Author's Note and Greeting: Hey everyone, so this is my That 70's show fic, I'm trying to branch out of my video games fanfiction comfort zone and step out into new territory. So you may recognize the intro from the show, I felt it was better for my OC to grow up with the gang rather than be thrown in somewhere out of nowhere. That never worked for the writers on the show, mainly because the gang and audience never really clicked with characters like Randy Pearson. There will be two OCs however; one male and one female just to balance things out. Tell me what you think about the intro and I'll write more!


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters or show related material. Except for my own OC's.


That 70's Fic

November 18th, 1968

Adam Kenneth was the new kid at Point Place elementary in Point Place, Wisconsin. He was fairly average, or so he thought anyway, fair skinned and bright blue eyes, his light colored blonde hair waving in the crisp fall wind. His family moved here from Seattle, Washington after his father found work at an auto parts plant nearby. The new setting was okay, but he missed his friends from Seattle, everything here was so small and meek compared to the tall buildings and skyscrapers of the city of his past home, the spiraling trees and small town touch of Point Place was just so foreign to him.

He may have called it destiny that day when he noticed a short and dorky looking Eric Foreman running from an even shorter redhead. She had her fists balled up in the air and was screaming, for him to stop so she could beat the snot out of him. Just behind her was a boy taller than the both of them; he had a small brown fro on the top of his head and was chasing the pair.

Adam wasn't typically the type to get involved in other people's business, but he also had a strong sense of justice that often clouded his survival instinct. He could only assume that the duo was going to beat up the kid and his gut told him to help, so that's what he did he raced after the other kids yelling for them to stop.

Adam had to admit he felt for his neighbor being chased down the street, he wasn't exactly the cool kid in class and often got picked on by all the girls. Maybe, he thought, this could be a chance to make a friend?

Eric finally found himself in a corner by the Pinciotti house after making a bad right turn into the tall bushes separating the Foreman house and Pinciotti. He pushed himself up against the bushes panting heavily as his back stuck to the twigs behind him.

Donna closed in on him and Hyde was close behind.

"Time for an Indian Burn Foreman!" She yelled with excitement as she went for his arm.

"Back off Pinciotti!" Steven Hyde yelled as he stopped behind the pair.

Adam's eyes widened as he realized the other boy was there for protection, "Yeah Donna leave him alone, you already beat him up enough at school anyway!"

Donna looked back to see the duo staring her down, "Okay fine, jeez you guys are lame, whatever I got to go anyway my dad's calling for me."

She turned towards her house yelling back to Eric, "Catch you tomorrow Foreman!"

Foreman waited a second before deciding it was safe to emerge from the bushes, "Thanks Steven." He looked over at Adam, "Who are you kid?"

Adam was stunned that he didn't recognize him, especially since Adam was the only nice one to him in class, "My name's Adam, we are in Mrs. Murray's class together."

"Oh yeah, you're that quiet kid always sitting in the back that no one notices." Foreman giggled as if being a loner was something to giggle about.

Adam's eyes squinted at him in anger, it took everything in his power to not grab him by the arm and throw him into the Pinciotti house, "Right and this is coming from the guy who gets beat up by girls on an everyday basis."

Steven laughed, "Uh oh, Foreman ticked off the quiet kid."

"Well thanks anyway guys," Foreman answered as he shot a glare at Hyde leading them around the bushes back to his front yard. "The Pinciotti girl can punch really hard."

"No Problem," Adam answered.

"Yeah, if you want my advice, I'd say you should start fighting back and not letting girls stand on your head." Hyde informed the boy.

"Oh Honey, you're home!" The always cheerful Kitty came from the side door of her kitchen.

The trio of boys turned to see the short woman rush over to them, "Oh and you made friends, they're a little dirty though." She laughed as she licked and wiped her thumb on Steven's face.

"Oh come now Kitty, don't embarrass the boy." A young Red Foreman said from behind her, his head full of red hair as he approached from behind.

"I'm not his friend Mam, just a hired gun. Where's my quarter Foreman?" Steven asked as he held out his hand.

Eric revealed one shiny plated quarter and placed it in his hand, Adam raised an eyebrow at the strange gesture, unsure what to make of it.

"Well its nice that Eric made new friends, especially one so dirty." She laughed again her eyes squinting together as she did so. Then she snapped back to reality, "You know what's fun?"


Before the boys knew it they were sitting in a bathtub filled to the brim with bubbles mortified, the three barely looked at each other and had grim looks on their faces.

"I can't help but feel like this is your fault Hyde." Adam started to whine.

"What do you mean; this was Foreman's Mom, not mine." Hyde answered as he only stared straight ahead.

Red stood over them with a frown that said, What did Kitty do this time?

"I'm sorry son," he said as he turned and left.

Eric turned away from his departing father to glance over at Hyde and Adam.

Hyde stared straight into Eric's eyes, "If you ever tell anyone about this, I'll kill you."

"Ditto," Adam said quickly.

Eric thought for a moment before holding up a rubber ducky to Hyde in an effort to change the subject, Hyde reached up and smacked it away.

Eric slumped back into the bubbles again; embarrassed by his own Mother's overbearing Motherhood.


Atuhor's Note: Okay I know things may have seemed weird because the boys ended up in a bathtub, but really it was a light hearted scene that is actually from the show. It shows how Hyde and Foreman met, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to break in my OC. I wanted my Oc, like I said before, to come in early to be a part of the gang. The only realistic way to do this was to find a childhood scene from the past and this seemed to work best. Let me know what you all think, the next chapter will be much better since they will be grown up and relationships start to form.