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Tien was dressed in his best suit; it wasn't everyday that he was called upon to testify before a congressional committee, but today was just such a day. Standing in front of a lone desk, he held several files in front of him, lightly tapping one side of the stack against the wooden surface to straighten them out.

There was a large gallery of seats behind him, all of them empty as this was a preliminary hearing and was not accessible to the public. The days of having curious eyes watching his back would be coming soon enough, but for now all bystanders and media personnel were relegated to outside the room.

Before the agent was a large, two-level podium where the committee chairs sat. Each had a microphone and a small space in front of them to lay their notes and materials. All were dressed for the occasion and stared at the bald man impatiently.

Taking a seat at his table, Tien reached out to the microphone resting on his table and adjusted it for his use. "My name is Tien Shinhan, an agent of the NAIE. I would like to thank the Congressional Committee of Judiciary Investigations for appearing today.

Towards the middle and front of the table sat a pitcher of water with two small glasses. Reaching for the pitcher, he lifted it up and tilted it to one of the glasses, filling it with water. Once he placed the pitcher back on the table, he picked up the glass and took a deep drink of the water. In the meantime, one of the committee chairs recited his introductory statement, just as the chairmen before him had . "On the 3rd day of July, the Judiciary Committee is overseeing the preliminary arguments and findings being disclosed by the NAIE agent, Tien Shinhan, who has leveled serious accusations against NAIE Director Jackie Roshi, Senators John Malone, William Engvall, Richard Johnson, and the defense contracting corporation Tactical Securities. These accusations include conspiracy, corruption, bribery, and murder by assassination."

The same committee chair continued as he directed his words to Tien. "Why is it you have come to level such accusations on such people?"

Tien cleared his throat upon being addressed. "Members of the Judiciary Committee, evidence has come into my possession that implicates the accused. Before each committee member is a copy of the evidence being presented in its entirety."

One of the committee members was flipping through a few of the pages paused at the bald man's words. "How is it you came to possess these documents, Agent Shinhan?"

"I was tipped off to the involvement during my investigation of the Ox-King assassination by a source that wishes to remain anonymous," Tien answered. "He approached me with information linking the accused to the assassination and retrieved the documents and files that I have presented before the committee."

"And who is this source? What is his connection to all of this?"

"As I've stated previously, the source wishes to remain anonymous for fear of endangering his life. He—"

"How would his life be endangered?" the same chairman interrupted, looking quite put out.

Tien leveled a stern look at the congressman. "I highly suggest you acquaint yourself with the files, Sir. If you had, you would have read in detail how Tactical Securities was a front for a group of assassins. The source was already running for his life when we met and risked his life getting this information to me. These are very dangerous people."

"I have read the file, Agent," the congressman growled into the microphone. "But I fail to see how NAIE Director Roshi and the accused senators fit into this. Quite frankly, I find this entire matter largely the end product of a conspiracy theory."

Tien stared at that man before he leaned towards his microphone and said "The accused senators are merely the most prominent ones that were discovered to have involvement. Each one was heavily involved in legislation that benefited Tactical Securities, but they are not the only ones. There are many, many others that are going unnamed as their roles were considered trivial in comparison. But I can easily expand the investigation to include all parties involved if the committee deems it so fit."

Almost immediately, a few of the committee chairs straightened up in their seats, their undivided attention right on the bald man. The speaking chairman cleared his throat uncomfortably before replying, "If you would please answer the question in regards to your source's connection to all of this."

"He was a former employee of Tactical Securities," Tien responded, looking unaffected by the reaction to his declaration.

"Is there a name we can refer to the source by? For the public record."

Tien paused at that. For several moments, he mulled over the request before a wiry grin appeared on his face. Glancing up to the committee, he took a sip of his water before he gave them his answer.

"He wishes to be known only as Dormant."

"This is Jimmy Firecracker for ZTV, coming to you live at the steps of Congress. Approximately two months ago, Senator Mao Ox-King was killed in his office in Orange Star City. His death has resulted in a mass investigation by the National Agency of Inquiry and Enforcement and approximately three weeks ago, NAIE agent Tien Shinhan revealed the investigation's findings.

"In a dramatic turn of events, NAIE Director Jackie Roshi, along with several sitting senators and representatives were named as co-conspirators in an assassination ring that had been funneling federal funds into the defense contracting corporation known as Tactical Securities. A week prior, the headquarters of the corporation was attacked by what was ruled as a terrorist attack. As of yet, no known terrorist group has taken credit for the attack, but an investigation is pending. Still, these latest accusations are the last thing the reeling defense contractors need as they try to recover from the attack.

"As I speak, the Congressional Committee of Judiciary Investigation is in session with the NAIE agent, going over the preliminary findings to determine if charges will be leveled against the accused parties."

The voice paused.

"I am just now being informed that the Judiciary Committee has ruled that further proceedings will be needed to uncover the conspiracy surrounding Tactical Securities and NAIE Director Roshi. Deliberations are still underway as to whether Senators—"

The radio was silenced as the car door was open. It was the only way Gohan knew how to turn it off, yet he wasn't ready to get out of the car. Slamming the door shut, he remained seated in the driver's seat, staring out the passenger side window and at the house beyond it.

Tien was doing an admirable job in his prosecutions, or at least from the dark-haired youth's position it looked like it. They hadn't talked much other than Gohan telling the agent that he was disappearing. The only means of communication they had was a prepaid phone in a duffle bag in the truck, Tien's number stored in the contacts list. Though the bald man had the number for the phone, the young man had said in no uncertain terms that any phone call had to be an emergency. Anything else and Tien would lose his only means of contacting him.

In the weeks since their assault on Tactical Securities, Gohan had been keeping busy. While lying low was his primary objective, he had another one in his mind that he wanted to follow through on. The house he was currently parked in front of was the result of his search.

Scenarios played through the young man's mind. He wasn't at all sure how things would go once he walked up to the house and knocked on the door. His nerves were getting the better of him.

Continuing to sit in silence, Gohan felt the minutes tick on by until the inside of the car began to feel uncomfortable. The sun was heating up the vehicle and it would soon become an oven if he didn't get out. Feeling that he had stalled for long enough, he reopened the car door and slid out, slamming the door behind him. Sucking in a deep breath, he walked around the car and onto the sidewalk that led right up to the front door of the house. Each step rang loudly in his head as if it was signaling the end was imminent.

Yeah, his nerves were definitely getting the better of him.

Reaching the front door, the youth pressed the doorbell button, hearing a chime ring throughout the house. Glancing to the driveway next to the building, Gohan found a car parked there. Someone was home, though there was always a chance that the house's resident had left by other means.

It took awhile, but eventually Gohan heard the shifting of locks being unlocked, followed by the squealing of hinges as the door open. On the other side stood a weary woman, her dark hair disheveled due to improper care. Her clothes were well-kept, but one could see it in her face that she wasn't doing very well.

That was to be expected though. The last time Gohan had seen the woman, she had been crying her eyes out at her husband's funeral. Obviously she still wasn't over it.

"Hello?" she greeted him warily, not sure what to expect of him. "Is there something I can help you with?"

"There is, Ma'am," Gohan answered her. Though he was certain of who she was, it was always best to confirm. "Are you Mrs. Son Chichi?"

The tired woman nodded her head in affirmation. "I am. Have we met before?"

A small smile appeared on the young man's face. He could almost recognize the woman, though it had been quite some time since he had seen her. His father's funeral to be exact as she had been the only person there openly grieving. The young man recalled wondering how close she had been to Goku and now it seemed he had his answer.

Taking a deep breath, he mentally prepared himself before he spoke. "It's been a long time, so I don't expect you to remember me. It's taken me awhile to track you down actually. My name is Son Gohan and I'm your son."

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