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Chapter 56: Our Final Hour

(Soul Society, 3rd Person POV)

All over the soul society there was fighting going on that was audible from miles away as it took place all over the Seireitei. Many Captains and Lieutenant's that weren't injured were trying to protect their Divisions from the countless Stern Ritter attacking. However Rukia, Hashwalth and Uryu were the only ones that weren't Captain's or Lieutenant's and managing to hold their own barely against Yhwach. After both Ichigo and Mizuki had passed out the illusionary effects from Yhwach's Vollstandig had faded as he had not much other need for it but his ability was making it even more difficult to fight the Quincy. Rukia was trying to keep her distance against the Vandenreich leader using her zanpakuto's special abilities. The fourth seat nervously looked on as she saw Uryu and Hashwalth both using hirenkyaku that was so fast she could barely see it as they attacked Yhwach.

Uryu was using his bow to continuiously shoot off multiple arrows at the older dark haired man at an almost unseeable speed. The dark haired young man watched on intently and narrowed his eyes as he saw the Vandenreich leader dodge or block every one of his arrows. Clenching his jaw Uryu was caught off guard as he saw the older man appear right in front of him and pull back his sword to cut him quicker than the teenager could draw his bow again.

In the blink of an eye Yhwach suddenly disappeared as quickly as he had appeared and Uryu looked on confused as he saw a spirit weapon in the form of a sword cut the ground where Yhwach once stood. Glancing up Uryu relaxed as he saw the blonde former Stern Ritter pull back his sword and glance over to where Yhwach had reappeared. The man with long blonde hair narrowed his eyes but managed to keep his expression calm as he readjusted his grip on the hilt of his sword. "I don't know what that Lieutenant is thinking but we can't hold him back for forever." Hashwalth told Uryu in a quiet voice and the younger man nodded, pushing his glasses farther up the bridge of his nose as he pushed away some sweat that formed at his forehead.

"Mizuki has to have some sort of plan, she obviously wouldn't just leave Ichigo in Yhwach's illusion. I'm not sure how much longer we'll last though." Uryu spoke to the former Stern Ritter seriously as he drew another arrow and he and Hashwalth began to attack as they saw Rukia's attack of ice crash over the area towards Yhwach.

Rukia clenched her jaw in anger as her first attack missed and she saw the leader of the Vandenreich dodge Uryu and Hashwalth's attacks almost effortlessly. Swinging her sword forward to complete the dance as a pillar of ice tried to envelop Yhwach. The ice pillar stretched up to the sky but crumbled into pieces after a few minutes and was destroyed with a large cloud of dust. The dark haired woman narrowed her eyes in frustration as she glanced over to the two unconscious soul reapers nearby. As her violet eyes moved to Mizuki and Ichigo's unmoving bodies on the sidelines she was quick to look back in front of her and swung her sword to try to attack the Vandenreich leader. "Wake up you guys! We really need your help here!" Rukia called out to the two unconscious soul reapers, hoping they would hear her as she attacked.

The dark haired woman gave the two unconscious soul reapers a few hundred feet off before she had to go back to giving the fight her undivided attention. It was a tough sight for her to see and comprehend, weird for her to see her Lieutenant and Ichigo passed out cold, the loud sounds of fighting not even bothering them in the illusion they were in.

(3rd Person POV, Yhwach's Illusion)

Sparks flew off of Ichigo's zanpakuto as it clashed with a powerful swing against the reishi blade to block it from hitting him. Using his other shorter blade the substitute soul reaper tried to cut Yhwach but the Quincy was quick to disappear with a hirenkyaku. Narrowing his eyes at the empty space around him Ichigo felt frustrated with how Yhwach was so easily avoiding him in the illusion. Quickly spinning on his heel Ichigo's zanpakuto clashed with the older man's as he appeared at Ichigo's side without warning. The orange haired man was pushed back a little from the force of their swords colliding and glared at the taller man, his reitsu spiking. "Getsuga Tensho!"

The dark mass of reitsu fired out of Ichigo's second zanpakuto that wasn't blocking Yhwach's weapon. However as his attack swept over the ground Ichigo was mildly surprised to see that the Vandenreich leader was no where to be seen. Glancing around in annoyance the orange haired man saw a quick movement out of the corner of his eye and he was quick to grasp his zanpakuto tighter. Ichigo felt the Vandenreich leader's spirit weapon hit his shoulder however, his blut quickly activated an stopped the hit from becomming too serious. Since his training with his zanpakuto he had gotten more control of his zanpakuto and a little over his Quincy powers and Ichigo almost smirked as he saw Yhwach's mildly surprised reaction to it.

Quickly his zanpakuto shot out and almost hit Yhwach before he used a hirenkyaku to vanish from the substitute soul reaper's line of sight. Glancing around the orange haired man didn't notice anything but the endless white space around him. With a hirenkuaku, Ichigo narrowed his eyes as he noticed the attack rushing at him from Yhwach's spirit weapon and grasped his zanpakuto tighter in his hand at his side as he calmly pulled it back. He was ready to cut through the attack when his eyes widened seeing a figure flash step a few feet in front of him. The orange haired man froze in confusion as he saw the figure swing their blade at the attack from Yhwach and the attack faded out as if it was never there.

The substitute soul reaper looked up as the bright light from the attack faded out and his eyes widened as he looked up to who stood in front of him. "Mizuki?" Ichigo asked in confusion as he saw the blonde Lieutenant turn to face him before he smiled and rushed to her, placing his hand against her cheek for a moment and sighed in relief as he knew she wasn't just an illusion from Yhwach. "You're alright?" He said and Mizuki smiled up at him.

She nodded up at him, her zanpakuto in her other hand. "Yeah I'm fine, are you okay?" The blonde woman asked in concern as she glanced him up and down and was relieved to see he wasn't too injured.

Ichigo nodded to her confidently but before he could respond they both heard a chuckle, glancing over Mizuki and Ichigo narrowed their eyes at Yhwach. "So what? You're both together but you two won't be able to leave this illusion."

The orange haired man grasped onto his zanpakuto and kept his eyes on the Quincy as he spoke calmly to Mizuki at his side. "Let's just take care of this guy quick and get back. Any ideas?" Ichigo asked curiously in a low voice and Mizuki grasped her sword with both hands.

"We're going to have to get him a little weaker so it'll be easier to get out of here." Mizuki said in a voice barely above a whisper, swinging her sword forward to have it shatter and the shards shot towards Yhwach. With a flash step Ichigo swung his blade at Yhwach with a powerful Getsuga Tensho as Mizuki tilted the hilt of her sword to try to hit the Vandenreich leader.


Mizuki nearly jumped as she heard her zanpakuto spirit speak to her and she was caught off guard but relieved to hear that Garasu's voice didn't sound as distant as it had yesterday. She felt a wave of relief wash over her and she almost smiled as she heard her zanpakuto spirit's voice sound so strong. With a flash step the blonde Lieutenant dodged an attack that shot at her from Yhwach's spirit weapon.

Garasu, what's up?

She asked the zanpakuto spirit mentally, her mind entirely focused on dodging attacks from Yhwach and using the shards of her zanpakuto to try to hit him. Patiently the blonde woman waited for her to respond, knowing that if her normally quiet zanpakuto spirit was trying to tell her something it had to be important.

With a hirenkyaku the Lieutenant noticed Yhwach appear a few feet away from her to dodge one of Ichigo's attacks and attempted to cut her with his reishi sword. In the blink of an eye her sword rematerialized and blocked his weapon before it could hit her and she was only pushed back a few inches from the impact. Mizuki narrowed her eyes at the dark haired man, pushing back against his sword to try to push him back as she used a flash step to avoid a Getsuga Tensho that Ichigo used to try to hit Yhwach.

You and carrot-top have to get out of there quick, they need you two back in the soul society. There's no time for you two to mess around here. Garasu told Mizuki as the blonde woman swung her blade forward to have it shatter into pieces and shoot at the Vandenreich leader.

What do you think we're trying to do? Have any bright idea's?

I asked her sarcastically as I managed to flash step and avoid an attack from Yhwach and swung my blade towards him. He managed to dodge the shards of my sword however he couldn't stop Ichigo's zanpakuto from cutting his side deeply. With a quick hirenkyaku Yhwach managed to block a second swing of Ichigo's swords and he jumped back away from the couple.

Mizuki heard her zanpakuto spirit chuckle at her. Come on four-eyes, it's as simple as it's always been. It's the same to get out of any illusion, don't let him make you think you're stuck. Garasu told her seriously and the blonde realized it was more simple than she had made it seem. The blonde Lieutenant noticed Yhwach pull back his reishi sword back to prepare for an attack and she saw Ichigo prepare to block the attack.

However Mizuki grasped her zanpakuto tightly in both her hands and focused her reitsu, catching the attention of Ichigo and Yhwach. However before Ichigo could question what was happening or Yhwach could stop it the world that was an endless expense of white went dark.

(3rd Person POV)

Ichigo's eyes opened after what felt like a few minutes and he found himself in a dark room, glancing to his side he was relieved at the sight of Mizuki still at his side. "Mizuki, where the hell are we?" The orange haired man asked curiously as he glanced around and saw that they were in a room with a maze of mirrors in front of them in the barely lit room. Looking up he saw an opening in the cieling that let the moonlight into the large room.

Mizuki glanced around and was mildly surprised not to see Yhwach nearby and let her guard down momentarily. "We're in my zanpakuto's world, I made an illusion inside Yhwach's to get us out of Yhwach's illusion. I'm not really sure why we're here though."

Ichigo glanced over at her confused and opened his mouth to ask her something when a sudden voice spoke up out of no where. "That's right four-eyes, I guess I taught you well. Luckilly for you two I helped you out and got you here. Without me you two'd be stuck between Yhwach's illusion and my own." A childish voice said.

Mizuki and Ichigo spun around behind them to the entrance of the labryinth of mirrors and saw a zanpakuto spirit leaning against a mirror. The spirit had short black hair that stopped at her chin, her blood red eyes glancing the two of them up and down with her arms crossed over her chest. Ichigo looked over at her confused as he and Mizuki turned to face her. "Who the hell are you?" The orange haired man asked seriously, grasping his zanpakuto tighter in his hand.

"The name's Garasu, I'm Mizuki's zanpakuto spirit. Nice to finally meet you Strawberry." The dark haired girl wearing a beige dress and a green sports jacket as she pushed off of the mirror and took a step towards them.

Ichigo raised an eyebrow at her as his clutch on his sword losened. "You know me?" He asked curiously.

"Of course I do, stupid. I'm Mizuki's zanpakuto spirit, I know what she does." Garasu said with a scoff and Ichigo narrowed his eyes at her, about to yell at her for insulting him when they all heard footsteps from the side.

"So, you have been alive for this whole time." A serious voice said as Yhwach stepped out of the shadows of the dark room, Ichigo and Mizuki looked on surprised as he stepped towards them. He glanced around the dimmly lit room with little interest before he scoffed at her. "It's funny to think about actually, this place might have let you hide for a thousand years but it's been your prison too." Yhwach said, narrowing his eyes at the zanpakuto spirit.

Garasu glared at him calmly before a childish smirk appeared on her not so innocent face. "Talk, talk. That's all that you're good for, Yhwach." She said and stepped towards the Vandenreich leader, a red reitsu flaring around her and Ichigo looked on surprised momentarily as the reitsu around her hand materialized into a sword that looked just like Mizuki's. The smirk on the zanpakuto spirit's face widened into a dark one that almost looked childish as her smirking face glanced up at Yhwach as she walked up to him slowly. "I've been waiting a thousand years for this. Talk is cheap." The dark haired girl said.

With a flash step Garasu appeared next to Yhwach and swung her sword at him gracefully, his dark eyes narrowed at the sight and his spirit weapon swung out to block her sword. The force of her attack pushed him back a few feet and with another flash step he just barely dodged another swing of her sword. "This is my sandbox Yhwach, were you really so cocky to believe you could beat me here?" Garasu asked as her sword cut into his side, throwing him off to the side.

Ichigo's eyes widened in confusion to the fact that the zanpakuto spirit could so easily land a hit on the Quincy. However as the Vandenreich was thrown in his and Mizuki's general direction Ichigo narrowed his eyes at him and saw a chance to attack him. Mizuki looked over and her eyes filled with confusion for a moment as she saw Ichigo pull back his sword to hit Yhwach. However before Mizuki could stop him or he could swing his sword Garasu suddenly appeared between him and Yhwach. Watching in surprise Ichigo saw the spirit with short black hair swing her sword at the Quincy before the substitute soul reaper could but the Vandenreich leader dodged the blow with a hirenkyaku. Her zanpakuto came to rest at her shoulder as she turned to face Ichigo as Yhwach appeared on the other side of the room. "Sorry Strawberry but this is my fight. I'm not looking for any help." She said in a childish voice, glancing over her shoulder at him before looking at Yhwach and stepped towards the Quincy.

The orange haired man glared at the zanpakuto spirit. "What the hell are you talking about you've been wanting to fight him for a thousand years? This is just as much my fight as it is yours!" Ichigo yelled at her.

Mizuki took a step towards the substitute soul reaper and sighed, wishing she had told him about that before but somehow she had forgotten. "Ichigo-." Mizuki said as she stepped up next to him while Garasu paused mid stride. The orange haired man looked down at his lover and noticed her about to tell him something when they both heard a laugh.

Mizuki and Ichigo froze at the sound of Garasu giggling innocently like a child, the dark haired woman smirked widely as she drew both swords and stepped towards Yhwach. Instinctively Ichigo grasped his zanpakuto at his side tightly as he took a step forward and paused as he heard Garasu chuckle. Yhwach narrowed his dark eyes at the sight of mischieviousness on the zanpakuto spirit's face. Glancing over her shoulder to the couple blood red eyes lit up with amusement as she smirked at them. "You two are still here huh? I don't see the point in wasting your time here, you guys should go home while I keep Yhwach's subconscious occupied. But don't think just because I have him stuck here subconsciously that you two won't have trouble getting back." The girl with short black hair explained in an overconfident voice as she held out her sword to her side.

Ichigo's eyes narrowed at the zanpakuto spirit as she stepped towards Yhwach. "Like hell we're leaving I'm going to kick his ass-!" The orange haired man yelled out.

"Chill, carrot top." Garasu said, insulting him to cut him off with a smirk as she glanced over to him and Mizuki in amusement. "It doesn't matter which of us wins against this guy, you two have better things to do like fighting him in the Soul Society while I've got him distracted. You'll get your chance kid don't worry, I've been waiting a thousand years for mine." The dark haired woman explained as she faced Yhwach with her back to the couple.

Looking to the spirit confused Ichigo was about to yell out to her again when there was suddenly a bright red reitsu came off of Garasu. The brightness illuminated the dark room and blinded everything in red light, Ichigo raised his arm to shield his eyes from the light. However he felt a tight grip on his hand a moment before there was a strong pull that tugged him backwards. Opening his eyes and letting his arm fall to his side as the light faded Ichigo saw that they were no longer in Mizuki's zanpakuto's spirit world.

Glancing to his side Ichigo saw Mizuki grasp his hand tightly as they were pulled backwards it felt into nothing but empty space. "Mizuki, what's going on?" Ichigo asked her confused as he wondered where they were and a thousand other questions ran through his mind. The reitsu was almost unbearable with strength as it pressed down on Ichigo and Mizuki and made it difficult to move.

As Ichigo tightened his grip on the Lieutenant's hand they both felt the pull get stronger along with the reitsu that pressed down on them heavily. With a wince Mizuki tried not to let the reitsu crush them, trying to pull herself closer to Ichigo. "Garasu's pushing us out of the zanpakuto world and out of Yhwach's illusion at once, just hold on." Mizuki told him.

Suddenly with a powerful push Ichigo and Mizuki felt the pull get stronger as it pulled them back but they found the push trying to pull them apart. Their hands nearly parted from the sudden movement before they both grasped onto each other's hands tighter. Ichigo pulled the blonde girl closer to him, worried of what would happen if they were separated as he started to feel his body go heavy. Their arms wrapped around each other tightly as they tried not to let the reitsu or pull of the space between worlds pull them in.

The orange haired man had his arms around Mizuki's waist as he felt his head become heavy and his eyes hard to keep open. It felt like he was moving through drying cement as he struggled to keep his brown eyes open as he looked down to his girlfriend. "Mizuki..."

Her green eyes met his and worry struck through them as she held onto him tighter his vision starting to go dark around the edges. He looked at her as he felt his consciousness fading along with his vision but he could feel her arms around him tighten as she pressed herself to him and he heard her voice softly almost as an echo as he fell asleep. "Ichigo? Are you alright?"

(Soul Society, Mizuki's POV)

My green eyes began to blink open as I suddenly felt the illusion end, the sight of the sky above the soul society suddenly comming into my vision. The sounds of a battle going on nearby faded into my hearing and I immediately sat up as I ignored my minor injuries. I saw Yhwach fighting against Uryu, Hashwalth, Rukia and even Chad had arrived, I recalled what happened in the illusion just before it ended and wondered where Ichigo was. "Mizuki!" A voice called out as I heard footsteps run towards over to me over the sound of crashes and fighting.

Suddenly Orihime was at my side, her grey eyes wide as she looked over me. "A-Are you alright? When I got here you and Ichigo were passed out, I should heal you!" The orange haired teenager said in a worried voice but I only heard about half of what she said. Her hand reached out to touch me and she was about to start to heal my mild injuries when I glanced around worriedly. All I could remember was Ichigo passing out in the illusion before I woke up and I pushed her hands away from me and got to my feet. "Mizuki? What are you doing?" Orihime asked me in a confused voice as my eyes glanced over the area quickly with worry as I tried to find Ichigo.

My eyes widened when I saw a figure on the ground a few feet away from me and I ignored Orihime as I sprinted over to him. I heard Orihime call out to me and without even glancing over to the fighting I ran to Ichigo, falling to my knees at his side. Taking in the sight of his sleeping face I placed his head on my lap and I gently shook him. "Ichigo? Ichigo you have to wake up!" I told him urgently as I hoped he could hear me through the illusion he was still trapped in most likely.

A moment later Orihime was sitting on Ichigo's other side and she looked to the orange haired man worriedly before looking to me. "W-What's wrong with Ichigo?" The orange haired girl asked me in a saddened and anxious voice. I ignored her as I shook him once more, biting my lip as I felt tears of worry and frustration start to develop in my eyes.

"Ichigo! I know you can hear me if you try! Wake up!" I yelled to him as I stared down at his face searching for any signs that he was waking up. After a few minutes I gritted my teeth together in anger as I pushed away the useless tears knowing they were only trying to distract me from the current situation.

I knew that Ichigo had to be stuck in an illusion or else he would have woken up already and an idea suddenly came to me. I noticed Orihime look over to me confused as she saw me deep in my thoughts. Closing my green eyes I concentrated hard as I tried to put myself into another illusion, thinking that I might be able to find Ichigo and help him out. However after a few minutes my eyes widened as I realized nothing was happening, looking down in confusion I gradually realized what was happening. "It won't work, my normal illusions aren't going to work." I said in a voice barely above a whisper.

"Why?" Orihime asked, completely confused by this point. Glancing up to the teenage girl I saw the fear and worry in her grey eyes as she looked down to Ichigo back up at me. "What's going on?"

A frown came to my face, looking away from her wide eyes as I looked to the unconscious orange haired man. "Ichigo's having a harder time than I did comming out of the illusion, it was tough to begin with and he's not used to being stuck in an illusion. I was going to try to find him but...since my zanpakuto spirit is busy fighting Yhwach's subconscious I must not be able to use any illusions. I can't go help Ichigo out of this." I told her, noticing how Orihime's eyes widened at what I said.

"B-but there has to be some other way for you to help Ichigo, right? T-There has to be a way for you to do something." Orihime asked in a desperate voice, her mouth hanging open as she stared at me waiting for me to make eye contact with her. A frown came over my face as I looked down to the unconscious orange haired man, letting my fingers brush over his cheek softly.

I glanced up at Orihime seriously and without saying a word she seemed to understand what I was trying to tell her. Her grey eyes widened to their max at my lack of response and I looked down worriedly to Ichigo, ignoring how Orihime tried to stop herself from crying. Placing one of my hands over Ichigo's cheek I frowned, closing my eyes tightly as I tried to push away the thought that he wouldn't wake up. "Come on Ichigo, just wake up!" I yelled out to my boyfriend, not caring if I seemed stupid or crazy as I tried to help bring him back to me any way that I could.

(3rd Person POV)

Suddenly Ichigo found himself in a vast space of darkness alone and he was confused for a few moments as he wondered what was happening. He tried to move and glance around himself to try to figure out what was going on when he realized he couldn't move. However he could hear voices faintly murmuring and the distant sound of fighting, he could feel a light pressure against his cheek and he realized he must have been awake since it felt so real. It felt weird, like he was half way out of whatever illusion he was trapped in and partly back in the Soul Society and he wasn't sure what to do.

"...Ichigo." The orange haired man heard a voice say in a clearer more pernounced way but it still sounded far away.

The substitute soul reaper tried to open his eyes but only felt them twitch no matter how hard he tried. Still half emerged into the illusion Ichigo felt detatched from everything. "Ichigo." The voice sounded closer now and he heard that the voice was familiar somehow but he couldn't figure out how.

To Ichigo it felt like he was somehow in the middle of an illusion and reality but he couldn't figure out how to break out of it. "Ichigo!" He heard Mizuki's voice clearly calling out to him worriedly, her voice now clear to him and distinct enough for him to hear the anxiousness in her voice.

"Ichigo! Come on, just wake up!" Mizuki yelled to him and Ichigo tried again to open his eyes but he found it difficult without knowing how and his eyelids twitched as he wished he could wake up.

A drop of something cool hit his cheeks as he heard the blonde girl calling out to him still and he squeezed his eyes shut tightly for a moment, frustrated with being so close to her but so far away. The sound of her voice was so close to him like she was right there, he could hear the sadness and worry in her voice and he knew that she needed him just as much as he needed her right now. The thought of letting her down and not protecting her and possibly letting her get hurt ran through his mind and Ichigo fought harder to get out at the mere thought. He would protect Mizuki this time like he had promised, like he had wanted to since the beginning and he wouldn't lose her when they were so close to winning it all.

His brown eyes blinked open as he tried to open them once more, surprised to see Mizuki's face above his own his eyes softening as he took in her face. Tears softly hit his face as a few managed to streak past her shut eyes, he could see how her tears were getting worse with each moment. Her cheeks were red and her eyes tightly shut as he saw her trying to stop herself from crying, his hand immediately went up and carefully brushed his fingers over her warm cheek. His fingers caught a stray tear that made it past her shut eyes and he frowned at the sight of it. "Mizuki." Ichigo said, watching as her eyes snapped open at his touch and at the sound of her name, her green eyes widened as she saw his eyes open, knowing that she had never been so happy to see his brown eyes open once more. Keeping his hand at her cheek his finger brushed over her cheek as he sat up, out of the corner of his eye noticing Orihime's shock expression. Ichigo took a moment to ignore the fight behind them causing a large amount of spiritual pressure, ignoring all his questions as he watched Mizuki's eyes stare into his shocked, confused and everything in between. "Are you alright?" He said in relief as he saw that she was already awake and out of her own illusion, a grateful smile comming to his face.

Placing both of her hands on the front of his shirt she pulled the orange haired man closer and crashed her lips against his passionately, his brown eyes widening slightly at the intensity. Mizuki rarely ever kissed him like outside of the bedroom but it was different from that, he could feel all her worry as she kissed him as if he'd dissappear and he closed his eyes as he melted against her lips. He cupped her cheek in his hand and angled her head better to have his mouth crush against hers with the same amount of passion. As they pulled back Mizuki sniffled as she pushed away her tears, "Sorry, I-I just got really confused and scared when you weren't awake when I woke up. I-I guess that you're not as used to illusions as I am." Mizuki apologized with a stutter or two along the way.

Ichigo nodded. "Don't be sorry, I'm alright." The orange haired man told her as he pushed away the few tears that still tried to fall, grateful as he saw her tears dry and she took a deep breathe. She offered him her hand and Ichigo took it gratefully as he stood to his feet with Mizuki and glanced out to the fighting. The orange haired man's eyes looked over the scene in front of him and noticed how Yhwach was fighting against Hashwalth, Uryu and Rukia.

Rukia took a step back as she dodged an attack from the dark haired Quincy before she glanced over to the couple standing nearby. "About time you two got back! We need your help!" She yelled to them as she grasped her sword tighter and looked on as Hashwalth's arrow soared towards Yhwach but he dodged it.

Mizuki frowned at the scene as she drew her swords again as Ichigo did the same. "Orihime, try to help Renji he needs it, just be careful." The blonde Lieutenant warned her, not turning to look at her reaction as she and Ichigo flash stepped forward towards the Quincy leader. The strawberry blonde woman gave the two a worried look as she watched them flash step up to Yhwach to begin fighting him with his reishi weapon. However the teen was quick to run over to Renji's side to get out of the line of fire and got to healing the red-haired Lieutenant.

Yhwach narrowed his gaze as he saw the couple help Hashwalth, Rukia and Uryu, the Vandenreich leader easily dodged an attack from Uryu and swung his blade towards Mizuki and Ichigo to have a large attack fly at them. Swinging her sword forward Mizuki's swords shattered and pierced through the attack and raced towards Yhwach as Ichigo used a flash step to try to cut him. The Vandenreich leader's sword blocked Ichigo's and he quickly tried to swing his blade forward in order to try to hit Ichigo. However before he could cut the substitute soul reaper the shards of Mizuki's sword cut his arm and stopped his attack. Narrowing his eyes in mild annoyance Yhwach noticed the Lieutenant's shards shooting towards him as he noticed Ichigo try to unleash a Getsuga Tensho at point-blank range at him.

The dark haired Quincy scoffed at the sight of Hashwalth and Uryu's attacks shooting at him along with Mizuki and Ichigo's attacks and swung his own reishi sword. Huge persistant flames merged and expanded outwardly quickly towards everyone from Yhwach's sword that still had Yamamoto's stolen bankai. The resiliant flames washed over the area and threatened to swallow everything in the area up, with a flash step Ichigo dodged the flames quickly and rushed up to the Vandenreich leader, pulling his zanpakuto back. Mizuki managed to block the flames with her zanpakuto that quickly reformed into a blade to protect herself as she used a flash step to dodge the attack. Both Hashwalth and Uryu were far enough away to see the attack comming and used hirenkyaku's to appear above some of the flames and tried to find Yhwach through the smoke, Uryu's bow taunt and ready to fire while Hashwalth's spirit weapon was tightly clutched in his hands. Rukia winced a bit at the powerful flames that caught her off guard momentarily before she ran over to Orihime who was still healing Renji and blocked the flames from hitting them.

Ichigo's blades clashed with Yhwach's powerfully and managed to side step the flames all around the area and avoid getting burned as he went after the Vandenreich leader. Yhwach saw the substitute soul reaper glare up at him as their swords swung against each other to send powerful ripples of reitsu shake through the Soul Society. With a swing of his shorter blade Ichigo released a Getsuga Tensho at Yhwach, however the moment that his attack left his blade a wave of flames rushed towards him. Scowling with annoyance the orange haired man swung his sword forward to block the attack from burning him. As Ichigo glanced up as the attack passed by him he narrowed his eyes as he noticed Mizuki flash step towards Yhwach and tried to cut him.

There was a large explosion as Mizuki's sword collided with the Vandenreich leader's but Ichigo managed to hold his ground and used a flash step as soon as he saw Yhwach. Mizuki's attack had pushed him back a little but the dark haired older man narrowed his eyes as he saw Ichigo try to cut him. Catching his balance quickly the older man's blade glowed with flames from the Bankai he had stolen swept forward like wildfire as Ichigo's blades had black reitsu forming around them as he pulled back his blade and prepared to use a Getsuga Tensho.

(Soul Society, 3rd Person POV)

A loud crash rang through the Soul Society, the sheer power of the fight going on around the First Division made the ground shake and vibrate all throughout the Soul Society. A lone Stern Ritter stood in a quiet area of the Third Division, stopping mid stride as he walked away from a large group of officers he had just killed but left the Captain, Rose barely alive. Rose was already unconsious from the long fight with the Stern Ritter. The Quincy could feel the spiritual pressures of his fellow Stern Ritter fading away and becomming weaker and he noticed there were fewer Stern Ritter able to fight than he had expected. As Nodt's emotionless dark eyes glanced over to the area around the First Division and noticed the explosions, flames and intentense reitsu comming off of a large area around there and knew what was going on immediately. The stoic Stern Ritter took a step towards the sight in the distance.

"Leaving so soon?" A cold voice called out clearly, breaking through the silence and stillness of the area. The sound made As Nodt pause but showed no reaction as he turned around and glanced to the rubble of a building in the Division and noticed a figure standing on the partially destroyed roof. Toshiro stood with his bankai still released even if it's power was diminished a little from the power of Yamamoto's bankai, his zanpakuto in his hand tightly as he glared over at the Stern Ritter.

As Nodt glanced over at the young Captain expressionlessly and grasped his spirit weapon tighter in his hand. "Why not stay a while?" Another voice but feminine and louder called and the Stern Ritter noticed some movement out of the corner of his eyes and glanced over in mild curiosity. Soi Feng narrowed her eyes at him, her bankai aimed and ready to fire at any moment. The short haired woman smirked at the sight of the Stern Ritter, her eyes sparking similarly to the way that a cat would eye a mouse it had found. "Why not stay a while?" She asked jokingly as Ukitake used a flash step and appeared a few feet off from her, his zanpakuto in hand.

The dark haired Quincy merely let out a noise similar to that of a scoff and in the blink of an eye his reishi thorns shot out in all directions and tried to hit the Captains along with some of the cherry blossoms from Byakuya's stolen bankai. The three Captains were quick to dodge the attack and retaliate with their zanpakuto to try to overpower the Stern Ritter. However in the midst of the fight Ukitake could feel the intense and still rising reitsu from the First Division. While the older Captain fought against As he couldn't help but hope that Mizuki and Ichigo were alright. He forced himself to stay focused on fighting the Stern Ritter he told himself mentally he had to help the couple by not letting As Nodt aid Yhwach. A powerful ray of blue reitsu shot out of the white haired Captain's blade and shot out towards the Stern Ritter as he dodged the reishi thorns.

(3rd Person POV)

Arrows from Uryu's bow shot out through the debris of Ichigo's attack to try to hit Yhwach as the older man kept using hirenkyakus to keep moving. Using a flash step Mizuki jumped back from an attack from Yhwach's reishi weapon, tilting the hilt of her sword to have the shards of her swords rush towards the older man. She narrowed her eyes as she saw the shards explode as they skimmed past the dark haired man, just missing him as he moved to block an attack from Hashwalth.

In the midst of the explosion from Mizuki's zanpakuto Hashwalth lost sight of Yhwach and he quickly made his way out of the smoke. The Quincy quickly raised his reishi blade to block an attack from Yhwach but the blonde man was pushed back a few feet by the attack and rushed to block another attack Yhwach came at him with. Hashwalth pushed back against the attack and saw the Vandenreich leader use a hirenkyaku a moment before Ichigo's blade hit the ground and caused a lot of debris to fly into the air.

Ichigo narrowed his eyes at Yhwach and flash stepped after him, swinging his shorter blade at the older man. Their blades clashed together and the cold expression on the dark haired man's face never faltered as he let the flames from his stolen bankai swirl around them and his reishi sword. The orange haired man used a Getsuga Tensho as he swung his other blade at the man and jumped back before the flames jumped out at him to try to burn him. Shards shot past Yhwach from Mizuki's sword, an explosion going off as the Lieutenant had the shards revert back into her zanpakuto at the hilt. Uryu shot arrows to the area but out of the smoke from the attack Yhwach used a hirenkyaku to appear back in sight.

Glaring at the sight of the Vandenreich leader Mizuki used a flash step to try to cut through him but he was quick to dodge the attack completely. Blinking in surprise the blonde Lieutenant looked over her shoulder and saw a powerful Getsuga Tensho rushing out towards Yhwach as Hashwalth tried to cut him with his reishi weapon. With another hirenkyaku the dark haired man dodged Ichigo's attack and almost had it hit Hashwalth but the former Stern Ritter dodged it. Cursing under his breathe the orange haired man rushed up to Ywhach and swung both his blades at the older man.

Yhwach blocked Ichigo's first attack with his reishi blade as the flames from his stolen bankai surged and reached out towards the sky. With a wince from the attack Ichigo was quick to release another Getsuga Tensho at him at point blank range. However as the attack crashed over the ground Ichigo glanced up through the thick flames and noticed how he couldn't see Yhwach anywhere in front of him. However out of the corner of his eyes he noticed a quick movement and he glanced over to it quickly, grasping his zanpakuto tighter in his hands. Yhwach used a hirenkyaku to rush up to the blonde Lieutenant, their blades clashing together loudly as it echoed over the leveled area.

Yhwach's reishi weapon glowed with the powerful flames from Yamamoto's banakai and pulled his blade back just to swing it at her a few moments later. Flames jumped off of the blade towards the Lieutenant and threatened to swallow up anything in it's path but she cut through it with a little difficulty. However as her blade cut through the attack Mizuki was surprised to see another attack of reitsu comming at her as well as another attack from Yhwach's Vollstandig. Standing her ground the Lieutenant let her reitsu spike to high levels as she swung her blade forward to make it turn into shards that shot through the attacks and destroyed them.

In the midst of the explosions Mizuki felt a shift in reitsu and spun on her heel to see what it was but froze as she noticed Yhwach's reishi blade swung down at her powerfully and quickly. She jutted the hilt of her empty zanpakuto at him to block his blade in a quick movement. However he pulled back his blade and before Mizuki could move to try to block the attack Yhwach swung his blade to the side to knock her hilt out of the way, pulling back his blade to cut through her.

Mizuki suddenly felt someone wrap their arm around her waist and let out a stifled sound of surprise as she felt herself lifted off her feet. She saw the glint of a zanpakuto and she watched as a short blade enveloped in black flame like reitsu swung towards Yhwach. The older man was pushed back by the attack but narrowed his eyes at the couple as he noticed Ichigo jump back a few feet to gain some distance between them before he put down Mizuki. Glancing up at the orange haired man and Mizuki was confused for a moment about how quick and strong he had gotten, she was a little taken back. But she was happily surprised and her confusion evaporated as she saw the strong expression on his face and the determined look in his eyes and she glanced forward towards Yhwach.

Uryu's arrows still shot at Yhwach and he used hirenkyaku's to avoid them without even looking at the onslaught of arrows being shot at him, glaring over at the couple who stood before him. His grip on his reishi weapon tightened and the flames around the blade and the area grew more intense with heat, his annoyance growing as well as he saw the couple still standing. It was frustrating for Yhwach, even though he wouldn't let it show, how a mere substitute soul reaper and a Lieutenant were becomming such a problem and a thorn in his side that he quickly wanted to get rid of.

Suddenly Hashwalth used a hirenkyaku of his own to swing his reishi weapon at his former leader as quick as he could. The blade cut into the older man's arm however, Yhwach quickly swung his hand that didn't hold his zanpakuto to throw the blonde Quincy out of the way. Without a moment of hesitation or thought the dark haired man appeared in front of the couple and Ichigo was quick to swing his blade forward with a Getsuga Tensho as Mizuki tilted the hilt of her zanpakuto. Yhwach used his sword to hold back Ichigo's attack and saw the shards of Mizuki's sword glint out of the corner of his eyes as they shot at him. Just barely dodging the black mass of reitsu, Yhwach disappeared from view.

The Vandenreich leader's blade swung down suddenly between Ichigo and Mizuki and forced them to jump away from each other to avoid the attack. Ichigo managed to avoid the flames from Yamamoto's Bankai and narrowed his eyes as he saw a strong attack of reishi from Yhwach's Vollstandig rushing at him. Raising his blade he cut through the attack as he let his reitsu rise to dangerous levels as it tore through the ground around him.

Mizuki dodged Yhwach's attack and swung her empty blade at the leader, the shards of her sword slicing through the air as they shot at him quickly. Stepping though the baragge of metal Yhwach ignored them all as he activated his blut to make them merely scratches against his skin even with her explosions. His sword crushed the ground at the blonde woman's feet and she held out her hilt in front of him and waited for him to use a hirenkyaku to apppear in front of her. Narrowing her eyes Mizuki had her zanpakuto reform into a blade at the hilt and impaled into the dark haired man quickly but she still saw his sword close in on her, activated with his attack blut.

With a flash step Mizuki's feet touched the ground and had to quickly move to block a huge attack of flames from Yamamoto's stolen bankai. Her blade swung through it and her eyes narrowed as she saw Yhwach send an attack from his Vollstandig at Ichigo. Swinging her blade forward the zanpakuto broke off into shards that followed after the dark haired Vandenreich leader and stopped him from attacking Ichigo while he was still preoccupied with Yhwach's other attacks.

Mizuki watched the shards lodge into Yhwach before a large explosion went off throwing debris into the air as Ichigo cut through the two attacks. The orange haired man pulled his zanpakuto back and let loose a Getsuga Tensho at the Vandenreich leader. As the attack destroyed everything in it's path Ichigo rushed towards Yhwach, knowing he'd probably dodge the attack and he figured he'd catch him off guard. However as the attack crashed into the area Yhwach stood in Ichigo felt a hit from behind that threw him to the ground. Mizuki turned to run to help but she saw a figure suddenly appear at her side and she grasped her zanpakuto tighter as she felt his reishi blade cut into her side and swung it at him to push him back and gain some distance between them.

The orange haired man managed to get to his feet and let loose a Getsuga Tensho at the Vandenreich leader. The dark haired Quincy noticed the attack as he dodged a swing of Mizuki's sword, he swung his blade forward to make the Lieutenant stumble back into the line of fire of the Getsuga Tensho. Glancing over at Ichigo's attack Mizuki easily used a flash step to avoid it. Mizuki's feet touched the ground and glanced to her side and was relieved to see Ichigo was alright, but as she opened her mouth to ask to make sure she was cut off. With a quick movement Ichigo and Mizuki felt an intense reitsu close by and glanced up to see Yhwach pulling back his blade to try to attack them.

Ichigo narrowed his eyes at the sight and grasped onto Mizuki's hand and pulled her against his body before the attack could hit her. The blonde girl was caught off guard for a few moments and felt Ichigo place his arm over her shoulder and pull her close as he noticed some movement out of the corner of his eye. Swinging his blade forward Ichigo cursed under his breathe knowing he wouldn't be able to stop Yhwach's sword from cutting through both of them.

However Ichigo's widened as he saw a figure appear between him and Mizuki and Yhwach, Mizuki tilted her head up from his chest confused by the sudden deathly silence and she was frozen by what she saw. "H...Hashwalth." Ichigo whispered out in surprise at the sight, he could feel Mizuki's fingers grasp onto his shirt tightly as she saw Yhwach's sword cut deeply into his shoulder, nearly severing his arm. The light haired Quincy narrowed his eyes as he tried to cut Yhwach with his own reishi weapon but the Vandenreich leader scoffed at the sight.

Yhwach's sword stabbed though Hashwalth's chest before the former Stern Ritter could use his blut, with a wince the Quincy coughed up blood but tried to hit him again. "What a dissapointment, you've gone from being my most loyal subordinate to nothing but a traitor now. Goodbye, Hashwalth." The dark haired older man said calmly and before Ichigo or anyone could stop him the Vandenreich leader Hashwalth had a deep cut form over his torso.

As he fell unconscious Yhwach swung his blade at him to throw him to the side to be forgotten with a flick of his wrist. "Hashwalth!" Mizuki yelled out, feeling guilt hit her square in the chest. She knew that he had gotten hurt because she had asked for his help and she refused to let him die when he did so much to try to help her and everyone after what they'd done to him. The blonde woman tried to take a step out of Ichigo's arms and go after Yhwach but the orange haired man quickly pulled her back to his body and used a flash step to avoid getting hit by Yhwach's attack.

As Ichigo got himself and Mizuki a safe distance away from Yhwach he let her go and noticed how Yhwach pulled back his zanpakuto to attack the couple. Narrowing her green eyes at the older man the Lieutenant swung her blade towards him to make her sword shatter into pieces as they shot at him. Ichigo used a flash step as he saw the Vandenreich leader rush forward at the two of them and he met him half way and his swords rushed to try to cut him. In the midst of the scuffle Ichigo managed to make a cut on Yhwach's side and was quick to fire off a Getsuga Tensho at him as a few of the shards from Mizuki's sword hit him. Quickly jumping back Ichigo barely managed to dodge getting hurt from his own attack or Mizuki's as the shards of her swords caused a large explosion.

However from the smoke of the explosions flames raged out in all directions and Ichigo and Mizuki were quick to try to dodge it as Rukia helped Orihime and Renji while Uryu held his bow ready to fire after using a hirenkyaku to dodge the attack. Uryu was quick to fire off arrows as soon as the smoke thinned enough for him to aim, Yhwach's blade blocked most before he used a hirenkyaku to gain some distance and swung his blade to have a powerful attack shoot towards the couple. Mizuki swung the empty hilt of her zanpakuto at the attack and the shards and explosions negated it as Ichigo flash stepped up to the Vandenreich leader.

Ichigo swung his blade forward as he unleashed another Getsuga Tensho but he was a bit caught off guard as he saw Yhwach disappear from his vision. Glancing around himself quickly the orange haired man saw flames raging out towards him but he dodged the attack. The blonde Lieutenant had her sword reform at the hilt as she dodged the stolen flames from Yhwach, glancing around as she noticed he wasn't in sight. With a hirenkyaku Yhwach sent an attack from his Vollstandig at Ichigo.

Mizuki used a flash step, pulling back her sword to help Ichigo from getting hit from the attack when she paused as she saw a flash of movement out of the corner of her eye. The blonde woman narrowed her eyes at Yhwach as she saw him standing in front of her, the flames from the bankai he stole growing around them and around his blade he pulled back. Her zanpakuto swung out to try to hit him when his blade collided with hers and blocked her attack, Mizuki let her reitsu rise as she tried to push through his sword. Quickly she realized she wouldn't easily push past him and decided to try something else, pulling back her sword as she tried to quickly cut him before he could block her attack again.

With a loud ting sound Yhwach's blade hit hers quickly and her sword nearly slipped out of her fingers as he pushed it to the side. Grasping onto the hilt tighter with both hands Mizuki was about to try to counter him but he used a hirenkyaku to grasp onto the hilt of her zanpakuto. With a sudden yank the Vandenreich leader tried to pull the weapon from her grasp but she managed to hold on even as she was lifted off her feet as he tried to lift it out of her hands. "I've had enough of you and your zanapakuto spirit's games, give up girl! It's not like you can ever hope to win, I'll get your bankai one way or another." The dark haired man scolded her with an unamused glance, pulling harder on the hilt of her sword to try to take it out of her grasp.

Mizuki glared up at him, remembering how he had killed and hurt her friends and had just brutally injured Hashwalth. "No! Let go!" She yelled at him and she made her zanpakuto shatter into shards and shoot towards Yhwach.

Ichigo's feet slid against the ground as he was pushed back from Yhwach's attack and tried to avoid the flames from Yamamoto's bankai. Glancing up his eyes widened as he saw Yhwach pull back his reishi weapon as he pulled on Mizuki's zanpakuto. With a flash step the subsitute soul reaper rushed forward to try to stop Yhwach, narrowing his eyes as he noticed he wouldn't make it there in time and since he knew he couldn't use a Getsuga Tensho without risking hurting Mizuki. Yhwach's spirit weapon cut into her side and she winced at the impact that made her one hand slip from the hilt of her sword. However her other hand grasped onto her sword tighter as she made the shards all hit Yhwach at once.

With a huge explosion Uryu paused from a few hundred feet off from shooting off arrows to raise his arms in front of him to protect himself from the force of the impact that swept out in all directions. Ichigo raised his arm over his face as he was stopped by Mizuki's explosions going off and the flames that suddenly rose from Yhwach's stolen bankai. Trying to look past the thick smoke and debris from Mizuki's explosion's Ichigo tried to see where she and Yhwach were.

Soon enought the smoke thinned enough to see through and Ichigo was relieved as he saw the shards of Mizuki's sword reform at the hilt in her hand. The blonde Lieutenant glanced over her shoulder at Ichigo and sighed as she saw him, "You're okay, right?" Mizuki asked to make sure and Ichigo nodded as he carefully made his way over to her side thought the thick flames, glancing around for Yhwach. Both of them noticed a figure use a hirenkyaku out of the corner of their eyes and Uryu was about to resume firing arrows as he noticed it but froze as he aimed.

Yhwach stood a few hundred feet off from the couple who gave him a surprised look as they got a look at him. From the looks of it Yhwach was caught off guard by Mizuki's attack and had a deep injury in his chest as he narrowed his eyes at the two of them. Ichigo grasped onto his sword tighter at his side at glared at him as Mizuki did the same and they got ready for another attack from the Vandenreich leader. Suddenly the flames from Yhwach's stolen bankai suddenly dimmed down to mere embers at everyone's feet. Everyone looked over confused and noticed how Yhwach tensed as a cut formed over his chest and a sudden reitsu pressed down on the area.

Yhwach scoffed. "You stupid old man." He started, glancing off to his side as everyone noticed Yamamoto standing on the top of some debris that used to be a part of his Division. Everyone was surprised to see Yamamoto arrive and watched the older man grasp the Shin'eiyaku in his hand tighter as he took back his bankai back from Yhwach. However the Vandenreich leader showed no reaction as he glanced over to the older man, grasping his reishi weapon tighter in his hand. "You should've stayed dead last time."

The older man narrowed his eyes at the Vandenreich leader, the flames from his bankai rising around him as he grasped onto his zanpakuto tightly. "I'm not as easy to get rid of me as you thought, was it?" Yamamoto asked seriously and Yhwach narrowed his eyes and swung his reishi blade at the Captain Commander to send a large attack at the older man. Mizuki tilted the hilt of her zanpakuto to make the shards shoot towards the Quincy as Yamamoto used his zanpakuto to block the attack.

Ichigo pulled back his zanpakuto as he noticed Yamamoto flash step down to ground level out of the corner of his eye. Releasing a Getsuga Tensho at Yhwach who was trying to avoid the shards and explosions of Mizuki's zanpakuto. "Hell of a time to show up old man!" Ichigo said as he glanced over to Yamamoto. "What are you doing here?" He asked, knowing that Yamamoto still wasn't fully recovered from Yhwach's last invasion.

Mizuki and everyone glanced to Yamamoto for his answer but the older man chuckled at the question, grasping onto his zanpakuto tighter at his side. "Did you really expect me to sit and watch the Soul Society fight?" He asked almost jokingly but everyone was aware of how he was in no shape to help fight let alone against Yhwach. However the Captain Commander let his reitsu rise to high levels to have the flames of his Bankai try to swallow up Yhwach. With a hirenkyaku Yhwach managed to dodge most of the attack but as he rushed towards the Captain Commander.

Quickly dodging a Getsuga Tensho, Yhwach almost got hit by it and immediately had to raise his reishi weapon to block getting cut by Ichigo's zanpakuto. Narrowing his eyes at the substitute soul reaper he tried to push back against the sword when he noticed Ichigo pull back his other zanpakuto. Grasping onto his reishi weapon Yhwach was caught off guard as the shards of Mizuki's zanpakuto that cut through him from the side. He was pushed to the side but managed to block Ichigo's attack as the substitute soul reaper put more power behind his attack, trying to push past the Vandenreich leader.

Ichigo used a flash step when he realized he wouldn't easily overpower Yhwach and as he gained some distance between them the flames from Yamamoto's bankai tried to hit the Vandenreich leader. However from the flames of the Bankai a powerful burst of reitsu from Yhwach's Vollstandig shot out towards the Captain Commander. Mizuki swung the hilt of her sword at the attack to have it explode rather than directly hit the Captain but he was still hurt from the close impact of the explosion. The orange haired man used a flash step to rush towards Yhwach with his zanpakuto but he was caught off guard when Yhwach used a hirenkyaku to disappear out of sight.

Ichigo's feet landed on the ground Yhwach once stood on, glancing around in mild confusion he was surprised to see another powerful burst of reitsu from his Vollstandig. Ichigo flash stepped to try to catch up with the attack shooting towards Yamamoto too fast for the older, still injured man to dodge. Mizuki tilted the hilt of her zanpakuto to try to make them hit the attack but it was going so fast that the Lieutenant had to make her shards stop so they wouldn't hurt the Captain Commander. With a bright explosion from the impact Yhwach's eyes narrowed as he glanced through the smoke of his attack, using a hirenkyaku to dodge a Getsuga Tensho from Ichigo.

Yamamoto fell to the ground and Yhwach glared down at him, raising his blade above his head to kill the old man once and for all. However before he could cut through the unconscious Captain Commander Yhwach was thrown back a few hundred feet as a Getsuga Tensho hit him. The dark haired man was shocked at first since he hadn't even noticed it comming and wasn't able to use his blut to soften the blow and was quick to push himself to his feet. He noticed a few shards of Mizuki's zanpakuto shoot at him and he managed to dodge them and used a hirenkyaku to dodge the huge explosions that followed.

An attack from Yhwach's Vollstandig shot in a few different directions, Ichigo blocked one and was pushed back by it and pushed against it. Yhwach appeared a few feet off from the couple and swung his blade at the Lieutenant, her bladeless hilt raising to block his attack and push him back. Raising her hand she fired off a kido at him without an incantation that hit him but didn't make him wince as he simply pulled his sword back and tried to cut her. She tilted her hilt to make the shards of her sword cut him as she blocked another blow from him. In the midst of their fight Mizuki was pushed back as his sword hit her temple and caused a cut there. Ichigo used a flash step to step between Yhwach and Mizuki and blocked his sword as his other zanpakuto swung out to try to cut him.

Yhwach pushed against his sword to try to push Ichigo back however by this time the shards of Mizuki's zanpakuto shot through Yhwach. Mizuki grasped onto her zanpakuto's hilt as she got to her feet and was surprised by a quick attack from Yamamoto's bankai that hit Yhwach. The flames raced over most of the ground but even through the flames as Yamamoto managed to pick up his head and glare at the Vandenreich leader, grasping onto his zanpakuto tightly in his hands. Yhwach swung his sword at the Captain Commander to send a large mass of reitsu at him from his Vollstandig. Since the older Captain was caught off guard by the counter attack and still injured from the last invasion he was thrown into the debris closeby with a large cloud of smoke.

Ichigo and Mizuki started to look over at the Captain Commander to make sure he was alright however before they could they had to dodge Yhwach's Vollstandig. Yhwach used quick hirenkyaku and sent out continuious attacks of bright reitsu from his zanpakuto. Mizuki narrowed her eyes at the Vandenreich leader as she noticed him keep using his Vollstandig, his own dark eyes narrowing at the couple standing before him. Four-eyes! Now! Mizuki heard Garasu yell at her mentally. At first she hesitated for a second, remembering the ability Garasu had told her but worried since she had never used it. However the blonde Lieutenant threw caution to the wind, grasping onto her sword tighter in her hands as she decided to just trust Garasu and not think about it. As she and Ichigo raised her sword in front of them Ichigo felt a strong reitsu comming off of the blonde Lieutenant and he looked down at her somewhat confused. "Kessho iki." The subtitute soul reaper heard Mizuki mumble under her breathe as she closed her eyes for a moment.

Yhwach's eyes widened and Ichigo noticed him try to move to attack but he seemed to be held back by something. The orange haired substitute soul reaper narrowed his eyes and took a step forward as he realized that Mizuki must have been using an illusion to try to end this and that Yhwach was trying to break out of it. Raising his zanpakuto Ichigo narrowed his brown eyes at the Vandenreich leader as he glared at the couple and appeared in front of Ichigo, pulling back his sword to try to attack with his offensive blut. "Getsuga Tensho!" He called out and swung his sword forward to stop Yhwach from breaking out of Mizuki's illusion as a massive black reitsu collided with the dark haired man.

(Mizuki's zanpakuto's spirit world, 3rd Person POV)

With a loud crash Yhwach was thrown into a mirror that shattered before a cloud of dust appeared around him. From the dust an attack fired off at the zanpakuto spirit and Garasu jumped back as she narrowed her red eyes at Yhwach, flicking her sword to the side to make the excess blood fall from her sword. The Vandenreich leader was bleeding and injured badly and the zanpakuto spirit panted as she paused momentarily, mildly injured herself as she felt blood slide down the side of her face. Her eyes narrowed at Yhwach as she saw him brush off his injuries that bled profusely, taking a step forward. "I hope you're not stupid enough to think you'll win this time. This time I'm going to make sure there's no way for you to come back. There won't be any second chances for you again." Garasu told him as she stepped towards him down the narrow labarynth of mirrors.

His expression didn't waver from it's cold strong one as he grasped his spirit sword at his side, not moving from where he stood. "I will win once more. What makes you even think you can do anything to stop me? You were a Royal Guard before and even then you died by my hand, you're just a spirit now that won't go away. There's none of your friends in the Royal Guard to help you anymore, not even your precious Spirit King can save you. Does it hurt? To remember what could have been?" He grasped onto his sword and took a step forward as blood fell down his face and narrowed his eyes at her. "Now you have a much better use, I can use you to help me destroy the Soul Society you've always protected and kill your Spirit King. I'll kill you for good." Yhwach said and with a quick hirenkyaku he appeared behind the zanpakuto spirit and swung his sword down at her.

All he saw was the dark haired girl with short hair smirk almost evilly and with a blink of an eye Yhwach was hit from all different angles by the shards of glass. The force of the attacks sent him to his knees after they were done, his blood splattering over the mirrors and floor. Without a wince he got to his feet, picking up his spirit weapon. "So you have gotten stronger since the last time. I guess that using that Lieutenant has made you strong."

Garasu smirked as she stepped in front of him, ignoring her injuries as she smiled down at him almost childishly at his pain. Her zanpakuto was lazily thrown on her shoulder as her other sword was at her side as she stepped up to him. "You really don't understand anything. I may have become weak over the thousand years from my other owners, but Mizuki is different from them. She's strong enough to make me stronger as she gets stronger and she uses me to make herself and me stronger." Shards of glass shot towards Yhwach again but he used a hirenkyaku to just barely make them miss him but as soon as he stopped moving her zanpakuto cut deeply into his back and sliced it open as she kicked him to send him to the floor. "I'm still Garasu though, I'm the Royal Guard I always was. If anything else, from my short time with Mizuki I've become stronger than I was when I was alive."

Yhwach scoffed as he got to his feet and ran at her with his spirit sword, swinging it at her. "You are as weak as you always have been." He told her as his sword hit her shoulder but before he could make the injury bigger she used a flash step and swung at him multiple times with her blade. He was quick to block each blow with his reishi sword and saw an opening between her attacks and stabbed his sword forward. Without a wince Garasu felt the blade impale through her side but she pushed forward and cut into his chest with one of her zanpakuto and swung her other at him. He used a hirenkyaku to dodge the second attack and his sword pulled back and as it pulled out of her stomach her blood spilled on the concrete floor at her bare feet.

Without even acknowledging the wound Garasu used a flash step to try to cut him but he blocked her attack and pushed her to the side to push her down a seperate hall of mirrors. Turning his head to see where she landed Yhwach was a bit caught off guard to see that he stood alone in the labirinth of mirrors with the zanpakuto spirit no where to be seen. Suddenly her zanpakuto stabbed through his chest and shoulder to make blood stain the mirror he stood near, however as he spun around and swung his blade at her he saw nothing. Narrowing his eyes as he noticed she had disappeared before he could see her again. "Something wrong?" Yhwach heard Garasu ask with another stab he didn't see and he turned to his side and saw no one standing next to him. "Over here, dumbass." The dark haired woman said in an amused tone, lifting his head he glanced into a mirror that was facing him and saw the spirit smirk at him as she stood inside the place his reflection should have been in the mirror.

The dark haired man looked over at her seriously and took a step towards the mirror and clutched his reishi sword tighter. "I've had enough of your games-" He began in an annoyed tone, pulling back his sword and stabbing into the mirror as he spoke however he was cut off as he felt an intense pain through his stomach. Glancing down he saw her zanpakuto had come out of the mirror and had stabbed him, raising his eyes to look at her the spirit smirked at his pain as she put more force into her attack to pull her sword back into the mirror.

"Yeah?" Garasu asked him with a smirk, her red eyes lighting up with mischieviousness. Yhwach noticed her image begin to appear in every mirror lining the intricate maze, all smirking at him with that smile that pissed him off. "Well I'm only getting started. I like my games. I've put a lot of time thinking about how to make you squirm and suffer." She said with a wide almost childish smile that didn't match the malice of her tone.

He scoffed and stepped back from the cracked mirror Garasu still stood in. "You think a simple illusion will fool me?" The dark haired Vandenreich leader asked, grasping his zanpakuto tighter as he pulled back his sword again to try to destroy the mirror.

However her smirk widened in all of the reflections at the sight but it didn't deter the Vandenreich leader from swinging his blade forward. Suddenly a powerful kido attack hit Yhwach from behind as all of the relfections around him tried to stab him. Blood splattered over the area and mirrors as the reflections and their zanpakuto's faded as Garasu's illusion ended and the dark haired Quincy rasied his hand to try to grasp his many injuries. He was surprised by how she seemed so much stronger now than she was a thousand years ago and he fell to the ground from the pain.

He heard a small noise after he hit the ground, looking up Yhwach saw a pair of pale bare feet standing in front of him and he raised an eyebrow in confusion as he realized she hadn't attacked him yet. Lifting his gaze he saw her hold one of her zanpakuto at her side and the other hung on her slim shoulder over her torn and bloodied jacket almost casually. Her red mischievious eyes looked down at him almost in disappointment and sighed. "That's the best you've got? Really, after a thousand years this is the best you can do?" The dark haired spirit sighed, glancing off to the side as he glared up at her. The room seemed brighter now, the ceiling had a long opening in the middle showing how the moon seemed closer than before and clearer. It reflected off the mirrors in the room below and caught Garasu's attention, glancing into a nearby mirror to her own reflection. Her own words and sudden sight of herself reminded her of just how far she had come in the time she had died, what she had given up to get where she was now.

An almost twisted smile appeared on her face but it seemed more forced, like she was trying to cover up some genuine feeling she may have. Yhwach noticed her seemingly lost in her thoughts as her red eyes softened as they still glanced almost sightlessly to the side. Her grip on her zanpakuto at her side loosened in her fingers and he looked up confused at the cold bloodthirsty woman, utterly shocked to see her capable of such emotions. Even the small shift in emotions spoke volumes from the normally unfeeling and cold zanpakuto spirit. She chuckled, never glancing down at Yhwach as she spoke to him, "Huh, you and that kid really managed to get him this weak, Mizuki? I guess that explains why he's so pathetically easy to beat now." She said with a childish giggle, smiling without malice momentarily. "Looks like it's time." The dark haired woman chuckled to herself. "This kid never stops surprising me at every turn, she reminds me of myself when I was her age. It's been so long, what do they call this emotion again? Pride, that's it. I'm proud of her."

Yhwach looked to his side as he listened to her, he saw his spirit sword lying at his side just out of reach and an idea formed in his mind as he saw it. "What the hell are you blabbering on about?" He asked as he panted out for breathe, reaching out to his side as subtly as he could so Garasu wouldn't notice.

The dark haired woman smiled sincerely to herself in the mirror, an almost unsettling sight for Yhwach as he reached for his sword slowly. "It's almost over, that's what I'm talking about. Mizuki's almost there, I don't even know how much help I can give her anymore it's almost as if...she's almost passed me up for strongest." Garasu said, never looking down at Yhwach as he still struggled to grasp his sword. "I can feel it, she's freeing me from what's held me here so long."

His eyes narrowed up at her at the thought of her and the Soul Society winning, his hand managing to grasp the hilt his sword and his fingers wrapped around it tightly. "Is that so?" He asked to try to keep her distracted as the entire room was nearly lit up by this point, pulling back his sword slowly as he aimed through darkened eyes.

His sword rushed forward to cut her, only for his hand to be impaled and pinned to the floor bleeding by one of Garasu's swords, his eyes widening at the quickness of the action. "Yeah." Yhwach winced as her zanpakuto stabbed through his palm and made him drop the sword in his hands. His eyes widend as he felt all his injuries suddenly ache with pain that made him freeze and grit his teeth, realizing that what ever that Lieutenant was doing to him in reality was effecting his subconscious too. Looking up he saw Garasu still staring up at the sky and ceiling above her, her face calm and her body relaxed. "It is so."

Looking down her red eyes met his and Yhwach's eyes widened as he saw a genuine real smile appear on the sadistic girl's face, making her appear to be as innocent as she tried to always look. "I may not be the one to kill you Yhwach, but that's not the point. I thought that it was the point for so long, it's part of the reason why I've hated you for so long and that's kept me here for a thousand years." Garasu said and she smiled wider, her expression softening as a tear rolled down her face and hit the ground as she closed her eyes momentarily and smiled widely. "The point is that you're gone. You won't take anything else from me and you won't hurt Mizuki or anyone else anymore. Don't you see?" Garasu pulled back her second sword as she pulled it over her head with a smile as her red eyes opened again. Yhwach looked up at her in numb shock and disbelief that his chances to win were slipping through his fingers after such hard work over a thousand years.

"You lose. I get to finally rest in peace knowing that you won't ruin any other lives. Even if my life is over and I still wanted to do things, say things that I never got the chance to say before I die. I know that those things I wanted to say, my friends already knew and that the things I wanted to do weren't as important as the things I've already done. I'm happy with my life knowing that now, and I've accepted my death even if it was by your hand. Because I know that Mizuki and Ichigo and everyone else in the world will be able to do everything they want to in the future, after all this is over they'll be able to experience more life than I've ever known and for that I'm glad." Garasu said in a peaceful voice and a smile.

Yhwach looked up at her shocked that such a cold, blood-thirsty former Royal Guard could be so sentimental and caring. However his expression did nothing to stop Garasu from swinging her blade down at him powerfully in a quick swing as the light from the moon overhead made the reclections in the glass block out all visuals.

(Soul Society, 3rd Person POV)

There was a large cloud of smoke that appeared as the sound of crashes echoed over the area, Mizuki looked up as she held her sword tightly as she and Ichigo looked up to see if their attack had any effect. Everyone looked up as the smoked thinned, everyone exhausted from the fight as they looked up to the destruction. The blonde Lieutenant continued pouring her reitsu into the illusion as the smoke thinned and everyone's eyes widened as the smoke was blown away with a gust of wind.

Yhwach was bleeding and on the ground barely conscious as everyone noticed his hands shake as he tried to break out of the illusion. Ichigo narrowed his eyes at the dark haired man as he clutched his sword tightly as he was about to attack before Yhwach could try to attack or break out of the illusion. However before Ichigo could do anything suddenly all the Captain's surrounded the area as they stood on the debris of the Division.

The Vandenreich leader glared at the sight of all of the Captain's before his dark eyes filled with anger as they fell to Ichigo and Mizuki. The blonde girl was having troubles keeping her reitsu poured into the illusion, clutching her sword tighter as she tired to stop her knees from buckling. Ichigo narrowed his eyes at the sight of Yhwach still able to move and grasped his swords tighter in his hands. "You two!" Yhwach yelled out in anger. "This was supposed to be different! You two should have been out of my way long ago!" The Vandenreich leader cried out in anger and the Captain's looked on shocked as they saw the dark haired man push himself to his feet and use a hirenkyaku.

Mizuki poured more reitsu into her attack to try to stop him but she was tired by this point of the battle and it was difficult as she saw Yhwach use a hirenkyaku to run towards her and Ichigo. The blonde Lieutenant grasped her zanpakuto tighter as she put all of her reitsu into the attack to try to stop him from running but somehow he fought against her reitsu and illusion. Her knees buckled without enough strength to hold her up as she forced all her reitsu into her illusion. As the dark haired man got to a few feet in front of the couple the blonde Lieutenant saw him pull back his sword to try to cut her and stop her illusion. Mizuki saw him glare down at her as he swung his sword forward and she couldn't move as she focused on her illusion.

Her green eyes widened in shock as she saw Ichigo flash step in between her and Yhwach and blocked the Quincy's spirit weapon with his zanpakuto. His brown eyes narrowed at the Quincy leader, his orange hair falling in his eyes as he pulled back his other sword and watched Yhwach's eyes widen in shock. "I told you already that I wasn't going to let you hurt her again." He said seriously as he clutched the hilt of his sword tighter. "Getsuga Tensho." Ichigo said as he swung his sword toward the Quincy.

With a loud crash and a large cloud of smoke appeared as Yhwach was thrown back where he was before with the other Captain's surrounding him. Ichigo lowered his swords to his side as he noticed Yhwach fall to the ground again as he and Mizuki noticed five soul reapers appear suddenly. Looking to the side the soul reapers noticed the Royal Guard appear.

At the sight of them Mizuki held on and let her reitsu pour into the illusion for just a little longer. Ichibei narrowed his eyes to the Quincy who was still conscious somehow as he narrowed his eyes at them. "It might have taken a thousand years but it's over now for you Yhwach." The bald man said as he and the other Royal Guard and held their hands out as the Captain's did and followed through, helping them with the binding kido.

Yhwach glared at them still attempting to move despite losing a lot of blood at a steady rate. "I refuse to lose to such weaklings! It's only by sheer luck you've managed to win, if it wasn't for this damn illusion I'd-!"

With a bright clash of light Orihime, Uryu, Rukia, Ichigo and Mizuki standing by covered their eyes from the light before it faded away and everyone was surprised to see that Yhwach was gone. The illusion Mizuki was concenrating on ended abruptly and she felt a large weight taken off of her shoulders and most of her strength returned. Mizuki looked ahead of her alittle confused by it all, shocked that it was finally over as there was a moment of silence that washed over the area. However she was broken from her thoughts momentarily as Ichigo turned to face her and offered her a hand up as he put away his swords. She smiled at the kind gesture and thanked him as he helped her to her feet. "'s really over?" Ichigo asked in confusion as he glanced over the area to make sure Aizen and Yhwach were still gone.

The Captains all stepped down to the ground, Ukitake smiled at Ichigo's question as he nodded. "Yes, all the Captain's and I sealed him away and sent him to the Central 46 where they'll sentence him." Ukitake explained to them in a relieved tone.

Mizuki let out a relieved sigh as she deactivated her own bankai and put her swords away herself. "Finally, this is over. It took long enough." The blonde girl said in a grateful tone and Ukitake smiled in agreement.

"Are you two okay?" Ukitake asked as he looked them up and down for injuries and they nodded.

"Not too bad." Mizuki said, glancing over at Ichigo almost worriedly as she noticed him nod. "Is everyone else alright?" She asked, turning around to see how everyone was.

Ichigo saw Hashwalth still unconscious and Mizuki noticed and the three of them walked over to him and the Lieutenant carefully placed her hands on the Quincy's shoulders. Moving him from against the wall to the ground carefully she shook him. "Hey! Wake up Hashwalth!" She said loudly as the Royal Guard and Captains were securing the area and making sure everything was alright.

The light haired man's eyes slowly blinked open despite his painful looking injury to his chest and shoulder. He gave the three soul reapers around him a confused look as the Lieutenant in front of him took one of her hands off of his shoulder. "W-What happened?" Hashwalth asked in a weak voice before he cleared his throat.

Ichigo kneeled next to the Lieutenant as he looked over to the Quincy who had helped them defeat Yhwach. "After you passed out Yhwach was sealed away for good it looks like." The orange haired man.

The Quincy gave them all a confused look. "Why aren't you putting me back into custody?" The light haired man asked in a curious voice.

Ukitake chuckled and smiled. "You've done us all a huge favor today, don't discredit yourself so much. There's no reason to keep you in prison if it's this obvious you have no intentions of hurting the Soul Society." He explained.

Orihime suddenly ran over and fell to her knees. "Sorry about that, I was busy healing Renji during the fight. I can start healing you now." The strawberry haired woman explained as she began to use her powers to heal the Quincy who looked on confused, wondering why they were being so nice to him.

"Hashwalth?" He heard a voice ask, breaking him from his thoughts and he looked up to see Mizuki smile at him a little, her hand still on his shoulder. "Thank you for everything. Take it easy and let the medics and Orihime heal you." Mizuki told him as she and Ichigo stood up and they along with Ukitake moved a few feet away to give Orihime room.

The three of them heard footsteps approaching from behind and they turned around, surprised to see the Royal Guard walking up to them. "You two did well." Oetsu said, smirking as he walked over to the couple with the other Royal Guard and he smirked at the substitute soul reaper. "Looks like your training really paid off Ichigo." He said.

The orange haired man nodded. "Yeah, thanks again for that. I appreciate it." Ichigo said gratefully.

Kirio smiled widely, still very slim and Mizuki found her more familiar that way as the older woman placed her hands on her slender hips. "You two were better than we expected, it was pretty surprising!" She complimented the two of them.

"Yes you all did very well." A voice suddenly said and everyone froze in shock. In an instant Ukitake, Mizuki and Ichigo spun around and their breathing hitched as they looked on shocked to see the Soul King standing there. Yamamoto and the other Captain's looked on shocked at his appearance and the area suddenly went deathly quiet.

"Sir!" The five Royal Guard suddenly appeared between the couple and the Soul King, their hands on their zanpakuto. "You didn't inform us that you were comming here!" They all exclaimed in an almost panicked way.

"What the hell are you guys flipping out about?" Ichigo asked curiously.

Kirio frowned as she looked up to the couple. "Mizuki's zanpakuto are capable of killing the Soul King, we have to take precautions to protect him." The purple haired woman said in a serious voice.

The man with slicked back dark hair raised his hand to stop the Royal Guard and they quieted down. "Calm down, there's no reason for this." The Soul King told the five of them and they all hesitantly dropped their hands to their sides and took a few steps away. The Soul King glanced up to the couple standing before him, his odd eyes with black scelera not even seeming intimidating as he smiled softly to him. "I'm sorry for causing all of this trouble for you, I appreciate what you two have done for the soul society." Both of them were in such shock that they could only nod in silence.

Glancing to Mizuki the blonde haired woman looked up at the Soul King. "Unfortunately I have to ask you one more favor. Your zanpakuto spirit," The dark haired man said, gesturing to Mizuki's sword as Ichigo looked on confused as the Soul King smiled to the Lieutenant standing at his side. "May I speak to her?"

Mizuki felt so many pairs of eyes on her that made her blush a little and she nodded without thinking. "Yeah, of course." She said, not completely understanding herself but decided she might as well. Grasping the hilt of her sword Ichigo noticed the Royal Guard tense as she slowly drew her sword and grasped the blade as she extended the hilt towards him.

The Soul King smiled as he grasped the hilt of one of her swords. "Thank you." He said as Mizuki let go of the sword and he concentrated as he glanced down at the sword before closing his eyes. The Royal Guard looked over nervously and anxiously as they saw the Soul King deep in his thoughts and Ichigo glanced down at his girlfriend and saw that she didn't even seem to fully understand what was going on.

After only a few moments the Soul King smiled a little before he opened his eyes and looked down to the blonde Lieutenant and he held out her zanpakuto for her to take. "Thank you, Lieutenant." The King looked to Ichigo and Mizuki and his smile widened a little as Mizuki put away her zanpakuto. "I appreciate all that you two have done for the Soul Society, I can't ever thank you two enough." The dark haired man told them.

Ichigo shrugged, his hand finding Mizuki's at his side and she threaded her fingers with his. "It's no big deal, at least it's all over now." He said and the Soul King chuckled at the way that he brushed it off.

"Sir," Ichibei called respectfully to get the Soul King's attention. "We should get you back to the Soul Palace quickly, the scene isn't secured here." He explained.

The Soul King nodded. "I understand, let's go back Ichibei while the others help Yamamoto and Soul Society rebuild." He said and smiled to the couple before he walked off with Ichibei.

Mizuki glanced over her shoulder as she heard some commotion and she and Ichigo noticed how Isane and a few medics from the fourth Division were helping Yamamoto. "The old man's alright? Sheesh, he's one tough geezer." Ichigo commented in surprise to see the Captain Commander was getting to his feet with Unohana's help and Ukitake went over to help them.

"I'm surprised he's even walking around." Mizuki said, looking over somewhat nervously at the Captain Commander, wondering if he'd just pass out again at any moment.

The couple heard footsteps closeby and noticed Rukia helping Renji walk with Uryu walking with them. "So you finally woke up from your nap, huh Renji?" Ichigo asked jokingly.

The bruised and still in pretty bad shape Lieutenant rolled his eyes at the substitute soul reaper. "Yeah, well I was getting bored, you know?" He said with a chuckle, glancing around and noticing how damaged the area had gotten from after he passed out. "Looks like you guys handled it just fine anyway."

Rukia scoffed, moving his arms to a better position over her shoulder that only slightly hurt him from the sudden movement. "It was peachy, now shut up! I'm taking you to the Fourth Division before you hurt yourself again." The dark haired fourth seat said, glancing up at her Lieutenant. "I'll be back at the Division as soon as I can." She told Mizuki.

Mizuki shrugged. "There's no need to rush, take your time. I don't think Ukitake's going to mind if you stay with Renji for a little while." The blonde Lieutenant said, knowing that there wasn't going to be much to do back at the Division that day at least.

The fourth seat nodded in understanding and smiled to her Lieutenant in gratefulness. "Thanks Lieutenant. You and Ichigo should go get yourselves healed too, I'll see you guys later." The dark haired woman said as she began tugging Renji with her as they started to head to the Fourth Division to go heal the rest of Renji's wounds that Orihime didn't have a chance to heal.

Mizuki, Ichigo and Uryu watched the two bicker amoungst each other as they walked off. However the blonde Lieutenant shook her head at the two's antics and glanced over at Uryu, noticing how he was pretty injured from the fight. "Are you alright Uryu?" She asked out of concern since he had fought Yhwach for a while.

The dark haired Quincy glanced down at her and shrugged, brushing off his injuries and adjusting his glasses. "I'm not so bad, thanks." He said, however he hesitated momentarily. "So, what's going to happen to Haschwalth now?" The dark haired man asked in curiosity.

"He helped us out so it's not like he's going back to the prison. I already had Rukia get Ukitake's permission to let Haschwalth stay here as long as he needs to." Mizuki told him reassuringly.

Uryu nodded. "Good." He said shortly and walked past the couple who both gave him a confused look.

"What are you doing?" Ichigo asked curiosuly.

The dark haired teen smirked at the question, glancing over to the couple. "I want to make sure he'll be alright." Uryu explained, walking off to Orihime and the barely conscious former Stern Ritter as the Captains were recieving orders.

All the soul reapers noticed the movement they all looked over to Yamamoto who called to everyone and began to give out orders to the Captains Ichigo looked over at Mizuki when he noticed some movement out of the corner of his eye.

When he noticed how she seemed a bit unsteady on her feet and he opened his mouth to ask his girlfriend if she was alright when her knee's suddenly buckled. "Mizuki!" Ichigo called out in surprise as he wrapped his arms around her waist protectively as he caught her before she could hit the ground. Carefully he held her against his chest and glanced down at her sleeping face as he looked down at her worriedly. "Mizuki? Wake up!" He told her as he glanced over her figure in confusion as he was glad to notice that she wasn't badly injured but he wasn't sure why she passed out.

As he heard someone step towards him Ichigo looked up and noticed Unohana walk up to them, sighing as she looked over to the Lieutenant. "I told her not to over do it with her bankai, I should have known she'd ignore me." The dark haired woman said as she glanced down at the blonde Lieutenant in his arms before looking up at Ichigo. "Mizuki's going to be fine Kurosaki, she just passed out from fighting so hard. I'll heal her small injuries just to be careful but she'll wake up on her own in a little bit." Unohana reassured him with a small smile as Ichigo relaxed at what the Captain told him as he nodded and took the Captain on her word.

(Mizuki's inner world, 3rd Person POV)

"Hey, four-eyes!" Mizuki's green eyes twitched at the voice that yelled at her and with a groan the blonde Lieutenant began to blink open her eyes. Looking up Mizuki found herself lying on the floor looking up and finding a full moon staring down at her and lighting up her face that shone through the opening in the ceiling. Raising an eyebrow at the sight the blonde woman saw a familiar face pop into her vision as Garasu smiled down at her. The dark haired girl smiled widely her usual fake smile and chuckled as her blood red eyes sparked with amusement.

Wiping her eyes with the back of her hand Mizuki's green eyes looked up to her zanpakuto spirit. "Garasu? What am I doing here?" The blonde Lieutenant asked as she found herself in a room full of mirrors that formed a maze, sitting up she looked over at Garasu who sat cross-legged next to her in her usual beige dress and green jacket.

The dark haired zanpakuto spirit smiled. "I wanted to thank you four-eyes. Yhwach is finally gone, aren't you happy?" Garasu asked me as I noticed her smile wide in a fake mischeivious way.

Sitting up Mizuki looked up at her and nodded. "Of course I am, I'm glad this is all over." The blonde girl said seriously but frowned as she glanced away from her zanpakuto spirit's piercing gaze.

The dark haired woman raised an eyebrow at Mizuki once she looked away from her, her red eyes noticing how the younger girl seemed deep in thought for a moment. "What's with the long face then?" Garasu asked confused.

Mizuki looked up at her before sighing and glanced away. "It's nothing." The blonde girl said but Garasu pursed her lips as she could tell the blonde girl was overthinking something.

With a sigh Garasu leaned back on her hands and glanced up at the Lieutenant. "Come on, you know it's pointless to hide stuff from me. I'll manage to get it out of you one way or another." She said in a calm voice.

Frowning Mizuki managed to look up and meet her zanpakuto spirit's gaze and Garasu noticed the almost saddened look on the blonde's face. "So this is it huh?" The girl asked in a quiet way and for a moment it reminded Garasu of when Mizuki was some little girl in the academy and shy.

Giving her a severley confused look Garasu didn't quite understand. "I don't get it, what are you talking about?" The dark haired zanpakuto spirit asked in interest.

Mizuki looked up at her with a sigh. "Isn't that why I'm here? Isn't this the part where you don't need me anymore? Go on and pass on already, you've been stuck as a zanpakuto for too long already." The blonde girl explained as she glanced away from her zanpakuto so that Garasu wouldn't be able to see the sad look on her face. No matter how much she wanted her zanpakuto to be free and finally pass on and be happy Mizuki found herself upset that she had to see Garasu go.

A sudden chuckle broke past the silence over the area and Mizuki looked up confused at the dark haired woman sitting before her. Garasu was laughing so hard that she had tears in her eyes and held her stomach, looking up at Mizuki while laughing still. "Oh, your funny four-eyes! You really thought I was going to just go away after Yhwach was gone?" She asked in the midst of laughter as she smiled up at Mizuki. "I'm not going anywhere for a while."

Raising an eyebrow Mizuki's confusion didn't fade as she listened to her zanpakuto spirit. "What do you mean?" The Lieutenant asked curiously.

Garasu smiled over at her with her usual fake smile and chuckled at Mizuki's question. "I'm not going to pass on right away, sure it'd be a lot easier but I owe you for taking care of Yhwach. Don't worry, you're stuck with me until you die kid. After that then I guess I'll pass on." The dark haired girl explained with a smile.

Mizuki took a moment to understand what she was saying before she smirked. "You don't owe me anything." The blonde girl said as she looked up to the zanpakuto spirit sitting in front of her, noticing how Garasu's expression turned confused for a moment as Mizuki's smile widened. "I wouldn't have been able to beat Yhwach without your help or Ichigo's."

The dark haired woman's confusion evaporated as she chuckled. "I guess you have a point there four-eyes." Garasu said.

I looked up at her curiously. "Did you talk to the Soul King about everything?" I asked. "How did it go?"

I noticed Garasu smile softly as her red eyes softened as well and I looked at her confused as she nodded. "Yeah, it went great. I said everything I had to." She told me with a smile. "Thanks." She told me and before I could say anything she stood to her feet with a sigh and Mizuki looked up at her and noticed her smile down at her. "Well, I won't keep you here any longer. Go enjoy the time with your boyfriend." She told Mizuki in a teasing voice and a smile.

Before Mizuki could respond she found her consciousness fading away again before she had the chance to say anything.

(13th Division Later That Night, Mizuki's POV)

I felt myself waking up again and it took me a moment to blink my eyes open and my body felt tired as my eyes opened. Looking up I realized that I didn't have my glasses on based on how everything was blurred and how I could only see the outlines of objects. Rubbing my eyes I placed my hands next to me and I felt soft bedsheets and I realized I was in bed and reached over to the nightstand and I found my glasses.

As I placed the glasses over my eyes I blinked as everything became clear and I glanced around to find myself in my room. Glancing around I was confused when I saw that I was alone and wondered where Ichigo was. Looking down at myself I realized I was already in my pajama's and pushed the bedsheets off of me.

Before I could stand up and try to figure out what had happened I heard the door to the bathroom open. Glancing over I saw Ichigo step out of the bathroom running a towel through his hair and I found myself blushing a little as he walked out without a shirt on. "Wow." I said, allowing myself to stare at his exposed body that glistened from the water.

At my statement Ichigo looked up at me confused for a moment as he let his hands fall at his sides before he smiled over at me. "Hey Mizuki, you woke up finally huh?" The orange haired man asked me as he let the towel fall to the floor at his feet.

I nodded as I turned to sit on the edge of the bed, stifling a yawn as I wiped the sleep out of my eyes. "Yeah, how long was I out?" I asked curiously as I stretched a little bit and let out a sigh.

"Not too long, tired?" Ichigo asked me as he sat down next to me as he noticed how she seemed a little sleepy.

With a shrug I glanced up at him finding it hard not to stare at his bare chest. "Kind of, it's been a long day. How about you?" I asked, noticing how it was pretty late out and how he was already in his own pajama's.

"Yeah, you said it. I'm glad it's all over finally." Ichigo said with a sigh, wrapping his arms around my waist as he leaned back into bed with me and sighed. "I don't ever want to hear about that guy Yhwach ever again." He said as Mizuki rested her chin against his chest and smiled over at him.

"Me too." I told him with a sigh as my body relaxed in his arms snuggling against him, breathing in his scent with a sigh as I let myself take in the warmth comming from him. Closing my eyes for a moment I thought about how grateful I was that the war was finally over after so long but as the thought passed through my mind I paused. "What happened after I passed out anyway? I hate to mention him but what did Yamamoto say about everything?" I asked him curiously.

Ichigo had a small annoyed look at the mention of Yhwach but sighed as he trailed his fingers down her back over her pajama's. "Yamamoto said something about a meeting tomorrow, he said the Central 46 are going to take care of everything. Don't worry about it." He told me as he pressed his lips against my cheek and I could tell he was trying to make me forget about it all. I placed my hands against his chest to keep my balance as I leaned forward to kiss his lips as he pulled back.

Our lips met softly and we made no rush to deepen it, my fingers moved to his damp hair and ran my fingers through it. He always seemed to know how to make me forget about everything, even now I found my thoughts of war and Yhwach completely gone. I was about to try to deepen the kiss when I felt Ichigo pull back, slowly I opened my eyes a little caught off guard when he pulled away before I expected him to. Opening my eyes I gave him a slightly confused look as he pulled back and I noticed a serious look in his eyes and I raised an eyebrow. "Ichigo, is something wrong?" I asked him as my fingers stilled against his chest as I tilted my head to the side in confusion.

Ichigo glanced off to the side at my question before he sighed and glanced back up to me. "It's nothing, I just can't stop thinking about all of this." He told me and I nodded for him to go on as he frowned. "Well, it's just that you remember what happened when we fought Yhwach the last time. It just bothers me that I couldn't protect you and you got really hurt, I almost lost you I-." He said in a saddened way, frowing at the thought as he tried to apologize for not being able to protect her.

I smiled down widely at him, he cut himself off and I giggled. "That stuff doesn't bother me, I'm a big girl and I don't expect you to protect me every time there's some bad guy out there who tries to hurt me just because I'm your girlfriend. Besides, it's all over now and we're both fine, what's left to worry about?" I asked him and I noticed him think for a moment before he realized he really couldn't find anything to be worried about. Taking his hand in mine I pressed them over my heart and smiled at him. "I'm right here Ichigo. And I'm all yours." I noticed him he smile up at me before he pulled me closer and brushed his lips over mine.

My eyes immediately closed as I felt him kiss me gently and I was quick to respond since it had been so long since we really had any kind of time together at least somewhat alone now that I wasn't in the hospital. With a gasp I felt him push my back into the bed as he hovered over me, my lips parting for him as Ichigo slipped his tongue into my mouth and playfully fought with me. I moaned softly at the action as I felt his hand slip down from from my shoulder and I felt his hand brush against my neck before his fingers paused but I paid it no attention since I was throughly distraced.

When he felt the gentle thump of her heartbeat against his fingertips it reassured him that she was back and safe, he could feel the beating get quicker when he kissed her with more intensity. He pulled back and my eyes blinked open in confusion wondering what was happening as he trailed his hand down pushing the front of my shirt shift down a little to press his palm against my heart, I looked up confused for a moment before I saw him smile down at me softly. When I saw the love and warmth in his brown eyes and it made my heart ache to see and to know that someone cared about me as much as I cared about him.

Ichigo felt my heartbeat hitch for a moment before beating faster than before, "Ichigo…" His name left my lips as a soft whisper, I wrapped my arms around his neck and tilted my head to the side to press my lips against his. My thoughts were getting blurred and fuzzy and I held in moaning when I felt his tongue slide over my bottom lip to ask for entrance but I decided to tease him a little.

A growl vibrated against my lips as Ichigo tried to get me to open my mouth for him and I smirked as I giggled and trailed my hands to his back. Ichigo was a bit annoyed with how she was teasing him, in the midst of a heated kiss he wanted nothing less than to taste her. I felt his lips press against mine harder and a whimper passed from my lips that were muffled by his mouth as his fingers moved over her ticklish sides. Taking advantage of my lips when they parted to giggle at the action I felt Ichigo smile at the action as his tongue slid against mine. Melting against him I moaned into the kiss and my fingers to pull him closer, unable to get enough of the intoxicating kiss.

Slowly we both pulled back only about a centimeter and Ichigo rested his forehead against mine as we panted for breathe. I saw him stare down at me seriously as his eyes took in my face as I felt his hand against my chest still. Vaguely I wondered if he was aware of just how fast my heart was beating but somehow I knew he did. Smiling down at me I felt my breathing hitch at the sight of his smile that made butterflies flutter in my stomach, I felt so lucky to see one of his true smiles. "I'm glad we made it though this, I was wondering there for a little while if we'd do it." Ichigo said and I smiled, knowing that he was talking about the war and I nodded.

Running my fingers through his hair I smiled up at him and nodded. "Me too, I'm happy this ended like it did." I told him, my fingers playing with his soft orange spikey hair a smile unable to leave my face.

Ichigo smirked at what I said, our noses brushing against each other as he pressed his lips to my cheek. "I love you Mizuki, for now and for always." The orange haired man told me in a voice almost that of a whisper almost as if it was a promise as his breathe ghosted over my face as he pressed two chaste kisses against my lips.

My smile widened uncontrollably, my heart fluttering hard against my chest as my hands slid to either side of his face. "I love you too, Ichigo. I'd love you for a thousand years if I'd live to it." I told him with a promise of my own, leaning forward to press my lips against his when he met me half way and his lips burned against mine passionately. My fingers cupped his cheeks gently, tilting my head to the side to allow my lips to move with his, thoughts of war and Yhwach fading as the only thing left on my mind and I intended to keep it like that as we stayed in bed in each others arms.

As we pulled back and lied down facing each other with our arms around each other I couldn't help but feel at ease. His soft hair tickled my neck a little as he nuzzled his face into the crook of my neck and I smiled, my arms tightening a little against him. "I missed this." I heard him say and I raised an eyebrow in mild confusion.

"Missed what?" There were a million things I had missed about spending with Ichigo while in the hospital and I wasn't sure what he was talking about.

I heard him chuckle lightly at my response. "Going to sleep with you in my arms." Ichigo said and my confusion faded and a smile reappeared on my face as I smirked.

"Do we have to go to sleep? It has been a while kind of-." I told him in a suggestive voice as he cut me off.

I could feel him smile even if I couldn't see his face as he pulled me closer to him. "Yes, we do. You passed out earlier and Unohana said you should get some rest, besides I'm tired. I don't understand how you think you can have the stamina to do that after the day we had." Ichigo told me with a chuckle.

"I always have stamina for you." I joked with him a little, half just to tease him and the other half partly serious.

Ichigo slid his hands along her clothed back, noticing how she shivered in excitement to his touch with a smirk. With another chuckle he pressed a kiss against her cheek and glanced up at her as he rested his head on the pillow with her. "We will, just not tonight. I promise." He told me and I smiled, feeling tired a little from the day and sleep started to sound pretty good right now especially with Ichigo.

"I'll hold you to it." I told him quietly and he shot me a soft smile as we both managed to fall asleep in each other's arms after a few moments.

AN: Well that's it, there were a few parts I tried to fix in the chapter but this was the best I could do but I still don't think it's the best. But please let me know what you think , I'd love to hear it.

Chapter 57 Preview:

Neither Ichigo or Mizuki realized that they left a window open last night until a hell butterfly fluttered its way in Mizuki's room. Their eyes caught sight of the butterfly pretty quickly and the blonde Lieutenant raised her finger with a sigh as she let the hell butterfly land on her index finger. For a moment the room was silent as Mizuki listened to the message before the orange haired man tightened his arms around her. "What's up?" He asked curiously.

With a sigh Mizuki let her hand fall to her side as the butterfly fluttered back out the window it came from. "Apparently there's a Captain's and Lieutenant's meeting soon."