Author's Note

I apologize for alerting you with this update… No I am not starting a sequel for the story, sorry again if I disappointed you… I wish I could, really. But my muse just does not approve of that idea at this time. However, I did make two revisions in the epilogue to address a couple of questions / demands from my dear readers. Among all the questions, the following two would have to rank at the very top. I wish to offer my humble opinions about them and I hope they are acceptable:

1. How can the story end without Severus and Hermione having their own child?

They were both very rational people, and probably planned everything well. I can only imagine how challenging it was for them to move away to a foreign country, starting everything from nothing. Certain things might just have to wait. A baby was likely to be one of those things.

2. What's going to happen to the Hermione Granger in this time line?

Does it matter? A young witch would soon be sorted into Gryffindor. She might not need to run from a troll (or would she?), but that doesn't mean that she couldn't become the best friend of Harry and Ron's. As far as jealousy, there would have been no room for such emotion to exist between our hero and heroine. The young Hermione was, after all, a very different person from the witch who had grown to understand and love Severus. For Severus, there would only be one witch in his eyes, always.

Time is a strange concept. Until we can truly understanding the meaning of time, live in the present, not the past, nor the future.

I probably answered those questions with more questions. But I am a true believer of imperfection, just like my opinion about our favorite potions master. He's not perfect. But how can you not love him?