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The neighborhood appeared dull as the remanents of sunlight slowly vanished with the setting sun. As he climbed out of Tien's car, Gohan took a moment to look upon his father's house, faintly remembering the last time he had been here.

The drive had been a long one coming from OrangeStarCity to Ginger Town. Tien wasn't much of a conversationalist so the trip had been made in silence aside from the occasional pitstop. It had taken over a day's worth of driving, but they had finally arrived half an hour ago. It was then a short drive to the neighborhood Goku had formerly resided in.

Once he heard the car door slam behind him, the young man immediately began walking up to the house, not even bothering to make sure the NAIE agent was following him. According to the footsteps clacking on the cement walkway, he was sure the bald man was. Reaching the front door of the house, Gohan dug out his ring of keys and listened to the metal jangle as he searched for one particular key. Upon finding the house key, he inserted it into the lock and twisted it. There was a slight resistance by the unlocking lock, but that was expected due to friction.

As he pulled the key out, Gohan grabbed the doorknob and gave it a turn, opening the door and giving it a push open. Stepping inside, the young man wasted no time in heading to his father's bedroom; he was faintly aware of Tien closing the door once he was also in the house. Entering the desired room, Gohan approached the closed closet door and swung them open. Everything was in the same place as he had left it those couple of weeks ago, not that he was expecting anything else. Immediately, he began moving the neatly packed boxes until he retrieved the lock box.

Gohan carried the metal box to the bed and set it down; a quick retrieval of his keys allowed him to unlock the box with its small corresponding key. Flipping the lid open, the youth carefully set aside the vials of poison on the bed materess along with the syringe case.

That was when Tien spoke. After picking up one of the vials and a quick study of its name, the bald man glanced to Gohan and said "Cyanide? Mind telling me where you got your hands on this?"

"A thrift shop in a rundown part of town," the young man answered absentmindedly. He was more interested in the pieces of confetti that lounged at the bottom of the lock box. Turning the metal box over, he shook it up and down many times, watching as the torn pieces of paper rained out onto the bed. Placing the box down, he kneeled down in front of the bed and began flipping over various pieces and putting them together. "I didn't buy it though, my father did."

"And why did he want poisons?" There was a hint of disproval in the agent's voice.

"Well, considering he was an assassin—and the fact that poisons tend to be very bad for people—he needed them to kill someone."

Tien grunted in response. "I don't suppose you're going to tell me who the target was."

Gohan shrugged his shoulders before answering. "No point in hiding it since it won't change anything. He was assigned Ox-King, but as you already know the Senator was shot at a later date. As far as I can tell, he failed in his assignment and that led to him getting killed."

The bald man laid the vail back down on the mattress. "I hadn't heard about a previous attempt on Ox-King. That's not something people are able to keep quiet."

"Perhaps he never got to the point where he could make the attempt," Gohan suggested, though his reponse sounded unsure. The agent had brought up a pretty good point and it was proving distracting enough to keep Gohan from piecing together the bits and pieces of paper in front of him. With a shake of his head, the youth refocused his attention on the task before him.

Yet, the thought continued to nag at him. Ox-King had been enough of a threat to require an assassination, not once, but twice. However, the second time had been committed by Videl and not someone of Goku's employers. Ever since the young man had begun searching into his father's hidden life, the same people had been after him and not any other group. In fact, Videl had mentioned something about her agency wanting to use him to hurt their rival, so there had to be some very intense competition. Now wasn't the time to make conjectures since he wasn't all that familiar with the assassin world, but he would have to find out all the dynamics very soon.

"So whose house is this?" Tien asked suddenly, giving the room a cursory glance.

"My father's," Gohan automatically replied. After a moment, he added "Well, it was his, but he left it to me in his will. His lawyer tracked me down at the funeral and invited me to his office."

The agent nodded his head and then asked "Who's the lawyer?" It came out more as if the bald man was making small talk, just trying to fill in the silence rather than out of general curiosity. "For all we know, he's got a part in this. At least, everyone you seem to run into has had one."

The image of Roshi popped into the young man's head, from the man's bald head to his long white beard. "Some guy named Roshi," he answered.

Tien frowned at that, stopping his awkward observation of the bedroom. As the man turned his bald head to look at the youth, he then inquired "That's not a very common name."

That made Gohan stop what he was doing. Tien's tone was hesitant, almost as if he were fishing for information. That name must have meant something to him. Although he was loath to giving away information, especially at this time with a tenuous ally, he needed to know what had changed Tien's mood. "Old guy, bald head, long, white beard. Liked wearing these red-rimmed glasses."

When Tien didn't respond to him, Gohan turned to look at the man, only to find that the agent was staring at him intensely. "What?"

It was a long moment before Tien replied. "You just described the head of the NAIE, from the beard to his sunglasses. There's no way you could have met him."

Gohan scowled at the implication—one that was shouting that he was wrong, or in a wrong state of mind. "Maybe there are two men called Roshi," he shot back indignately.

"Two separate men that look the same, have the same tastes in accessories, and share the same name?" Tien countered. "Highly unlikely."

That was a legitament point. Something was wrong here, very wrong. "So it's the same person?"

"Why would the head of the National Agency of Inquiry and Enforcement be talking to you about a will?" Tien retorted. "That just doesn't happen."

While that held merit, Gohan didn't respond to it, at least not initially. Part of him wanted to prove this agent guy wrong, but making the suggestion just because he wanted to show Tien up wasn't a viable reason. Going to check it out to make sure that the lawyer was indeed who he claimed he was was a better motive. "Since we're in town, we can go check this out. I know where his office is."

Tien nodded his head in agreement. "Okay, we'll do that."

With that settled, Gohan returned his attention to the paper puzzle. It wasn't long before he had it completed. "Okay, first line," he began, "Tango, Alpha, Charlie, Tango, India, Charlie, Alpha, Lima. Second line: the numbers two, five, and zero followed by Hotel, India, Golf, Hotel, a space and then Oscar and Alpha."

While Gohan had been reading out the message, Tien had pulled out the paper that had the other half of the message. With a pen, he wrote down what he heard. There were some exaggerated motions with audible noice when the agent heard the numbers, most likely due to him scratching something off. Some more writing occurred until Tien finished decoding the message. "Because of the numbers, I think it would be safe to say that this portion is the first part of the message," the bald man announced.

"Part of an address you think?" Gohan questioned.

"Yeah. If we do it that way, we get Tactical Securities, 250 High Oak Drive."

"Have you ever heard of Tactical Securities?"

Tien nodded his head. "They're security specialists made up of former military and special forces. Usually hired to protect CEOs, politicians, and other wealthy constituents when they feel like present security levels aren't adequate."

Gohan thought back to that passage in the Malone-Engvall bill. If he remembered right, the bill had said it was allocating funds as compensation for services rendered. If this Tactical Securities group was the Securities mentioned, then it had federal funding for politicians that were using their services. Whether those funds were compensating for security details or assassinations was unknown, but the implications if the second option was true were serious. "If this group is really an assassination group," he stated out loud, "then there are politicians using them for killing people."

"That's a serious accusation," Tien replied, his tone severe. "If it's at all true, we're gonna need hard evidence."

Gohan nodded his head. "The Malone-Engvall bill mentioned sending payments to a 'Securities' group. If Tactical is this group, they'll have records of receiving the payments and I'd imagine someone in the treasury keeps records of how and where the money is spent."

"Then we need to get into Tactical Securities," Tien summed up simply.

Gohan rose to his feet and looked at the agent. "Right after we check out Roshi."

The two-story building that had housed Roshi's lawfirm was vacant. It was as if no one had resided in it for months.

Gohan was flabbergasted upon seeing the building front. When he had last been here, the place had been quite active despite the few people that had actually been here. The letters that had been painted to the glass in the front door were gone, scrubbed out of existence. Graffiti had been sprayed all over the brick surface of the building, making it seem dirtier and rundown than it previously had been.

Something was up and it smelled bad. Law offices don't just appear one day and vanish the next, not if they're legitimate.

"Are you sure this is the place?" Tien asked, appearing next to the young man. He was examining the abandoned building with a critical eye, not quite sure if his leg wasn't being pulled.

"Yeah, I'm sure," Gohan responded, his face hardening as he buried his incredulousness. "And it seems like I've been played from the very beginning."

"You think these secretative people would go to the lengths of reading you a will for some special purpose? Excuse me if I find that hard to believe."

"Okay, what would you do if an assassin who worked for you suddenly died? You'd make sure he didn't leave any loose ends, right?" the young man countered.

Tien nodded his head in agreement. "I would."

"And that would include making sure that the assassin didn't leave any evidence of the existence of his job—searching his house, going through his papers, checking out the people he knew, and such. A will would definitely fall into those parameters."

"So you're saying they set up a meeting with you just to make sure you were unaware of your father's activities? That sounds a bit far-fetched if you ask me. But for argument's sake, let's say they did do this—why would they have a public figure like Roshi carry out the meeting?" the bald man pointed out.

"Tell me how many times you see the NAIE director in the paper, picture included," Gohan shot back. "Because I can't think of one. Most people may know his name, but Roshi hasn't had his photo published in years. He's a name, not a person for the majority of people. Heck, you could say that about all the federal agency directors. Their pictures were in the paper when they were going through the appointment processes and then abruptly stop after they get the job."

"Point taken," Tien replied dryly.

As a silence fell on them, the two staring at the empty building, a look of disgust appeared on Gohan's face. "Let's go back to Orange Star. There's nothing left for us here."

It didn't take long for the two men to get back in the car and take off. They drove in silence for the longest time until they left the city limits. It was then that Tien struck up the conversation again. "Everytime I run into you, I keep getting more questions than answers."

Gohan grunted in response. "Tell me about it."

"Alright, do you recall the Carlton Gates?" Upon hearing the question, the young man glanced at Tien questioningly. "You blew up one of the rooms when you were last there. What I want to know is how you managed to get a powerful-enough bomb in there and detonate it."

Gohan returned his attention to the front window, remaining quiet for several moments. "There wasn't a bomb," he eventually answered.

"Then how did a giant hole in the side of the building appear?" Gohan could hear the disbelief in the agent's voice.

Instead of answering right away, the young man held up his left hand, balling it into a fist. Concentrating it, his fist began glowing a brightly. "I barely understand enough of this as it is, but I used ki," he began. "It's like being able to use your life force to destroy things is what I've been told." The youth let the glow fade away after that—no use in keeping his driver distracted while he was driving anymore than he was.

"How the hell did you do that?" Tien demanded, his voice filled with awe.

"Don't know to be honest," Gohan replied with a shrug. "But apparently I've been trained to do it and there are a few other people that can do it too. I know you saw Piccolo do it in your hotel room."

Another silence fell on them until the bald agent asked "And this Tactical Securities group has more people that can do that?"

"I wouldn't be surprised, but I'd also say that not all of them can do it. I was under the impression that the number of people who can do it is very limitied, like a small handful. I've killed two of them so far and I only know of one other person left that can."

"What can this other person do?"

"Well, the last time I saw him, he blew up a house I was in."

"That's very comforting."

One long drive later and a short stop at a motel and the two men had returned to OrangeStarCity around mid-afternoon. In fact, they had even found the location of Tactical Securities and for a place of business, it was very low-key.

When Gohan had first heard of the company, he had been expecting to see a large corporate building that proudly proclaimed the name of the place in huge block letters. While he was right about the large part, the building itself was fairly subdued. The complex spread out over an entire city block, its brown brick outer walls making it look more like a giant, dull rock. There was no sign in front of the building or on it to declare it as Tacitical Securities, though there were a couple of flag poles that waived a couple colorful flags. It was a very uninteresting place to stare at and made a person look elsewhere for something more interesting to look at.

Of course, the electrified barbwired fence that surrounded the complex stood out in stark contrast to the boring façade.

The fence had been Gohan's first tip-off that this place wasn't what it was pretending to be. Whoever had designed it wanted the casual bystander to glance at it, not think much of it, and go about their business. For someone of a sharper—if not suspicious—mindset, the whole complex screamed that it was anything but.

A closer inspection showed the building was covered with security cameras. Patrols of guard dogs and their handlers searched over the grassy lawn that surrounded the complex. While the sight of the dogs would be odd to see in a suburban or urban setting, this location was just outside of the city limits, so their was an obvious lack of foot-traffic here.

And that made things harder to infiltrate the building. Assuming one could get past the fence, the dogs would be all over you, not to mention the security cameras saw everything. One would have to be an employee just to bypass those obstacles.

That was what kept Gohan's attention. At the outer perimeter stood a security checkpoint where employees had to arrive, hand over identification cards to a guard at the small, white-painted booth, and then be allowed through once a long striped-painted board was raised. From what the young man could see, the admitted employees could drive right up to the complex and disappear down a ramp, most likely heading into an underground garage.

Glancing to his current partner, Gohan saw Tien, to his credit, studying the place. He hadn't made a single sound since they had arrived. The sun was nearing the end of the day and the sky was beginning to take on a tired orange tint.

Seeing that the young man was staring at him, Tien turned his head to look back. "So what's the plan?"

"I'm still working on that," Gohan admitted as he returned to staring at the complex. "We can't exactly storm the place guns blazing."

"I'd appreciate that. I'd rather not die doing this."

It seemed Lady Luck decided to grace them at that moment as a car suddenly emerged from the underground parking garage. It took its time covering the distance between the garage entrance and the front gate, but eventually reached the security booth. The driver's window was rolled down and an arm was extended out. There was something in the hand and whatever it was was enough for the security guard to allow them to leave the premises.

Gohan perked up at this, taking note of two men in the front seats. The fact that both front windows were rolled down helped in identifying this. "I think we found our way in."

Tien had also been watching the car. "The car that just left?" he asked for confirmation.

"Yeah. Follow them for a little bit."

Starting up the car, the bald man put it in drive and took off after their target, keeping a distance between them. "Tell me what you're thinking," he said to Gohan. Obviously he wanted some sort of plan.

"The only way into that complex is to be employees," Gohan stated, keeping his eyes on the car in front of them. "We need to get whatever it was the driver showed that security guard so we can get through."

"I doubt they'd just hand us what we want," Tien pointed out.

"I know. And we can't risk them going back to T.S. once we do get out hands on it, so we're gonna have to disappear for awhile."

The agent glanced at the young man suspiciously, his eyes darting back to the road in front of them. "What do you mean by 'disappear'?"

"You'll have to wait. I'm still thinking of something."

Tien was silent for a few seconds after that before he grumbled "What the hell have I gotten myself into?"

Gohan didn't both dignifying that question with an answer. He had been asking that very one for the last couple of weeks and still hadn't come up with a satisfying answer. Still, only following another car couldn't only last for so long. Once he felt they were a sufficient distance away from the Tactical Securities building, he ordered "Pull them over."

A questioning look appeared on the bald man's face. "Pull them over?" he echoed.

"Yeah, you're a cop, aren't you? You have to have some sort of siren."

"Federal agent," Tien growled in response, but nevertheless did what was asked of him. Reaching to the dashboard, he flipped a switch right above the CD player and blue lights began flashing. Where it was coming from, Gohan didn't know, but he could see the light filling up the windshield before abruptly disappearing, only to reappear less than a second later.

Immediately, the car in front of them pulled over, Tien doing the same behind it. Once they came to a stop, Gohan reached underneath his seat, grabbing a bottle, and pulling it out.

"What's that?" Tien was looking at him questioningly.

"Chloroform," Gohan answered as he lifted his hips up and reached a hand to a back pocket. There he pulled out a couple of rags and placed them on his lap, lowering his behind back into the seat.

"Where did you even get that?" the agent exclaimed. "You haven't been out of my sight since we joined up!"

"Found it in my father's bathroom," the young man answered casually. Though he had been determined to go straight to the headquarters of Tactical Securities, the sudden call of nature had made him make a brief pitstop. Unfortunately, the toilet paper roll had been empty and that had made the youth search for more. It was during this search he found the chloroform bottle under the bathroom sink. The rags had been thin dishtowels Goku had kept in the kitchen. Despite Tien's ever present eye, the bald man hadn't even looked at him as they left the house; that was the only reason why he never saw the bottle in the dark-haired man's hand.

Unscrewing the bottle cap, Gohan placed one of the rags on the open bottle and held it tight to it. Turning the bottle over, he could feel a coolness soak into the rag before the young man turned it back over. The sound of sloshing liquid filled the car as Gohan set the laced rag on his leg and repeated the process with the other one. Once that rag was tainted with the chloroform, he handed it to Tien who accepted it. Screwing the cap back onto the bottle, the young man said "Treat this like a normal police stop. Obviously our clothes aren't uniforms, so the driver is gonna point that out. The moment he does, I put my rag on his friend. This should distract the driver so that you can do the same."

"And then?"

"Making this up as I go," Gohan reminded him as he dropped the bottle onto the floor and picked up the rag on his leg, balling it up to hide it in his hand. "Now let's get this over with."

Resigning himself to the youth's ploy, Tien opened his car door just as Gohan did. Simultaneously, they slammed the doors shut and nonchalantly walked up to the car. Though he was behind the car, Gohan could make out the movement of the two workers through the back window. Obviously they were checking out him and Tien out, wondering why they weren't in police uniform. They were even asking each other about it, the youth imagined.

As he moved up the side of the car and reached the open window of the passenger door, Gohan relaxed his hand, allowing the balled rag to begin unraveling. Making sure to keep it out of sight, the young man maneuvered the rag with his fingers and palm to get it ready for his strike.

"License and registration," Tien asked once he reached the driver's window. Peering into the car, Gohan couldn't see the driver's face, but his body language was indicating he was uncomfortable and bewildered.

"Umm, are you a policeman?" the driver asked carefully. The man had his hands on the steering wheel and was grasping it tightly if his white knuckles were any indication.

"I am," Tien replied calmly. "License and registration."

"Yeah, okay," the driver responded. "It's just…why aren't you in uniform?"

Well, that happened faster than anticipated. Due to the passenger looking towards Tien, this gave Gohan the advantage of surprise as he whipped out his rag and forced it on the man's face. With his other hand, Gohan pressed it onto the back of the man's head, making sure the man couldn't escape.

However, the passenger immediately began struggling, making muffled sounds due to the rag in his face. This made the driver jerk around to stare astonished at the sight. "What the hell!" the man exclaimed.

Instantly, Tien had his rag in the man's face, copying Gohan's pose. Even though both men struggled, the chloroform proved to be fast-acting and rendered them unconscious. With their bodies slumping, both Gohan and Tien held the men and gently pushed them back against their car seats.

"That was faster than I thought it would be," Gohan commented once he had released his hold on his target.

"That's usual for someone inexperienced with it," Tien replied. "Now what?"

Gohan merely stared at the car's occupants before he moved to open the door. Once he had, he stepped up to the car passenger, dropping his rag as he did so, and began rifling through his pockets. "Search the driver," he ordered. "Try and find anything that might help us."

Checking the right pocket and then the left, Gohan ultimately found a plastic card and spare change. Tien found a similar card along with a wallet and keys. "Brian Johnson," Tien read out loud from the card. "No picture on it."

"Manuel Lopez," Gohan read as well before flipping the card over; he found a black strip there. "I think these are security passes."

"Safe to say," Tien agreed. "So now we have our way in."

Gohan looked to the uniforms the men were wearing and studied them. They were full body suits with zippers that ran from the collar to the hips. Other than being solid blue and baggy, there weren't any other identifying aspects of it. "We need to get our hands on these uniforms."

"So we strip them."

Gohan shook his head. "We also have to show up at the beginning of their shifts too. It's a little after 5:00 and both of these guys look like nine-to-five workers."

"So we need to be here around seven in the morning and just slip in with the day shift," Tien surmised. "That still doesn't preclude us from taking these uniforms."

"Do you know how to keep two men unconscious and restrained for over twelve hours?" Gohan retorted. "That's not something we can do; it's too much work. We need to come up with a better solution."

Tien nodded his head. "I'll give you that. So then what? How would you incapacitate these guys?"

Gohan glanced away. Honestly, he had been trying to figure that part out, but it had been eluding him the entire time. It also didn't help that these guys had seen their faces and would remember them—unless the chloroform wiped out the memory. Yeah, like that would work. More likely than not, these guys would remember this incident eventually. It would take some head trauma to erase this from their memories, but Gohan wasn't looking forward to beating on them. It was doubtful Tien would go along with that idea.

So what could result in keeping these workers unconscious while delaying their memory from remembering this event? Not to mention keeping both workers restrained. Glancing down the road, Gohan tried to come up with an idea, but was drawing a blank. The only thing he could think of was kidnapping and that was not a viable solution. Letting his eyes drift, he soon found himself staring at one of the long road lights that stood off next to the road.

"We wreck their car," Gohan declared immediately. "Putting them in an accident will force them to go to a hospital, which guarantees that they won't be around for their shift. It can also explain why they're found unconscious in their car aside from foul play."

Tien stared at him shocked. "You're gonna willingly hurt these guys?"

"We've already attacked them," Gohan pointed out. "If you had a problem with this, you better turn away right now."

The agent hardened his face. "This better work."

Picking up his rag, Gohan shut the passenger door before walking around the car and approaching the driver's door. Handing Tien the rag, who accepted it, the young man made a quick note of the gear shift sticking out behind the driving wheel. Sliding his right foot into the car, he pressed it on the break and moved the gear shift into Drive. Picking up the driver's arm, he used the long sleeve of the man's uniform to wipe the shift clean of fingerprints, maneuvering the arm above and below the bar.

Once that was done, Gohan pressed his forearm on top of the wheel and turned it to a side, mentally calculating if he had angled the car to run right at one of the lamp posts. When he was satisfied, he reached with both of his hands and grabbed the driver's right leg, moving it until the man's foot was just above the gas pedal.

Faintly, Gohan was aware of Tien taking a step back. Apparently he wasn't too trusting of what the dark-haired youth was doing, but then again he probably didn't want to get hit by the car should it do something unexpected. Gohan didn't blame him for that. As he felt ready, he pushed the driver's leg onto the gas pedal and heard the engine beginning to roar louder. A shrieking sound began to fill the air as the tires spun against the asphalt. Smoke began to lift into the air as the smell of burning rubber began to fill any nearby noses.

Gohan braced himself on what he knew was about to happen. Taking a deep breath, he pushed off the ground on his ground leg, trying to jump away from the car as his other foot left the break pedal. Immediately, the car tore off, clipping Gohan's lower leg and sending him crashing to the ground. Letting out a grunt, Gohan glanced towards the car and watched as it raced to his targeted lamp post and ram it right in the middle of the car hood. A loud booming sound filled the air as metal was bent and crumpled. A whinning sound came soon after as sparks shot out of the base of the lamp post, slowly leaning away from the car with a groan before falling to the ground. Smoke billowed out of the broken engine of the car, the tires at a complete stop.

That was when Gohan felt Tien grab him by the shoulders and forced him off the road. Caught off guard, the young man scrambled to get his legs and feet beneath him until he was standing. "We've got to go, now," the agent said urgently.

Without saying a word, Gohan hurried back to Tien's car, smarting from the growing limp in his leg. Opening the passenger door and climbing into the car, followed by the door slamming shut, the young man began putting his seatbelt on and said "We have one last stop before going back to T.S."

Tien slammed his door shut and turned his head to look at Gohan. "And where is it?"

Krillen lay unconscious on the floor, the result of another chloroform attack.

"You know, I think you're getting good at that," Tien commented as he stared down at the store owner. Raising his eyes, he looked about the room, his face showing how unimpressed he was. "So why are we here?"

Gohan ignored the question. Instead he was walking about the clothes racks, searching for one in particular. He found it moments after the agent had spoken, spotting a rack covered with blue, full-body uniforms. Grabbing one, he raised it into the air so that the bald man could see it. "Think these would pass for the TS uniform?"

Tien squinted his eyes at it, unconsciously taking a few steps closer to get a better look. "At first glance it does," he reluctantly admitted.

Gohan lowered the uniform and glanced at the front of it. "There's nothing identifying it as some other company, so I'm betting these are our disguises." With that, he tossed the body suit through the air at Tien, who clumsily caught it. Grabbing another one, he threw it at the agent as well.

"How do you know these are our sizes?" the bald man complained once the other one had landed in his arms. "Shouldn't you at least try it on?"

"We're about the same size," Gohan shrugged before something caught his eye. Along the wall was a shelf, which had a few large duffle bags resting on one of the shelves. "If you want to double check, be my guest," he continued as he moved to the shelf and grabbed the duffle bag. Turning, he made his way to the front counter and the drape-covered doorway. "By the way, do you need a new gun? Ammo? Anything for your self-defense?"

Tien scowled as he tilted his body to a side, his gun holster being presented. "I have my weapon. Maybe need an extra magazine or two."

"What kind?"


The young man nodded his head as he reached the drape. "Keep an eye out. I'll be right back."

"And where are you going?"

"A secret room in the basement that has a lot of weapons."


Gohan rolled his eyes at the comment before he noticed something else. On a nearby table was a stack of boxes, bold letters proclaiming them to be amateur fingerprinting kits. The presentation of the boxes made it look like something a parent would buy for their child—a typical gag gift or stocking stuffer—which meant the product wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Still, it would do for what he needed. Grabbing the box, he then made his way through the drape and down the stairwell behind it. Reaching the bottom, he saw the familiar keypad and door.

Dropping the bag on the floor, Gohan opened the fingerprinting kit and pulled out the powder container and brush. Opening the container, he pressed the brush into the powder and shuffled it about, making sure each bristle was coated. Moving the brush to the pad, he began dusting it. And just as he expected, it wasn't doing that well of a job.

However, it became quite obvious which buttons had been used. Undefined smudge marks appeared on five of the nine numbered buttons. "2, 5, 6, 7, and 9," the dark-haired man mummured to himself. Closing his eyes, he tried to remember how he saw Krillen dial in the code. He couldn't remember the starting place, but the short man's hand had gone right, then up to the top, then down, and right again. 56279 or 79256. Staring at the keypad, Gohan sucked in a deep breath and punched in 56279.

A redlight flickered on, causing the young man to grimace. Unsure what to do, he kept still waiting to see what would happen. When the redlight turned off, he let out a sigh of relief before punching in the second number. This time the greenlight came on and Gohan quickly opened the door.

The familiar sight of the sterile metal room appeared before Gohan. Immediately he got to work. A few handguns with their corresponding magazines and ammo found their way into the duffle bag. A few extra for the .45 Tien had requested as well. A couple of knives were added for good measure. Moving to the explosives section, Gohan grabbed a few of those, paused, then added some more. One could never have too many after all. A few other items found their way into the duffle bag until Gohan was satisfied with his haul. Zipping the bag shut, he hauled it out of the room, shutting the door behind him. Climbing the stairs, he reached the top soon enough and spotted Tien near the store entrance, keeping an eye out for…well, for anything, be it an enemy or some customer.

"Ready," Gohan said as he strode around the front counter and headed towards the agent.

Glancing to the bag, Tien asked "How much did you get?"

"Enough for war."

Dear TDS Readers,

Considering that the 2nd year anniversary of our group is nearing, we thought it best to do something to celebrate putting up with each other for 730 days. As such we came to the conclusion that we wanted to do something for you guys who have read and reviewed our stories. On May 8th and 9th, several of our authors (such as Razamataz22 and Gue22) will be participating in a Questions and Answers section on our forums. This is your chance to get to know the writers of TDS a little better and we might even be able to give you some advice. We look forward to seeing what it is you wish to hear from us and will appreciate any feedback.

Much obliged,

Team Dragon Star