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Author's Note: Alright, I'm going to be frank here. I haven't written fiction in quite a while. My strength is currently in articles and critiques, so I know there'll be room for improvement. But heck, you've gotta start somewhere and I love FanFiction. Hope y'all enjoy my vision and leave kindly critical reviews.

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Once upon a time I played make-believe
I twirled and danced and climbed up trees

And when it rained I enjoyed heaven's drink
I never stopped to pause and think, 'what must others think of me?'

This silly child spinning and leaping
So carefree and and pleasure seeking

One day it will go away
This happy, little creature of play

One day it will grow old
And then we can look down our nose

At another of the universe's failed attempts
To settle us with a joyous imp.


... ... ... ... ...

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