Chapter Six: Decisions

Korra picked up Pabu and looked into his eyes questioningly, "Tell me Pabu, Bolin or Mako?" he blinked at her then tilted his head slightly to the side. "Please Pabu...I just can't decide!" she cried, shaking him a little.

She sighed deeply, "I'm asking advice from an animal, what's happening to me?" Korra said to herself, sitting down the fire ferret. "Run along Pabu." she told it, waving her hand dismissively. The creature stared at her for a few moments, as if he did want to tell her something. Korra clearly couldn't tell what it was so he ran off.

"Hmm, I think I'll pay a visit to some old friends!" she said, "Surely they'll be able to help!"

Korra ran down quickly down the steps and to the kitchen where Bolin and Mako were sitting. "I'm going out." she told them.

"Cool." Bolin said, slurping up some noddles.

"Don't forget to buy me something!" Mako said.

Korra scowled at him for a moment but then smiled, "Sure thing, Mako." She then turned away from the two brothers and made her way to the door.


"Oh hey Korra!" Asami exclaimed happily when she opened the front door. The two of them hugged and walked inside of the house. There had been tension between them for awhile but now they got along really well, the petty drama was a distant memory now.

"Tahno, Korra's here!" Asami hollered as her and Korra sat down on the couch. Korra smiled, Asami and Tahno hadn't been dating for all that long but their relationship seemed perfect. Korra envied them at times. "Oh and guess what!"

"Wha-" Korra was about to say, but Tahno walked into the room with a very wide smile on his face. Immediately Asami jumped up from the couch and ran into his arms. "Guys...don't forget that I'm still here." Korra said as their lips pressed against each other. They didn't seem to hear her or they were ignoring her because they just kept going with their kiss. "Guys, seriously this is awkward..."

Tahno held up his hand, signaling her to be quiet as he continued kissing Asami. Korra scowled and stood up, "Stop!" she yelled.

The couple finally stopped and looked over at her with wide and confused eyes. "Jeez, Uh-vatar chill out." Tahno said.

Korra sighed, sitting herself back down. "Sorry I'm a little stressed. Anyways, what did you want to tell me Asami?"

Asami grinned and then wrapped her arms around Tahno's waist. "Well Tahno and I are going to get married!"

"Wow, that's great." Korra said with a weak smile. She wasn't really interested in other people's relationships, whether good or bad. Her lack of enthusiasm could be easily seen.

"Korra, what's wrong?" Asami said, moving over so she could sit next to her friend.

"'s Mako he's been kind of mean lately and well I think I might like Bolin."

Asami looked to Tahno, unsure of what to say. "Well if you like him, just be with him." Tahno said bluntly with a shrug.

"I said might, Tahno."

"Pssh, they're both a couple of tools if you ask me." Tahno said, "Too bad you can't have a guy like me."

"Ugh, you're not helping." Korra said irritably.

"Tahno is the best guy ever though." Asami said, giggling.

"Well good for you but-"

"Yes, I am." Tahno said, his eyes meeting with Asami's. They both smiled at each other and soon started giggling, causing Korra to growl in annoyance.

"Ugh! You two aren't any help at all!" Korra said, getting up and heading for the front door. It seemed she would have to figure things out by herself.


"So what did you get me?" Mako said as soon as Korra walked through the door.

"Oh, I forgot about that." she replied flatly.

"Ugh. You always forget."

Korra sighed deeply, "Mako, we need to talk." She placed a hand on his shoulder, and looked into his eyes with a serious expression.

"Sure, but I don't have all day. Make it quick."

"Do you still...well... love me?" she mumbled.

Mako looked back at her intensely, staying silent for a few moment. "Of course I do, you're the best wife ever." he said finally, his lips forming into a wide smile. He was suddenly having one of his nice moments, moments that Korra usually cherished. Right now, however, it only made her situation much harder.