Dear diary,

I sit back in my chair in front of the fire after my long journey has ended. I feel the strain of my travel on my bones but I still smile. What a journey it was. I feel the faint fire and the memory of cake baking. I am my home again. Gandalf has only just left and I feel that I miss him already. I miss the bickering of Fili and Kili. I miss them all, but most Thorin. But I must not go into that, for I feel that I would cry onto this very page. I see the sword on my wall, and remember the spiders. The hideous being they were, they smelt of death and felt like goo. I was so scared I almost screamed like a little girl. I felt the power of the sword slicing in the under-gut of the spider, and the tug of the spider falling dead. I felt proud of this event and I wished I could cheer.

I could feel the cool metal of the ring between my fingers as I twirled it around. I slipped it on my finger and I turned invisible. I got up and stood in front of the mirror and saw nothing. I remember the riddle game like it was only yesterday. When I saw Gollum first appear I was horrified but when the game started I felt I had the upper hand. As the riddles went harder I realised I was not going to win. So when I asked the 'What is in my pocket?' I felt overjoyed when Gollum tried to answer. What a smirk etched onto my face, when I realised I was invisible.

I sadly slipped the ring of my finger and placed it first on the mantle but then in my pocket. I felt a different person and for that I was both happy and sad. I knew I would live long, but I would live only have happy. Now I had tasted adventure I wanted it again, but I knew that no dwarves would come knocking on my door anytime soon. But how I wished something would come. I looked down at the treasure in my doorway. How sad was I when I learnt of some of the dwarves deaths. How I wished though, that I could see that there was no way of getting them back. I wept like a new born when Thorin died. The saddest of all, was when Gandalf said they were going and I had to go. I tried, how I tried, to get back to my friends but to no use. They were as good as gone to me now.

I looked away after that, and wiped my eyes of their fresh tears. I tried to go get something to eat but could not find the strength to go that far. So I made my way to my chair and sat back down. I tried to stop myself but I cried. I knew I was alone now. My family left me and I feel that is the worst horror of all, being alone. I knew I changed and that made me cry harder. What I have become is not me. Who is Bilbo Baggins now?