Chapter 4: Secrets can be betraying

Tiff POV

Meta knight...Meta knight?!

I felt betrayed while I saw Meta knight kick the monster in the face. Everyone was shocked, but Kirby. He looked like nothing happened. Also Dedede, his expression looked like Kirby's, but why? The bat yelled at Meta knight's direction.

Meta knight's wings made him like.

I shuddered for a second, then I shed a tear.

I know that Meta knight has secrets, but this one was the worst of all. This one, broke my heart, knowing that one of the people I knew, was a demon.

Meta knight POV

I looked in Tiff's face through the corner of my eye. Then at the Cappies, then Kirby. I'm gald that he didn't react a whole lot. Looking at Dedede, his expression was neutral. We have our secrets. Even one of the waddle dees and Kirby know what our secret is, we decided to tell the Cappies soon, but not yet.

"Kirby, any time now." I whispered. I looked at Kirby, then the leaves, then him again. He knew what I was trying to say. I looked at Dedede. Dedede nodded 'yes'.

Then Kirby nodded. He got on my back and jumped towards the leaves, inhaling some of the leaves. Tiff and Tuff were confused.

Then Kirby transformed into Leaf Kirby. Kirby then landed on the ground in front of the bat.

(I'm not the best action kind of person, so I'm sorry if this is horrible to you) The bat shot poison. Kirby dodged it, then he flipped on top of the giant tree. The bat flew up fastly, then did a combo dive. (If no one knows what a combo dive is, then it's one of the moves Wing Kirby knows in Kirby's Return to Dreamland.) Kirby sucssesfully jumped down unharmed. Then he did a leaf uppercut, followed by a leaf twirl, leaf scatter, then leaf dance. It was a direct hit. The bat was some how dead, but he just dissappeared. While he dissappeared, he sent out tiny bats in the last second.

They flew towards Kirby, very fast, too fast for Kirby to dodge. They just slam into him. I had to help him.

I flew to Kirby, grabbing a hold of him, and flew to the bats. Confusing some of them, I let go of Kirby and he did a leaf dance, destroying all of them. Then Kirby and I looked a the residents of Cappy town.

To our suprise, all of them ran to their houses to hide in, scared. But Tiff and Tuff didn't move at all, because they were paralyzed, paralyzed with fear.

Dedede looked at them, disgusted, meaning that everyone is different in some way, but the same in some way, even if they are a deamon beast.

I flew off to Kabu Valley, not looking back. I wonder if they will ever trust me again...

Poor Meta Knight, every one is scared of him now...

Question of the chapter: What secret was Meta knight talking about, you know, the one including Meta knight; one of the Wadle Dees; Dedede; and Kirby? If anyone gets this right, they will be my person of the day! And I'll need an OC now! Here's the thing needed:




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