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"Does anyone need to do something before we watch the alternate question?" Urd asked, looking around the room. Seeing that no one needed to do anything, She then asked, "What-if Machine, show us the conclusion of the previous question.

The screen went fuzzy before showing an image.

As Urd and Keiichi were wandering around the hotel while Chieko was making lunch. Urd had told Keiichi she put a few wards on herself and him that would let them know if Chieko was watching them with the warning being a twitch at the sides of their necks

"So what are you planning on doing?" Keiichi asked in a low whisper.

"Well, I kinda plan on you asking her what promise was made and then working from there," Urd replied in a equally low whisper. "If it's nothing harmful, can you fulfill the promise?"

He thought for a moment or two. With a slight shrug, he said, "Sure, but if it's not safe, what are you going to do?"

Urd let out a small chuckle. "Grab you and get you outta here. Then come back to exorcise her. I got a special program for it."

"Program? Huh, I though you'd use a spell or something..." Keiichi muttered.

"It is. Look, the full explanation is a bit too long, but involves something like a supercomputer that organizes and runs the universe. So a spell would be..." Urd said, trailing off to look at Keiichi and then waiting for Keiichi to finish her statement.

"A program. Huh... so how would your exorcism spell work on her?" Keiichi asked, as the two reached the top of the stairs in the lobby.

"Well, it will... It just will, you don't need to worry about it," Urd replied, as a large sweatdrop appeared on the back of her head as she just realized that her exorcism program was still only made to effect demons and nothing else. 'Dammit, can't believe I've been putting that off.'

Urd grew slightly annoyed when Keiichi looked at her with a mix of pity and worry. However, before either could say anything, both felt a twitch at the sides of their necks as they heard Chieko's voice call out, "Lunch is ready, Hotaro-no-Suke!"

Urd's eyes narrowed a bit. True, the case at hand needed Keiichi a bit more than her, Urd still didn't like being ignored.

Keiichi started down the stairs, but briefly stopped when he noticed Urd wasn't going down with him. He looked up and asked, "Are you going with me or wander around?"

She took a deep breath before she said, "Don't worry, I'll come with you."

She followed after him as he made his way to the dining room. While Urd was calming down, she thought, 'C'mon Urd! You don't have to be the center of attention! Let'm distract her as you figure out the way to finish this job!'

Cheiko was standing by the table, which had several plates on it. Urd guessed that there was enough for both her and Keiichi to it. The goddess thought to herself with a smirk, 'I guess being a housekeeper and a maid comes over petty jealousy...'

After Urd and Keiichi sat down and said Itadaki-masu, Urd was the first one to try the food.

"Wow, This is almost as good as my sister's! And she's practically unmatched!" Urd said, genuinely surprised at how good it tasted.

"Thank you, miss. Would either of you like anything to drink?" Chieko asked, as she continued to look at Keiichi like a love-struck schoolgirl.

"Maybe some water?" Keiichi asked.

"Some wine for me!" Urd quickly said.

"Very well. I apologize, but it will take me a little bit to get some wine," Chieko said with a slight bow before she left.

"Are you sure about that, Urd?" Keiichi asked. "Wouldn't you rather be sober?"

Urd sighed before she said, "Does it matter? If she wanted me to pass out, it wouldn't matter if I drank water or not. Besides, I get some of my magic power recharged from booze, so it's a good thing if I drink a little bit."

"If you say so..." Keiichi muttered.

Chieko came back, carrying a tray that had a pitcher of water, a bottle of wine, and several glasses.

As Chieko put the tray down, Urd gave Keiichi a glance that said, 'ask her!'

Keiichi looked over at a smiling Chieko and asked, "Chieko, what was the promise that was made?"

Chieko let out a huff before she said, "You promised that you'd give me a ride around the lake after you would come back with some spare parts for your motorcycle that you left her, Hotaro-no-Suke. It's still here in the cellar."

"Huh... I'll give the motorcycle a look and see what parts I need to fix it," Keiichi said. He looked over at the goddess and asked, "Urd, will you be able to get whatever parts I need?"

Urd nodded. "Sure. I know a few people that can get the parts that you might need,"

'I'll ask Bell to get them from Skuld. Shame he's a bit too old for her. Skuld and Keiichi seem liked they might be a good match,' Urd thought as she poured herself a glass. She quickly looked Keiichi over as she thought. 'Then again, my last few dates went south. So maybe I've been looking in the wrong places...'

Chieko smiled like a child who'd been told that they'd be getting presents the very next day. When Keiichi looked back, she tried to hide her smile. He had gotten a glimpse , though.

'Chieko's kinda cute when she smiles...' Keiichi thought.


When Urd and Keiichi finished eating, Chieko led them down to the cellar. There. Keiichi stood with his jaw dropped.

"My god... Its... Its... It's an Brough Superior! The Rolls Royce of Motorcycles!" Keiichi exclaimed as he rushed over and began looking it over. He briefly stopped and turned around. Chieko was standing just behind him and Urd was leaning against the door. He asked, "What's it doing here?"

"It belongs to you, you know. You left it here when it broke down," Chieko answered as she leaned down. "And if you can fix it, you can take it with you. Whenever you want."

"..Thanks.." Keiichi replied, smiling a bit.

"Only..." Chieko said, "When it's ready, take me on a ride. Once around the lake. That was your promise to me."

"Fair enough. I will. " Keiichi answered. Inwardly, he was thinking, 'On one hand, I feel kinda guilty. I'm pretending to be some guy and I'm getting a damn good motorcycle out of it. On the other hand, it's to put her to rest...'

Urd noticed the slight discomfort Keiichi had, So while pointing to out of the room, she asked, "Chieko, I need to speak with you about a few things in another room."

Chieko looked at Keiichi, who was already inspecting the Brough Superior. She said, "Hotaru-no-Suke? If you need anything just call out for me."

"If I do, I will," Keiichi replied. Chieko and Urd left the room.

Once in another room of the cellar, Urd asked, " So Chieko, After the bike ride, what are you planning on doing?"

Chieko's smile turned a bit sad. A moment later, she replied. "Probably pass on, unless he wants me to stay. He's just as kind as he was back then."

Urd studied Chieko, looking for any sign of her lying. When she didn't find any, Urd muttered, "Fine, but I'm holding you to that."

"Urd? Can you call one of the people you were talking about? I know what parts I need!" Keiichi's voice called out.

Urd smirked and mouthed the words, 'he called for me before he called for you'. Chieko puffed out her cheeks in a childish way as she followed Urd to Keiichi.

"So what parts do you need?" Urd asked.

"Well, for starters, the Magneto's busted, So ask for a CDI and a coil. And then I'm going to need-" Keiichi said as he started to stand up before Urd held her hands up.

"Woah-woah-woah! I get the feeling you're probably better off asking the person on the phone, rather than using me as the middle man," Urd said. She put her hands back down,

Keiichi looked briefly annoyed as he said, "If you say so."

"I kinda think you'll enjoy talking to her. She's my younger sister. Her name's Skuld and she's a bit of a marvel when it comes to anything mechanical," Urd said, as she walked out of the room and to where she last saw a phone. "Just don't tell her I said that. She's got a big ego about it."

'Why do I get the feeling that could be said about you with something else for some reason?' Keiichi thought with a bit of a smirk.

Once the trio had gotten to a phone, Urd dialed. When someone finally picked up, Urd said, "Hey, Bell. It's Urd. Are you with Skuld?"


"Ah, good. Listen. I"m going to put someone else on, They need some parts that Skuld probably has. So I'll be near a mirror and you hand them to me."


"Yes, they know I'm a goddess. I recruited them to help me with a job."


"I asked."


Urd sighed for a moment before handing the phone to Keiichi.

"Here you go. Just tell Skuld what parts you need." Urd said.

"I will," Keiichi replied. He held the phone up and said, "Hello, is anyone there?"

"I'm Skuld. " A voice asked, sounding a tad suspicious, as if expecting a prank. "Who are you?"

"I'm Keiichi." Keiichi replied.

Before Keiichi could say any more, Skuld said, "Big sis said you needed some parts. So what are you working on?"

"A type of motorcycle. A Brough Superior." Keiichi answered.

"Can't say I'm familiar with it, but I've never been on Earth before," Skuld said. Her tone got less suspicious and seemed to sound like she was getting cheerful "So what parts?"

Keiichi smiled, "Well, I'm going to need..."

After Keiichi told her what parts and various other things he would need to get the Brough Superior working, he decided on some small talk while Urd was getting the parts out of a nearby mirror. Chieko watched Urd with surprise and wonder.

'What is she? How can she get things from a mirror?' Chieko thought. After a few moments, she then thought, 'It doesn't matter. She's helping fulfill the promise. As long as that is done, she is whatever she wants to be.'

"So Skuld, besides machines, what else are you interested in?" Keiichi asked, after seeing that he didn't need to help Urd.

"Ice cream." Skuld quickly replied.

"Well, should you ever wind up on Earth, I'll treat you to some. Nearby Nekomi tech, a soft serve ice cream place opened up recently." Keiichi said.

"Re-really?! I'll hold you to that!" Skuld said, sounding surprised and a bit in disbelief.

Before Keiichi could say anything, Urd called out, "Got the parts!"

Keiichi covered the phone for a moment before he said, "I'll get them in a second!"

He uncovered the phone and said, "Don't worry, you can trust me to keep my word."

"If you say so. Bye!" Skuld said before quickly hanging up on her end.

Keiichi put the phone back and then walked over to Urd. As he picked up the parts, he asked, "Urd, is there any soft serve ice cream in heaven?

"Nope. No one bothered to try and invent it before someone created on Earth and then there never was enough demand for it. It really bothers Skuld," Urd answered. "I take it you invited her to some?"

Keiichi nodded as she began to head back to the Brough Superior.

Urd chuckled for a moment. "I should probably warn you that she'll show up in a few days, all because you did that."

"It's not like she's going to eat out the ice cream parlor... Right?" Keiichi asked, sounding unsure. Urd laughing only served to make him more worried.

"Hotaru-no-Suke, will you need any help?" Chieko asked, as she started to follow after Keiichi.

"Not really. Just make sure I don't get so involved with repairing the Brough Superior that I forget to eat," Keiichi said.

"Alright!" Chieko answered.


The repairs had taken a day. Even though they didn't speak much to each other, Urd and Chieko didn't leave each other when Keiichi was around. It was mostly out of distrust.

While she was thankful for Urd's help in repairing the motorcycle, Chieko still thought that Urd was trying to snatch away Keiichi. Urd was worried that Chieko might do something with Keiichi, like possess him or put him in a trance for the rest of his days.

However, Keiichi enjoyed talking with either of the girls. He got a laugh out of hearing about some of Urd's pranks an he enjoyed Chieko's tales of when the mountain in had more business. And even though he wouldn't admit it, he was starting to have a bit of a crush on them. Then again, it was kind of his paradise at the moment. Working on a motorcycle that he had an eye on, talking with pretty girls, and not having to worry about being anyone's servant.

Urd noted that Keiichi worked on the motorcycle with a large amount of enjoyment and vigor, kind of like when she was trying out a new potion. Briefly, she pondered if she should try out creating a new fuel for his motorcycle or for one of Skuld's inventions.

At the moment, Urd and Chieko were heading towards the cellar to let Keiichi know that it was lunch time, Urd thought to herself, 'Chieko and Keiichi kind of seem like they'd make for a good couple, but she's too hung up on her previous love. So it'd never work.'

The two stopped when Keiichi walked out of the cellar and said, "Ah good. The Brough Superior is repaired and ready for our ride, Chieko."

Once again, Chieko glomped Keiichi. He was sorta-ready for it this time, only needing to take a few steps back.

"Thank you, Hotaro-no-Suke!" Chieko cried out. Keiichi swore he few her cry a little bit.

"You're welcome. I just need to get the Brough Superior out and then we can go for our ride," Keiichi said, returning the hug a little bit. He still felt bad for seemingly pretending to be someone else.

As she and Urd followed after Keiichi, Chieko thought, 'Your reincarnation is just as gentle and caring as when we met, Hotaro-no-Suke...'

After Keiichi got on the Brough Superior, he asked, "Ready, Chieko?"

"Yes. Yes, I have for a long time..." She replied as she got on behind him.

Urd watched as Keiichi rode away. She felt a bit jealous of Chieko, who was hugging Keiichi.

'I hope it's as wonderful as you've dreamed it would be, Chieko...' Urd thought with a slight frown.

Unknown to the three, the owner of the hotel had decided to find out why the people that had rented the place had left. The old, but still very able, owner was very surprised to find that Keiichi was still there and had gotten the Brough Superior working again. He was even more surprised to see that the former housekeeper was on the Brough Superior behind Keiichi.

"What is going on... here?" he muttered to himself, trailing off when he noticed that Chieko was.. fading away. "She was a ghost? So your grandkid helped her pass on, Taro... Heh. It seems like your kind heart skips a generation..."

Keiichi stopped near Urd. She spotted that he seemed kinda... sad.

"Keiichi, don't be so sad. You helped her pass on and you helped finish the promise that was made so long ago," Urd said as she put a hand on Keiichi's shoulder.

"Yes, you completed a promise that your grandpa made with Chieko before she died. That's something to feel proud of," The hotel owner said, scaring Keiichi and Urd a little bit. "Heh, scared you two, didn't I?"

"Hey, Yamato. What brings you here?" Keiichi asked as he got off the Brough Superior.

"Well, I own the place and wanted to learn why your little club left a day ago," Yamato answered, before the roar of several vehicles were heard coming in.

While Keiichi was trying to come up with an excuse, Urd said, "It was a Shinnentai. Chieko's desire to have promise completed created one."

"Ah, and so Taro's grandkid helped out," Yamato said. "Therefore, There is one reward that I can give you and you cannot refuse it."

"What is it?" Keiichi asked, sounding curious.

"I'm thinking of giving you the mountain hotel and the Brough Superior," Yamato answered with a smile that seemed directed at Urd a little bit. "I'm sure you and your lady friend can take care of the place."

"But I'm going to Nekomi tech! This is too far out of the way!" Keiichi cried out, sounding a bit panicked.

Urd, however, noticed Yamato's grin and asked. "What's with that smile, Old man?"

"Your marks kind of reminds me of Anzazu's. That's all." Yamato said. "Well, I'll go talk with your little club when they arrive, Keiichi and find out why they left you behind."

Yamto looked over at Urd. "As for you, miss, I kinda hope you stay, but if you don't, I'll give Keiichi the Brough Superior for now and the Mountain hotel when he's able to take care of it."

He then began to leave. Urd wanted to follow after him to learn why he knew about Anzazu, but she looked over at Keiichi, who seemed a touch more sad.

"That's right, you're leaving as well..." Keiichi muttered. He then put on a brave face and said, "Well, it was nice meeting you. I'll probably see you again when Skuld appears for ice cream."

"Yeah, guess so..." Urd muttered as she rubbed the back of her head. A part of her wanted to reward the guy for pretty much doing most, if not all of her job at dealing with he Shinnentai. "Tell you what. I'll give Heaven another call and see if I can grant you a wish."

"You can do that?" Keiichi asked, sounding surprised.

"Well, there's a special division or three that grants wishes. Due to me begin the System admin of Heaven, I can do in a pinch," Urd answered as she and Keiichi walked in the mountain Hotel to use the phone. She picked up the phone and dialed.

"Hello. Need to speak with whoever is in charge of wishes... I'd like to grant Keiichi Morisato one," Urd said.




"Are you-... look, I was calling to get permission to grant him one because he was a big help with the Shinnenai job."


"Alright, thanks. See you when I can." Urd said before hanging up. She looked over at Keiichi. "It seems that you're overdue for a wish, Keiichi. For some reason, You've been on the evaluation list longer than what was expected..."

Keiichi blinked his eyes a few times before asking, "What are you talking about?"

"Keiichi, there's an evaluation list for possible candidates for a wish. If I had to guess, it was probably misplaced paperwork that caused the delay for your wish," Urd said. "So let's go outside and talk your wish over."

"Why outside?" Keiichi asked.

"Big light show when I send in the wish," Urd replied as the two walked outside and then around the hotel to the side.

"How big are we talking about?" Keiichi asked.

"Well, usually, it's a big pillar of light. Sometimes it's just a flash." Urd answered with a shrug.

"Okay..." Keiichi muttered.

"Before you go and make a wish, let's talk about what it might be," Urd said, holding up a finger to silence Keiichi when he opened his mouth to say the first wish that came to mind. So they talked.

Becoming rich and having the skills to keep it? Rejected on the grounds that Keiichi always have the feeling that he didn't earn any of it. Urd tried to argue that he could always donate most of it to charities, but he still refused, saying that it still wouldn't feel right.

Immortality and eternal health? Rejected because of he would still see others die. That and the risk of some shadow government kidnapping him to discover the secret of his immortality.

Becoming the fast racer wasn't even considered by either of them. Keiichi wanted his skill to be his own and hardwon. And Urd didn't like the idea of shortcuts when it came to skills that someone enjoyed.

Revenge? Rejected because Keiichi didn't want to hurt anyone, even if it was someone he didn't like.

"I need a smoke..." Keiichi muttered, taking out a cigarette and lighting it.

"Well, you could always wish for me to be by your side. Sure, the road would bet difficult, weird, and strange, but you'd never be alone on it," Urd said as Keiichi put the cigarette in his mouth.

Keiichi seemed to ignore her, as he paused for a second to inhale slowly, holding the smoke in his mouth for a few seconds letting it go before looking at Urd and saying, "Don't you have better things to do than being with a guy like me?"

"Eh, not really. I actually enjoyed our time together here," Urd replied. "So how about it?"

"... I don't know... It kinda seems like I don't deserve it..." Keiichi muttered looking away from Urd. She narrowed her eyes.

"Keiichi, life is giving you a great motorcycle, a excellent place to live, and a hot goddess by your side. Accept it, dammit!" Urd loudly grumbled as she put her hands on her hips.

Keiichi chuckled a little bit as he took the cigarette out of his mouth. "Heh. Sure why not?"

Urd smirked a little bit before she said, "So make the wish already."

"I wish that you'd be my my side as long and whenever you wanted, Urd." Keiichi said.

He watched as Urd floated up, her head looking towards the sky, a bright beam of light came from the symbol on her forehead. He dropped his cigarette in shock as he watched. Luckily, he stepped on it when he went to grab Urd when the Beam of light vanished and she started to fall.

She opened her eyes and said with a smile, "Congrats, you got your wish, Keiichi."

The screen went blank.

"Well, That was interesting. It seems that Chieko's different attitude was simply because Keiichi had walked in with anger," Lind said, sounding a little amused or relieved.

Chrono nodded in agreement.

"Ah I had nearly forgotten that you once smoked, Keiichi..." Belldandy said.

"Well, I kinda stopped because it didn't seem right to do it around you..." Keiichi said, rubbing the back of his head while Skuld was looking at Keiichi in shock.

"You smoked? You actually smoked?" Skuld asked, looking like she was having a hard time comprehending it as she pointed at Keiichi.

"Yes. I once did, but not anymore," Keiichi answered, sounding a touch unsure. 'Out of everything we all faced, it's me smoking that gets her like this?'

"Yes, Skuld, he once did. There is no need to act like that," Belldandy said, as she put a hand on Skuld's shoulder to try and calm her down. "And Keiichi, it really didn't bother me if you continued to smoke or not."

"Oh... Well... Huh..." Keiichi muttered.

"Urd? Your thoughts?" Lind asked, getting everyone's attention on the platinum-haired goddess.

"No one else is concerned that in the video, Yamato knew about Anzazu?" Urd asked. Everyone paused and thought about it for a few seconds.

"That is strange... I wonder how they met and what did they do together?" Belldandy asked.

"Perhaps they met while she was on a mission and they became fire-forged friends?" Chrono suggested.

"Perhaps... I just wonder what kind of mission that it was for Yamato to trust Urd on sight because of her goddess marks?" Lind asked.

"Before we speculate any more, Urd, what are your thoughts about the pairing of yourself and Keiichi?" Peorth asked. "As for myelf, I kind of liked it."

Everyone looked at Urd once again. Taking a glance at Belldandy, Urd noted that the Norn of the present had managed to make her expression unreadable.

After a few moments, Urd decided that if she was to upset Belldandy, she'd rather be damned for speaking the truth. "Well, it was kinda nice. Some parts I didn't like and thought they were out of character for everyone involved, but over all, it was enjoyable and I kinda want to see more in the future."

Belldandy smiled, removing a lot of the anxiety that Urd was feeling before the Norn of the present spoke. "Yes, these are enjoyable. Well, shall we go for our walk, Keiichi?"

"Sure," Keiichi said, as he stood up and followed her out of the temple.


In the abandoned arcade...

"Well, that was interesting. Your thoughts, girls?" Chibi-Hild asked.

"Well, I wonder how Skuld will be in the future of that scenario. Will she look up to Keiichi as a big brother or will she try to make a move on him for herself? He is good with machines. Not as good as she is, but good enough that if she were older, they'd be dating." Mokkurkalfi answered.

Mara had her arms crossed in anger as she was looking at the floor."...Whole thing was dumb."

"Oh... That reminds me. How would your determination to break them up be in that scenario?" Mokkurkalfi asked, sounding curious, if a bit mocking as well.

"Does it really matter? Mara probably would have the same amount of success there as she does here, only Urd is far more willing to retaliate than Belldandy is. So nothing would really change," Chibi-Hild stated. She enjoyed Mara's very brief death glare. After giving Mara one in return, Chibi-Hild thought to herself, 'One thing that I wonder is how would they act if they somehow manage to get to the Judgment gate? Would they pass? Would they fail? Or would Urd decide to break off the relationship, choosing to have it end on her terms instead of the gate's? Perhaps they might even pass through it without any problems whatsoever?'


Author's note – A round of thanks to D.J. Scales's and Hin247's for asking the question for this chapter.

I'd like to thank vanagandr and IdiAmeanDada for being big helps with this chapter.

This was a surprisingly fun chapter to write and one of the few that I'd really like to continue. All of the chapters and stories in this I'd like to continue, but some more than others. The Skuld the wishgranter is a bit of a favorite, but needs better planning. The Cat girl virus chapters are a hoot to write. The Hild and Keiichi chapter has the potential to have the Norns in an antagonist role. Sure, a number of people would have problems with that premise, but an equal number would say that it'd be kinda fun to read and write if done well.

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Norner's fic, 'Of Mortals and Monsters'


Davner's fic, 'Second Dawn'