Summary: "You think you can do better than me, because you're a noble bastard and I'm just a whore!" she whispered harshly her eyes set in a glare. "No, I think you can do better than me." Jon replied...

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Break me Down


Her husband, his ward, his bastard and her eldest son found the girl in the woods while hunting, she was unconscious and bloody. They had brought her to Winterfell and Jon had rushed off in search of Maester Luwin while Ned took her to one of the empty chambers.

Catelyn had ushered them out once Maester Luwin arrived and she had stayed watching over her as the Maester tended to her wounds. She had been beaten, her legs covered in small bruises and her wrists and ankles ringed with sore red marks.

"She has been bound, with rope," the Maester Luwin said sadly while inspecting the red burns around her joints.

"Has she been-"Catelyn didn't want to finish her sentence. Maester Luwin knew what she was asking and nodded slowly his face wrinkled with sadness.

"She is not a maiden," he said, placing her skirt back over her legs after bandaging the grazes and cuts that littered her legs.

Catelyn sighed sadly; the girl couldn't be older than six and ten she observed. Her hair was golden and her features soft, her skin kissed by the sun, she was pretty and Catelyn found she grieved for the girl as she stroked the girls matted hair.

"She's not from the North," she said as Maester Luwin cleaned the wound on the young girls head.

"No, she's most probably from the South. A long way from home" the old man said glancing at Catelyn. She found she couldn't tear her eyes away from the young girl to meet the maester's eyes.

"I'm all done Lady Stark, I'll check on her again in the morning," he left the room leaving Catelyn alone with the golden haired girl.

Evelyn and Hazel, her maids entered the room.

"Is there anything we can do Lady Stark," Evelyn asked staring at the girl on the bed.

"Some warm water and cloth to clean the lady with?" Hazel said.

Catelyn nodded, "That would be helpful," the maids rushed off.

Catelyn noticed how filthy the girl was and how tatty her clothes were. They were southern clothes at that, thin and unsuitable against the northern bitterness. It's a wonder she's still alive she thought.

The maids entered with warm water from the hot springs and cloth to wash away the dirt. Hazel helped Catelyn while Evelyn, under Catelyn's orders, went to find warm clothing to change the girl into.

When Evelyn returned the girl was clean and stripped. Catelyn took the dress from the maid and slipped it onto the girl's thin body almost afraid to break or injure the girl further.

"Thank you Evelyn, Hazel, you may leave now."

"Would you like us to bring any food Lady Stark?"

Catelyn shook her head, "I'll be fine."

The next few hours she sat by the girls bed reading one of the many books that were stored in the Library Tower. Catelyn often glanced at the golden haired girl making sure her chest rose and fell, she was lucky to be alive and though Maester Luwin was sure she would be fine she couldn't help but check.

The sky turned dark before Ned came into the chambers his eyes landing on his wife before the girl. Catelyn turned and smiled softly at her husband as he stepped inside the room his eyes sad.

"Maester Luwin told me everything," he said. Catelyn nodded and turned back to the girl, setting the book down on the floor. "You should get some rest my love," he whispered to her but Catelyn shook her head.

"When she wakes she'll need someone here with her, I can't begin to imagine what she has been through." Catelyn watched as her husband frowned but he knew she was right and even if she wasn't there was little he could do to change her mind.

The girl suddenly groaned and writhed, from pain or from a night-terror Catelyn didn't know but she found herself frozen as the young girl's eye flickered open and closed rapidly several times before they stayed open, staring blankly at the ceiling.

Catelyn noted that the girls eyes were a greyish blue, the girl was beautiful, there was no doubt about it.

Her husband rested a hand on Catelyn's shoulder as they both watched as the girl slowly turned her head to the side, her eyes landing on Lady Stark first before they darted to Eddard, fear flashed through her eyes and the girl bolted up clutching the furs to her body as she scrambled away from him.

"It's ok," Catelyn said quickly standing in front of her husband trying to obscure the girls view. "Go," she whispered to her husband quietly. "I'll look after her."


"Please, she's afraid. I'll be fine, go."

As soon as he left the room the girl relaxed slightly, her stiff and trembling body slowly sinking back into the bed. Catelyn watched as the girls eyes flickered around the room, taking in her surroundings before her eyes once again landed on Catelyn.

"Where am I?" the girl's voice was hoarse and barely above a whisper.

Catelyn urged the girl to drink some of her water. She did hesitantly her eyes never leaving Catelyn.

"You're in Winterfell, I'm Lady Stark, but call me Catelyn." She said as the girl drank. "What is your name?" she asked gently.

"Faye," the girl answered her voice a little less rough.

Catelyn smiled, "That's a beautiful name, Faye..." Catelyn waited for Faye's last name.

"Faye is all I know. I don't know who my parents are milady," Catelyn found the young girls voice and eyes fascinating, her voice almost musical as she spoke captivated Lady Stark.

"Please call me Catelyn," she said trying to gather her wits. "Might I enquire as to who raised you?"

The girl dropped her gaze and bit her lip, Catelyn watched as Faye seemed to slowly sink further under the furs. Catelyn frowned and watched as the girl composed herself before turning back to her.

"I was left on the doorstep of a brothel, one of the women raised me until I was old enough..." she didn't need to finish her sentence; Catelyn knew what the girl was saying and why she seemed so reluctant to explain.

The girl was a whore; Catelyn wasn't disgusted though, far from it. She wanted to care for the girl, love her and show her a life she wouldn't know. Faye had no choice; Catelyn knew that as soon as she was left on the doorstep of a whorehouse she wouldn't be able to escape. Catelyn felt angered, how could a mother or father let their child be raised for such a purpose? She would never know.

"It's ok Faye," Catelyn said finding the girls hand and taking it in her own.

The girl had unshed tears glistening in her eyes as Lady Stark held her hand. Catelyn felt a rush of emotion and she wondered if the girl had ever been shown kindness, or love.

"You're from the south?" asking what she and Maester Luwin had only speculated.

Faye nodded, "Kings Landing."

Catelyn's jaw tightened, "Who owned the establishment?" she had a feeling she already knew the answer.

"Lord Baelish," Faye said quietly, "You knew him."

Catelyn nodded slowly.

"He talked about you," Faye said suddenly almost as if just remembering. Catelyn watched her as recognition flashed through the girl's eyes. "You grew up together."

"I knew Petyr when I was younger," Catelyn said with a sigh, remembering the boy who loved her only for her to leave, betrothed to another.

Catelyn snapped herself out of old memories. "You are a long way from King's Landing Faye," she said softly.

Faye nodded and ran her fingers over the bandages surrounding her wrists. "He liked me," she said softly. "He wanted me but Lord Baelish wouldn't sell me, he was kind and the man was not." Catelyn listened intently, watching as the young girl seemed to lose herself in her not to pleasant memories. "He left but he came back. It was nightfall and I was only outside for some fresh air," Catelyn almost wanted to stop the girl as she took in a shaky breath, her hands trembling.

Faye's eyes snapped to Catelyn's face, Lady Stark felt unnerved, she had a feeling the girl was looking but not really seeing.

"He took me, tied my hands and feet with rope." The girl lowered her eyes. "I don't remember much and when I was awake I only felt pain."

Catelyn's breathing was also a little shaking and as she spoke her voice was thick with emotion. "Your safe now Faye," she reassured her.

Faye smiled shyly.

"How did you get away?" Catelyn asked hoping to get all of her questions over quickly so the girl could rest.

"We stopped at an inn after a couple of weeks sleeping in the woods. He paid the stable boy to not breathe a word of me and let me sleep with the horses," Catelyn frowned slightly as the girl smiled, or more accurately, smirked. "Abe, the stable boy helped me escape. Gave me some previsions and told me to run."

The girls smile fell. "I hope he's ok, he risked a lot to help me."

Catelyn smiled softly, the girl had so many side's, she could tell. She seemed shy yet strong, kind and yet sometimes harsh, compassionate yet Catelyn had no doubt that she could be merciless. There was strength in Faye that she admired.

"I'm sure he is fine," Catelyn tried to sooth her though Catelyn had no doubt that the stable boy would have been punished. Catelyn felt slight pity for the boy, helping Faye would have cost him but Catelyn didn't like to thank what.

Faye nodded though her eyes shone with concern and uncertainty.

"I'm sure your hungry, I'll get some bread and meat brought up to you, would you like a bath as well?" Catelyn asked her voice soft and motherly.

Faye nodded shyly, "if it's not too much."

Catelyn smiled and squeezed Faye's hand affectionately. "You're a guest, it's not too much."

Catelyn left the room to find her husband, her son, Theon and Jon waiting in the hall. She sighed; the men were sometimes too noisy and curious for their own good, especially her husband.

"I will tell you all later but for now I must get her some food and ask the maids to ready a bath," Catelyn said trying to shoo them all away.

"Is she well?" Ned asked following his wife down the hall, the three young men following on behind.

Catelyn sighed, "She's had a tough start but I think she'll be fine."

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