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Over the next few weeks, I stopped myself from going out in the morning, but I turned a cold shoulder to Lot, and he noticed. I hadn't forgiven him for what he did and I knew he was getting frustrated with me, but I didn't care, he had ruined everything. I was practically a prisoner in my own castle. I couldn't go anywhere without someone watching my every move to check I wasn't sneaking out to use my powers.

We were sat in the Great Hall one evening, eating supper, when he decided to confront me.

"You've been giving me the cold shoulder recently, Morgan," he stated.

"Yes…" I said, rolling my eyes and making King Lot frown.

"Well, why? What I have ever done to you?"

I couldn't help but laugh loudly. Was he really that stupid?

"What have you ever done to me, hmm? Well, you've taken over my castle, acted like I'm a small child, punished me like I'm a small child, treated me as though I'm a prisoner by not letting me go anywhere without someone keeping an eye on me… and that's just the start."

King Lot gawped at me for a second and I allowed myself to smile. Can't think of a smart remark to that, eh, Lot?

"How many times do I have to tell you to respect me, Morgan? I'm your King!"

I refused to flinch and stared at him calmly, raising an eyebrow. He opened his mouth to say something else, but suddenly the doors were thrown open, making us both jump. Sir Ivan ran in and went straight to King Lot, a worried look on his face.

"Sire, a messenger has just arrived from Lothian Castle. He–"

"Lothian? Are you certain?" King Lot stood up, alarmed. Even I was confused. Clearly, something had happened. Something Lot obviously wasn't expecting.

"Yes, he says that Lothian Castle is going to be attacked. He says they've had word that an army are on their way from Cenred's land."

"Cenred? But that's a long way–" Ivan cut him off.

"He says that he's allied with someone nearby. He also said that they will be able to hold them off for a little while, but eventually they'll fall. They need a King to command them."

King Lot paused, as if pondering what to do. I could only see one option and it looked good for me. If he wanted to keep Lothian, then he would have to go.

"Then I'll have to go at once," he decided finally to my delight.

Even though, inside, I was smiling, on the outside, I kept my face blank, not wanting him to notice my glee.

"I'm sorry, Morgan, but our plans will have to wait. I must go immediately, I cannot allow Lothian to fall."

"I understand, my lord. I would do the same if it were the other way round. Go as soon as you must," I told him, all the while the same thing was going round my head. I would be able to take charge of my castle now. I would be able to do as I wished. I was free!

The next day came around fast and I was stood at the gates, ready to say farewell to Lot and his men. I leant against the wall as they all mounted their horses and rode out of the gate. Last of all was Lot himself, and I nearly groaned as he rode over to me. What did he want now?

"Morgan, if you need any help, anything like that, just send me a messenger. I don't know whether you realise how hard it is to run a castle," Lot told me and I had to smother my laughter. The fool, I wasn't stupid. I knew exactly how to run a castle, and I had help, although, he didn't know about that.

"I managed this castle fine for the first couple of months before you arrived, I'm sure I'll be I won't need anything from you, Lot. I am perfectly capable of handling this castle alone. You don't need to be worried about me."

He glared at me and rode off without saying another word, not even looking back as he disappeared out of view.

I pushed myself off the wall and strode back into the castle, content. Lot was gone. I wasn't going to be punished like a small child anymore, I could use my powers to find another way to the throne and I could be Queen of Briton without that heavy lump ordering me around like I was a servant. I wasn't quite sure how I was going to get the throne yet, but one thing I was completely certain of was that men were not my way to my dream, and that I was just going to find a different way to take it.