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Prologue: The Promise is Broken

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(Rukongai, 1st Unknown Person POV)

I was running as fast as I could through the forest of Rukon, and I wasn't sure which district I was in anymore. For the past few days I had been running through the various districts, hiding my reitsu with kido so I wouldn't be easily found by the soul reapers who were still chasing me.

To think that only a few days ago I was happy in the safety of Seireitei without much care for the world. Well, I was worried about my Captain since a few days ago but I immediately stopped running when I thought of him. Tears came to my eyes again and I willed them back with a few blinks as I tightened my hands into fists.My Captain…

I had made a very important promise to my Captain a long time ago, and until a few days ago I had kept that promise like I had intended to do for the rest of my life. However, that promise was now broken and as was my heart, crushed into pieces. I had let down my Captain in the worst way possible and there was almost no way to fix this terrible situation. But I was finished crying, I had cried enough when I left the Seireitei. For a few moments I remembered my childhood and my family and felt the tears only get worse as I recalled the faint memories from long ago.

I shook my head to try to shake out the thoughts, knowing that they would only hurt me to remember. Now I was just focused on surviving, I hadn't looked back to the Seireitei since I ran away from it. However the spiritual pressure in the air was strange, I flash stepped up to the top of one of the trees and glanced over at the soul society that I had left a few days ago. The sun was just beginning to rise, but it was clear to see an orb of some sort penetrate through the Shakonmaku barrier of the Seireitei. I raised an eyebrow in confusion but shrugged. At least that will keep the soul society off my tail for a little while I thought to myself.

However I was proven wrong when I dropped down to the ground and found two soul reapers from the Onmitsukido waiting for me, swords drawn and ready to bring me back to the Soul Society. I easily dodged their attacks and held out my hand towards them. "Inemuri." I said and the two fell to the ground unconscious from the kido.

I glanced down at them and sighed but they did make me realize something. Being so close to the Seireitei wasn't safe, at any time I could be attacked by soul reapers, but where else was there to go? However I noticed one of the soul reapers had a cut on his head, I strolled over to him and began to bandage his bleeding head since he wouldn't be waking up for a while. I always carried bandages with me since I always knew I'd get hurt one way or another but they were useful when someone else was injured too.

By the time I finished with the bandage and stood up it suddenly hit me where I could go and a smile appeared on my face. Of course, the place where Rukia was stuck in the human world, I had gone there a once or twice before to deal with a hollow or whatever. The last time I had went was to see Rukia even though she was being hunted down by the Soul Society too. I didn't turn her in, and I thought that I would have a better chance there than here.

So I summoned my hell butterfly and a pair of doors appeared in the middle of the clearing, I walked in followed by the butterfly as I began my adventure to the human world.

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Chapter One Preview:

"What did you want to ask me?" She asked, her voice light and kind of quiet.

Ichigo gave her a suspicious look as he looked her up and down, she sure didn't look like it but he had to ask. "Are you human?" He asked.

"Nope." She answered flatly.

"A soul reaper?" He asked, getting annoyed of her one word responses that were getting on his last nerve quickly. But Ichigo could see a spark of emotion pass through the blonde girl's eyes and he smirked, knowing he had struck a nerve.