a few dates."

He remembered the skinny boy, guarded by Bucky, then later the muscled man who still had his Moral's and Virtue.

"Well then…We should go find him." Ianto said calmly, and pulled out the pocketwatch, making Jack grin.

"New York can be reached in a total of 9 hours on the Quinjet sir."

"Or! I can just drop him off!" A loud voice said from across the way, where there was suddenly a big blue police box parked on their walkway, and out walked the Doctor, fixing his bowtie, and a tall, muscled Blonde man walked out slowly, smirking.

"Jack?" He said, confused. This man had shown up and grabbed him, and brought him here.

"Captain!" He smiled widely, and ran across the terrace, before the two of them collided, kissing Hard, desperately, and Steve pulled back, panting softly. "Hey…."

"You're late for our Date." Jack mumbled, and Steve laughed, and just kissed Jack again.