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"Where have you been this time, Morgan?" King Lot demanded as I stalked through the doors of the Great Hall.

"How many times do I have to tell you that I prefer going for walks early in the morning?" I retorted, making him frown.

"Couldn't you wait until I wake up? Then I could go with you."

"I prefer to walk alone," was all I said, sitting down and settling back into my throne, resting my hands on the carved wooden arms. My eyes wandered around the room as I always did when I was thinking. He was getting suspicious. It wouldn't be long before he sent someone to follow me. Then I would be in trouble. He couldn't know I was using the dark forces to help me get the throne from Arthur. It would make me look weak and then, well, heaven knows what would happen.

"What are you thinking about, my dear?" he asked, breaking into my thoughts as he closed his hand over mine and squeezed it tightly.

"Nothing important," I snapped harshly, pulling my hand away.

"You're thinking about the boy again." Let him think that.

"I just want what is mine. I didn't wait all those years in that nunnery for it to slip away so easily."

"Of course you didn't. That boy is probably fleeing as we speak and soon we will be King and Queen of Briton."

"You're quite sure he's fleeing, are you?" I replied sarcastically and stood up, looking down on him. Because if he did, then he clearly didn't know either my half-brother or Merlin well enough. "I want to be alone. I'll be in my chambers if you need me." I just needed to think things through.

On getting to my room, I paced anxiously around. What could I do? I couldn't stop going out in the mornings. I needed my powers, but I couldn't let King Lot come either, he could not be allowed to find out...

I sat down on the deep red covers spread over my bed. I refused to sleep in the same room as him. I needed to have my own space. Somewhere to go when I didn't want to be near him. Which was often. He was an arrogant and over-confident pain in the arse who thought he could control everybody. Yet, of course, he couldn't control me, however much he thought he was doing. And I had to put up with him. I suppose it was all for a good cause in the end. I could already feel the crown weighing down gloriously on my head. I sighed. My life's ambition would be complete and I could live as I was always destined to live. My birth right.

There came a knock on the door.

"What?" I barked.

There was a hesitation before someone spoke.

"I'm sorry, my lady. Is it alright if I come in?" Vivian. She was the only one who knew of my powers and I knew I could trust her with my life.

"Enter, Vivian."

The door opened and a short, dark woman came in, her head bowed so all I could see was her short black hair, trimmed close to her scalp. She shut the door and looked up, those dark, kohl rimmed eyes warily looking me in the eye.

"Um, my lady, I heard what you and King Lot were talking about. I just came to see if you were alright…" she trailed off, looking down on the floor when I didn't break the eye contact.

"I'm fine, Vivian. I just needed to think."

"But what if he finds out, my lady! I mean, he can't!" I cut her off with my glare.

"That is nothing you need to worry about," I replied stiffly.

"I'm sorry, my lady," she said quietly, going back to her reserved self. "I did not mean to–"

"I know."

She nodded and, dipping her head again, she backed out of the room.

I turned to my window in frustration. I wished I could scream and let some of it out, but I knew what the reaction would be and I didn't want twenty guards in here. Instead, I curled my hands into fists on the window ledge.

I nearly did scream when someone wound their arm around my waist and kissed me on the cheek. Of course, he wouldn't bother knocking. I nearly rolled my eyes, but caught myself in time.

"What's wrong, my love?" King Lot whispered into my ear.

I tried to twist out of his grasp, but his arm just pulled me further into his embrace as he started to nibble at my earlobe.

"Tell me," he urged, between bites.

Reluctantly, I sighed and let myself melt into him, putting one hand over his own around my waist and the other in his hair. How long did I have to keep this charade up? It was starting to get tiring. Lord, I couldn't wait to get rid of him. Men were so weak when it came to love. So easy to mislead.

"It's not all about the boy, is it? You're too frustrated for that, Morgan."

"I'm tired of being cooped up all the time, I suppose. Nothing has happened and I'm starting to feel… impatient."

"Perhaps I could entertain you then?"

"And how would you do that?" I think I knew the answer already.

He smirked and released me before grabbing my wrist and pulling me towards the bed. It took all my self determination not to resist.