Alex did not want this any more she wanted it to stop " make it stop please make it stop" she whispered tears streaming down her face. She looked around to try and escape her nightmare, she found her shadow and suddenly she remembered. She stood up and looked at the body's "your not real this is not real" pain rippled through her body, she yelled "GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" The real world came crashing back down on her as she screamed, Alex looked up at the shocked face of Dexter and gave in to the pain her heart stoping for the second time.

Nikita found tears streaming down her face as she watched Alex scream and suffer, she was reminded of the time after Alex got captured by Vlad. Amanda had used drugs to get into Alex's head, but she some how had known the whole time that Amanda was trying to see who she was. Just as Nikita finished this thought Alex had screamed "GET OUT OF MY HEAD". Nikita's mouth dropped, Alex had pulled her self out of the drug. " What that's impossible" Dexter whispered shaking his head, he stood there in shock. Alexandra was the strongest person he knew he loved her. **Flashback two years ago** Dexter buttoned his suit and opened the door to his art gallery. Smiling at the girl who handed him a glass of wine, he walked over to his favorite painting. He turned as a flash of brilliant color caught his eye, the glass doors opened and the most beautiful woman he had ever seen walked in. Her dress was ruby red,it split at her thigh. As she walked he noticed the way the other half showed every detail . His eyes trailed to her legs, with each step the satin reveled her smooth long legs. When he looked back up to her face she was looking at him with crystal blue eyes with traces of emerald green. She gave him seductive smile and took a glass from a waiter. Smiling back he set his down and placed his hands behind his back as she walked over, her black heels clacking on the stone floor. He turned back to the painting " is this your favorite?" she asked her voice was smooth as honey. "yes it is this is De Ga's Fin d'Arabesque" Dexter replied. " what impresses me is how he used the bright yellow and red in oil to express the girls beauty," he paused turing to face her " much like you" he said. She looked at him and a dazzling smile colored her features even more nearly taking Dexter's breath away. " Thank you Mr...?" she paused waiting for him to answer " Dexter Wilkes please call me Dexter" he said. " and I must ask the you, seeing as you shine in this room with beautiful art, what is your name Miss?" Dexter asked returning her dazzling smile his jaw jumping. The woman sipped her wine and turned to face the painting " my name is Alexandra, but please call me Alex" she said turning away from him " I hope to see you soon Dexter" she said as he smiled at the way she said his name. As she walked away he realized in the few moments he spent talking with her, he defiantly wanted to know more about the breath taking woman named Alexandra. ***End Flashback***Dexter was shaken out of the first time he had meet Alex by Nikita, she was screaming at him" WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU SON OF A BITCH BRING HER BACK DAMNIT NOW !" shaking his head he felt his stomach drop he did not want to kill her. He grabbed the syringe and drove it into Alex's heart. ALEX'S P.O.V Alex gasped as her eyes flew open, closing her eyes she gritted her teeth as the pain subsided. She dared to look at Nikita, her mentor was beyond disheveled. Alex felt anger well up inside her, none of this was supposed to happen, Dexter was supposed to be dead. She was supposed to fake her death by "going through hell and dying at Nikita's loft" instead Dexter had killed her inside contact. This was his way of the ultimate pain for her, physical pain, and having Nikita watch. Alex thought of earlier that day, she had set the whole thing up. Amanda had been very close to having her canceled, and Alex still needed divisions resources to find her fathers killers. She hated what she had to do, but Percy had made a point. She needed to depend on her self for this. No one could know she was alive after the fact. She had injected her self with the same drug that Roan used on Ryan Fletcher. It would appear that her heart had stopped and she was dead. Alex did not want that to happen where someone could inject her with adrenaline, but thats not what worried Alex. No what worried Alex was that she was running out of time. She had to think fast, suddenly Dexter punched her in the stomach. Gasping for air she realized exactly what she had to do, she cast a sad glance at Nikita who's wrist bled from her struggles. Alex closed her eyes she hated who she had to become, but the one thing Amanda and Nikita had in common was they both said "use your body and beauty as your greatest weapon" Alex whispered. She looked once again at Nikita "I'am so sorry I'am so sorry" she said loud enough for Nikita to her. Nikita's breath hitched as she shook her head unable to express her feeling. Turning her head Alex closed her eyes and when she opened them, they held the same look that captured Dexter's heart two years ago.
Nikita watched as Alex and Dexter began staring at each other, she relayed what Alex had said. She was sorry, sorry for what? Nikita's mouth gaped as she craned her neck and saw Alex's expression, when she spoke Nikita's mouth dropped " you blame me Dexter I was on mission, it wasn't just sex no" she paused her voice laced with dangerous sweetness. " we had something it was intimate, you and I are the same we hide who we truly are" Alex whispered seductively, Dexter was now breathing down her neck. Nikita shifted nervously in her seat, what the hell was Alex playing P. moved her mouth closer to his ear and said " do you know who you are?" she paused and said her voice full of venom" you are mine!" She almost growled as she did the only thing she could think of, she sank her teeth as deep as she could into his neck, right by his jugular. He screamed in pain as she bit down harder, gagging on his blood. Through all this she heard Nikita scream " HOLY SHIT" but Alex only bit down harder. Dexter flailed against Alex's hold on his neck, blood spraying out of his neck he sent punch after punch to her stomach but Alex had him. His attempts got weaker and weaker, Alex wanted nothing more than to vomit but she was so close. Finally his attempts stopped completely, when Alex no longer felt the throb of blood she released her grip on his neck. He fell to the floor, Alex gagged on the blood that flowed out of her mouth. Nikita stood up in the chair and crashed into the wall breaking the chair, rushing over to Alex she kicked Dexter's body away and pulled Alex out of the rack. Alex fell to her knee's and crawled over to a corner and vomited blood some her bit most his. She struggled to stand and when she did she swayed on the spot, Nikita caught her as she fell. Scooping her up she cradled her tears streaming down her face. Suddenly Michael's voice came through the door, "in here Michael hurry we are losing her" Nikita called. The door banged open Sean stood there his face pale nearly as pale as Alex's he dropped to his knees and crawled to her. He choked out a sob when he saw blood dripping for alex. "it's not all hers Sean" Nikita reassured Sean lifted her up and as the walked out Michael said " Sean where are you taking her?" his voice full of concern and worry. Sean sniffles "home"