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Break me Down


Things changed quickly...

Faye was now Faye Stark, married to Jon Stark. He had been legitimized before they married and before she birthed his child and it was a shock to them all when Catelyn did not protest. Instead, Lady Stark had given Faye a loving embrace and said, "You deserve to be called a Stark," she said softly. She said no such words to Jon but she did smile and place a hand on his shoulder awkwardly. It was progress.

They had married days after announcing she was with child, it had been a small affair, or at least the exchanging of vows was. The feast afterwards seemed to include the whole camp, Stark and Baratheon bannerman all drinking and feasting celebrating a wedding and the beginning of a new life.

But the celebration passed and the night turned to dawn and they were back at war. All but Faye at least!

Her fears were correct and against her wishes she travelled to Winterfell. She had seen the sadness in Jon's upon his face when he had held her close and the shimmer of his eyes when he watched her ride into the distance.

Neither knew when the next time would be when they would lay eyes upon one another.

But she had not been alone, Catelyn joined her. For that she was most grateful. She wasn't naive enough to think she was joining her purely to be with her, no, Faye knew she missed her children whom aside from Robb where in Winterfell. She understood a mothers longing now the babe grew inside her.

It had been nearly as sad watching Catelyn and Eddard say their farewells as it had been saying goodbye to her Jon.

Neither Catelyn nor Faye knew that it would be the last time they saw Ned Stark.

Faye remembered when they received the raven; they had been back in Winterfell for only a few weeks when Catelyn broke down in tears clutching the letter sobbing.

Lord Eddard Stark had been killed in battle, a Lannister dealing the final blow.

The war waged on and the northern men were stronger, their swords sharper and their need for Lannister blood running deeper than anything else.

Faye did not know how to comfort Catelyn; she did not know what she would do if a raven arrived with a letter telling her of Jon's death; all she knew was that she would be distraught. So, not knowing what else to do she helped look after the young Stark children. She became their second mother while their birth mother locked herself in her chambers and mourned the loss of her husband, the man she loved pure and deeply.

Faye felt his loss to, he had become like a father to her but she stayed strong, for Catelyn and for the Stark children.

Most nights all the Stark children would sleep in her bed, wanting to be near each other and her. It saddened and warmed her heart at the same time.

It was only when Faye looked fit to burst did Catelyn return somewhat to herself. She had found all her children in Faye's bed all curled up together around the heavily pregnant Faye. It was that sight that brought Catelyn back, for her children and for Faye, a mother to be whose husband was far away fighting a war.

Break me Down

Her screams could be heard all over Winterfell or so she was told in jest while she held her new born son in her arms. The birthing had been tiresome and all too long but Catelyn had stayed with her and afterwards, what felt like weeks, she held her baby boy.

When asked what she would name him there was no doubt in her mind and so with Catelyn, Sansa, Arya, Bran, Rickon and even Gendry stood around her bed she smiled softly before glancing nervously up at Catelyn.

"If it doesn't pain you too much I would like to call him Eddard," she whispered softly.

Tears welled within Catelyn's eyes as did tears well in the children's and yet they wore smiles as well.

They had lost one Eddard but they had gained another.

Catelyn had written to inform Jon of his son's birth and to Robb of his nephews.

They received a raven back with Jon's greatest pleasure and his sadness that he was not beside her and their son but more shockingly they received news from Robb that he was now named by his men as King in the North and Stannis had accepted it and when the time came when Stannis sat upon the Iron Throne he would acknowledge the North to be under the rule of another King, Robb.

It seemed there was hope in the darkest of times. A flicker of light; like a child being born or an army fighting for their land in the name of a man they all knew and respected who had died at the hand of their greatest enemy.

It seemed that there was an end in sight that the war would soon end.

Break me Down

Three years later...

"Eddard," she called, using his full name as if she was angry with her son and yet she said it with light playfulness that showed she was not.

He was hiding; Faye could see his feet poking out from behind the fabric that hung at the window. She smiled softly and pretended not to see him as she search the room. His small giggles could be heard from behind the curtain.

She feigned shock when he jumped out from behind the fabric to scare her; she jumped and clutched her heart dramatically.

"You scared me little one," she said ruffling his black curls. He had his father's features, he looked all Stark, there was barely any of her in him and if she hadn't felt the pain of him leaving her she would have doubted if he was hers.

He grinned up at her, "can we play again?" he asked her excitedly bouncing on his feet.

She was about to answer when Arya came rushing in. The young wild Stark had changed in three years, she was very much a young woman and yet she still held the spark within her, the fire that Faye loved so much.

"There was a raven," she said panting as she doubled over. She must have been running very hard. Faye walked over to Arya and placed a hand upon the young woman's back, "what is it Arya?" she asked softly.

She stared into Faye's eyes and she could see the happiness and the relief. "It's over."

Break me Down

It was familiar the feeling that coursed through her, she had felt it once before. Faye's heart seemed to stop as did time like it had done all those years ago when after been held by the Lannister in Kingslanding she had finally laid eyes on him once again.

But unlike before when she only knew one thing, one emotion and only one name it was different for she did not only love Jon with all her heart but their son also.

So when Robb, their King and Jon rode into the courtyard with what was left of the Northern men it was not only Faye that flung herself into her husband's arms but also little Eddard who despite not ever meeting his father before instantly knew who he was.

There were tears, laughter and passionate kisses exchanged between Faye and Jon before the rest of the family greeted each other. There was a feast of course and they celebrated not only their victory but the lives of the men they lost, one being of course, Eddard.

It was not until that night when they were alone bare side by side and slick with sweat from their love making did they finally have a real chance to speak.

"I have missed you," she whispered sounding close to tears.

Jon pulled her into his body, "I'm here now and I will not leave yours or Eddard's side again."

Faye smiled, "good, I could not bear to be apart from you again."

There was a comfortable silence that settled over the two as they held one another but Faye needed to expresses her sadness and her love for the man they had both loved.

"I am sorry about your father," she whispered sadly, tilting her head upwards to look into his familiar gentle eyes. "He should not have been taken from you that way."

Jon smiled sadly, "he was taken from us all and yet even when the world tried to break us all down we found away to pull ourselves back up."

Faye nodded, "it's because you're a Stark."

Jon pressed his lips to his wives forehead, "it's because we are Starks and nothing truly can ever break us, not as long as the Pack stays together."


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