My First Chappie! Also my First story!

Chapter 1: Night of the dark aurora

It was a very dark night with a mysterious aurora mist in the crisp night air for Dreamland. All of the Cappies were fast asleep like they were under a spell. All were asleep, but the mysterious masked knight. He was on top of the immense tree in the middle of the village. He was watching everyone to make sure they were safe. After a couple of hours, he had forsake his position. He went back to the castle, just to find a conversation in the throne room. When he peered through the huge door, a girl on the Holy Nightmare screen caught Meta knight's golden eyes. He was quite surprised to find out that she was the daughter of the seller that King Dedede despised so much. "So," the king started, "I gonna get more done good monsters?" "Yes sir, but for a free monster, do me a favor will ya?" The girl looked like Sirica,`but she had dark ruby eyes with pure white pupils, a gray ninja suit on, and had a black headband with bat wings on top of it. The king looked joyful. But then, the blue king saw Meta knight. "Uh Oh..." Meta Knight mummers.

Sorry it looks weird! I'll fix it soon! Also the next chapter will be a POV...but which one? YOU WILL PICK!