Part 4 HP&GD~

"Hermione how much do you know about Veela?" Gabrielle asked back in the rooms she shared with Harry.

"I suspect a bit more than the average witch. The books I read in England were terrible however the one's I found in the Beauxbatons library agree on the major points so I suspect they are some what correct especially considering you and your sister decided to attend here."

Gabrielle nodded her agreement. She'd done a quick check of the books on Veela when she'd arrived and on the publicly know information most were quite good. One or two actually had fairly accurate guesses on some of the private information but she wasn't going to comment on that. "That is good news. Now I need an oath that you will not reveal what I tell you without my permission. The only exceptions are my female relatives."

Hermione sat back slightly and studied Gabrielle who was watching her calmly obviously willing to wait. Deciding she gave an oath that met the requirements noting Gabrielle's smile as Hermione's magic bound the oath.

After casting several locking charms at the outer door to their room Gabrielle returned her wand to it's hidden holster smiling at Hermione she said, "Harry has permanent silencing, anti-Animagi, and apparition spells on our rooms along with a few others that I have no idea what they are for." Hermione smiled having a good guess at what a few of the unnamed spells were. Looking Hermione in the eye Gabrielle asked, "What am I to Harry and what does it mean?"

Hermione was caught off guard by the question but recovered quickly answering, "His Veela companion. As for what it means, I assume as he was not married at the time you became his companion you would be his wife."

"Unfortunately you are close but not quite right. Do you remember how Harry reacted to the Veela at the world cup?"

"Once I'd pulled him back to his seat he was alright. It was Ron and the twins that were sickening." Hermione replied.

"And why did Harry calm down when the others didn't?"

"Harry's always been mentally strong."

"True he is but as a Veela I can tell you the real reason was his heart was already held by another. The Veela couldn't enthrall him. Even now I can not enthrall him."

"Who?" Hermione asked her mind quickly sorting through the possible females that could have her friend's heart.

"Any guesses?"

"Just one, Ginny Weasley?"

"No not Miss Weasley, at the world cup it was the touch of his love that brought him to his senses.."

"Me I'm not his lover, we haven't even dated," an astonished Hermione replied looking in shock at Gabrielle.

"I did not say lover. You hold his heart strings, you are his love."

It took a minute for Hermione's brain to restart before she asked, "If you are right, and I'm not saying you are, what does all this mean?"

"Many things, it might surprise you to know I am still a virgin despite sleeping with Harry since he left Hogwarts."

Hermione didn't know what to think or say before finally stuttering out, "Does Harry need my permission to … oh, I can't even say it!"

Gabrielle chuckled internally. Hermione was still avoiding the obvious answer. "No, there is a Veela healer coming soon to "check up" on us I would like you to join Harry and I at that time."

"Why?" Hermione asked her mind still reeling from all these revelations.

"Because if Harry was able to resist a group of 100 Veela from just your touch on his shoulder not to mention me for six months there is a strong possibility he is at least in the beginnings of a bond with you. At least I hope it is you because I would not like to be a Veela companion to a Weasley's mate."

Hermione's brain was starting to work through all the implications that had been made. "Let me make sure I have everything right. If Harry and I are bonding I would be Mrs. Potter and you would be…"

"His Companion or to be precise Veela Companion Gabrielle Potter."

"How would this work?" Hermione asked motioning between the two of them.

"I assume you are talking about us?" At Hermione's nod of agreement Gabrielle continued, "The relationship varies with every companion from lovers to mortal enemies."

Hermione started to think it through then realized it was not necessary to make any decisions about that now but realizing a little reassurance might be in order she said, "I doubt we'll end up as enemies. When is the Healer due?"

"Next weekend. I will insure you have some time alone with her after she examines everyone." Gabrielle said smiling.

~ HP&GD~

Back in England Dumbledore was presiding over a meeting of the heads of Hogwarts houses. "Dumbledore I told you that spoil brat would not want to come back. That French creature has ensnared him and is keeping him there. It's all for the best in my opinion with him in France we are free to concentrate on the students we should be educating not dealing with some pampered half breed."

"Yes Severus your opinion is well known," Dumbledore said in a clam voice obviously pacifying the Head of Slytherin house.

"I regret I must agree with Severus Headmaster, though for a different reason. Despite what we may wish his guardian decided a transfer to Beauxbatons was in his best interest. To disregard a guardian's wishes is not only wrong it is illegal," Professor McGonagall the deputy headmistress and head of Gryffindor house stated.

"Minerva your argument would be valid if Sirius Black's guardian ship was legal. As an escaped convict his guardianship is not legal. Therefore I will continue in my quest to return Harry Potter to Hogwarts as I feel his parents would want preferably without his companion," Dumbledore replied.

The heads of Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw houses kept their opinions to themselves knowing that if McGonagall could not change the headmaster's mind they would best help their houses by being silent on this issue.

~ HP&GD~

The intervening week past in a mixture of emotions for Hermione, during classes and while doing homework she was able to concentrate on the task at hand. The rest of the time her vivid imagination was occupied with visions of her being Mrs. Hermione Potter while the rational section of her mind tried to reject those fantasies insisting she loved Harry like a brother and hand no desire to bear green eyed children. Unfortunately every time she visualized one of those children she could help falling a bit in love with them.

Saturday morning dawned sunny and mild. Luckily Hermione was up and dressed early. She'd opened her door to see Gabrielle coming down the hall towards her. "It is good to see your up. The healer is here she is currently examining Harry Gabrielle said taking Hermione's hand as they walked back to Gabrielle and Harry's rooms.

"Hey Gabby. Hermione what are you doing here?" Harry called out as the two girls entered.

"He does not know?" the healer asked.

"No Miss Granger and I decided it was best not to worry him until it was verified." Gabrielle answered.

"Very well, I need the three of you standing together but not touching each other." It took only a moment for the two to sand beside Harry, Hermione to his right and Gabrielle taking his left side. Harry started to speak only to stop at a glare from the healer who promptly cast a series of spells at the trio causing them to glow a succession of colors. A chair appeared behind the healer as she sat down her eyes fixed on the three teens in front of her. The pop of a house elf broke the silence.

"You are missing breakfast. Dobby will bring four trays." The elf said before disappearing.

"Interesting house elf," the healer commented her gaze fixed on Harry for a moment stopping when Dobby reappeared levitating four trays that he placed on individual tables he conjured in front of each person's seat before disappearing again.

"Very interesting house elf," the healer continued noticing each tray was different.

Seeing her gaze Gabrielle replied, "That's Dobby he is one of a kind and he is Harry's."

"He does not belong to the school?" The healer replied a bit surprised.

"No Dobby might be a free elf but he's Harry's alone."

"Hey all I did was free him from an abusive owner," Harry interjected a bit too loudly drawing looks from all three females. "Right I'll just be quiet now," Harry finished turning his attention to the fruit stuffed crepes before him.

"May I speak freely?" the healer asked looking at the three before her. Harry not knowing what the healer was planning to talk about hesitated while Hermione and Gabrielle exchanged glances. Seeing the hesitation the healer added, "What I have to say will need to be discussed between the three of you sooner or later and I believe the sooner the better."

The three looked at each other after the healer's last statement before nodding their agreement to her plan. "Miss Granger have you and Mr. Potter been intimate?"

"No, I mean I've kissed him a few times over the years but intimacy… not at all."

"Then I admit to a bit of confusion. Are you perhaps religious?"

Hermione wondered what bearing that could have but replied honestly, "Not in the church every Sunday type. That ended when my folks found out I was a witch. They sought guidance from our pastor without revealing too much He turned around and gave a real fire and brimstone 'Witches are the Devil's Wives' sermon the next Sunday ending our church visits. But if you're asking if I pray, then yes I do most every night."

"Mr. Potter are you religious?"

"No, although I also pray most nights. It's something I picked up from a young girl at Muggle School. She told me all about Jesus and prayer. Ended up getting some broken bones courtesy of cousin for her trouble." Harry replied seeing Hermione's raised eyebrow Harry added, "Prayer gave me a way to tell someone to tell my troubles and dreams. They might never reply but I felt better after I prayed even when I whispered them while lying on my mattress in the dark."

The healer nodded asking, "And what do you pray for at night? Hermione first."

Hermione shrugged but, not wanting to divulge her secrets, kept her reply general, "For the safety of my friends and family."

Harry nodded saying, "Pretty much the same thing."

"I take it over the years your prayers include specific requests regarding Harry and yours the same for Hermione?" the healer asked looking at Hermione then Harry getting nods of agreement from them.

"That must explain what I've uncovered then."

It was Hermione that couldn't hold her curiosity back, "Excuse me what are you talking about?"

"Miss Granger you are on the verge of becoming Mrs. Harry Potter through a magical bonding. Normally it would take several acts of intimacy before a couple picked by the stars to be bonded reached this stage. You two have managed to bypass those items. I suspect it will not take much in the way of intimacy between you two before the magical bonding occurs. You might consider letting your parents know you are dating Mr. Potter in the hope that lessens the shock when you finally bond with him."

Hermione looked like a fish out of water for a moment before she asked, "Just how close am I and is there a way to stop it?"

"I can't say do this or that and the bond will complete. It's a lot more tied in to your feelings than your actions. What I can say is unless your feelings regarding each other change drastically, and I'm not referring to a fight or such but deep feelings there is no way to stop it from completing. My suggestion would be to continue as you have been and while not putting this out of your minds just let nature take it's course."

"How will we know when it completes?" Harry asked looking more at Hermione than the healer.

"There will be a manifestation of magic just what form it will take is unknown as it varies every time. Rest assured you and possibly those around you will know when it occurs."

After a reminder to contact her should there be any developments of note the healer left leaving the three alone contemplating how they progressed from here.

The discussion had just begun when an owl flew in the window heading directly for Harry just as an alarm went off. To everyone's shock a second owl this one white aggressively dove on the first owl sinking her claws in while driving the first owl to the floor. "Hedwig what are you doing!" Hermione exclaimed in shock.

"Hedwig release him I'm ready now," Harry said calmly his wand out and pointed at the two owls. As Hedwig rose off the unknown owl started to move only to be stunned by Harry.

"Harry what's going on?" Gabrielle asked calmly from her seat.

"I'm not sure that was the Portkey alarm that went off and I believe Hedwig just defended me long enough for me to draw my wand." Harry replied smiling as Hedwig flew over landing on her master's shoulders before bumping his head with hers then taking a tender nip at his ear.

Hermione looked at the petrified owl then started to reach for the letter the owl had attached to its leg.

"Stop Hermione if that ward was right either the owl or the letter is a Portkey. To be honest I don't think I'd like you to leave here that way." Harry said stopping her in her tracks.

Gabrielle stood up saying "I'll go get Professor Drapeau. He should be able to help with this."

Harry nodded as Gabrielle left taking Hermione in his arms and holding her close as the thought of what she'd been about to do struck her.

Professor Drapeau turned from his examination of the owl and letter saying, "The owl had several charms on her to increase endurance and ability to find you. The Portkey was on the letter along with a strong compulsion charm that would practically force a person to grab it. Once someone did it would activate."

"Can you determine where they would be going?" Harry asked drawing a roll of the eyeballs from Hermione. "Sorry my girlfriend has informed me that was a stupid question. Let me try again is there a way to tell who cast it?"

Professor Drapeau sighed saying, "All I can say is the individual was a powerful magic user."

Hermione, Gabrielle, Harry, and Madam Maxime, who'd arrived shortly after the professor, exchanged looks they knew a powerful magic user who wanted Harry someplace other than where he was. "Thank you Professor Drapeau I am grateful you were able to help. As you've already analyzed them would you please remove the charms from the owl and cast a containment spell on the parchment for now. I believe there is someone that might find it interesting," Madam Maxime requested a small smile on her face.

~ HP&GD~

Albus Dumbledore looked at the tall muscular auror facing him. He was currently replaying the conversation they'd been having not believing what he'd just been told. "Kingsley, let me insure I understand what is happening. Voldemort has sent an owl to the Department of Mysteries requesting a formal hearing of any prophecies pertaining to him, and the department is cooperating? Has everyone at the Ministry lost their bloody minds!" Dumbledore asked bellowing the last.

"Albus it's the law we can't do anything about it. Believe me we've researched this then researched it some more. Once Potter reached the age of 15 it became legal for both of them to be informed of that particular prophecy. Also if there are any additional prophecies concerning Voldemort they must also be disclosed at that time unless there are too many to be heard in a given afternoon or a party to any particular prophecy is under the age of fifteen."

"When did the Wizengamot pass this hair brained law?"

"During our research we discovered back in 1498 there was a bit of a problem with their Minister for Magic keeping prophecies from the individuals mentioned. The law has been on the books since then but was left of a copy of the laws made in the 1700's. Who knows how he found out about it but his request was legal, signed with a blood quill and everything."

"So is he coming to the ministry to hear them?" Dumbledore asked his patience obviously wearing thin.

"No he's sending a delegate and before you even suggest it under the old law his delegate has immunity provided all he or she does is enter, hear any prophecies then leaves. As long as they doesn't attack anyone we can't arrest them even if they are an escaped prisoner."

Realizing it was inevitable Dumbledore asked, "When is this taking place?"

"Two weeks from the receipt of the request. This is your formal notice that next Friday at 10:00 a.m. you need to present yourself at the Ministry of Magic, as you were the one to provide the prophecy. Another Auror is contacting Mr. Potter with the same news."

'Well it won't be all bad. I can use this to bring Potter back to Hogwarts even if I have to cast a controlling charm to get him to agree.' Dumbledore thought as he sat back and reached for a lemon drop.

In France a British auror was standing in Madam Maxine's office with two French Aurors behind her. "Miss Tonks you can not see Harry Potter without his godfather's permission." Madam Maxime said firmly.

"But it's official business," The British Auror protested.

"Official British Ministry business with someone who has applied for asylum in France citing persecution by your ministry." Beauxbatons head mistress countered. After looking over the now chastised British Auror for a minute she added, "Seeing as you had the good sense not to argue with me I will attempt to contact his godfather and let him decide how to handle you."

Getting up she cast a silencing ward between them before throwing floo powder into an small fireplace set head high for her into the wall next to her desk. After a few minutes most of which was spent waiting she stepped away turning to watch a second floor level fireplace.

Sirius Black appeared from the fireplace approaching the gathering, "Ah, Nymphadora what a pleasant surprise. Madam Maxime didn't tell me I had family waiting but then she may not have known. Tell me how is your mother? She was recently reinstated to the black family and as her head of family I regret being unable to visit her in person."

The British Auror started at the use of her first name but surprisingly the two French Aurors never even cracked a smile. Forcing herself to be polite she replied, "Mother is well I will tell her of your inquiry. Mr. Black I am here on official Business. Harry has to appear at the ministry next Friday at 10:00 a.m."

"I assume you mean the British Ministry?" Sirius asked. Getting an affirmative nod in reply he added, "No."

"You can't refuse he has to be there," Nymphadora Tonks said in a voice that bordered on pleading.

Sirius Black suddenly shifted in his seat obviously changing mode. "Speaking as head of House Black I have consulted several Lawyers regarding this and they have assured me when it comes to anything involving Harry Potter, I am his guardian and therefore I have total control. There is no way Harry is setting foot in England let alone at the beck and call of the Ministry of Magic. If this is an official request as you said I assume there is some official paperwork?"

During auror training it was drilled into them, never get cute once an individual invokes head of house status. Once they do an Auror should call for their team leader and stick to yes sir, no sir, please come with me sir, and nothing else. With no team leader around Auror Tonks nodded reaching into her robes withdrawing a packet of papers.

Sirius nodded towards an empty side table, "You my either set them on that table or take them back to England with you. They will be examined for any charms or potential curses. Once they are pronounced safe I will read them and take any actions I deem appropriate."

"I was told to only give them to Harry Potter," Tonks replied firmly.

"The only reason you are being offered the option of leaving them is you are family. Your other option is to return to England with them and tell whoever sent you that you were unable to deliver them. My justification is Harry was owled a touch activated Portkey within the school year. It was only due to quick action by his owl that prevented a major problem. Once those papers have been examined by Beauxbatons' charms master then and only then will I open them."

Knowing she'd reached an impasse Auror Tonks did the only thing she could leaving the documents on the indicated table she turned and with her French auror guard left Beauxbatons.

~ HP&GD~

Joseph smiled as he entered the room Madam Maxime had made available for his meeting. Both Harry and Sirius were waiting and rose as he entered. "Mr. Delacour thank you for meeting with us here. I hope the travel required was not a problem?" Harry said.

Joseph locked his emotions down as Harry spoke. For two people who'd lived with him for half a year to be so formal set him on edge. As neither his wife nor his daughter was present he wasn't sure what was going on and that thought brought Joseph Delacour Ministry troubleshooter to the fore. "My travel was not difficult. What can I do for you today?" Joseph replied keeping to the tone Harry had set.

"This was hand delivered by a British Auror. It is an order for Harry to present himself to the security desk in their lobby at ten A.M. next Wednesday." Sirius said passing the parchment to Joseph for his perusal.

A minute later he looked up asking, "What are you requesting?"

"As you noticed it was for me or my representative. I was hoping it would be possible for the French ministry to send a low level bureaucrat who both was skilled in Occlumency and had diplomatic immunity to attend as my representative," Harry said.

Joseph now understood why all the formality. Harry was not asking Joseph, the man he'd lived with or Gabrielle's father he was asking the French Ministry official for some dubious help. He knew the prophecy Sirius had been told it by James Potter when he and his family went in to hiding. He had told Harry and the Delacour's last fall. What he was wondering was why Harry wanted to bother sending a representative to hear it when he already knew it then it struck him. "You want the French Ministry to officially know the prophecy." He said looking at a grinning Harry and Sirius.

"Right in one. All three of us know Dumbledore does his best to read the mind of everyone he deals with. So we make sure the man is an Occlumens, the diplomatic immunity is to insure the British ministry can't mess with him. I know he's allowed free travel by the rules but this is Dumbledore and Fudge. I don't trust them at all." Harry said.

"And the low level of this bureaucrat?"

"I did not want you to think I was asking for you directly also I am willing to compensate the ministry for time and expenses. The lower the level the cheaper I get off."

Joseph nodded he could understand the reasoning, "Let me consult with a few colleagues. I will get back to one of you tomorrow if I am unable to accommodate your request leaving you enough time to make other arrangements." He said rising and returning to his office.

~ HP&GD~

The following Wednesday at 9:59 A.M. a black robed individual came out one of the ministry's public floo connections into the main lobby holding a white linen in one hand. Waiving the universal sign of peaceful intent the individual approached the security desk arriving right at ten a.m. "Wand please." The guard announced holding out his hand.

"I have the right of free passage." A very unidentifiable man's voice announced.

The security guard looked towards a group of grey robed and hooded individuals standing to the side. One spoke up saying, "I assume you are…"

Only to be cut off as the man interrupted saying, "I am the Dark Lord's representative. Are the others here?"

"Right behind you." A voice replied in French accented English causing the first man to wheel around.

"How did you?"

"Talent." Was all the French representative said holding out his identification to the grey robed individual that appeared to be in charge.

"Why are here?"

"I am Mr. Potter's representative. Surely you didn't think we'd allow him to be pulled out of school at the whim of your Minister?"

Although they were unable to hear it both representatives could see the sigh in the rise and fall of the man's chest. "Right then, Dumbledore's already down in the room if you two would follow me." The leader said turning and heading for the elevators.

A short walk, followed by a slightly claustrophobic elevator ride once everyone had squeezed on to one elevator, then a trip through a room of revolving doors everyone found themselves in a room of indeterminable size lit only by a few candles whose light was focused on to a small table where a crystal globe rested. An identically grey robed individual sat at the table the globe directly in front of him while opposite him sat Albus Dumbledore and a young man who introduced himself as the minister's representative. The two other representatives took the remaining seats on the left and right of the seated grey robed individual while their escorts disappeared into the room's shadows.

"Are all parties here?"

"I represent the Dark Lord."

"I am Mr. Potter's representative."

"I am the Minister for Magic's representative."

"And I am the original recipient." Dumbledore finished wishing he could have barred Percy Weasley, who was representing the minister, for attending but it was well within the minister's right to hear this.

"Let us proceed then." The unspeakable said reaching out and touching the globe.

The one with the Power to Vanquish the Dark Lord Approaches…. Born to those who have thrice defied him. Born as the seventh month dies… and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the dark lord knows not… and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives…. The one with the Power to Vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies.

"Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" Pg 841 2003 U.S. edition

Silence started to descend only to stop when the Dark Lord's representative spoke up asking, "Were there any other prophecies concerning my master?"

"No other prophecies were found for either party."

With that announcement both men rose the Dark Lord's man reaching the door first.

"Mr. Delacour I admit to being slightly surprised to see you here. I expected Mr. Potter to make the journey himself." Albus Dumbledore said cordially.

"I am here for two reasons, one being Mr. Potter."

"May I inquire as to the other reason?"

"I am here in my official capacity." Joseph said curtly having lingered just long enough to insure his elevator ride back to the lobby would not be shared with the Dark Lord's man.

Albus watched him leave thinking, 'So now the French and the Minister know. Harry what have you done?'

~ HP&GD~

Back in the Delacour mansion Sirius and Joseph were sitting in Joseph's study sipping brandy and talking, "Sirius the prophecy was just as you stated. Vague as heck, one could actually interpret it to refer to the night Harry defeated him the first time. I know how I'd like to proceed from here but I don't want to go against Harry's or you wishes."

"If you're asking my advice… I would suggest letting those at your ministry know and possibly the international. There is no need to keep it secret beyond keeping Harry from being mugged by people who want to throw him at Voldemort in the belief that somehow Harry will beat him again. While I would like to see is the British Aurors take the fight to the death eaters however I can't see that happening under the current leadership. I can see several options open to them that are not in Harry's best interest that French citizenship would prevent. Therefore as I already have asylum status can we get Harry French citizenship preferable as soon as possible?"

"Harry has held provisional French citizenship since the end of the Triwizard Tournament. All that is needed is for him to drop his British citizenship and accept French citizenship problem solved." Joseph stated,

"Thanks I'll talk with him about that tomorrow. What do you think about the prophecy?" Sirius asked.

"There was nothing in the prophecy about anyone other than Harry and Voldemort. I suspect it would not only be possible to capture all his death eaters but given my understandings also be possible to capture Voldemort. All the prophecy says is Harry has to vanquish him. It doesn't prevent someone from capturing him and then calling Harry in to administer the coup de grace." Joseph replied before taking a sip of the brandy.

"I can see you've given getting rid of Voldemort a bit of thought. Any thoughts about how we pressure the British to start taking actions?" Sirius asked smiling as Joseph started to elaborate on his ideas.

~ HP&GD~

Herman Granger looked around their new practice in Agde, France. He and his wife had bought it from a dentist who'd set up practice in the 70's as the commune was developing into a seaside resort. Thanks to the European Union they were able to transfer their licenses to France with minor problems. Their two young female dental hygienists came for a quick look see once they'd announced they were leaving England and fell in love with the place moving with them. Allowing them to be up and running quickly. They'd kept the individual who handled the billing along with the other staff from the original owner. Their house hunting had run into a bit of a snag. The one place on the market they'd fallen in love with was still deciding whether to accept their offer. "Herman what are you thinking?" Margaret Granger asked her husband as she hugged him from behind.

"Just how many changes we've had in our lives. How about you?"

"Wondering if Hermione would like this place."

"She should. Besides she'll only be with us a few more years then she'll be off on her own." Herman said sounding not that enthused about it.

Margaret nodded against his back while relaxing into the hug. "What about your concerns?" Herman asked shifting his wife around to face him without breaking the hug.

"I'm with you, Hermione has her things. You've found a golf club nearby. I'll be fine once we have a place of own that I can decorate and make mine.

"That's my priority then. Get us a permanent place." Herman stated.

"Want to try one last time to see if we can get that old house?"

"Alright but let's get in touch with Hermione maybe she can come next time we talk or perhaps have one of her classmates parents join us. I think we might be missing something due to our limited French."

Hermione was unable to get away from school but two days later a knock at their rented apartment door brought Joseph Delacour into their lives. After a half an hours discussion He agreed to join them the next day when they visited the homeowner.

The following day Margaret answered the door saying, "Welcome Mr. Delacour."

"I've told you it's Joseph. I hope you don't mind my wife Apolline asked to join us." Joseph replied ushering his wife into the room. Margaret immediately felt outclassed by the woman that entered. Her long light blond hair and complexion were flawless, her carriage elegant.

"Mrs. Delacour welcome, I'm Margaret Granger, I am so glad you could join us today. My husband and I are concerned that our limited knowledge of French might be hampering our attempts to purchase a home perhaps a woman's view point might be advantageous?" Margaret replied hoping her husband didn't fall all over himself at this woman's beauty.

"Mrs. Delacour, thank you for coming, Call me Herman. It is nice to meet a woman whose beauty approaches my wife's." Herman said bringing a smile to both women's faces.

"If my husband is Joseph I am Apolline. Our children know each other at school and your daughter's friend Harry was a guest at our house this past summer and fall."

"Would you be the parents of Gabrielle and Fleur Delacour?" Margaret asked.

Apolline noticed the order of her daughter's names along with the slight hesitation before the woman managed to remember Fleur's name. "Yes I take it your daughter has spoken of our children?"

"Often," Margaret replied as they fell into a discussion of how they were going to assist during today's visit.

Herman Granger had just begun the introductions when the elderly woman's eyes fixed on Apolline Delacour a moment later she muttered, "Veela?"

"Yes, you know of my people?"

"My father spoke occasionally of women with rare beauty that would occasionally visit his father but I thought it was stories. I take it your husband carries a wand?"

"Yes he does."

"But you are here to assist these two neither of which does. Why is that?" the elderly woman asked.

Joseph looked at the Granger's and getting a nod of approval from both of them said, "Their daughter is a friend of our daughter. They thought there might be a problem that they did not understand because they do not speak French like a native. So they asked us to accompany them."

"She is a witch?"

"Yes, and we are quite proud of her," Margaret replied.

"Then it is all right that they buy this house. There are secrets that I have been unable to find since my grandfather passed away, secrets that only those with the ability can find and use. Call those people with all the papers and seals. I will sell you this house at the initial price you offered."

Herman glanced at Joseph who looked at him then said, "If you would like I can have a few people go over this house after you buy it. Just to make sure there is nothing dangerous to you or your daughter."

"Thank you Joseph that is an excellent idea." Margaret answered her mind already thinking about how she wanted to change this particular room around.

~ HP&GD~

Back in England the Wizengamot was in an uproar the Minister for Magic, Cornelius Fudge, had just instructed his assistant to recite the prophecy concerning Lord Thingy to them. The result was uproar as the majority of individuals rose clamoring for the attention of Dumbledore who was presiding over this session hoping to influence the outcome. He was out of luck when Percy spoke for a second time, "During our last problem with this individual there was a law passed allowing the involuntary induction of an individual with special abilities or talents into the Aurors with Wizengamot concurrence. While it was not used it is still on the books and appears to be a solution should this body desire it."

It took only a voice vote and Percy was drafting the parchment calling for Harry Potter to report to the Auror office at noon the next day or suffer the confiscation of 1 percent of his fortune for every day he was late in reporting. When he was done he passed it to Auror Tonks saying, "You were able to find him quickly last time let us hope you can do the same with this."

Harry was called to Headmistress Maxime's office that evening to find Madam Maxime, his godfather Sirius Black, British Auror Tonks escorted by two French Aurors and Joseph Delacour waiting for him. Auror Tonks started to rise only to stop at the pressure of a wand on her neck.

"Mr. Potter I have here a summons from the British Wizengamot that I have to give to you in person," Tonks said formally.

Sirius looked at his cousin saying, "You know the drill place it on the table."

"But I need to see it in his hands and preferable for him to read it in my presence."

Harry smiled saying, "That will be possible once the parchment is deemed safe."

Then watched as Tonks placed it on the table in front of her. Sirius, Mr. Delacour, and one of the Aurors took turns checking the parchment over before all nodding at Harry as Sirius said, "It's clean Harry."

Harry unsealed then read the parchment passing it to Sirius who passed it to Joseph Delacour after reading it over. "Auror Tonks I find it interesting the British Wizengamot thinks it can draft a French citizen into their Auror corps." Joseph said putting the parchment back on the table in front of her.

"Harry is a French citizen?" Tonks exclaimed astonished at the turn of events.

Harry smiled replying, "Yes and it was prior to the date on this summons rendering it invalid."

"But you'll lose your fortune." Tonks muttered without thought.

Sirius took this moment to grin at his cousin with a grin that would have caused anyone that had know him in his marauder days to start placing wards around themselves. "Actually you will find that all the Potter and Black property is Unplottable. Also the Potter and Black fortunes reside outside of England now."

"But how?"

Still with the same grin on his face Sirius replied, "Simple I gave the goblins the option of transferring all our funds to the gnomes of Zurich or finding a place in their system that the British Ministry couldn't touch. They were quick to find a place and equally as quick to move the funds there."

"But what about you-know-who?" Tonks was grasping at straws now.

It was Harry that grinned this time saying, "Your Dark Lord, your problem. I dealt with him once that should be enough for anyone."

"But the prophecy!" Tonks exclaimed.

Harry looked at Sirius who nodded then said, "I've had several individuals look it over. The consensus was that particular prophecy was full filled on October 31st 1981. If they are wrong give us a call once you have Tom Riddle in custody and Harry will help. My Godson is not going to solve a problem the British ministry and public have created through ignorance and inaction. The magical population of England is small about one tenth that of Cardiff, Wales. Now Old Tommy can't have more that 50 or 100 dedicated followers at the most the rest would just be hangers on. Even if he has more the magical government can call upon the International for help. It's time the Aurors along with the ministry got off their collective butts and dealt with him once and for all."

Joseph nodded to the two French Aurors who nudged Tonks to her feet escorting her to the door. Stopping only momentarily when Sirius said, "Oh and Nymphadora, tell your mother and father if things get to hot in jolly old England they are welcome to come visit me in France."

It was a scowling Nymphadora Tonks that was led out the door and sent back to England.

The following day at the Burrow, home of the Weasley family, Molly Weasley looked at the Daily Prophet she'd just taken from the owl intending to put it beside her husband's plate for his perusal before leaving for work when the headline caught her eye.

"Boy who Lived tells Wizengamot "Your Dark Lord, your problem" as he claims French citizenship prevents his induction into Auror corps.

With his escaped Death Eater godfather at his side the Boy who Lived informed the ministry representative sent to inform him of his induction that he would not be returning to England having taken French citizenship. He also noted the goblins had moved all of his and his godfathers funds out of the country. With the Potter and Black estates unable to be located it seems the Boy who Lived has taken everything the British public has given him and his family before deserting us at our time of greatest need."

Arthur Weasley found his wife sitting at the table reading while breakfast slowly started to smoke on the stove. "What's got you so interested?" he asked going over to the stove removing the smoking skillets.

Molly turned as she heard her husband's voice then sprang up taking the skillets exclaiming, "Oh I've ruined breakfast."

"Oh, It isn't that bad. Ron might actually enjoy the bacon, he always says you don't make it crispy enough it's too bad you can't send it to him. And the rest is salvageable. Now what's got you so preoccupied."

"It's the prophet, they are saying Harry is refusing to fight Voldemort," Molly said busying herself putting Arthur's breakfast on a plate.

"Hum," Arthur muttered opening the paper and reading it from himself. A minute later as Molly set breakfast in front of Arthur he said, "Sounds more like he's trying to get the ministry to deal with you-know-who. Right smart idea there's no way they should expect someone younger than our Ronnie to fight him for them."

"But the prophecy!"

"Now Molly you know I don't set much story by those. If I did you wouldn't be Molly Weasley now would you," Arthur countered.

~ HP&GD~

Margaret Granger looked up from the invitation they'd received to a meeting at Beauxbatons to discuss their daughter's summer living arrangements. While this struck her as a bit unusual her husband Herman had reacted a bit differently, loudly questioning what right the school had to be involved in their daughter's summer residence. This was the first indication she'd seen from him of the stress of moving and of their daughter running off well running wasn't the right word, perhaps begging would be a better word, to spend most of her summers with the Weasleys a family they'd met only a few times. Of course they'd given in they could deny her nothing when she pleaded. She recalled all the talk Herman had been doing, little short snippets actually about how Hermione would like the beach here, how the town had a lot of history to keep her interested, along with muttering about keeping her from that section of town where all the nudists congregate.

Despite the indications she trusted her husband's sense of decorum to insure the meeting would go pleasantly

~ HP&GD~

Harry was happy Sunday was a free day allowing them to relax enjoying a day of rest before their final exams started up. That happiness wasn't going to last as the three received a summons to the headmistress's office before breakfast Harry and Gabrielle met Hermione in the hall proceeding to the Madam Maxime's office where they found Madam Maxime, Sirius Black, Margaret and Herman Granger, along with Joseph and Apolline Delacour were waiting for them.

The three teens looked between each other the 'what the heck did we do to deserve this?' obvious on their faces.

"Thank you for coming so promptly. I thought we could have breakfast together then discuss recent events before everyone went home for the summer." Madam Maxime said smiling at the teens.

At Harry's nod of agreement the two girls went to their respective parents greeting them with kissing and hugs while Harry accepted a hug and handshake from Sirius and Joseph Delacour along with a kiss from Apolline. There were open seats next to their families for the teens but without apparently being called Dobby popped in and with a snap of his fingers and wave of his hand the table lengthened and extra chairs appeared allowing the three teens to take seats together Harry in the middle across from his godfather with Hermione on his right next to her parents and Gabrielle on his left across from her parents. It had been only a short time but Harry had grown accustom to having his ladies next to him and they had grown accustom to being next to him.

Breakfast passed with light conversation and minor teasing of various parties everyone knew the heavy conversations would occur afterwards. It was as the plates were being cleared that Mr. Granger opened the discussion saying, "My daughter wrote us that you two were dating and she'd like you to visit over the summer. Yet I see you here with another young lady. Can you explain how that has come about?"

"Mister Granger the other young lady is my daughter and I can assure you…" Joseph Delacour spoke up.

"Joseph while both my wife and I appreciate your help earlier this year I find myself surprised you are not joining me in being upset. Seeing as Mr. Potter is apparently dating both our daughters at the same time." Herman Granger said sharply drawing a look of concern from his wife.

"Daddy…." Hermione started to plead only to stop at a glare from her father.

"Doctor Granger I am only dating your daughter, the young lady you are referring to is my Companion, Gabrielle Delacour-Potter. Due to her heritage and circumstances neither of us could control she and I are bound together by a unique magic. As a result she will be by my side until I die." Harry replied defending his companion.

"And she is not enough for you? You still need to date my daughter? Who will you date after you discard Hermione?" Herman Granger asked sarcastically.

Harry looked him in the eyes replying, "I will never 'discard' Hermione. She and I might reach a mutual agreement not to pursue a relationship but I would never discard her."

Seeing Margaret about to join in Apolline spoke up, "Allow me to explain the relationship my daughter and Mr. Potter have. Perhaps once you understand that it might ease your concerns regarding Mr. Potter," Gabrielle's mother then launched into a detailed explanation of that relationship.

"Thank you for that but I notice you and Joseph here are a monogamist couple. Why can't Mr. Potter be satisfied with your daughter?"

Gabrielle had enough they adults were talking about the three teens like they were not in the room. "Doctor Granger when I became Harry's companion he was already in love with your daughter. That is why our relationship is different than my parents."

"And I'm suppose to believe you just like that? Hermione, while I doubt it will be possible for you not to see Mr. Potter here until school is finished. Once it is you will be coming to stay with us and you will be forbidden to see Mr. Potter this summer. We will also investigate the possibilities of sending you to a different school, after all you came her from that English school."

"Dad please don't do this," Hermione pleaded her voice breaking at the thought of being separated from Harry.

"Do what, look out for your well being?" Herman countered.

Hermione was in tears as she replied, "No, force me to choose between you and Harry."

"Honey aren't you being a little dramatic? After all you are only sixteen." Margaret Granger asked feeling she had to say something that would appear to support her husband while hoping not to alienate her daughter.

Hermione shook her head saying, "No mother you and daddy are my past and present, Harry and Gabrielle are my present and future. Should you force me to chose I will remind you the age of consent in France is fifteen."

"That does it you are going with us tonight we'll figure out a way for you to take your exams later." Herman said standing up and approaching his daughter.

"Harry?" Hermione said looking at Harry with panic in her voice as she dug her hands into his arm.

Harry wrapped his other arm around Hermione declaring, "Hermione is going no where she is mine and I am hers."

"I am yours and you are mine," Hermione said as she wrapped her arms around Harry causing a glow to surround the two of them which quickly became three as Gabrielle stood wrapping her arms around both of them. The glow became brighter and took on a golden hue.

"Oh, bugger." Sirius said loudly looking at the glowing three teens.

"Mr. Black!" Madam Maxime said rebuking Sirius.

"Well it is rather pronounced," Apolline added from her seat as tears started to run down her cheeks.

Margaret was looking from the glowing teens to the other adults, then to her husband who was looking at the teens in shock before starting the circuit over finally she asked, "What's going on?"

"It appears your daughter and mine are bonding with Harry," Joseph Delacour said in a calm flat voice.

"Could you perhaps translate that for a non-witch?"

"Given the golden glow I suspect we will have three married teens when it ends." Apolline said softly.

Herman couldn't resist asking, "What if the glow wasn't golden?"

It was Madam Maxime that answered, "In that case we might have one or more dead teenagers. Let us hope it stays golden."

Herman's legs gave out at that moment. Looking up from his place on the floor he watched praying the glow stayed golden. He realized it was his declaration of removing Hermione that had precipitated this event and felt a cold fear grip his heart. Should any misfortune happen because of his rash act he knew it would be on his conscious for the remainder of his days.

After the glow had ended and the school's on call healer declared everyone healthy, they got down to the serious business of where the teens would spend the summer. Thankfully at least to the involved teens there was no discussion about them spending the summer apart. Different bedrooms while staying with the Grangers was a sticking point however, in that instance Margaret quickly took Herman to task and while grumbling he reluctantly agreed they could share a room.

As the teens wanted to pacify Mr. Granger it was agreed they would spend the first month of vacation with the Grangers and the second at the Delacours. An exception was made for a special shopping trip in preparation for the Summer Solstice Ball. The teens would spend July 21st with the Delacours returning to the Grangers on the 22. Sirius would visit both families over the summer but not have the teens stay with him as he was currently enjoying a vagabond existence.