Hey you guys its me greyridinghood67 and this is my new story not quite sure if ill have bella paired up with anyone but im pretty sure she will end up with someone! I just before I started this story tell you guys that this is my 10th story. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyy! I wanted to thank the one person whos read and reviewed on all my stories, Hungergalmeslover67 youre awesome! Any way here is the summary for this story….

SUMMARY: BELLA IS A gOD but the cullens didn't know that. So 400 hundred years later they return to forks. And guess whos there? Bella! Bella tells them that she is the god of gift-giving, miracles, and blessings. And every 400 hundred years she must do something for someone. The gift must be all of the three things bellas the god of. The gift must be a gift of miracles and blessings. So bella has a surprise when the day comes for one Cullen in particular. NOT FEMSLASH!