Darksiders 3 Character 3

Name: Egor

High: Changing

Race: Creation (of Loree`ly)

Ability: everything you want him to do (Allrounder)

Partner: Strife, Loree`ly (He is working for them)


Egor was more a emergency solution of Loree`ly by using spare parts from her waste yard. Because of that is he not very good looking and he can't speak the letter "S".

Most of his time works Egor in Loree`ly`s forge "Forge of the beginning end". He digs after ores, lost parts of creations or enlarges the Forge.

He may be not the handsome one the group but he is one of the more intelligent creations of Loree`ly. He has the ability to forge simple items, equipment, weapons or creation parts from ores.

Goal: To please his mistress