Alex ran sweat running down her face, blood pounding in her ears her gun out in front of her. "Alex come in Alex are you there?" Nikita's worried voice sounded through the ear peace. "Nikita I am here my covers blown I am getting out" Alex said her stomach turned as she lied to Nikita. She did not like it but she had to if her plan was going to work she needed to die. Or she needed to let Nikita think she was dead. Alex had been planing for months she had contacted nathan and set up a deal she found a guy willing to help her inside her under cover division job. Alex turned a corner and said " Nikita they knew they knew my name" she breathed which was the truth ant least 12 armed assassins were looking for Alexandra udinov "WHAT how Alex you need to get out of there" Nikita commanded "yeah I know Nikita I need the floor plans I am on...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Alex screamed mid sentence a built passed through her knee. They had found her,rough hands grabbed her arms she quickly twisted out Nikita's voice was banging on her ear drum. She crawled forward but screamed again as a man dug the heel of his boot into her knee. "ALEX ALEX WHATS HAPPENING ALEX " Nikita screamed in her ear. "Nikita how lovely to finally meet you" a thick Russian accent responded to her " here is how this is gonna go your gonna forget Alexandra ever existed or I will draw out her already painful death I will make you a deal I you forget Alexandra ever existed I won't tell Amanda who she is or who she works with." he paused to shove his boot deeper into Alex's knee. Nikita could hear Alex's screams the felt tears stream down her face "now you know I can't do that " she breathed into the ear peace "how unfortunate well I think you will reconsider latter" he threatened he laughed as he dragged Alex roughly across the floor he dropped the earpiece knowing that Nikita would only hear Alex's screams and he dragged her away.