The awkward composition about punishment

This weekend I've been sorting a huge stack of receipts. I had to give an effort by doing it, because it was rather boring in the beginning. Now you may wonder why I was sorting them. Well, let me tell you a little something about my family. My mother works as a lawyer and is very strict, just like my father who sells fences to all our neighbors. They won't let me do anything at all that I'd like and they control every single movement I make and all the steps I take.
Last week they decided to have a celebration for their jobs: how great and wonderful colleagues they are etc. Both of them find this very good, but I find it so awkward and boring. Because all the guests have to pay a small fee to entrance the celebration party, which to me is very strange because you shouldn't have your friends to pay you for your celebrations or parties. That is just so wrong! But there is one good thing about this, and that is that we (well mostly my parents) only serve healthy food. We're vegetarians. And healthy food for me is very important.
But since I'm fed up with this, I swiftly walked away from the backyard (since there is where we're having all our celebrations and parties, even my birthday parties are holed there). And of course, my dad spotted me.
"My office! Sort them receipts!" he said firmly and pointed with whole his arm.
Sulking I walked away to his office and when I got there, I screamed. Afterwards I felt much better, almost happy. I felt so happy I could have danced! But that wonderful feeling disappeared when I saw the huge stack of receipts lying on the desk in front of me.
"This task takes an effort…" I thought.
And so I began.

It was a rough work, and I had to handle them gently, since they were so thin. At some point, I think it was after I found the receipt from The Union, I began to think that this wasn't so bad after all. This was quite fun to do and I began to feel grateful for this. I sang some songs from The Beatles and practiced my whistling skills.
Later on, I remembered that composition we had for the English period for tomorrow. It wasn't anything big, we had just been told to write something to show our new teacher how good we are. So when I finished my task with the receipts I went up to my room and wrote all this. This is my composition, a composition about punishment that made me feel good.