Life on Fire

Chapter One: Marriage

"Korra! Korra!" Mako hollered from the bedroom. He sat at the white vanity gazing into the mirror, his hair was rather disheveled and it was driving him crazy. Although that was only because he had just gotten out of bed moments ago and was still in his red and white polka dot pajamas.

"What is it?" Korra asked as she walked into the bedroom. She had just prepared pancakes and was in her frilly, baby blue apron.

"Fix this hair of mine." Mako demanded.

Korra sighed, "Mako, what did we talk about. You're old enough to fix your own hair."

"Just do it." Mako said impatiently. Korra grunted and walked to the vanity next to Mako. He always asked her to do the silliest of things. Things that he could easily do on his own. Her husband could be really annoying. But nevertheless, with a sigh she picked up the brush and ran it through his hair.

"Don't be lazy about it either." he told her.

"It's not like you have a lot of it." Korra said through gritted teeth. She moved the brush carefully and skillfully so she could style it in the way he liked.

"Doesn't matter." he said. Mako gazed at his reflection in the mirror as his wife fixed his hair. "Damn...I'm gorgeous." he whispered. Korra rolled her eyes, it seemed like he grew more arrogant each day.

"You're an insanely lucky woman to have me, Korra." he declared proudly.

"Whatever you say." she said flatly. "All done." Mako looked in the mirror and observed his wife's handy work closely.

"Ah, good enough." he concluded. "Time for breakfast." He got up, gave Korra a quick glance and then left the bedroom. Grumbling to herself, Korra followed after him.


"Dammit Korra!" Mako shouted, spitting out a mouthful of pancakes onto the table. Korra looked up at him from across the table, swallowing her own pancakes.

"What the hell's your problem?" she asked, scowling at him.

"You bought that damn sugar-free syrup!" He angrily pushed the plate of pancakes onto the floor, turned slightly in his chair and began stomping them.

"Are you an idiot?! The syrup wasn't sugar-free!" Korra snapped. She then stood up and walked over to the counter where she grabbed the bottle of syrup. "See? Does it say sugar-free?" she said, shoving the bottle into her husband's face.

Mako snarled and slapped the bottle from her hand, "Dammit I don't care what it says you probably rigged the label or something." Korra's face contorted in rage and she seized him by the collar of his pajama shirt.

"You moron!" She cried angrily, shaking him. Mako's eyes rolled around in his head as he was shook.

"Korra what are you doing to my brother?!"

Korra turned her head and saw Bolin standing in the kitchen doorway. She hadn't heard him come in. "It's not what it looks like" she said flatly.

To be continued...maybe -w-