Darksiders 3 (Character 1)

Name: Strife

High: 6`9 (7`1 with his hair)

Race: Nephilin

Weapons: Mercy (Revolver)

Regret (Heavy Revolver)

Black wolf (Boots with black spikes)

Partner: Loree`ly


Strife is among the Nephilim and in special the Riders the most contradictorily one. He loves a good "Strife", in special with his siblings. But he hates to fight someone weaker than him and those who like to do something like this.

He hates traitor but he trust nobody so fast easily either.

It happens many times that he saved a group of people from demons only to kick them into the ground. This and many other situations gave him one of his more famous nicknames "Hypocrite".

In the whole creation know only a few that his sense of justice is on a par with his brother Death. Those who know that know how strong Strife really is. Then he is not only a terrifying master with his guns he is also a master of the Nephilim material arts "Kick of thousand ways".

Goal: To recreate the 3rd Kingdoom to save his brother War. To break Loree`lys seals.