So my first Supernatural fanfiction, which so far will not include any romance or so.

There is an Oc and is not really following the plot of the story, so i'll use some cases of the seasons but i won't follow the plot actually

(might have hinted Destiel and Sabriel in later chapters)

Everything belongs to the producer of Supernatural except for Pascal and all about her.

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She ran through the building, shouting her lungs out, calling for anyone just someone to hear her.

The grip tight around the broad sword, she slayed through two other people attacking her with knifes, what had she gotten herself into?


Pascal was a young girl with long black hair and black eyes, she was 21 years old and technically a student at an art university.

But this was just how her life went, when she wasn't doing jobs for her grandparents, whom owned a huge Guarding service company.

She was the second head to the Guarding division, which included fights and protection of famous and rich people who paid for her and her division.

Her cellphone rang and she motioned for her best friend to keep quite for a second, "Yeah, mhm... alright... I'll be there... give me an hour... yeah... okay... bye" she said and pushed the call end button.

"Another odd job?" her friend asked her and she nodded, "Sadly yes... see you tomorrow" she took her coffee to go and went for her car.

It was an hour drive to her families company, as she arrived she was greeted by many people who respected and liked her, for the great work she had done.

She reached the lift and pushed the button for 6, as the lift moved up to the sixth floor she thought just for a second what her life would be like without all that, but the thought vanished as she was faced with her secretary.

She hated the guy who put loads of work on her shoulders, blamed her on files gone wrong or on the bad mood her grandfather was in. He also blamed her for all that she wasn't able to do, for all she wasn't ... especially for not being a guy.

But a secretary was a secretary so he had to shut his big mouth and just bad mouthed her among the company employees.

Those who were loyal to her didn't give a shit about a damn word and those who never talked to her or didn't like her tried to be against her.

Failed and were reduced to a crying baby who rather would like to be sitting in his/her mamas lap, instead of working with her again.

"What's it this time?" she asked annoyed and walked past him, pulling out her keys and unlocked the door of her office.

She sat down behind her desk and looked through some files, she had already signed and needed to be taken care of, she handed him those papers and he stuffed them away.

"Your new job is to protect some young girl, her father fears she's going to get killed by some assassin... no really information as to why she's targeted... Just a bunch of money you got transferred beforehand. The rest you get, when she survives the weekend." he said and put the file on her desk and walked out of the office.

She was thankful that he wasn't staying till she had read the whole information and watched her how she prepared, this guy just gave her the creeps.

Pascal went to the safe and opened it, taking out something really big wrapped in a beige soft fabric, which was held together by a long ocean blue ribbon.

She strapped it on her shoulder with another ribbon which was already tied perfectly to fit on her shoulder.

Then she took out two guns which she put in her holster beneath her jacket, a small silver knife went inside her boot.

Then the black haired put on her earphones and made "Journey" blast through, she smiled and relaxed a bit to "Wheels in the sky"

On her way to the next job, she remembered the key moments of her life, when she met her friends, the man she loved, the family she had built around herself, consisting of people more then friends.

It was like a chant, she knew she would be safe remembering the ones she loved, she knew she was safe to know that those she loved the most lived and were happy.

The task was done and she was happy to be home again, she could already take in the scent of home made pie and she smiled at the thought of her boyfriend, welcoming her.

She drove around the corner as suddenly she heard a high-pitched, lost control of her car and doubled over, last thought she had was that it was a quite crappy way of dying.


"HEY! WAKE UP" someone called and she automatically calmed down, she could feel that someone was hoovering over her, body heat radiated from the person and the scent a musky one told her he was a guy.

Pascal didn't know whether the guy was strong, a geek or a sportsman neither did she know if she could kick him and he would let go of her.

Her weapons were still at place that's what she could feel and she also could feel that she was not injures so far.

Though she should've been injured or dying since she had been in a car crash a few seconds ago, "Hey! You're alive?" the guy asked his voice was deep.

She lifted her leg and her leg met with his stomach hitting him and making him fall to the side, she rolled away from him and stood up, taking out her gun.

The guy was fast and stood already on his leg, himself lifting a Smith and Wesson pointed at her head, "You drop your gun, I drop mine" he said and she looked at him, "Who are you?" she asked but didn't put down the gun.

"Who are you first?!" he shouted at her, this was going no where, she believed to have seen the guy somewhere but she couldn't pin point.

"I'm Pascal and you?" she asked and lowered her gun, "I'm Dean Winchester" he said and lowered his own, that name though struck something inside of her.

"Wait THE Dean Winchester?" she asked and scanned through her cellphone, not caring anymore whether he was going to shoot her or not.

"What do you mean with THE? You're a hunter?" he asked but she didn't reply she kept looking at her cellphone till she held up a picture to him.

"You're that guy?" she asked and he nodded after seeing himself standing next to Sammy, it looked rather forced as if someone had made them stand like that.

"Look this can't be real... you're an actor called Jensen Ackles... and i need to phone someone... I had a car crash and my boyfriend is awaiting me..." she said and freaked out.

"Calm down, what do you mean I'm an actor?" he asked and she stopped looking at him nervously, "My best friend she loves this Series you're acting in. It's called Supernatural i think... You're one of the main actors.. Jensen Ackles... Quite the freaky name that's why i still had it in my head" she explained and the guy took out a flask and threw some water at her.

She looked at him and rose an eyebrow angrily, "What was that for?" she asked and he replied, "Could have been a demon or ghost..." he said and now he threw salt at her, she rubbed it from her arm and looked at him disbelievingly.

This guy was nuts in the head, "I don't know why you're doing this... but damn get a psychologist to get your brain scanned..." she hissed and looked around for her car or anything.

She found her bag a few feet away and the beige fabric wrapped thing, strapping it at her back again and looking over to Dean.

"You have a cell phone? And where am I... if i may ask you" she looked at him and he replied "Yeah and you're in California" her eyes got huge like saucers and she tried to grasp that she wasn't in Germany anymore.

"I'm in America? I was in Germany a few seconds ago! Damn it I'm German... you might hear my accent..." she said and took the offered phone.

"You're not having an accent..." he said smiling and she thanked him, "The number you dialled is not given" the mechanic voice on the other side said and she blinked.

This could not be true, the number had functioned a few hours ago and her boyfriend had no reason to change the number...

"What's happening here!" she said and even though she was strong and she never let her emotions get the best of her, this was just to hard to shrug it off.

"You said your name was Pascal and you're from Germany... You were in a car crash and you don't know how you've come here..." he summarized and she nodded.

"One last test... and then I'd say i help you..." he said and pulled out a silver knife, she looked horrified at the knife and he gave it to her, "Slit your arm or palm i don't quite care... Just make a small cut" he replied and she nodded.

She slit her arm a little and a few blood droplets run down her arm, nothing else happened and Dean nodded.

"You'll have to come with me... I was out buying something to eat for my brother Sam and me..." Dean said and lead her to his car, she wasn't quite a fan of riding cars of strangers, but she was a good one in fighting and no one would do something in a moving car, right?

They arrived at a motel and she told Sam what she already had told Dean, "So you really believe there is a universe where our life is a series on TV with seven, close to eight seasons around our life?" he asked and she nodded.

"Can you prove it?" he asked and she shook her head, "My best friend watched it told me a bit of stuff, but i never watched it... i had no time to... though wait..." she said and looked through her bag, pulling out two DVDs.

"This is the first season the first two discs, i was about to watch it with my boyfriend..." she said and handed them to Sam.

"you could've told me" Dean muttered and she shrugged, "I was freaked out and honestly? I'm still freaking out" she said and sat down on a chair.

"Dean ... this wraps up everything we both did up to the things with those Insects...the native American curse" Sam said and zapping through the DVD on his Laptop, he clicked on the bloopers and watched as Jensen and Jared had fun on the Set.

"Well this would explain... her part of the story... about being from another dimension..." Dean said and she tried a smile, that's when suddenly there was a hand on her shoulder and she grabbed that one throwing the person on the floor.

"Cas!" Dean shouted and helped his angelic friend up, she looked apologizing at the man and then at Dean, "Sorry you took me off guard... " she said and Cas nodded.

"That's why i tell you to keep your space to people, you know... personal space and so" Dean said brushing his hand through his hair.

"What brings you here Cas?" Sam asked and the angel sighed deeply and pointed at Pascal, "She's the slayer..." he said and made Dean and Sam raise an eyebrow, whilst Pascal furrowed hers.

"The slayer?" she asked and looked from the guy to the two brothers, "What do you mean and who are you?" she asked.

"Castiel an Angel of the Lord" he replied, she burst into laughing fits, "Yeah sure and I'm Queen Elizabeth the second."

"You're not" he said serious and made her nearly choke on her laughter, "He's serious... This Castiel is an angel... and he has no sense of humour" Dean said, but she still didn't quite believed it.

"I have no time to deal, with someone believing or not... It's your duty to protect her Dean and Sam" he said and vanished leaving the three with loads of questions.

"Is he doing this kind of appearing and disappearing often?" she asked and got a nod and a "trademark of his" from Dean, before he kicked off his boots.

"This calls for something stronger then beer" the older Winchester said and the other two couldn't deny that they had thought the same, though they both didn't like whisky or vodka for that matter.

They drank a bit with Dean just to calm some nerves and made themselves ready, with Sam using the bathroom first and then Dean, leaving the only girl to use it last.

Since hey, with girls you never knew, they could take forty hours in there for all they knew.

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