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Hey guys! I'm back with another fanfic! This is a romance fanfic about Heath and Abbey, but of course, it's also a humorous one. I like writing stories with some dramatic or romantic parts, but mostly with humorous parts. There will be other pairings included, so read to find out! Okay, enough with the chit-chat, let's go on to the story:

Chapter 1: Do Fire & Ice Mix?

Heath's POV

There she was. The most beautiful ghoul in school. Tall, thin, bitter, cold…all in all I loved that about her. I constantly kept trying to get her to fall in love with me, but all she did was hurt me…physically and mentally.

She would either freeze me, or pin me to the ground. Last week, she pinned me to the ground and froze me.* Then I got detention for a whole month because I burned down the Biteology classroom. But I could never get Abbey Bominable's attention. I kept trying and trying and trying and trying and trying and trying so hard…but nothing!

Abbey was standing at her locker, talking to her friends. I wanted to tell her how I felt about her, but I didn't know how to say it. I've tried to flirt with her so many times, and I've done everything I could possibly try! No one knows how much I like her, but they think I just try to flirt with her.

I usually flirted with other girls, but that changed since I saw Abbey. I had a feeling I had never felt before: love. At that time, I wanted desperately to make her like me back. I took her books and tried to sweet-talk her, but what did she say? "My name not is baby, it is Abbey."

I thought she was trying to be funny, but she took the books back and froze me. There I was, frozen solid, feeling humiliated. I thought I couldn't get any more embarrassed, but it did when I kissed her hand. My lips froze and I said "Glacial facial!" and I could see Frankie trying not to laugh at me. Abbey had no expression on her face.

I decided I was gonna tell Abbey my feelings for her. I walked up to her, walking as cool as I could (which was very cool, by the way).

"Hey, baby." I said. Abbey gave me a cold look and I quickly corrected my mistake. "I mean Abbey."

"What you want?" Abbey asked. I saw her friends look at me.

"Well, you know the Halloween dance is coming up, and I was wondering—" I started, but Abbey stuck her hand out in my face.

"Just stop." Abbey said, and walked away. At least she didn't freeze me. Abbey walked right back up to me and froze me. Bad timing.

Abbey's POV

I am so sick of Heath trying to flirt with me! It is demeaning and he knows I not like it. So why does he keep trying? I not understand love. Every time I hear a monster fall in love, they become very sad and start to cry their eyes out, or they are very happy and begin to dance like baby yak with two legs.

Well, maybe I do like Heath a little bit. Not a lot. I will wait for him to properly ask me to go on date with me. But then what if I like date and want to keep going on dates with him? And he just wants to go on date with Scarah?

I know Heath like Scarah. Frankie told me that when she first came to Monster High, that he like Draculaura. And after she not go on dates with Heath anymore, he like Scarah. Frankie told me that Heath like me. I not believe her.

I made list of reasons why I not like Heath:

1. He haves what monsters up here call "short romances".

2. He is annoying.

3. He does exactly what you not want him to do.

4. He thinks he know everything when he does not.

5. Do I even need to go on?

No. I not need to go on. You see, Heath is what monsters also up here call "players". I believe that means Heath goes on dates with many other ghouls. That is why I not like him. I mean, he is very handsome. That is only reason why I like Heath.

Heath's POV

I was so desperate. I couldn't believe I got rejected again. I wondered if Abbey had a boyfriend, or had a crush on someone. I hoped that if she did have a crush on someone, it would be me.

I mean it would be nice to have a girlfriend for more than a month. The longest relationship I had was with Draculaura, and that was for 2 weeks. I hoped I could be with Abbey longer than that. I could imagine Abbey and I happily married.

We would be living in a big fancy house that looked like a castle. We would have 1 child, a girl named Icy. I think Icy Burns sounds really nice. We could be a very happy family.

But first, I had to get Abbey to notice me. But how was I gonna do that? I began pacing back and forth, and I accidently bumped into Gory, and burned her hair. She screamed in horror.

"HEATH! WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING, YOU FLAMING B—" Gory shouted. I think we all know what she called me.

"Sorry! It was an accident!" I shouted.

"SO YOU ACCIDENTLY BURNED MY HAIR!" Gory screamed at the top of her lungs. Right then, Gory was suddenly soaked with water. Catrine was holding an empty water bottle.

"Thank you, Catherine!" Gory said, and hugged her. Well, tried to hug her. Catrine looked like a statue.

"My name is Catrine! And I hate getting wet! But that doesn't stop me from wet vampires trying to hug me!" Catrine yelled, and pushed Gory away from her. She walked right past me. While she passed me she said,

"Don't EVER burn someone AGAIN!" Catrine shouted. She was acting like I burned her. I followed her as my hand caught fire.

"Heath!" I heard someone yell. Next thing I knew, someone was splashing me with Sprite. I could just hear the laughter. My fire died.

"Quit!" I shouted. When I was able to open my eyes, I saw a ghoul I had never seen before.

"Who are you?!" I screamed.

"Does it matter?" The ghoul said.

"Well, kinda!" I shouted. She opened a can of Coca-Cola and soaked me with it.

"Not to me!"

"What is with you and soaking monsters with soda?" I had to ask.

"Shut up!" The ghoul yelled. She stopped soaking me. "Want me to do it again?"

"No!" I said a little too quickly. She drank the rest of the Coca-Cola in like 10 seconds.

"Dang; How much was there?" I asked.

"Like, almost the whole can…" She said with a Duh... look on her face.

"Do you mind telling me who the heck you are?" I asked.

"Yes, I do mind." She said, whipped her long black hair at me, and walked away. I didn't know what to do, after that, so I walked over to my locker, and there was another ghoul I never saw. She was really fat.

"Hi!" She said to me.

"I don't know you!" I said.

"You don't?" Fatty looked disappointed. She's into me! But I like Abbey.

"No…I don't." I said. She hung her head low, and I opened my locker, and grabbed my Math textbook. The girl handed me a rubber bracelet. It was red.

"Uh…you do know I'm a dude…right?" I asked. She covered her mouth, but I could hear the giggles coming out.

"Of course I do, silly!" The ghoul said.

"So, why'd you give me a bracelet?" I asked. Her tail whipped my locker closed. I had never seen a tail like hers. It was long, blue, and the fins on it were rainbow colored.

"Look at it!" She said. I did. I noticed that some words were engraved on it. It read WeStopHate.

"WeStopHate?" I asked. She nodded.

"That's what I started. It's a website where you try to stop bullying. And, no offense, but according to other monsters at this school, you really need this." She laughed, but for once, it didn't sound anything like the way everyone else laughed. It sounded friendly.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Everyone told me that you were a conceited braggart." She said.

"I know." I sighed. "They always say that to my face."

"Wow…" The ghoul said in almost a whisper, then she walked away. I thought she was nice to me. That was rare. The bell rang for 4th period. I put on the bracelet, and ran into the art room.

Abbey's POV

It was time for art class. I took seat, and waited for art teacher to discuss art.

"Good morning class!" Mrs. Troll, the art teacher said. Everyone sat there, very quiet.

"Okay…so I want you ghouls to do an art project, on different types of art." Mrs. Troll continued.

"Like what?" Skelita Calaveras asked.

"Like, abstract, modern, graffiti, self-portraits, anime, manga, chibi-"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Slow down, lady!" Toralei shouted.

"What did you say?" Mrs. Troll had dead look in her eye.

"I said, 'whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down lady!'" Toralei said. Mrs. Troll still had look.

"Excuse me, ma'am." Toralei said, rolling eyes after long silence.

"Yes, Toralei?"

"What is that manga, anime, and chibi crap?" Toralei asked. Mrs. Troll looked at her for long time.

"Japanese art." She finally said. Toralei turned around to ghoul sitting next to her.

"Why didn't you just tell me?" Toralei said. The ghoul give her Look.

"Because I didn't know!" The ghoul yelled.

"Well, you're from there…"

"I'm from China!" The ghoul had fiery look in her eyes.

"Japanese, Chinese…same thing!"

"No it's not!" The ghoul said.

"Jinafire, just shut up!" Toralei said. So her name is Jinafire.

"Ghouls, please be quiet!" Mrs. Troll yelled. They shut up.

"You monsters will choose a partner to work with. If things don't go right, let me know right away, and I'll change your partner. I will assign the type of art, though. I will write the rules on the board. Now, you choose your partners." Mrs. Troll said. Everyone rushed to find partner. Sadly, me and Heath were the only ones with no partners.

"Um…Mrs. Troll…there is no one else." I said. Mrs. Troll laughed.

"Heath doesn't have a partner." Mrs. Troll said. I gulped.

"Yeah…he do have partner. He's with…Scarah and HooDude!" I said.

"What?" Scarah said.

"Huh?" HooDude said.

"I say…" I said in ghetto accent. "…Heath is your partner!" I walked toward Heath like a fat ballerina and pushed him to Scarah and HooDude. They both gasped. Scarah gave me evil look.

"Nice, try, Abbey." Mrs. Troll said. I walked up to teacher's desk.

"Mrs. Troll…I will NOT be Heath Burn's partner, no matter what you say! You not force me to be partners with him when you not assign partners, so why you force me to be his partner?" I said, and stamp foot hard on ground. "I. NOT. BE. HEATH'S. PARTNER!"

~5 Minutes Later~

"I not believe Mrs. Troll made me your partner." I growled at Heath. He had goofy grin as he played with paint, splashing some all over me. I was now blue and purple.

"I not like you at all!" I yelled. Heath gave me paper towel. I took whole paper towel roll and wiped myself. Then I froze Heath.

So, what do you think of the first chapter? Like Clawdeen Gets Sick, this story is random. I need 5 reviews before I can upload the second chapter. SO PUHLEASE REVIEW! BTW, the ghoul that splashed soda all over Heath was Skelita Calaveras and "Fatty" is Grimmily Anne McShmiddlebopper. The next chapter WILL include some drama (SPOILER ALERT: Cleo gets angry with Deuce because of his art project partner. The first person to guess who his art partner is will get a shout out!).

*That was mentioned in Clawdeen Gets Sick.