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Chapter 17: Curse the poor virgins~

Rosemary was a young, pretty and successful woman.

She loved her odd name, her family consisting of her mother, her brother and two kittens, she loved her small town and the subjects of her studies.

She studied psychology and was single, her believes in god were strong and as all the teenagers in her small town, they believed and followed the words of the bible.

To stay virgin and pure till her wedding day, when God himself decided to tie two destinies together in a tight bond, called marriage, was one of her believes as well.

And had she known what would happen to her, because of this little promised she had made to herself and god, she might have reconsidered it.

Her long blonde hair was loose from a tie and the newly cut bangs were framing her face in soft curls, she had been thankful for the hair straightener she had gotten to Christmas.

Rosemary Welsh had dark blue eyes and pale skin and she could proudly announce she was one of the prettier girls.

But as the good girl she was -and how church had taught her- looks were given by god and who did not cherish those looks, would be punished by the father of all.

What he gave, he could effortlessly take away.

So she kept going to church, kept praying at nights before going to bed and followed strictly the rules of the bible, like all in her small town did.

That night though she might have regretted not leaving her town, or seeing the world, or having a boyfriend or even a first kiss.

Because in the very moment she had turned around to put down the glass of Orange juice, a silver scythe pierced her body and blood splattered on the fridge behind her.

The shadow of her body was thrown at the cupboard, as the lights from a passing by car, shown through the window in the kitchen.

Blue eyes opened wide in horror, blood dripping down soft and peachy lips, the white tank top and shorts stained by red droplets of their owners blood.

As life left the mirrors of her soul and her body went cold and limp, the attacker took the scythe out in a swift movement and again blood splattered.

Colouring the black white robe of the man or woman -no one could tell- in red which seemed like gutter on the white canvas.

But the figure seemed to not care, whether Rosemary was dead, or her blood was colouring her/his outfit bloody red, or even the fact that Rosemary's little brother stood in the doorway of the kitchen, looking confused at the happenings.

The person took out the intestinal and cut it in stripes as if to decorate the kitchen with it, as he/she threw them around, over the oven, the cupboard or the fume hood.

Shortly the figure glanced at the three year old boy, who had his teddy in his hands and looked with wide confused eyes at the figure and his sister.

Slowly walking over to the young boy, the figure held something in their hands, handing it to the small boy.

The young boy stretched out his hand and took the warm and slimy thing into his hands and tilt his head in a confused manner.

Then it seemed to click in the head of the young three year old and he nodded, "That's a present for mommy? From Rosi?" he asked and the figure nodded, "Alright!" the young boy chirped, let his teddy bear drop to the floor and ran upstairs to his mommy.

She had to see the weird thing Rosemary had given her as a present, their mommy would surely like his frog "Walter" more then this slimy thing in his hands.

The scream of a mother who had realized what she was holding and the fast foot steps of this mother, to discover her dead daughter and the following scream, was what woke up heir neighbour, Mr. Carter.

Black clouds were heading for St. Mary's a town with people following god's words, a town that loved their creator more then any town in the United States.


"Don't tell me this is Gabriel..." Balthazar asked as he appeared next to the laughing Winchesters and a confused Castiel.

"Well we don't know any other brown haired and short archangel" Sam laughed some more and Gabriel shouted a "I heard that!" in between his movements.

"Why?" the blonde angel asked and knew that this could've been the question as to why, Gabriel was wearing pink swim-shorts, or why he was wearing a ridiculous cap, or why they were in a swimming-pool, or why he was synchrony swim-/dancing in the water with a hundreds of women and Pas.

"Well Pas dared him to synchrony swim-/dance with her and then Dean double dared him and here we are..." Sam tried to explain, but couldn't help to laugh some more, as the song in the background was Rihanna's "We found love", that Gabriel was throwing him air-kisses, he tried to ignore.

"And should you douche ask about the outfits, it was the bird's idea!" Dean chuckled out, couldn't help himself and burst into laughter once more.

"Our brother said, that he would not wear something unfitting the occasion... So he snapped the women and the clothing... He said this was the appropriate clothing for synchrony swim-/dance" Castiel explained and was torn between asking Gabriel why he even did it, he was an archangel and he had not to follow the humans requests or orders.

And being happy for Dean laughed from deep down his heart and seemed to have more fun than Castiel had ever witnessed the last 26 years, the years with his mother Mary were happy years.

The song finished and Pascal pulled herself up at the rim of the swimming-pool, her black hair in a bun on top of her head.

She wore a pink bikini with frills and Balthazar couldn't help but to smirk at that, "Well he isn't the only one with stupid fashion sense." he said and grinned as Pascal scowled.

"Says the one dressed like the father of the Queen of England, thank you very much" she replied and dried herself with the towel Castiel handed her, "Thanks Cas."

"You moved rather gracefully, though the other women seemed more practised..." the angel stated and she assumed it was as close to a compliment as one could come with Cas.

"What brings you here snarky pants?" the black haired asked and gave her full attention, the blonde angel who just gave her a glare, before turning to the Winchester brothers.

"Unfortunately i need your assistance in a case..." he said and one could clearly hear, the angel wanted to be anywhere, but with them.

Gabriel who popped up next to Castiel, fully clothed and dry, snapped his fingers so Pas was dry and clothed as well.

"Why would you need our help? You're an angel... you can smite close to everyone..." Sam said and a confused expression clouded his face, just the head tilt was left and the moose could've gone as a Cas double.

"Except you can't interfere... Like that Samhain bitch" Dean suggested and Balthazar pointed his forefinger at Dean.

"And there everyone thinks your brother has the brains...", "So Mr. Snarky-pants needs our help, because he himself can't do anything...What's it all about anyways?" Pascal asked and sat down next to Dean on the grass.

"There is a town called and in the last 12 days, 12 virgin girls at the age of 18 died..." the black haired girl in the group found it strangely interesting to listen, to Balthazar's English accent, though she knew it probably was his Vessel's accent.

"You sound totally different then Sam or Dean when they talk..." she remarked and the others gave her an 'off-topic' look.

Her black eyes glued to his lips to catch their movement, maybe it was just a way how his lips moved, that some vocabulary's sounded strange or different, then she was used to.

And why the heck was she interested in such a trivial thing? It was just words, words of a douchebag whom she despised, let alone the way he dressed!

"That sounds like a serial killer, not something supernatural" Sam said and Balthazar sighed in annoyance, "Well smart-ass, not like i didn't investigate it already. But thanks to the damn spell, i can't kill the bitch who's casting the spell" the angel seemed rather angry about the happenings and that confused Castiel and Gabriel to no end.

Normally Balthazar was the always the one to make some remark on something, always carefree and not involved into anything, unless it was about his dear brothers or sisters.

But for some unknown reason he was out of his character right now, demanding them to go to 's and kill whatever supernatural being, was doing a havoc there.

And then it hit Gabriel, "Father, asked you to right?" he said and Castiel's eyes widen, "He talked to you?" he asked and Balthazar sighed heavily.

He fell ungracefully on his butt and picked a strand of grass, "It wasn't him personally... Joshua came to me... he told me to do whatever was necessary to stop this murder and he said to ask the Winchester's for help..." he replied and the other angels looked wounded.

"Mind someone explaining?" the only girl of the group asked and Gabriel nodded, "Our Father, or God how you call him, left heaven over a millennial ago... Since then he didn't talk to any of us... except for Joshua..." she nodded.

"And now he asks for us to go and kill something?" she asked and added, "That sounds like 'God told me'... better then those who think God is actually talkin' to them..." she stood up and took her sword from the ground, putting it back in it's holster on her back.

"We can't just run around kill something and hope we kill the right thing... We have to know, WHAT we have to kill" Sam said and grabbed her arm.

"Okay so... Balthy who's the culprit?" she asked and the others felt the urge to slam their palm against their forehead.

"Baby-girl, he told you there is a spell that prevented him from further investigations... Which means we have to go and find that son of a bitch and kill it..." Gabriel patted her arm and she glared at him, "Alright, sorry... shorty..." she huffed and the rather large group of human and supernatural beings moved to the Impala.


"I kinda feel sorry for the chickens who are stuffed into a cage... Kinda know how they feel..." Pascal said as she was pressed in the seat between Balthazar and Castiel, half of Gabriel on her lap.

"Well not my Idea that we should stay together" Dean muttered as he watched his back seat filled with angels, what next? A camping trip with a bunch of Vampires and demons?

"Since the spell prevents us from zapping in and out, we have to use the 'human' method and come on Dean-o. Half of your porn is foursome shit, now you have four hot beings in your backseat... Well clothed but you have your imagination" Gabriel smirked, "And of course Sammy you can join us here... you see my equipment is free to use..." he smirked some more and wiggled his eyebrows, making Sam blush like a nine year old and at the exact same time bitch-face him.

"Wow... you two are getting it on huh?" Pascal chuckled and could feel Dean speed up the car, whilst his right hand turned up the volume, this meant 'No more information, if you want to survive this car ride'.

To the sounds of Led Zeppelin's 'Ramble on' Pascal found herself sleepy and soon she couldn't keep her eyes open anymore, her head falling to the left side and on the shoulder of Balthazar.

He wanted to say something and shove her away, but as her steady breathing signalized she was asleep and his brothers shot him warning looks, he turned his face towards the window, ignoring everyone in the car.

Sam couldn't help, but to feel sleepy himself and soon he dozed off into dream land, filled with candy canes, pink cotton candy and Gabriel dressed as a Santa Claus.

Gabriel seemed asleep too, though his brothers knew he was wandering around in Samuel Winchester's dreams, but both kept silence.

They knew if they would say that out aloud, Dean would turn the car around drag the archangel out and kill him on the spot.

And though Dean as human as he was, seemed to be no big threat to an angel, everyone even the lowest demon knew, no one fucks with his family.

It was safe to say, whoever had tried to 'fuck' with his family, had been killed by the Winchester himself and the list to that was long.


"Just leave him be... he's young and you scared him to death" the young woman said smiling brightly, wearing a white dress and her long black hair, was braided and adorned with lots of beautiful and colourful flowers.

Her deep blue wings were rather large for her small frame, but they seemed to not restrict her in her graceful movements.

"I did nothing to scare that little kid... You know me don't you Acheliah?" the blonde man said, who's wings were a shiny bright white.

"Sometimes i do and sometimes... i don't" she smirked and ran away from him, as he ran after her, spotting one of their big brothers she ran over and hid behind Gabriel.

"You made fun of him again?" he asked her and she giggled, "He's so easy to tease..." she couldn't help it really.

A soft tag made her turn around to see a round and chubby face, big blue eyes shining at her as dark small white and fluffy wings brushed hers.

"Castiel... sweetheart, don't be afraid... Balthazar tends to forget you are our youngest" she said and hugged the small angel to her chest.

He was one of the youngest angels their father had created and his eyes were stunning, from all the angels in heaven, Castiel was the one with the most beautiful eyes.

"He did it again?" Michael's soft voice asked and Acheliah nodded, "You know him brother... he's from your bloodline... tends to get bossy..." she snickered as Michael gave her a disapproving look.

"You still haven't decided on a mate Acheliah" Raphael the only female archangel said in her deep yet feminine voice, her wings were golden, so were the wings of the other three archangels.

"Gabriel hasn't too and you're without a mate as well..." Acheliah pouted and felt the right wing of Gabriel brushing her right one, in a soothing manner, his grace floating around her and soothing her some more.

"You are different then us and i might remind you, we reproduced... you still don't want to..." Raphael said her voice strict and not accepting any excuses.

"But... i don't want to... I'm scared off him... and he... he's... i don't want to..." she said and backed away from Raphael's angry eyes.

"There is no reason for you to be scared of Lucifer... he's your older brother and an archangel, you should be honoured he wants to mate with you..." she said and her voice seemed to stab the other angel just in the right places, to make her shake in fear.

Behind her Balthazar had arrived and bit his lip as he saw the other archangel again on the heels of his friend.

"I'm siding with Acheliah... even his 'Hi' is creepy!" Gabriel said and Michael ha to turn away to not show he had a bright smirk on his face.

"This is enough, you are making fun of your own brother!" Raphael shot Gabriel a glare, which he just shrugged off, well she was older and what? It's not like he cared and for one thing, Michael was on their side on this.

God had given Acheliah the choice to choose freely, which meant a lot as he normally picked the ones the angels mated with.

"You think he's this amazing, go mate with him yourself" Acheliah muttered and Raphael turned around sharply, as she wanted to say something the angels heard a small sob.

It was their youngest Castiel, who was crying and holding one of Acheliah's feathers tightly, "Don't argue please..." he said with his high and pitch voice, his chubby cheeks red and puffed, lips formed to a pout and tears running down the big blue eyes.

"No one's arguing... Castiel... we do love each other..." the angels all assured him and sat down to pat the baby angels head and tell him stories, which included a lot of exaggerated stories of Gabriel.

Life in heaven had been a bliss, there was no major fights and there were all friendly and loved each other equally.

It became a past picture, when God created their brothers and sisters the humans and Michael and Lucifer started the war in which both thought they fought for the greater good.

Balthazar could clearly remember what happened after the fight of Michael and Lucifer hell had been let loose.

"Michael! You have to stop this! He's your brother!" Acheliah shouted to no avail, "He was the one to start this fight, now he'll receive punishment" her oldest brother said, his wings spread wide and like a huge mountain or tower hovered above her.

She dropped to her knees, her dark blue wings pressed at her sides, trying to comfort her though she knew nothing could make the pain cease.

The brothers hadn't even talked to each other, as if they were strangers they had sent messengers to convey whatever message they had.

Though none of the 'messenger-angels' had survived another messenger was found, to 'magically' know what the message was.

Acheliah had the feeling that someone was playing the brothers against each other, but she would never accuse her brothers or sisters of such a thing, she knew no one would have such evil in him/her to do such a crime.

Balthazar kneed next to her, wearing the silver shiny armour of Michael's soldiers, "No!" she said as she grabbed his shoulders, her eyes locked on his.

"I'm sorry dearest... but this is the only way to protect you and heaven!" he said and she shook her head, "Don't do this to me... Balthazar please!" she cried out, her eyes filled with tears as she saw her brothers and sisters she was closest to, Anael, Uriel and even her baby brother Castiel, all of them armoured and ready to fight in the name of God and Michael.

Her eyes lit up as she knew one of them wouldn't fight, one of them would always go with peace and should he interfere maybe then, she could possibly prevent everything from happening.

She rushed to her feet, left Balthazar speechless at his point frozen and not knowing what was happening, as she run through the angels searching for the golden wings, with the soft glow of her brother Gabriel.

She didn't see the person behind her, with the angel blade in hand, as the cool metal pierced her back and cut through her backbone and was pulled up, shredding her heart into pieces.

Blood dropped from her mouth and she could faintly hear the fight starting, as she felt someone hold her tight, crying over her and the last thought on her mind had been, that she would have really loved to be Balthazar's mate, if he had asked her that is.

All of this Balthazar had been able to see through the feathers of her wings, who slowly dissolved into blue sparkling light, till she was just a body in his hand, her hair started to fade and with it her body leaving just air in his arms.

Though her hopes, wishes and believes left with Balthazar, who fought the battle with his friends and family.

But he had known Gabriel had been right, he shouldn't have had waited all that time, now she had been killed and he had blood on his hands and it had brought them nothing but despair.

As the apocalypse was coming once again and the new battlefield with it's old soldiers was about to get dyed red in their blood.


"Hey you okay? We arrived..." Pascal's head was close to his, as she had shoved it through the open door of the Impala.

Everyone except for Balthazar was already in the motel room and as Dean had said, he wouldn't let the douche sleep in his Baby, they had played 'Rock-Paper-Scissors' as to who would get him out of Baby.

Apparently Pascal was bad at the game as she had lost all three rounds.

"You're quite an annoying human..." he muttered shoved her aside and walked out of the car, memories of heaven and how it used to be hunting him.

"So gentlemen... we have a plan?" she asked and Balthazar nodded, "There is a bar, all the victims had been there, you need an invitation and to your luck guys I have one... There is just one condition..." he said and Dean knew this sounded as bad, as it really was.


"This is no condition! This is sexual harassment!" Dean yelled and the others had their fingers in their ears, protecting their ear drums.

"No one said this was an easy job..." Balthazar muttered and Dean threw the shorts at him, "I'm not going to wear this! Not even if hell breaks loose and this is the dress code to survive!" he shouted and Pascal snickered.

"Oh shut up Baby-Doll, will you?! This is not funny!" Dean shouted at the young black haired and she couldn't help herself but to burst into fits of laughter, after she saw Sam coming out from the bathroom.

"You are sure this is the dress code and we have to wear this?" he asked as he tried to move in the tight leather shorts.

"Do you think i wear that for fun!" Balthazar asked back and Gabriel couldn't help himself but to laugh, "Well, the question is, why you are this comfortable in those shorts..."

"Oh shut up, short stack!" Balthazar shot back at the shorter archangel, "Don't fight brothers, this is necessary to solve this case, we understand that Balthazar" Castiel said he seemed unaffected by the leathery second skin, or he just didn't show his discomfort.

"You know i feel like a slave mistress?" Pascal chuckled and held her stomach, as she couldn't help it, Dean had stepped out of the bathroom next.

"Sadly this isn't enough..." Gabriel couldn't help himself, they looked like some sort of S&M Chippendales, "Really?" Pascal asked as she held the ends of the leashes, the other ends were connected to the collars of, Gabriel, Pascal, Castiel, Balthazar, Dean and Sam.

"Oh come on, you enjoy that Baby-Doll don't you?!" Dean hissed and Pascal threw him an annoyed glance, "Yeah right, gay boys in Chippendales clothing, this really makes me so happy!" answered sarcastically.

She gave her company coats, to cover their dressing and the six men and the only girl walked towards the Impala.

"Have fun in the backseat Dean!" Sam chirped as he sat in the passenger's seat, he was way to tall to be cramped in the backseat with three angels.

"Oh, shut up Samantha!" he growled and wanted to lung forward, but Castiel held him back and motioned for him to sit and be silent.

It was just awfully uncomfortable to be cramped in the backseats, tight leather shorts and collars around the neck, pressed against the angel he wished to see the last, even after Gabriel!


"Alice Monrey and her little pets... Welcome in the la maison de l'amour" a man in a black suit said, wearing a venetian mask and led them into the club.

Pascal took the mask the man handed her, before he pushed away the red soft silk curtain, she put it on securing the ribbon of the mask at the back of her head.

"Ready guys?" she asked, the others growled something, except for Gabriel who smirked brightly "Let's rock this bar" he said cheerfully.

Pascal would probably never understand the archangel, but he seemed to never be embarrassed and loved to be in the spotlight.

"Your hands please, i have to stamp them, so you can go in and out for the whole night... Mistress Monrey" a young woman said and stamped the back of the hands of the Team Free Will feat. Balthazar group.

They sat at the bar, or rather Pascal sat, whilst the men were crouched on the floor next to her, the leashes loosely in her hand.

"You have some nice men" a young woman with wavy brown hair said, her chocolate brown eyes were glued to Castiel and Pascal understood immediately, she put her hand in Castiel's hair and grabbed harshly, his head yanked back.

"I know... my favourite... but they are some nasty pets..." Pascal let go of Castiel's hair and he growled from the back of his throat.

The black haired girl could see Dean's eyes glued to the exposed throat of Castiel and the way she had grabbed his hair, but she had the woman to handle at the moment.

"You are new here... I'll be your patron, how about explaining the ways here?" she asked and leaned over her fingers trailing down the arm of Pascal.

"Sure Miss...", "Melody", "Sure Miss Melody" Pascal said again and the other nodded, ordered two drinks for the girls and leaned over again.

"Those pets you have, you can sell them for an hour, the night or the week, to any of the guests here. You can let them play with other pets, or together...Just like you want... But there are challenges, you accept them you have to win them, otherwise the winner decides over you" she explained and she nodded understanding.

"This is Mark and this is K.R" she said as she pointed to her pets, two young blonde men, wearing nothing but latex thongs, Pascal was close to throw up, right into the lap of the young woman, but decided against it.

"Okay these are , Sam and Gabriel they're a pair and they have a cute pair name Sabriel... one can just purchase them together." Pascal said and pointed at Sam and Gabriel, Sam shot her a bitch-face beneath his bangs, so Melody couldn't see.

Gabriel though grinned triumphantly and Dean was close to explode, but he knew she had a plan and for now, they were at her leashes, practically.

"Those are Dean and Castiel... they are a couple and have also a name Destiel, but well Castiel is one little bitch... won't let Dean play with him..." Pascal pouted at that and Dean was about to shove his Smith & Wesson up her ass, but he couldn't say anything right now.

"And this blonde here... he's my favourite Balthazar... he's a wonderful one... animalistic and really a wild one..." Pascal smirked as she put her red high heel on his exposed leg.

"You have quite the handsome people around you... but i took a liking at you" the brown haired said and kissed Pascal full on the lips.

As she pulled away Pascal seemed unfazed, but Balthazar and Gabriel could see the storm in her eyes, she was furious.

"Thanks, but i don't swing that way... my boys are enough" she replied and took the leashes "Pets... let's go" she said and walked away, the others walking behind her in a short distance.


"I wanted to kill you... but I'm too tired to consider that..." Dean said as he was finally in his boxers he slept with and his worn out AC/DC shirt.

"You played your role very well..." Castiel said clothed in his suit once again, his trench coat on the coach of the small apartment, Balthazar had managed for them.

"Thanks..." Pascal was tired, worn out and at the end of her nerves, she had to see people make out, bang each other and try put their filthy hands on her family, but she had been like a tiger and kept them all safe.

They couldn't have lashed out, since it would have attracted attention and who knew if the culprit was actually there for the night.

"This stamp... i have seen it somewhere..." Sam mumbled as he watched the faded stamp on the back of his hand.

"It's the Fleur de lis, in the early 1700's in France courtesan's were marked on their shoulder as such." Pascal said and suddenly Sam was up and running through the apartment.

"Sammy? What's going on? You're noisy as hell..." Gabriel murmured annoyed and cuddled the warm fluffy blanket closer to his body.

Next to him on the huge bed lay Pascal cuddled to his side, she couldn't see or feel but Gabriel had his golden huge wing protectively around her .

"We're screwed... literally..." the youngest Winchester gasped and Dean ran to his side, there were just a few things that made Sam speechless and that this stamp did was no good sign.

Balthazar was bored as hell, so he watched TV and explained to Castiel what was happening in Pirates of the Caribbean, ignoring Samuel Winchester completely.

"I know what the curse is all about... and who cast it... and there are two people here who won't like the outcome... Pas and Cas... I'm really sorry..." he said a hand at his head, the other scrolled through the texts on his laptop screen.


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