Title: A Whole New World (With You) [Part Nineteen]
Rating: R
Word Count: 6.5k

Notes: I know I'm shit with the updates, but I apologize! Been focused on other projects.

The stench of copper hits her faster than the pain of Jesse's strike.

Santana twists right around, falling to her knees and bracing herself with her hands as blood seeps from her mouth, mixing with her saliva and drooling onto the floor. Her lip throbs and she clenches her eyes shut as the bone of her jaw aches intensely so, but she doesn't have much time to dwell on the smallness of that pain because a heavy kick is delivered to the underside of her ribs, causing her to flip onto her back and ripping the breath straight from her lungs.

She chokes, spluttering blood onto herself and stares at the ceiling, watching as Jesse cocks his head and peers down at her, snarling.

"See? You're just a petty human."

She grunts back, unable to do anything more and he steps back, lifting his chin. She's a fighter though, she always has been, so she takes in a deep, painful breath, ignoring the sting of her ribs and slowly—which means very slowly—climbs to her feet, slightly hunched over with one hand braced against her knee. Her ribs are really fucking hurting but she's not giving up. Not yet.

Twisting to her right, she spits a mouthful of blood onto the floor and cleans her lip, before braving the pain and standing up fully. Jesse's smirk fades and she begins smirking herself.

"Which means it's just going to be more embarrassing for you when you get your ass kicked by a 'petty human'," she retorts.

Jesse clucks his tongue and shakes his head, circling her like he's a predator. "It's not logically possible for you to kick my ass, Santana. You're weak. You have no powers," he drawls out, waving his hand around. "You're human."

"You've said that, asshole," she fires back, mirroring his movement.

"I meant it. You won't beat me. I'm better than you in every. Single. Way."

She doesn't answer. She doesn't even leave a second to answer before she's advancing toward him, ducking when Jesse throws his left fist out for her temple. A rush of adrenaline bursts through her then and she dodges another punch, bending backwards Matrix style and desperately trying not to react to the gasp she knows belongs to Brittany. Her focus locks on the guy in front of her, and she knows that yeah, she doesn't actually have a chance but Jesse is new to his powers, his speed and his strength. He can't throw a punch without swinging off balance and sure, he can regain his stance quicker than the speed of light, but it's enough time for Santana to get a kick in.

And that works for a few blows. She dodges, ducks and darts away from Jesse's fists, enjoying the frustration that grows across his face with every missed punch, but she knew it couldn't go on forever and it doesn't. The seventh time she tries to duck, Jesse pulls his fist back and slams it down, cracking her on the back of her head and sending her to the floor, face first. Her chin bangs against the tiles beneath her, and pain surges through the entire lower half of her face as she struggles to breath. On the fall, Jesse must have pushed against her back because now she's winded, choking on nothing and taking deep, staggered breaths to gain some type of oxygen.

From the on, the fight goes downhill.

It's wrong to kick a person when they're down, but apparently Jesse doesn't give a damn because he delivers a flurry of kicks to Santana's body, aiming for her torso and head mostly, but letting a few roam to her legs and thighs until she's forced to curl into a ball, holding her knees to her chest. Jesse backs off for a few seconds, and she almost thinks he's going to stop but then fingers wind into her hair and yank back, causing a spark of pain to ring through her brain.

Warm breath beats against the back of her ear, lips brushing the shell and she flinches, trying to jerk away but she's too weak. She aches and hurts too much. Fuck.

"I told you you were weak. You've never been and never will be better than me, Lopez," he hisses, forcefully dropping her so her cheek smacks against the tiles of the floor.

And that's when her vision begins to waver and blue. Blackness creeps up onto the back of her eyelids and she fights the urge to shut them, coughing and spilling an unhealthy amount of blood onto the floor by her. She knows he's won. She knows she never had a chance of winning but no-one else is hurt. That was her point of doing this.

Except when she opens her eyes and finds wide, frightened blue eyes staring at her, ready for the finishing blow she can see Jesse about to deliver out the corner of her eye, she knows her point is about to be destroyed.

Brittany's decision is made before Santana can prevent it, and her heart almost stops as she watches Brittany scramble toward her in slow motion, tripping over her hands and feet a few seconds before she falls to the ground beside Santana and drapes herself over her, covering her entire body.

Ready to take the blow.

The weight of Brittany is lifted off her so fast she doesn't know what's going on.

She tries to see, but she can't, the pain is too much, her body is slowly giving up and she knows she's done for. But she has to push past this, she has to. Jesse can't win, he's not supposedto win. If this was a film, she would find some way to beat him using her human instinct, but her mind's so clouded with pain, vision so blurry, that she knows she just can't do that.

Still, she manages to get onto all fours, twist her neck to peer up at where Brittany went when she comes up with a different girl in Jesse's grasp. A different girl with wide eyes, a reddening face and nails clawing at the hand wrapped around her throat, choking her.

It all happened too fast and it's too much to take in.

She doesn't know why Jesse now has Adriana in his grasp, or why Brittany's now curled up in the corner. She doesn't know anything but she's trying. She's really fucking trying to force herself to move, or to think, or to do fucking anything because right now she's helpless. She's supposed to be the strong one, she's supposed to have a light bulb appear over her head as some genius plan comes to mind but there's nothing there. And she doesn't think anything's going to come.

But then one word comes to mind and it bursts from her lips—quietly, admittedly—but it's the only one that seeps into her mind.


Out the corner of her eye, the one withoutthe piece of flesh hanging over the side of it, she sees Adriana freeze and not a moment later, disappear from Jesse's grasp. Once again it happens all too quick and one moment she's to Santana's right, and the next she's crouching next to Brittany, holding onto her arms and whispering something into her ear. Relief floods through Santana as she looks toward them groggily, barely able to make out the shape of them but knowing that Jesse can't get to them fast enough before they've disappeared.

That's what superheroes do, right? Save the girl? No matter what happens to them?

But then there's a flash and a slight breeze and she tries to reach out with a weak hand to stop it but it's too late, Jesse's already by Adriana's side, picking her up and throwing her against the wall. Her head collides with it with a loud crack and Santana feels everyone around her gasp and wince. Adriana's body falls to the ground with a soft thud, blood seeping from the back of her mind and Santana just stares at her, her fingers curling against the cold floor as the anger within her curdles and curdles.

She wants nothing more than to get revenge right now, to kick Jesse's ass and just do some damage but she can't. Her limbs are aching and shaking, blood is pouring out from her head, she's dizzy... She's useless.


A shadow casts over the ground below her, but she keeps her head hanging down between her arms, watching the mix of saliva and blood dripping onto the floor below. Her nose picks up the stench of Jesse's cologne, mixed with that copper scent she had before and it wrinkles but even that motion hurts.

Shit. Even breathing hurts but she can't show her weakness, despite it being evident anyway.

"Had enough yet?" Comes from above and she tries to snarl but it fails. She just ends up weakly shaking her head.

"No—not y—yet," she chokes out, pushing up with quaking limbs until she's kneeling on the floor with her back straight.

Jesse's beside her, clucking his tongue, laughing beneath his breath and glancing at her with a smirk and honestly, if she could kick his ass right now she totally fucking would.

"Well, well, whoever knew Santana Lopez was selfish," he says and her eyes narrow as they flash to him. He looks at her. "You're so stubborn that you'll let everyone around you hurt before you finally give in." His head shakes and Santana clenches her jaw, looking behind him to the battle of mutants still going on downstairs. "What else are you going to do before you just give in? Are you going to let me killsomeone?"

It hits her harder than she thought because actually, it all makes sense. She's not giving up and what is that doing? Everyone around her is getting hurt, getting thrown against walls and having their fathers thrown down flights of stairs. Everyone around her is suffering, and even though she's suffering herself, if she just gave Jesse what he wants then all of that will disappear. All of that won't vanish, but none of it will develop and despite her being gone, everyone else will be safe.

That's another thing superheroes do though, isn't it? Risk their own life to save others?

Now she knows what she needs to do.

She wets her lips, tasting blood on them and looks to him. "Just take me," she gets out and Jesse looks at her like he was expecting it. "Just get it over and done with and let them be," she waves her hand out blindly to the people behind her; Quinn, Russel, Brittany and Anthony. "If you get rid of me you're free to take over the city," she continues, even though she's not sure why. "But you have to let them go."

Jesse seems interested by the idea. "Sacrificing yourself for the others? One of which includes a man who merely hours ago, was the one you were after?" Santana bobs her head down once, struggling to get it back up again. "How brave of you."

She has nothing to say back to that, so she lets her eyes close and balls her hands into fists by her thighs. She knows that this is the moment, this is what she was waiting for; that big momentwhere she could be remembered for doing good. If she sacrifices herself, it means everyone else is safe. Maybe Jesse will manage to take over the city. Maybe the team of mutants on her side will be able to take him down and rescue everyone themselves. Maybe it'll all work out. She'll never know, but at least she knows that everyone else will be safe.

Beside her, Jesse rises to his feet and towers over her, and with a deep breath, she just waits.

It never comes.

The finishing blow, it never comes.

But the rush of someone running past her and then the slight grunt as that person collides with Jesse, does.

Her eyes immediately snap open and she watches as Brittany's strong arms wrap around Jesse's neck, one of her hands struggling to cover his eyes as the other keeps her firmly onto him. Her legs are locked around his waist, ankles crossed in front of him and Jesse's thrashing around, waving his arms in the air. Weirdly enough, it brings a smile to Santana's face, but then she takes note of Brittany's expression, how she's terrified but angry, how she's crying but baring her teeth and growling lowly at him, and Santana knows Brittany is no match for him.

And the second that thought processes in her mind, it's confirmed by an action.

Brittany and Jesse struggle for a few seconds as Jesse moves around in circles, but then Jesse gets a grasp on Brittany's arm and then he's tugging her forward. He's pulling and she doesn't even have a moment to register what's going on before she's flying over his shoulder. All the air leaves her lungs the second she hits the floor, and Santana can't do anything but watch as her girlfriend slides towards her, whimpering from the pain and clenching her eyes shut.

That breaks something within Santana, what that is, she isn't sure, but it breaks it. Anger bursts within her, flooding through her veins, causing heat to rise upon her skin and she doesn't know how, she really doesn't fucking know how but she's on her feet within a second, using everythingshe has left inside of her as she runs towards Jesse. Her shoulder juts into his gut when they collide, a loud grunt pushing past his lips and she uses the momentum she has to drive him towards the nearest wall. Her arm curls around his thigh as she pushes him faster and harder, and she doesn't know how she's doing this because minutes before she was sure she was heading for death, but she's doing it.

Her chests burn for oxygen and a long second later, she ducks out beneath his arm just in time to watch Jesse as he's propelled into a wall, crashing into it and causing a few tiles to crack. Her brows furrow at that, because she doesn't have enough human strength to do that, hell, even a lotof human strength couldn't do that but she doesn't have time to register it before Jesse's flying toward her again, his fist hurtling through the air and colliding with her cheek, sending her sprawling onto the ground herself. His feet plant either side of her hips, his body slightly lowering as he begins punching at her with everyone, the skin of his knuckles breaking as pain sears through her face with every blow.

She's not going to last long, not with the power coming at her face and making her vision blur and blacken. Not with the anger behind each punch, each collide of fist against face. Jesse's not holding back, just continuing to hit her and hit her and every split second she has between each punch, she can see the rage in his face, in his eyes. She can see that he's snapped once more and it's no longer about taking over the city, it's about killing her.Paying her back for taking his girl and answering back every time he threw an insult at her.

She can see it and she knows it's not going to be long before the last blow will be the last thing she ever feels.

"You can take my girl," he pants out and she tries to move her head as his fist comes down but he's too fast. "You can try and beat me," he stops the flurry of punches and pinches her chin to get her to look up at him. Her eyes roll and can't focus for a few seconds, but when they do, they barely register the blurred vision of Jesse above her. "You can do whatever you want... But you will never beat me." He leans down and he's so close she can feels his breath blowing over the barely there inch of skin not covered by forming bruises or blood. "You're nothing," he whispers, raising his fist into the air.

And for that second between his fist and her face colliding, everything freezes.

It's like the whole world stops and she steps out of her body, completely unharmed and fully able to move around without any harm. She looks down at herself, seeing a certain transparency to her skin and cocks her head to the side. She looks out at the room and sees Brittany's body leaning towards her, pink lips parted and hand outstretched to the other Santana on the ground. She looks to Jesse, wild, crazed and infuriated, crouching above her, grasping at the collar of her shirt whilst his other fist is raised in the air. She looks to the battle downstairs and sees George and Eddy up in the air, looking at each other whilst a crowd of mutants reach for them.

She looks at all this and can't figure it out. What the fuck is going on?

"Santana?" A voice calls and she stills, not recognizing it. She doesn't know what's going on or who knows her name but there's this pull inside her chest that needs to know. Her body twists after a few long seconds and it's like she's transported into another world. To her left is Grand Central Station, with the situation going on, but to her right there's just white. Everything is white and it looks like something out of Bruce Almighty, or that one scene in The Matrixbefore Neo gets all those guns. It's completely clear and she hears the voice call her name again, but she doesn't know who it is.

On one hand she doesn't want to leave the station, she doesn't want to leave Brittany, but she knows it's frozen.

A hand touches her arm and she jerks away, but when she turns back she sees a middle aged Latina staring at her. A man is standing next to her, a man with faded wrinkles and a bright glow surrounding him and for the second time, she freezes. Warm, brown eyes are staring back at her and the breath she's taking hitches in her throat as she takes in the vision of them.

"Santana," the woman whispers and her breathing is hard and heavy but the woman's voice soothes her. She pulls her eyebrows together and stares, not knowing what to do. How does this woman know her name? Who is she?

"Who—" she gulps harshly. "Who are you?"

The woman's face softens and she pulls her hand away, stepping back until the man beside her slides an arm around her waist. They share a look and smile before glancing back at her with an even softer arm.

"We're your parents, Santana," they both murmur together and she stops breathing all together. What? How can these people be her parents? They died. She never even knew them.

"No..." her head shakes, hands mirroring it by her waist. "No, you're not. You... You died."

Something flashes behind the two pairs of brown eyes staring back at her and the woman sucks in her bottom lip as her head tilts to the side.

"We did," she agrees and the confusion within Santana doubles. "But we're here now."

She looks around the whiteness of the area, and then back to the station but it's not there anymore. There's just more whiteness and Santana begins to panic. Where the hell is Brittany?

"Santana, honey, stop," the older man calls and she whips her head around.

"Don't call me that. I'm not your honey. I'm not your daughter." The words come out hurried and muddled. "Where's Brittany? Where am I? What's going on?"

All these questions pulse through her mind and she clenches her eyes shut, hoping and wishing for some kind of explanation.

"You're stronger than you think," the man continues and Santana's heart clenches. Why does she feel like she knows these people? "You have more power in you than you're aware of."

"What?" She half-screeches, whipping her head around and taking in everything around her. "What are you talking about?" Her eyes meet the man's again. "You don't know me. What's going on? Where am I?"

The man shoots the woman a soft look and squeezes her waist before stepping away, toward Santana. Santana takes a step back on instinct, almost tripping over her own feet. He senses her wariness, it's like approaching a stray animal, and he stops before he reaches her, but offers out his hands, palms up. She eyes him for a moment, taking in his entirely white suit without a crease or smidgen or dirt, and then her eyes flick to the woman, who's wearing something similar. Her brows furrow further and she takes in his words from earlier.

Wait... If they're dead and all dressed in white does that mean—

"Am I dead?" She breathes out, almost choking on the words. "Is this heaven?"

The man's face breaks into a soft smile and it's almost irritating, but she doesn't lash out, just stares at him and waits for an answer.

"No, Santana. You're in an alternate dimension," he explains, calmly. "This is where mutants and mutants that no longer exist on earth can meet. This may only occur once in each of our lives, so we must use it carefully."

She tilts her head to the sides, her facial muscles now aching from where her face is scrunched up.

"We've come here to help you," the other woman chimes in, stepping up beside the man. "As you are in need of it."

A remark about how she's totally fine and that she doesn't need some strangers help is about to roll off the tip of her tongue when the couple in front of her turn to the left, and it's like a projection of the scene in Grand Central Station is right in front of her. It shows the moment she left in this body, whatever it may be, where Jesse's crouched above her, Brittany's lurching and Quinn's shying away, clutching her father close to her. Seeing it for the second time is just as damaging and she twists her neck in the opposite direction, forcing herself not to look at it. She can't. Not whilst she's helpless.

"You've put a good fight, Santana, but now you need to look inside yourself for the deeper strength."

She slides her eyes toward the man as he speaks.

"You need to stop thinking that you can't do it and reach inside yourself to find that something more." The older woman is now talking and Santana looks between them, wondering if this was recited before. "We couldn't do it," she says and Santana clenches her jaw. "We should've done it but we didn't."

"But Britt—"

"Brittany will love you no matter what," the man cuts in and Santana jerks her head back. How do they know who Brittany is? "And that love will be the power you need to get through this because you can beat Jesse. You can do it."

The older woman moves toward her and she doesn't flinch when a warm hand presses against her shoulder. "You're one of a kind, Santana. You came from us and you're the only one that exists of your kind. No-one has the power you do, no matter what machine they may have used and your powers can'tbe taken away from you."

Her eyes narrow and she shakes her head. "I've tried and I have no powers," she points out. "I have some remnant of them but nothing like they were before, and if love powers this, then how come you two didn't make it out alive? How come you two were killed?"

"Because we had to make way for better things," the woman says gently and Santana relaxes, lifts her head and feels her face soften. "We had to make way for you, and we wouldn't have been able to get out of that fire if we'd tried. Russel was too clever," she lifts a shoulder. "He's a human but he's smart, and your father died before I did." They share a sentimental look, a sad one though, and Santana feels like he should glance away. "The love that powered me was gone."

It doesn't make sense. If these really are her parents, then why couldn't they stay alive for her? Why couldn't they raise her? And what do they mean by 'making way for better things?' What the hell does that even fucking mean!?

Anger bubbles in the pit of her stomach and her eyes narrow into a glare. "If you're my parents, then you shouldn't have left me. Love or no love, you shouldn't have left your only daughter on this Earth with two strangers," she hisses, pointing her finger toward the people in front of her. "You shouldn't have died and left me."

"We shouldn't," her father admits. "But when two people find each other like we did," he hugs her mother closer. "It's impossible to live without them. We're just not strong enough without each other."

Santana can't believe what she's hearing. Both of her parents had to die because one of them did? How is that fair? How could they do that?

"So you're saying you could'vegot of that building that night," she addresses her mother. "But you didn't because dad had died?"

"Yes," her mother confirms with a curt nod. "But you have to see it from our point of view."

"And how am I supposed to do that?"

"You aredoing that now," her father interjects. "Look in there right now," he points to the projection of the scene back in New York. "If you die, right now, how is Brittany going to feel?"

Santana's breath hitches at the image, at the possibility. She doesn't even want to think about how Brittany would be if she were to die. She knows exactly what it'd be like if the roles were reversed, and she knows it'd be the same.

"So what am I supposed to do?" She breathes out, suddenly faced with the chance that she's going to die. She knew it could've been like that, but she never really thought about how it would affect the other people. Sure, they would be saved, Jesse wouldn't hurt them and he'd be free to take over the city. Sure, they would be protected physically if she were to die, but emotionally, how many people would be affected? In that projection, all those people... Would they miss her when she's gone? How would they feel?

"Just look inside yourself," her mother smiles and Santana turns, seeing them slowly fade away. "You already have the most powerful thing in the world..." She says as she drifts away, almost to the point of disappearing. "So use it."

Then they fade away completely, and Santana's sent back to reality, back into her body and back, staring up at Jesse as he growls down at her, his fist coming down to her face.

And then she looks to Brittany, and all that strength? Comes rushing back.

She doesn't even know what she's doing until she hears several gasps around her. She doesn't even know what she's doing until she's looking back to Jesse and then down at her bloodied, broken hand, grasping Jesse's fist. She doesn't know what she's doing until a burst of energy surges through her, and it's like she can do anything.

Baring her teeth, she forces her arm forward, she forces it and watches as Jesse struggles, but he's nothing in comparison to her. Her fingers clench tighter around Jesse's fist until his face is contorting with pain, and she cocks her head to the side as she drives him back. His ass hits the floor and she manages to climb to her feet, her muscles and veins pulsating with adrenaline as her feet meet the ground and she's rising.

Jesse's eyes, wide with fear and shock, stare up at her and she can tell he's terrified by how fast he's breathing. "How... I mean—How?" He chokes out but even she doesn't have an answer for that.

There's something building within her. It's building and piling as her head tilts to the right, her hand forcing him further down until the positions are reversed and she's the one towering over him.With his free hand, he swings at her but she dodges it easily, barely moving and she feels the crunch of his bones breaking beneath her fingers as she twists his fist and holds it down. Her ears perk up, picking up on the sound of his heart thrumming impossibly fast inside his chest and she smirks.

But Jesse doesn't give in easily, even as he's howling out in pain as four of his fingers break like feathers beneath his grip. He jerks forward, trying to push her back but she drops his hand and jolts out the way. It feels like she's been given a second chance, or a new life, or a million bursts of adrenaline and energy and even as Jesse climbs to his feet, she knows she's going to win.

He lurches at her, throwing his unharmed fist at her face but she steps to the right. He gasps, stumbles but tries to hover into the air but she's too fast, wrapping her fingers around his ankle and tugging down until he slumps against the ground, his forehead hitting the cold tiles painfully hard. She smirks, completely focused on Jesse as he tries again and again, using his powers to his advantage, even throwing out a heat ray here and there but she's still too good. She's too powerful and not one of his attempts reaches her.

But on one particular punch, she decides to end this. She doesn't want this fight anymore and she knows as she looks at the battle going on on the level below, the second she beats Jesse, the opposing mutants with stop.

She grabs his fist and jerks him towards her. He's breathing heavy, panting almost, and he falls into her with the strength she pulls him. Her spare hand shoots up, grasping him by the throat but not choking him, and she can tell by the way he's staring at her that even he knows this is a lost battle.

"I will take your girl," she says loud, clear and serious, ready to fire back his earlier words but with a little twist of her own. "I will try and beat you, and I will succeed, because Jesse," she leans down close into him, their noses almost touching. Her voice is low and hard when she speaks. "I amgoing to win. You think I'm nothing, but I am something." Her heart beats hard and fast against her ribcage as she continues. "You've made me feel like I was nothing for so many years but I'm not going to sink to your level and get revenge. I'm not going to give as good as I get."

Something about her own words sends her into this weird, calming position. Her hand gently releases its grip from around Jesse's throat, and she sets him back onto the ground, for him only to buckle onto his knees from exhaustion. She looks down at him and suddenly feels this pang inside her chest as his eyes look up at her, waiting for the final strike, the one to take him down.

Except she's not going to do it. Because this pang? This odd tugging feeling in the center of her chest? It's pity.

"Why?" Jesse bares his teeth through his words, lets out a weak snarl. "Why aren't you going to do it? Too weak?"

"No," she replies, softly, shaking her head. "Because I feel sorry for you, Jesse."

Jesse's face drops, anger, hate and rage all seeping from his features.

"I feel sorry for you, because you don't have anyone and you can't keep anyone around," she points out. "Brittany didn't wanna be with you anymore because you couldn't treat her right. She didn't want to be with you and she found me, someone who couldtreat her the way she deserves."

"What, so you think you can give her things I can't?" Jesse fires back and Santana knows he's just trying to get her angry again, but it won't work. "You're poor, you have oneliving relative and so what if you have superpowers? You gonna catch her when she falls over and light the candles on the cheap homemade birthday cake with your eyes?" His eyes beam with anger once more. "You can't give her shit. You don't deserve her. She can do better than you," he spits, but she just laughs beneath her breath.

"Fine," she lifts a shoulder and offers her her palms up. "Maybe I can't give her everything. Maybe I can't take her out to hundred dollar dinner dates like you can. Maybe I can't drive her home from school because I don't have a car. Maybe I can't introduce her to my parents because I don't have any, but I can protect her and love her." Brown eyes flicker over into the corner, meeting bright blue, shining back at her. "I can give her all the love in the world and I just hope that's enough for her," she says, directing it towards Jesse but staring at Brittany. She slides her eyes back to the guy in front of her. "And I know for a fact I can give her so much more than you can, so don't try and use Brittany as a way to beat me, Jesse. It's not gonna work."

"So it's just weakness then," he tries and she almost rolls her eyes. "You can't defeat me and kill me because you're just weak?Because you're too much of a pussy to do it?"

A light chuckle flows from her mouth and Jesse's jaw clamps down, clenching at her as his eyes narrow into tiny slits. "No, I'm neither of those," she keeps her eyes firmly locked on his. "But I know that you deserve more punishment than a quick death, and a jail sentence will do that just fine."

"I'll come after you," he grits out, blood dripping from his temple. "When I get out, and I will, I'll come after you."

"Then come after me," she shrugs, because honestly, it doesn't even bother her. "But then I'm just gonna beat you again, and again, and again, until you're so humiliated that you can't show you face around here anymore."

Outside the ruckus of the fighting going on downstairs, and the harsh breathing and quickened pulses of everyone on this level, Santana picks up on the sound of sirens. It's a welcoming sound and it seems Jesse's hearing must not be on point, or he must not be able to pick up on it because he doesn't react. Maybe that machine only temporarily transferred her powers to him. Would explain why he's kneeling in front of her and not trying to kick the crap out of her like he was before.

"I'll get my revenge. I will."

Santana's face spreads into a grin and she laughs at him. "You can try," she says and walks backward to Brittany who immediately gets up, scampers to her and grabs onto her hand, clutching it like it's her life raft. "You can try but you won't be able to."

Tires screeching, engines stopping, guns cocking and heavy footsteps all flow through Grand Central Station and into Santana's ears as she stares down at her opponent, feeling nothing but sympathy for him. She shakes her head and squeezes Brittany's hand, and blue eyes just flick to her as she nods and whispers, "Let's go."

Brittany just smiles at her, but as they begin walking to the top of the set of stairs, looking over the many mutants now on the floor, and George and Eddie fighting off the remaining ones, Santana freezes, all her senses perking up as she listens to Jesse climb to his feet. Her head twists to look at Brittany, and her jaw drops open as she listens to Jesse's growl, all the blood rushing to his head as he fires up the heat ray behind his eyes, ready to shoot. And she's just about to move, just about to react and do something when she hears another two footsteps and then a loud clunk of two objects hitting each other.

She whips her head around, just in time to see Jesse's eyes roll off in different ways as he slumps to the floor, hitting the tiled floor hard.She winces, but then sees the reason for Jesse falling and a smile pulls at her lips until she's laughing. Because it wasn't Quinn or Russel, or anyone she suspected that knocked Jesse out, it wasn't anyone that was fueled by anger caused by Jesse.

No, instead, it was Anthony.

Anthony, the small awkward boy, who's now standing there with a sheepish smile on his face, grasping a handgun in his left hand. A gun that only a second ago he was hitting Jesse over the head with. And all the explanation he has to give as Santana raises an eyebrow at him is, "He was really starting to piss me off."

Santana just laughs at him, slides her arm around Brittany's waist and begins walking down the stairs again, ready to ride off into the sunset with Brittany.

Well... That was the plan until a SWAT team, dressed head to toe in black uniform, grasping large professional looking machine guns burst in through the doors and one of them yells for everyone to freeze.

Due to the battle being lost, Jesse being defeated and everything else panning out the way it would for Superman or Spiderman or any other superhero that has a movie, all the remaining opposing mutants, all the 'good guys' and all the humans, all do as their told, slowly lifting their hands into the air because that's what movies do.

And well... Maybe riding off into the sunset will have to wait.

But as several of the SWAT members spread out, tugging everyone's hands behind their backs and throwing handcuffs around their wrists, Santana just look at Brittany with a soft smile—despite the rough treatment the SWAT team is giving them—she knows that waiting a little more to ride off into the sunset isn't that bad. Not after everything they've been through.

Because they're together, the city is now safe, and even though there's a few more slightly problematic factors that may develop including Santana being publicly outed as a super mutant, they're together.

And that's all that really matters.

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