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"So what next?" Urd asked as Belldandy and Keiichi walked in.

"Hopefully something pleasant before I go to make dinner," Belldandy said as she and Keiichi came in and sat down.

"I know just the thing!" Peorth cheered. "What-If machine, what if I was the goddess that granted Keiichi's wishes?"

Urd and Skuld slapped their forehead, while Lind closed her eyes and shook her head as she pinched the bridge of her nose.

The screen went fuzzy before showing an image.

A beautiful brunette woman was on vacation in Nekomi because a sometimes-friend told her that the place would be both interesting and boring all at once to her. She was wearing a white blouse, a blue jacket, and a dark blue dress.

At the moment, she was drinking tea and pondering what to do on her vacation. A few times, she observed some people from Nekomi Institute of Technology perform a few pranks. One prank involved doing something to the machines at a laundromat. She suspected that either the machines' controls were altered or that the students put in dyes into the machines.

Another prank involved painting buildings and putting up props to make the town resemble something out a scene of an American movie that was set in the future. From what she learned from flirting with a student, the movie involved a delorean and the year 2015. That had gotten a lot of complaints from a lot of the elder citizens who liked the way their town usually looked.

There were a few other pranks, but most had her scratching her head, wondering why the students hadn't been arrested.

She was roused out of her thoughts when the tea shop door opened. A short young man walked in, dressed in some really unfashionable clothes, though the feeling that he was a kind person could easily be detected by the woman. Though he did seem familiar.

'Was he one of the students who were pranking the town?... No, doesn't jog my memory... Might as well talk with him and see if I know somewhere,' The woman thought as she watched him order some Ashwagandha tea. When he looked around for a place to sit, she waved at him and said, "If you don't mind a chat, you can sit at this table."

The man smiled as he took his tea and walked over to her.

"Thanks, miss. I'm Keiichi Moritsato," The man said as he sat down.

"Well, Morisato, I'm Peorth," The woman said.

"Sooo what do you want to talk about?" Keiichi asked, blushing a little.

'My, my... I'm so tempted to tease him...' Peorth thought with a grin. "Let's talk about ourselves for a little bit. I'm currently on vacation. My job usually has me helping the unfortunate."

Keiichi took a deep breath and sipped some of his tea before he nervously said, "Well, I'm currently going to classes at Nekomi Institute of Technology..."

Peorth's eyes widened a little bit as she asked, "So were you ever involved in a few pranks that I've seen in the last few days?"

Keiichi panicked a little, waving his hands and shaking his head as he said, "No no no! I've been at the campus, pretty much either studying or waiting besides the phone, waiting for a call for one of my roommates that had somewhere to go."

He looked down at the ground as he muttered, "That sounds more pathetic than I thought it would sound..."

He felt Peorth's hand on his shoulder.

"Morisato, don't be so down on yourself" Peorth said. 'Though going by the feeling you're giving off, that's going to be a hard habit to break..'

"Why? I'm short and barely anyone notices me unless they want something.." Keiichi muttered, looking a tad annoyed, though still a bit depressed.

"You're better than you think you are, Morisato," Peorth replied.

"You don't know anything about me. We just met," Keiichi said with a slight glare.

"I apologize if I offended you," Peorth said, as she retracted her hand away from Keiichi. "I'm rather new to Japan."

Keiichi gained a bit of a blank expression on his face as he asked, "Well, would you like me to show you around Nekomi?"

Peorth smiled as she said, "I'd like that, Morisato. Even if I might have visited it, some things are better with another person."


While they were leaving the Tea shop, Keiichi thought, 'Gotta figure out a few good places to show here... Maybe one of the parks? The theme park around here? A movie theater?'

He slumped over a little bit as he thought, 'Chances are she already visited any place I can think of...'

"Morisato, let's go there!" Peorth said as she hugged his arm and pointed to a park across the street. Keiichi recognized the park as one that had a lake and some paddle-powered boats for people to ride on the lake.

"You sure about that?" Keiichi asked, getting a bit nervous as they crossed the street.

"C'mon! If we go on one of the boats, I'll tell you a little bit about how I help people!" Peorth said.

"Can't we do that somewhere else?" Keiichi asked.

"I wanted to go on the boats a day or two ago, but I was told they were for couples only..." Peorth grumbled with a slight pout. Keiichi kind of found it cute.


After paddling out a bit on the lake, Peorth was looking around a bit, taking in the sight.

"I don't care what the others say, there's something one can only find here..." Peorth said.

"You mean they don't have boats like this where you're from?" Keiichi asked, slightly worried that Peorth might lean out and turn over the boat, getting them both wet.

"Yes, most saw them as pointless..." Peorth said, catching herself before she said, "because why take a paddle-powered boat when you can float over the lake?"

Had she said that, she risked breaking one of the conditions for her vacation on Earth, revealing her true nature to a human. And that would have brought a fairly big punishment, possibly even a demotion.

"Well, don't let whoever thinks that stop you from enjoying it now," Keiichi said, noticing Peorth had closed her mouth a bit too quickly and looked a bit panicked.

"Yeah, I-I shouldn't..." Peorth said, smiling a bit in hopes that he would be distracted by her beauty and wouldn't ask too many question that might lead her into getting into trouble.

"Besides, it is kinda peaceful and being on a boat like this has a bit of a charm..." Keiichi said. It took a moment or two, but he watched Peorth relax a little.

Peorth nodded before she said, "Perhaps we should go to an aquarium when we're done having fun here?"

'Bit of a water theme I'm detecting...' Keiichi thought. "Kinda sounds like we'd be going on a date..."

Peorth's smile gain a bit of a mischievous gleam to it as she asked, "Perhaps... You're kinda cute. Do you have any problems with going on a date with me?"

Keiichi blushed quite a bit and waved his hands in a placating manner as he quickly said, "I-I-I have no problems! I'd actually be very glad to!"

"That's good to hear," Peorth said as she looked forward and began to paddle. 'True, you're not my type, but I've been having a long string of failures as of late. Perhaps I've been setting my standards a bit too high?'

'She's not Sayoko, but she's still pretty hot...' Keiichi thought as he did the same. He slumped a bit as he thought, 'Bit of a shame she's only here on vacation... I'd really be tempted to ask if she wants to go on a few more dates of even if she wants to be my girlfriend.'


After they brought the boat back, The two went to a nearby aquarium, courtesy of Keiichi's Beemer.

After Keiichi pulled in, he asked, "Alright, let's go get tickets."

"Actually, I have a couple with me," Peorth said as she left the side-car.

"Really? Huh... I'm sorry if-" Keiichi said before Peorth silenced him by putting a finger on his lips.

"Morisato, don't apologize, you did nothing wrong," Peorth said as she took her finger away from Keiichi. "Let's just enjoy our excursion here."

She then began to walk away, stopping briefly to say, "And if we do enjoy our time here together, I wouldn't mind going on a date with you."

She then walked away with a bit of a swagger in her hips, one aimed to get Keiichi to look at a certain part of her.

'Things seem to be looking up for me...' Keiichi thought as he followed after her.

As they traveled in the aquarium, someone ahead of them was pointing out some of the fish.

"Look, it's a pair of those romantic kissing fish! I ...think they're mating?" A rather-plain guy asked, pointing at a pair of fish that seemed to be kissing.

His date, a lady in Gothic Lotita clothing, shook her head before she said, "No, they're Kissing Gourami. They're both male and they're fighting over territory."

The guy seemed to deflate a bit. "Kinda takes the romantic feeling outta it..."

As Keiichi and Peorth stopped by the kissing Gourami, she leaned in towards the fishtank and looked at the fish in question. She thought to herself, 'They are pink and do seem like they are puckering for a kiss. Then again, it barely was over 100 years ago and pink was considered a masculine color in a few places on this planet.'

"Huh... Didn't know that about the fish... Megumi's gonna get a bit upset with me if I tell her that..." Keiichi said as he watched the couple leave.

"Hn? Whose Megumi?" Peorth asked, looking at Keiichi.

"She's my sister. Bit of a tomboy, but has a bit of a romantic side," Keiichi answered. Peorth chuckled a little bit.

"Everyone has a romantic side, but displays it differently, Morisato," Peorth said.

Keiichi rubbed the back of his head as he thought about Peorth's words. "I guess... So what were you thinking about, Peorth?"

"Merely some trivia that was unimportant," Peorth said. She latched onto Keiichi's arm and then said, "Let's continue on our trip in this aquarium!"

Keiichi smiled and nodded.

The screen went blank.

Peorth looked nonplussed.

"I didn't get what I asked..." Peorth muttered as she crossed her arms and pouted.

"Aw, is Peorth upset because things are moving too slow?" Urd asking in a mocking tone.

Before Peorth could respond, Lind asked, "Peorth, just because things are moving slower than you expected, doesn't mean that it is a bad thing. Would you prefer to reenact everything Belldandy did, to the point where there would be no point in watching more because we'd know what would happen already?"

Urd snorted at that thought, "Do you think that she acts the same way as Belldandy? And even then he freaked out. Who knows how he would react with her choice of clothes on top of that."

"That is something I tried to tell her bef.." stared Lind only to have Peorth interrupt her.

"Giving fashion advices during a crisis doesn't count", then turning to Urd "and you're not one to talk about modesty either!". After calming down a bit, Peorth looked at the ground as she thought about the date. She leaned back into the chair as she said, "I guess the video was alright. The me in the video did get her little date in the aquarium, after all..."

"I thought Peorth was off. There wasn't any of her annoying ticks, like her tenancy to speak in other languages for brief moments," Urd said. Peorth glared at her, Urd smirked right back.

"I wonder how long will she be able to keep her goddesshood a secret from Keiichi, since a vacation for us immortals can last 40 years or so," Skuld asked.

"I think that if no outside problem erupts, everything will be fine, even when she goes and grants his wish, since it's a given that will happen," Chrono said.

"I wonder if the Keiichi in the video still qualifies for a wish? If so, then who is in charge of granting it?" Belldandy asked. She looked over at Keiichi and asked, "Keiichi?"

Keiichi scratched his cheek before he said, "Kinda felt the me in the video was outta character. I think that back then, I'd be cheering and jumping for joy if someone like Peorth was going out on a date with me. Maybe he senses that she isn't human?"

Urd huffed before she said, "Impossible. The various charms made for a god or goddess to go on vacation on a human-controlled Earth prevents those that can sense paranormal energies from detecting who we really are."

Peorth chuckled a little. "Perhaps my beauty tipped him off somehow?"

Urd chuckled before she said, "In my book, you're a bit hotter than Sayoko, but not by much. So I doubt it."

Peorth shot Urd yet another death glare. She brought out her Rose whip as she said, "Perhaps I should punish you..."

"Let's see how long you keep that whip before I take it away and use it on you?" Urd said, as she started to stand up.

"Behave the both of you!" Belldandy said, looking annoyed at Peorth and Urd. The two froze in place for a moment before uttering apologies and sitting back down. Belldandy then said, "Now then, "I will watch one more video before I go and start on dinner."


At the abandoned arcade...

"You know the drill, girls," Chibi-Hild stated.

"I bet The me in a future video could seal way Peorth within days of getting the mission of breaking her up with Keiichi," Mara said with an evil grin on her face.

Mokkurkalfi tilted her head a bit before she said, "I'm curious about the eventual time when Keiichi learns that Peorth is a goddess. The time they spent with each other either would lead to a similar wish that the Keiichi we know made with Belldandy, or it could lead to a sense of betrayal, since she kinda tricked him into thinking that she was human."

"As for me," Chibi-Hild said. "I have my doubts if the me in that possibility would ever join Mara in trying to seal them. Peorth just lacks that spark that makes tormenting Belldandy ever so fun."


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