The story you are about to see unfold isn't exactly a full story. It is an idea that came to me several months ago and something I have been working on continuously since. Fawkes International Academy (FIA) was born of the idea following, and since has become an interactive online roleplaying guild on Gaia Online. Due to the usually slow pace of roleplaying, my muse for FIA never seems to be satisfied and I'm often writing out ideas or plot developments for my characters (Harry and Hermione), and it seems a pity to not be able to do anything with them. Thus, this fanfiction was born.

FIA will not be a complete beginning-to-end fanfiction by any means. Instead, it will be split into two directions. In one, I will try to literally translate specific events in the roleplay, adding my own style and details. This means that I'll be taking requests for segments. If there's a specific segment in the roleplay you would like to see in story-format, let me know! (Again, the roleplay is on Gaia online. See below for how to easily find it). In the other, it will portray an alternate path the roleplay could have taken, but certainly will not. That means it will be more based on the canon characters and some of the events will not follow the epilogue of the Harry Potter series.

At the top of a segment that follows the roleplay, I will label it at the top with "-_-Literal-_-" and in the title as (L). If it is for the alternate version, I will label it at the top with "-_-AU-_-" and in the title as (AU). If it falls in both categories, it will simply not have a label in the document or in the title. Chapters will be listed in chronological order.

Of course, if you're interested in the actual roleplaying guild (which I highly recommend you take a look at), you can go to YouTube and type in Fawkes International Academy to watch an informational video on the guild and how to join, as well as find a link to the guild. Thanks for reading! Now on to the first segment!

"'That wand's more trouble than it's worth,' said Harry. 'And quite honestly,' he turned away from the painted portraits, thinking now only of the four-poster bed lying waiting for him in Gryffindor Tower, and wondering whether Kreacher might bring him a sandwich there, 'I've had enough trouble for a lifetime.'"

One Month Later

For the fourth time this summer, Harry found himself sitting on the floor of the Headmaster's Office alongside Ron and Hermione, going through old books and papers that apparently no one had deemed important enough to go through after Dumbledore had passed. As always, Dumbledore's portrait watched over them as they sorted through things, helping them to decide what needed to be kept and what could be tossed away. The simple, almost mindless work was a pleasant break from the grueling rebuilding work they had spent the better part of their summer doing.

So far, nothing they'd found was all that interesting. Hermione had found a few books she thought intriguing and some letters that were somewhat important, but most of the stuff was simply rubbish. This being their fourth day dedicated to sorting through things, mostly everything was cleaned out, and they expected to find nothing riveting.

However, Harry's hand fell upon an envelope with a broken seal, nothing out of the ordinary, but once opened, he discovered it wasn't ordinary at all. It read,

Dearest Albus,

We greatly appreciate your concern, but unfortunately we stand by our decision to close our school until the magical world is again safe for our children to be trained in their skills. Though we strongly admonish you do the same, we respect your decision and are honored by your desire to continue to educate our young witches and wizards despite the circumstances. Therefore, enclosed you will find a list of future students we will be unable to contact due to our decision. It is your choice whether or not to contact these students and allow them to study amongst your own. We thank you for your concern in either event.

Most Sincerely,

Douglas Harpier

Representing the Staff of Atwalton Institute for the Magically Gifted

The date for the letter was 1991. Harry blinked at it several times before showing Ron and Hermione, who led him to finding a list of names and addresses for what they assumed to be the prospective students of Atwalton, apparently a wizarding school somewhere in the United States of America.

"Look, there's more of these sorts of letters," said Ron, holding up other envelopes with fancy seals. "Blimey, they're from all over! This one looks Spanish, this Egyptian, and - bloody hell! - is that Chinese?"

"No, Korean," said Hermione, taking the letters from him. "More lists of students… these range from the late 80s to just last year… What's all this for?"

"A great endeavor I never completed," the old portrait Dumbledore sighed. "After Voldemort's rise, wizarding schools all over the world closed down to protect their students. I believed the best protection was to further educate them to defend themselves. I volunteered to have them all come here to Hogwarts to continue their learning, but alas, I was never able to get around to it."

"So, what you're saying is there are witches and wizards all over the world that haven't had any practice at all, may not even know they're magical?" asked Harry. The portrait only nodded his head gravely. "Well, we ought to get them here! No doubt the other schools haven't started back up yet… But these students have got to learn magic!"

"Where do you propose we put these students, Mr. Potter?" the sharp tone of McGonagall's voice caused the trio to jump. "Hogwarts is in no condition to house any more students than it already has. As much as I wish to help these students, I'm afraid it is simply not possible."

That seemed to close the matter. No one spoke of it over the next several days, though Harry kept a stubborn hold of the lists and the letters and a focused and determined expression never left his face. It wasn't until a week later up in Gryffindor's Common Room they spoke of it again.

"Someone's got to teach those students…" Harry muttered.

"Oi, you're not still on about that, are you?" said Ron, rolling his eyes. "McGonagall said no, and honestly I don't blame her. We're up to our ears in repairs from the war."

"Well… what if they weren't taught here?" Harry suggested. "Everyone would be at the same level anyway. They'd all have to be taught the same things from the beginning; they'd need individual attention. They'd need their own school."

"You suggesting we make a school?" asked Ron. To his surprise, Harry nodded. "How're we going to do that? Dumbledore's Army was one thing, but to form an entire school…"

"I've been thinking about it too, actually," said Hermione. "You remember Queen Maeve from Binns's History of Magic lecture?" The two boys stared at her dumbly. "Oh, honestly, don't you two pay any attention at all? She was the witch that trained children in magic before Hogwarts was founded. The castle she used has long since been abandoned, and though it's Unplottable, with a bit of time and curiosity, I was able to find it was in Ireland, just on the coast of Lough Swilly, that really large fjord up there."

"The castle's still there?" asked Harry.

"Yes, along with all the dormitories and classrooms inside it."

"Excellent. So we could use that as our school."

"Hold it," said Ron abruptly. "Who're we going to get to teach there? We can't exactly rob Hogwarts of its professors."

"We could do it," said Harry simply. "I mean, we'd only need the basics, and we're all really good at something, and I'm sure some of the others our age would help out. Neville would be great at Herbology, I could do Defence Against the Dark Arts-"

"And Hermione could do everything else," interrupted Ron, grinning brightly.

"Oh, quiet," she said, cheeks burning. "History of Magic, perhaps, or Ancient Runes if we needed it…"

"Maybe I could do Charms," said Ron, his expression hopeful. "I got an 'E' mark on my O.W.L. anyway."

"Sure," Harry agreed. "A number of us could do flying lessons, maybe Parvati Patil would do Divination…"

"Luna could come in sometimes for Care of Magical Creatures," Hermione suggested.

"Yeah, right after we get Seamus to do Charms instead of me," said Ron sarcastically.

"Okay, Luna makes up a few things, but she really does know a lot about creatures, and besides, Seamus got good marks on his Charm O.W.L.," said Hermione defensively.

"This is all coming together," said Harry, excited. "We've got professors - sort of, more of instructors, really - and a school… what's left?"

"Ever since you got rid of Voldemort and all the Death Eaters got captured, a lot of house-elves have been set free. I'm sure they're looking for a job, and we need someone to work in the kitchens," said Ron.

"As long as they're paid, I think it's a brilliant idea," Hermione agreed.

"With what money are we going to pay them?" said Ron. "What money are we going to pay anyone with?"

"Um, guys?" said Harry. "I've still got loads of money from my parents and Sirius, and now Lupin and Tonks, what with being Teddy's godfather and all. I can certainly afford to pay for a few workers and instructors. Besides, neither will ask for much."

"Fantastic!" exclaimed Hermione. "And of course, students will have to provide their own supplies, and anything else we need surely we can borrow from the Hogwarts storeroom. Also, I was just thinking, to get the students to the school, we'll have them arrive at Troon Harbor in Scotland, not too far from Hogsemeade so the Hogwarts Express could make a special trip. They could take a ferry from there to Ireland, and I can set up a Cloaking Charm, sort of like Platform 9 ¾ at Kings Cross. I can also charm some boats to get them across Lough Swilly and into the castle, like the first years' trip to Hogwarts for the first time."

"Brilliant. That's all we need, isn't it?" said Harry. "Instructors, a place to keep everyone, workers, supplies, transportation, and obviously we can get owls to send letters."

"A name," Ron said at once. "It needs a name, the school. Oh, and we can't let Hermione name it."

"What!?" Hermione huffed indignantly. "And why's that?"

"The last time you named something, it was an acronym for spew. Who would want to go to school at a place called Spew?"

"Excuse me, Ronald, but the name Hogwarts isn't aesthetically better, now is it?"

The three laughed, each grabbing a piece of parchment and jotting down ideas for names. The best thing they came up with was the Grand Institution for Late-Learning Young Wizards Encouraged to Excel Drastically, which Hermione rather liked, Harry thought was too long, and Ron realized spelled G.I.L.L.Y.W.E.E.D. That was the end of that name.

As the night came to a close, they decided a name wasn't as important as actually preparing the castle for students, so they went to bed with the resolution of starting preparation for the school first thing in the morning.

The next day came quickly, and Harry, Ron, and Hermione were fast to tell McGonagall and several of the other professors of their plan. Surprisingly, everyone supported the idea and even offered the trio advice, help, and supplies. The notion quickly spread, and students from all houses were donating old books and funds to the cause. Many of their friends agreed to help preparing Queen Maeve's old castle as well.

Late that morning the staff of the new school and several more volunteers made their way to Ireland, where they found the large and magnificent castle they would soon call school. Once inside, they found mostly everything was already formatted perfectly for magic learning. After a few weeks of work and a couple helpful charms later, the castle was just about ready. There would still be loads of time before the students arrived to add the finishing touches and get all the other odds and ends pulled together.

Before the final day of work was done, Harry and Ron had ensured all the dormitories were furnished and Hermione had reinforced the protection and anti-cheating charms on the school that already existed, as well as adding a useful language charm that converted all languages to a dialect each individual would hear and understand in their native tongue. With all that and more, it seemed like a hard day of work was over.

Harry and his friends settled in the castle, planning to stay the night to be sure it was a suitable environment for others. It was proving to be quite a cozy home away from home, and their excitement grew at how well things had come together.

"Remarkable, isn't it?" said Hermione as the sun began to sink behind the Irish mountains just outside the school. "We've only just started work today, and I feel like we're already prepared to begin classes!"

"We'd need students for that, though," said Ron, smirking. "But yeah, I know what you mean. I'm ready to get started too. How about you, Harry?"

"Absolutely," replied Harry. "Sure, there's still a lot to be done, but give us another week and we're finished."

They tossed ideas back and forth about how schedules would work, who would be living with who, and what classes were left that needed instructors. As they did this, though, one point Ron had brought up on the very first day remained in Harry's mind. The school still did need a name.

"Fawkes," said Harry abruptly and in the middle of Hermione's debate with herself about whether she should teach Ancient Runes or Arithmancy along with History of Magic (ending in her deciding on Transfiguration instead, somehow). She and Ron looked at him.

"What?" asked Ron.

"Fawkes," he repeated. "That could be the name."

"As in Dumbledore's phoenix?" mused Hermione. "Fawkes International Academy… hm, yes, it does have a nice ring to it."

"But why Dumbledore's bird?" said Ron.

"Well, first off, it's Dumbledore," said Harry. "This was his idea, and we owe him all of this. Secondly, the Order had Fawkes as its symbol; we've got to honour them. Blimey, we even had the DA. That's Dumbledore, so yeah, use his bird."

"Not to mention," added Hermione, "phoenixes stand for bravery and loyalty. They give hope to their allies and hold off their enemies, and their lives are unending. So… that's what we want the school to represent."

Ron and Hermione were quick to agree Fawkes was the perfect name for their school. They changed the full title to Fawkes International Academy of Sorcery and Magic (FIA for short) to make it sound more official and to fit Hermione's requirements. They were also quite pleased (and slightly disappointed) that it did not create an acronym of any sort of word.

Ron began to sketch out a crest for FIA as Harry and Hermione waved their wands to create a sign for the gate outside the castle. They all finished about the same time, and found the crest featured a phoenix with a strong likeness to Dumbledore's, with brilliant flames rippling behind it.

As the last rays of sun shined down on the castle, Harry, Ron, and Hermione ran outside to the gate to hang the sign. Once upon the gate, it appeared as if the school had been completed, though they all knew there was still much work to be done. With a flick of her wrist Hermione created several brilliant white lilies that hung themselves on and along the gate.

"Perfect," Harry grinned, beaming at their school. He then turned to his best friends. "C'mon. We've got some letters to write."