Chapter One: No Girls Allowed

July 2nd, 1975

Years passed by as the boys left their childhoods behind, Adam and Hyde had gotten accustomed to hanging out in Eric's basement. In fact its where many of their misadventures took place, eventually they met Kelso at thirteen who only lived just down the street and before they knew it all four were never seen apart. From their awkward teenage years of middle school to their early years of high school they were always together.

It was another quiet night in the Foreman's basement where they once again sat in their circle, Hyde passing out their usual treat as they took their usual places. All seemed well for the group until the basement door swung open. The boys turned to see a young man about their age enter with Eric's mother, he looked awkward as could be and nervously stepped into the dim light of the basement.

Eric scrambled to cover the stuff with magazines as she approached the foreign kid, he was tan and had black hair he also wore brown levis and a blue sweater.

"Oh good I finally found you guys!" Eric's mother said as she entered, "Eric would you mind showing the new foreign exchange student around Point Place? His mother and father are away for the weekend and I really don't know what to do with him or what he's saying for that matter."

"Aww Mom we're kind of busy, maybe later." Eric argued as he turned back to his friends.

"Oh now, nonsense here let him into your little circle and I'll be out of your hair." She told him as she ushered him into the tight group.

With that accomplished she turned and left for the stairs as Hyde sighed, "Is Mommy coming back Foreman or can we get back to our lives?"

"I don't know, can we even smoke around the new kid? What if he squeals to my parents?" Eric whined as he held the magazines.

"If we're talking about the pot then all aboad! We did this in my old country all the time." His accent was thick, Adam couldn't quite place it.

"Well that's good enough for me," Adam interrupted as he lifted the magazines out of the way.

That was when the opposite door flew open from behind Adam's seat, in sprang a bewildered Donna and Jackie tagging just behind pulling Michael Kelso by the collar behind her.

Eric slapped the smoke from Adam's hands as they entered quickly letting the door slam shut behind them. Donna let herself fall next to Eric into the plush sofa and Jackie led Kelso around to the opposite side where they sat.

"What you guys up to?" Donna asked as she crossed her arms in front of her.

"Oh we were just watching TV," Eric chimed nervously as their heads fell towards the TV before them.

Donna raised one eyebrow, "Eric the TV is off…"

"So I'm confused are we going to dive into the stuff or what? Hyde will you say something?" Adam interrupted.

"Yeah man he's right, are we going to hold back on the circle just because everyone likes to walk in every ten seconds?" Hyde asked as he placed his left foot onto the coffee table before him.

"Wait you guys were going to have a circle without me? Seriously what the hell?" Kelso whined before his attention returned to the TV, "Wait how were you guys watching TV if its been off the whole time?"

"Dummy, Donna just said that not ten seconds ago Michael!" Jackie complained as Kelso smiled at her correction.

"So you guys are smoking down here? Is that it?" Donna asked.

"Well, umm you know, just guys being guys you know?" Eric shrugged as he sank into the couch avoiding eye contact.

"No come on, what's up?" Donna pursued letting her hand fall on Eric's forearm.

"Ah, I see what's going on here; you're all having guy time!" Jackie shrieked as she pulled forward on Kelso's collar. "My Michael would never do that to me, I'm in on all of his friend time, he's not ashamed about having me around."

"Wait you're always in on his guy time?" Adam asked awkwardly.

Jackie leered at him from across the coffee table, "Yeah that's kind of weird." Eric laughed as he chuckled.

Donna looked away from the group obviously annoyed, "Well if you didn't want us here Eric then you could've just said so." She got up and headed for the door.

"Yeah that's right, no girls allowed!" Hyde yelled from his seat with his hands cupped around his mouth.

"Yeah!" Kelso butted in laughing to himself, Jackie turned to him with her mouth wide in awe.

"Fine then you can just stay here if you want," Jackie dropped his collar and let him fall back onto the floor.

"Jackie, what the hell!" Kelso screamed from the floor.

"Hmph!" She scoffed as she raced after Donna to the door.

"Way to go tool!" Adam rode him.

"Screw you man, at least I'm getting some!" Kelso answered as he jumped to his feet and brushed his chest off.

"Whoa, whoa ,whoa now, everybody just chill out, look Foreman its better that she's gone and the guys are home now. Let's do this, then you can go spill your guts to her later." Hyde laughed as he knocked the newspapers and magazines out of the way.

"Far out!" Adam cried as he picked up his share and took a long drag.


Ten Minutes later….


"Man I'm telling you guys, its been awhile since we could do this… with all the interruptions and girls and like responsibilities in our lives." Hyde said with a straight face.

"You moron Hyde, you have no responsibilities to speak of," Adam giggled as he watched the smoke dance in front of him.

The foreign kid spoke up suddenly, "Or lady friends!"

"OH BURN! He so got you Hyde!" Kelso yelled at the top of his lungs.

Hyde's smile dropped into an angry frown once again, "You know I've never been so down when I'm high, thanks a lot kid. Why are you here again?"

"I think I like this kid," Adam remarked as he let out another puff.

"Yeah you're not so bad kid, I have to admit you got me pretty good, but do it again and I'll break your legs." Hyde told him with the joint between his forefingers.

"You know I think he's not half bad, what's your name anyway?" Kelso asked.

"In my home country they call me,"


Author's Note: Alright so that's the end of my first chapter for my 70's fic, I tried to include some of my humor and mix it with the show's humor, you have to really think about what the characters would do in this situation simply because they're so well developed before I could even get my hands on them. Let me know what you think as always as well as if you thought the characters were well fleshed in this chapter, that was my only real fear really was not giving these guys their personalities with only so much dialogue.