Bianca and longclaw the wolf travel to the land of Fantastica, 'it was a place full of dreams many types of people and animals live in Fantastica it was there home, 'it had peace love and wishes but it also had a darker side.

.as the two enter the dark woods there were watch by the most evil monster in Fantastica
he was call Gmork he was ruthless dark evil wolf like demon, "he would go after anyone who were kind and full of hope but today he after Bianca, 'as you don't know Bianca is a powerful young witch she knew every spell she even knew dark spell,

.but as long she was with longclaw she was safe, 'longclaw are we lost?. 'i don't know bianca but i think we are. 'oh no i hate getting lost hey wait what that. 'Bianca was pointing at something at
she ran to see what it was, 'as she came closer she felt that someone was watching her.

'Meanwhile Gmork was watching bianca he smile like a demon he use his voice to call her. 'Heheheehh come child come inside come.
the wind blow her more closer to the huge gates then longclaw came to her side' .longclaw what is this place?. 'i don't know Bianca i don't like it let go. 'no way let cheek it out.
'bianca open the huge gate the two enter
Spook City but then a huge wolf came out of no where.

'aww longclaw we meet again. 'bianca was frighten by Gmork she went behind longclaw,
yes it has father what are you doing here do you live here?. 'yes my son i do and who this is she your owner. 'now as you don't know Gmork is his father you see Gmork made a deal with the darkness by promising it good powerful souls and that is why he so evil,

'no she my ahhhhhh pet yeah pet isn't that right bianca, 'bianca knew that he was lying so she just play along, 'yes i am his pet hehe, 'hmm very will but what are you doing here, 'we are traveling that all and when we saw this place we want to check it out.

'Gmork need it the child to stay so he said i see you may look around but as soon you are done leave or the gates will close forever, 'then he vanished.
longclaw why did you lie like that. 'i had too bianca he hate humans also if he find out that you are my own he would will let just say it bad,

.OK let look man this place is creepy. 'so there look around the city until she got sleepy. 'longclaw pleas let go, 'saw come my back. 'she ride him like a horse
but as they got closer to the gates they close, 'ahhhhhh no no no, 'bianca ran to the gate she try to pull it open but there were lock in dark city' 'ahh where lock in where trap what are we going to do longclaw, 'bianca calm down there got to be a way.

'oh but there isn't a way out hahhaha. 'Gmork append out of no way. 'You are trap here forever hah aha. 'FATHER WHAT GOING ON HERE IS THIS A TRAP. 'yes now give me the child now. 'hie eyes were glowing red he was showing his teeth, 'but why why trap us,
'longclaw all i want is bianca you see she is the 1 i want, 'but why her? she just a child.

'aw but that where your wrong my son she is powerful and i need a young soul heheheheheeh. 'bianca run now, 'no i wont i cant leave you longclaw, 'then Gmork use his a black hole to suck her in bianca grabbed the gates and so did longclaw, 'awww longclaw what can we do if we let go where trap.

'Gmork wanted the child he wanted to use her soul' 'bianca let go let go if you join me you will have everything you want come into the black hole if you come then you have no worry's no pain now in you go hah aha,

the black hole was getting bigger and bigger, 'longclaw this is not the end of us moon sun star of night take us out of this mess, 'then bianca & longclaw stared to glow like a stars in the night then there vanished. 'WHAT NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Gmork WAS MAD as a bull.

' Bianca and longclaw teleported to her room' 'wow longclaw where back at my house are you OK. 'yes yes i am but i think we should just stay home, 'ok longclaw, the end