It was a stormy day at the temple. As such, everyone was off doing their own things.

Urd had decided to sleep in, and was only recently waking up. She sat down to watch the tv, Only to find it missing. Her first instinct was to call Skuld and demand what she did with the tv. But rather than do that, she decided to see if someone else had taken the tv.

She found Keiichi in his room. He was going through some old things that his parents had sent him. If he was unlucky, his parents had sent an old photo album or two.

'Maybe there's a few embarrassing pictures he doesn't want me to see... Which means I have to look...' Urd thought to herself, with a smile.

When Urd found Belldandy, she was on the phone with Peorth, catching up on some of the latest news and reports.

'Knowing Bell, she probably asked not to hear the rumors, especially the juicy ones... I'll call Peorth later and see if they're any new ones.' Urd thought, as she began to march to Skuld's room.

"SKULD! What are you doing with the tv? I thought we agreed it was off limits, unless as a prize!" Urd yelled.

"Hold your horses! Get Bell and Keiichi and go wait in the living room! It'll be about five minutes! You won't be sorry!" Skuld yelled back.

Urd was about to bust in, but Sigel and Banpei were blocking the door. Weighing her choices, Urd decided to go get Belldandy and Keiichi and wait. Skuld had been getting whinier about Banpei getting blown apart.

'But then again, that's what you get for putting a self-destruct device in everything you build. Not my fault with your choice of fuses...' Urd thought.


A few minutes later, Keiichi, Belldandy, and Urd were waiting in the living room. Keiichi asked about the tv, and Urd responded with "Skuld." The tone in her voice made Keiichi decide not to ask.

Skuld and Sigel walked in. Banpei followed, while wheeling in a cart with a large white cloth over something the size of the tv Skuld took.

"Behold! My newest creation!" Skuld loudly said, as she took the cloth off the cart."A what-if Machine!"

As for looks, the tv really didn't look that much different, save for the microphone off the right side of the tv and the vacuum tubes on the top. Curiously, there was a printer attached to the left side.

"Where shall I start?" Skuld asked.

"Can it still get my shows?" Urd asked.

"Not at the moment, But that's beside the point." Skuld answered. Before Urd could yell at Skuld, Belldandy spoke up.

"Do you have a license to make and own that device?" Belldandy asked.

"There's license to make those?" Keiichi asked, wondering if he should run for cover.

"Recreation machines that are used for viewing alternate possibilities require a license to own or make. Too many poor souls spent their entire lifetime watching what could be and what could have been, instead of living what they can." Belldandy explained.

"So why build them?" Keiichi asked. He still wondered if he should find some cover.

"Mostly to see if I can create one with the most function out of the fewest parts. That and boredom. Bit of a challenge, but not much." Skuld said with a shrug. "And to answer your question, I did get the license."

"Did you take the 'use a tv as a base' idea for the machine from Fut-" Urd asked before Skuld interrupted.

"I refuse to answer that question. Why don't we see a few alternate possibilities, for both past, present, and future?" Skuld said.

"What if we don't have any questions?" Urd asked.

"Then just say random scenario. It'll make something up." Skuld answered.

"Hey, Where's Banpei and Sigel?" Keiichi asked.

Everyone looked around. And indeed, Banpei and Sigel were nowhere to be found.

"Banpei is probably chasing Sigel." Belldandy said.

"Either that, or they both knew Skuld's latest device would go boom." Urd muttered.

"HEY! This won't explode, you baka! Skuld shouted. Urd dodged the flying words, further annoying Skuld.

"You managed to resist putting in a self-destruct device? I'm so proud of you." Urd said, with a smile.

"Mainly because I don't want to watch anything on Keiichi's black and white tv. It's too small." Skuld muttered.

Keiichi grumbled to himself.

"What was that, Keiichi?" Belldandy asked. Skuld was too busy making sure the tv would work to pay any attention to Keiichi. While Urd, on the other hand, was too busy debating either decide what possibilities she wanted to see or to simply punish Skuld for messing with the tv.

"The tv in my room is a classic. Besides, it works just fine." Keiichi muttered reluctantly.

"Alright, I made the final adjustments for now. What will be the first question?" Skuld cheerfully said.


A thanks to Paladin313 for beta-reading this chapter