Disclaimer: Although I would love to say I was the genius behind Uglies, sadly, I'm not. :(

I wake up to the movement of my arm and peek to see Tally trying (and failing) to manoeuvre her face out from under my hand without waking me. I wait until she leaves the room before getting up, sneaking out of the other door and getting ready for work.

After hurrying through breakfast, I watch Tally get to grips with work. Her abysmal attempt at manual labour rewarded her with huge blisters on her polished hands so I give her something to help which is too small for me now.


Shay bursts into the courtyard where she knew I was alone and screams "How could you?"

I see the tears on her face and ask "What's wrong Shay, is it...erm...Shay-la?"

"Don't 'Shay-la' me! You kn-know what! Look at my hands!" She shows me her blister ridden hands which look just like Tally's after all the extra work Shay volunteers for.

"Wow! You really shouldn't-"

"Shouldn't what? Trust you, care about you, love you?"

"Wait, is this about the gloves?"

"Wow. I thought you were the smart one! Evidently not! I can't believe you love her more than me! I thought you liked me too! You were my boyfriend!"

"Well how do you think I feel? You only realise I exist so you can accuse me! At least Tally had the decency to talk to me!" She looks like I almost knocked her out.

"I'm s-s-s" She is over come by violent sobs.

I pull her close into a hug and she calms down.

"I'm sorry for doubting you."

"I'm sorry too. If I'd known how bad your hands were you would have those gloves right now. It seems so silly to fall out over some old gloves."

"I guess so." She kisses me on the cheek.