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Anna was busy re-packing her suitcase for the tenth time and immediately wondered if she needed to bring another outfit. While she pondered the question, her mobile chirped.

I'm about to leave Tesco. Is there anything that we are going to need until we go to the airport?

Not that I can think of.

Alright, be home in a bit then.

Anna smiled and decided to text her sister.

Hi! How're you doing?

Much better now that Ian has decided to sleep a bit through the night.

That's good. How's Emma doing?

She's about to get the cast off of her leg.

That's good.

So are you all packed for your holiday?

I just re-packed. I keep changing my mind about what I want.

Oh, sister, I do that all of the time.

I've just decided that what I have is what I have.

And if you're missing anything, you can always buy it.

Very true, plus it'll be less expensive

Also very true, speaking of which, Emma wants to add an item to her list.

And what does Miss Emma want?

She wants another pair of Levi's.

On the list.

When is your flight?

It's at 1. Since we're going from Heathrow, tomorrow will just be a nightmare.

Well, get a good night's sleep and you can take it. Ian's crying, have to go.

Anna heard the click of the lock opening and ran out to give John a hug, Tesco bags and all.

John laughed. "Nice to see you too."

"Sorry, I'm just very excited about our holiday. I've never been to the U.S."

"I'm sure that it will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

"I exchanged some money earlier today and I just couldn't stop staring at it. It's so monochromatic."

"Oh, I'm going to enjoy showing you around D.C."

"Have you ever been to the other place that we're visiting?"

"Cleveland? No, I've never been there, but it's just the sort of city for me to write about."

"I am sure that we'll love it too."

As the plane started its descent into Dulles International Airport, Anna peeked out of her window and marveled at the city that lay below. She had been looking at her D.C. city guides for the past hour. She wanted to visit the National Zoo and see the pandas. She wanted to see the sole U.S. Da Vinci in the National Gallery. She wanted to see it all, but she knew that was impossible because they were only in the city for a week.

She turned to look at John who had slept for the entire flight. He looked so peaceful and deceptively angelic. "I hope you know that you're in for a busy two weeks," she whispered.

"Indeed I do, my love, indeed I do," John whispered back, a smile creeping onto his face.